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Girls’ Generation tops Korean girl groups’ Japanese concert tours attendance records!

July 14, 2014

Girls’ Generation has successfully became the Korean girl group to have achieved an attendance of more than 550,000 people in their Japan tours so far!

Girls’ Generation concluded their third Japanese concert tour, titled ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION ~LOVE&PEACE~ Japan 3rd Tour’, with the final stop in Tokyo at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium from July 11th to July 13th, 2014.

This time around, the concert tour kicked off on April 26th and the girls travelled to seven cities including Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Kobe, Nagoya, Osaka, Saitama and Tokyo for 17 concerts, which brought in a total of more than 200,000 audience. This means that they have achieved an accumulated total of more than 550,000 audience in their three arena tours since 2011, creating a record for Korean girl groups.

Girls’ Generation had a finale of the tour in Tokyo, which spanned across three concerts at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, and they were a great success where they showed off their variety of music and performances along with colourful stage production to receive great response from the enthusiastic audience.

In their tour, Girls’ Generation performed a lot of their hit songs including ‘Gee’, ‘Genie’, ‘I Got A Boy’, ‘Mr.Mr.’, ‘Karma Butterfly’, ‘Lips’, ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Flower Power’, ‘Galaxy Supernova’ and many more.

On top of that, during the last few concerts, the girls also surprised fans with ‘Indestructible’, a new song included in their soon-to-be released Japanese greatest hits album ‘The Best’.

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Jung sisters show off their charms in 1st Look magazine!

June 17, 2014

The Jung sisters, Jessica of Girls’ Generation and her younger sister Krystal of f(x) recently graced the fashion magazine 1st Look with their pictorial shot in New York.

Several photos from the photo shoot were revealed on June 17th and the sisters showed off their captivating charms and fashionable sides in the streets of the American metropolitan.

The full pictorial will be available in the new issue of 1st Look magazine Vol. 70 to be released on June 19th.

Meanwhile, the Jung sisters are appearing in OnStyle’s weekly show ‘Jessica & Krystal’ every Tuesday night at 11pm KST.

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Girls’ Generation performs at 2014 Dream Concert!

June 7, 2014

The 2014 Dream Concert was held today, June 7th, at the Seoul World Cup Stadium and the concert was attended by 32 groups of artists.

Girls’ Generation were chosen to be the last and concluding group for the concert and they performed their hit songs ‘Hoot’ and ‘Mr.Mr.’.

The girls inserted a sense of feminine with their light pink suits and light blue shirts while staying true to the sharp and cool ‘Mr.Mr.’ concept.

Alongside Girls’ Generation, other artists who took part in the concert includes EXO, Beast, 4Minute, A Pink, B1A4, Girl’s Day and more, with special guests YB (a.k.a Yoon Do Hyun Band).

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‘Mr.Mr.’ made TIME’s list of 25 best songs of 2014 (so far)!

June 3, 2014

As we stepped into the month of June, we are already halfway through the year of 2014. In a newly-published article, TIME contributors selected 25 of the best and strongest songs of the year so far.

Amazingly, Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr.Mr.’, released in February 2014, made the list of the 25 best songs of the year so far!

In the article, the song was summarized as such, “Fans of K-pop juggernaut Girls’ Generation (a.k.a. SNSD) won’t be disappointed by their latest dance-friendly single, and the addition of a scratchy electronic bass line and a hint of darkness should even attract listeners who don’t dig their usual bubblegum sound.”

Girls’ Generation made the list alongside big names such as Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande and more!

Meanwhile, ‘Mr.Mr.’ has raked up more than 23 million views in YouTube. Check it out again below!

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Taeyeon’s ‘Love, That One Word’ for ‘You’re All Surrounded’ OST released!

May 30, 2014

Once again, Taeyeon will be lending her soulful vocals for another OST and this time it is for the drama series ‘You’re All Surrounded’!

Taeyeon will be singing ‘Love, That One Word’ (‘사랑 그 한마디’) for the drama and the song would be released at noon on May 30th on all major online music website.

A glimpse of the song was previewed on a broadcast of an episode of the drama earlier this week and the compelling and emotional song had already managed to capture the ears and hearts of fans.

This will be yet another OST under Taeyeon’s belt after many successful songs for various dramas and movie OSTs over the years such as ‘If’, ‘Missing You Like Crazy’, ‘Like A Star’, ‘Closer’ and more so it is expected to be another hit.

Credit: starnews + enews24

Update 1: Taeyeon’s ‘Love, That One Word’ released!

At 12pm KST sharp, Taeyeon’s new OST was released on major online music websites.

Check out the song and buy it at MelOn, Genie and more!

Yuri wins ‘Most Popular Movie Actress’ in the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards!

May 27, 2014

In the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards held on May 27th, Yuri walked away with the ‘Most Popular Actress Award’ for her role in movie ‘No Breathing’!

The Baeksang Arts Awards is held annually to honour outstanding achievements in Korean films, television and theater, therefore, it was attended by many big names in the Korean showbiz including Jun Jihyun, Kim Soohyun, Lee Byunghun, Lee Boyoung and many more.

Check out Yuri’s acceptance speech in the awards ceremony.

Previously, Yuri won the ‘Most Popular Actress Award’ in the television series category of the 49th Baeksang Arts Award held last year for her role of Choi Anna in SBS’s ‘Fashion King’.

Congratulations, Yuri!


Yuri and Yoona nominated in the 50th Baeksang Art Awards!

April 28, 2014

Yuri and Yoona are both nominated in the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards, an annual awards ceremony held to honour outstanding achievements in Korean films, television and theater.

Yuri and Yoona are nominated in the ‘Most Popular Actress Award’ for the movie and television series categories respectively, Yuri for her role in movie ‘No Breathing’ and Yoona for her role in the drama ‘Prime Minister and I’.

The 50th Baeksang Arts Awards will be held on May 27th at Kyung Hee University’s Grand Peace Palace.

Previously, Yuri won the ‘Most Popular Actress Award’ in the television series category of the 49th Baeksang Arts Award held last year for her role of Choi Anna in SBS’s ‘Fashion King’.

Credit: Baeksang Arts Awards official website

Sunny to star in ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ musical!

April 24, 2014

On April 24th, SM Entertainment confirmed that Girls’ Generation’s Sunny will star in musical ‘Singin’ in the Rain’.

The musical will also feature Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, EXO’s Baekhyun and more.

Adapted from the 1952 movie of the same name, the original musical started in 1983 by West End production in London. The Korean rendition of the musical will run from June 5th to August 3rd at the Chungmu Art Hall in Jung-gu, Seoul.

Sunny has previously participated in the ‘Catch Me If You Can’ musical performances from 2012 to 2013.

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Girls’ Generation 7th Anniversary Donation Drive for the Korea Retinitis Pigmentosa Society (KRPS)

April 13, 2014

August 5th, 2014 will mark an incredible seven-year journey for not only Girls’ Generations but also for the fans, who were with them, regardless of when you have become part of those who will always stand strong besides the girls.

In conjunction with the upcoming Girls’ Generation’s 7th anniversary, a group of SONEs from across multiple countries, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and more, have come together to organize a donation drive for a charity cause that is closely related to the girls.

Throughout the years, the girls have been rained upon with love and gifts from fans everywhere. This year, we would like to call upon your kindness and your charitable hearts to channel some of these money into donations out of goodwill and love for a good cause.

I believe most SONEs are familiar with the organization Korea Retinitis Pigmentosa Society (KRPS), not only because the girls’ were ambassadors for it. Sooyoung’s father is the chairperson of KRPS, who is also unfortunately a victim of this ailment.

KRPS is a charity organization that works to provide retinitis pigmentosa patients with updated medical information, to help and console patients about the disease and to slow its progression. Its assistance range from educating the patients about the disease to funding for medical researches for this field of disease.

In a recent interview in SBS’s ‘Healing Camp’, Sooyoung’s dad wrote a touching letter to his daughter and the rest of the girls. Part of the letter mentioned the help from the girls and SONEs to KRPS.

“To my loving daughter Sooyoung and my 9 pretty daughters,

… I want to share good news with you today. Through the support of your members and the donations of fans overseas, we were able to form a team to help treat blind patients in Korea. To my daughters, be the light and hope to shine onto darkness and ones to pour endlessly to those who aren’t fortunate as Healing Generation. Let’s keep going forever.”

Healing Camp EP 132 – SNSD [2014.03.17] (en) 5/5 by soshisubs

While it is not wrong to send the girls gifts of love from your heart, it would be very meaningful for us to donate to charity to help the less fortunate. If you think that the girls have in one way or another brought light and hope into your lives as they did for mine, let’s do our parts and try to bring this sense of light and hope forward into others’ lives.

A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated because everything counts when it comes to charity. Check out the website for the 7th anniversary donation for details for your respective countries.

Donors are entitled to send in a message for a message book to Girls’ Generation, which will be created and handed to the girls. Do send us your messages of encouragement and love!

Thank you in advance for any contributions. Please do send us any questions that you have at, tweet us at SNSD7th@twitter or check out the website for more information.

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