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Girls’ Generation talks about ‘I Got A Boy’, drinking and marriage

January 9, 2013

In a recent interview, Girls’ Generation was asked about their new comeback song – ‘I Got A Boy’. ‘I Got A Boy’ is an electronic dance song that combines pop, retro, urban genre. As the public listened to the song, most people thought it was ‘fresh’ or ‘unfamiliar’, so what do the members think?

They answered, “Since we are making a comeback after such a long time, we were troubled by the image that we should present this time. Although many people are still new to many things, in fact no matter which song we sing, a part of it definitely contains our style.” Taeyeon said, “As they listen, they will get used to it.” while Tiffany said, “Instead, if they are unable to understand the song the first time they listen, that will make them listen more.” To that, YoonA explained, “If you still find it difficult to understand, then please watch our performance.”

Without realizing it, it has been 6 years since Girls’ Generation’s debut. In these 6 years, other girl groups had their share of crises but it was smooth sailing for Girls’ Generation.

Yet, members did not agree with that. Sooyoung said, “Crises? Internally, we always have that. Every day, we encounter crises. It’s like, we are walking on a piece of ice. Also, how is it possible for a group with 9 girls to not have friction between them?”

To the question why there were no news reports of any friction, the girls revealed their method to solve problems. Hyoyeon said, “Usually, our talks that seem useless are actually useful. Even if we quarrel we will gradually solve it. We believe firmly in each other.” In fact, members of Girls’ Generation have known one another for an average of 10 years.

Girls’ Generation has also grown up to meet the legal drinking age. When asked to choose the member that drinks the most, they answered, “Our drinking capacity differs when drinking different types of alcohol. Among us, Sunny is a good drinker regardless of type of drink while Tiffany and Yoona are the members, whose cheeks do not flush after drinking.”

When they were asked if they were afraid of pictures being taken recently, they said, smiling, “That’s why we choose to stay at home instead of going out and we play games a lot.”

On the day when the interview was conducted, Sunye of Wonder Girls attended a wedding dress photoshoot. Her natural image led the topic of discussion to marriage.

Unexpectedly, Girls’ Generation stayed cool towards this where Taeyeon said, “If members want marriage, of course we will be supportive” and Seohyun added, “but that is possible only after our approval (of the opposite party).”

Tiffany said, “When members of Spice Girls gathered to watch the musical ‘Viva Forever’, we talked about marriage. We said, “By then, we also hope to gather, either bringing our husbands or going alone.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will be promoting ‘I Got A Boy’ in January in Korea and move on to their Arena Tour concert in Japan in February.


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Girls’ Generation’s plans and ambitions for the new year!

January 9, 2013

Girls’ Generation – the group that attracts many clicks of the mouse from the public with just a mention of their name – has made their much-awaited comeback.

Girls’ Generation is currently promoting their 4th album ‘I Got A Boy’ actively, more than one year after their 3rd album ‘The Boys’. As Girls’ Generation made a powerful start in the new year, they are expected to become some of the busiest people this year.

With that in mind, it would be interesting to know Girls’ Generation’s plans for the new year.

Taeyeon: “As time goes by, my ambition for music has grown. I can feel that my enthusiasm for music is growing. Simply having music broadcasts does not quench my thirst. I would like to perform more and my goal is to transfer more energy to fans who want it.”

Yuri: “For me, I hope that I can be more creative in many areas and that I can work in more fields. That’s why I aspire to be an artiste who can express herself from her work. Since I do not stand out in any particular area, I would like to work in more fields so that I can connect them together.”

Seohyun: “I was involved in lyrics writing for the first time. I also tried writing a song. The unnies are really committed to these so they are my role models. I would also like to try challenging new things like musicals and emceeing, those that unnies have once experienced.”

Tiffany: “For me, too, as I keep doing the same thing, my thoughts on music and songs are growing bigger. In the future, I would like to continue doing music. Besides that, I’m also interested in acting. I am currently reading lots of Korean as well as English scripts because I want to take up this challenge.”

Sooyoung: “I am currently an MC for SBS’s ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’. Personally, I feel that it’s very interesting. It seems to me that in the future, as I accumulate more experiences and grow older, I will be able to do many things well. Therefore as I grow older, I would like to have more talk shows. If I see good dramas or movie productions, I would also like to give it a try.”

YoonA: “Although I am an actress, I think that I can receive many opportunities because I have ‘Girls’ Generation’ as a title. I’m working with devotion as part of Girls’ Generation, and would like to try more roles if I meet good productions. In the past, I once thought of getting rid of a girl group’s image when I tried acting, but now, as I am working as Girls’ Generation, I would like to present an image that is what the public is seeing as ‘YoonA of Girls’ Generation’.”

Jessica: “For me, since I am ambitious now, I would like to grab good opportunities. I also hope to sing and get involved in musicals like what I am doing now. If so, I will need to practice every now and then. I think learning new things is an important process. I’m studying a lot now.”

Hyoyeon: “I still think that I have not shown all sides of me on the stage. I hope to present more images, those that I want to show to everyone.”

Sunny: “I also think that trying out something new can be fun, and for what I am currently doing, I want to do it better. Although it’s important to take up new challenges, I will only try them if I have the confidence to digest them well. I think that it’s right to not do something that does not suit me. I will just tell myself, let’s just do my current work well.”

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Girls’ Generation talks about their promotional activities in France

February 10, 2012

“The hardest thing about performing all over the world is having jet lags and that is why a chartered private jet is required.”

On February 9th (Paris local time), Girls’ Generation made an appearance on Canal+’s popular talk show ‘Le Grand Journal’ and M6′s main news ‘Le 7H45′. On February 10th, the girls are expected to make another appearance on the ‘Question Box’ corner of ‘Le Grand Journal’.

After the broadcast recording session, Sports Donga met up with Girls’ Generation at the Korean Culture Center around 7pm in the evening.

Sooyoung said, “It feels great to go on French TV programs right after our appearances on American talk shows. We are happy for the opportunity to spread Girls’ Generation’s music and on the other hand, it has also become our responsibility.”

Seohyun stated, “It was amazing to see how the local fans here cheered for us and sang along in Korean”, and went on to describe the atmosphere of the recording sets. Tiffany added, “When the fans saw us, they shouted our motto ‘Jigeumeun So Nyeo Shi Dae, Apeurodo So Nyeo Shi Dae, Youngwonhi So Nyeo Shi Dae’. It was electrifying to hear that.”

Yuri said, “I think the European fans are not only interested in our music but also the Korean culture. It is really great to know that.”

During the recording of ‘Le Grand Journal’ earlier, Girls’ Generation performed ‘The Boys’ and also talked about their future plans of releasing albums, as well as having promotional activities in Europe.

When asked about the kind of questions being raised during the broadcast, Sooyoung replied, “They were amazed at how all 9 girls carry out activities together as a team and thus, they wanted to know the story behind the birth of Girls’ Generation.”

Taeyeon then said, “We are always prepared to go to places where our fans want us to be. Thus, we need a chartered private jet.”

Girls’ Generation who are spreading their wings worldwide feels that the hardest obstacle they are facing while going places to perform is none other than jet lags. Yuri commented, “Physically, performing in different places is a challenge to us physically but there is nothing harder than experiencing the jet lags. However, it is a fun experience to be able to try out traditional delicacies in different countries.”

Besides that, the girls also talked about the special characteristic of French fans which is different from the Korean fans. On this Sunny said, “French fans dance along during our performances with their extraordinary sense of rhythm.”

Girls’ Generation, who is in France for the 2nd time after ‘SM Town Live World Tour’ in June last year, picked Palace of Versailles as the most beautiful place of attraction and macaroons as the most delicious food.

Jessica revealed, “While we are in Paris, we are happy to be able to taste macaroons, which is the most delicious. Before we head back to Korea, I want to buy and bring it home.”

After performing at KBS’s ‘Kpop Festival Music Bank in Paris’ on February 8th, Girls’ Generation will be flying to Thailand for their ’2012 Girls’ Generation Tour in Bangkok’ concert.


[Interview] Girls’ Generation, “We want to go on a world tour!”

February 3, 2012

“Were we intimidated by the audience?” (Tiffany)

“Not at all! We enjoyed the stage.”

It was just as expected from Korea’s top girl group Girls’ Generation, as they appeared one after another on main American talk shows. On January 31st, the girls appeared on CBS’s show ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ showing a strong and synchronized performance, and then appeared on ‘Live! with Kelly’ the next morning on February 1st grabbing the attention of viewers across America. Of course, wherever Girls’ Generation went, a crowd of fans also followed. After their recording at ABC, Joongang Daily met up with Girls’ Generation at their hotel.

It is the first time that a Korean artist appeared on all three main broadcasts, how do you feel?
Tiffany: I guess since I grew up in America being told that we would be appearing on these shows made me cry.

Weren’t you nervous?
Sooyoung: Because it was a live performance we felt a little bit of pressure. And on top of that it was David Letterman Show’s 30th anniversary so that just made it even more nerve wrecking.
Tiffany: During the rehearsals we were all jetlagged, but once the camera started rolling, we all screaming and just enjoying ourselves.
Taeyeon: It was the first time that we had performed this song with a live band, so it was very exciting for all of us. If another opportunity arises, we wish to perform with the live band again.

What kind of conversation did you share with David Letterman?
Jessica: Mr. Letterman shook our hands and told us that our performance was ‘absolutely fantastic’. We were all happy after hearing that.

How was the talk show with Kelly Ripa?
Seohyun: It was fun when we were teaching Kelly one of our dance moves. We all enjoyed ourselves. And a lot of our fans were also in the crowd, so it really gave us strength when we heard them singing along and cheering us on.

The audiences’ reaction was very hot.
Tiffany: We were only able to get this far due to our loyal and passionate fans. Wherever we go, they were always with us giving us strength. But we were really surprised to hear our fans cheering from inside the American TV studios.

Last year you performed at Madison Square Garden and now three main broadcasting stations. What is your next goal?
Yuri: We want to start an American tour, and dreaming a bit bigger, our big hope is to also do a world tour.
Taeyeon: We travel a lot overseas for our solo concert as well as other performances so there is one little thing that I wish to accomplish. And that is going on a world tour in our own private plane. (laughs)

In order to increase your activities in the US, wouldn’t you need to study more English?
Tiffany: We are studying hard in order to do our interviews all in English. There are a few members that are especially good at learning languages, such as Sooyoung and Seohyun.
Sooyoung: Thank you! (smiles)

Do you have plans on releasing an English album?
Tiffany: We do have plans on releasing an American album around spring or summer. Please look forward to its release.

Having nine members and having to always be around each other, do you get into fights or arguments?
Yuri: Of course we do. But because we all grew up together from such a young age we’re all pretty much sisters. We know what the other wants just by looking at their eyes.
Tiffany: Just like any family, if there is a mischievous and cheeky member, there’s also the kind and gentle older sister-like figure. We’re just one big family.

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[Interview] Girls’ Generation talks about winning Daesang for 3 consecutive years

January 13, 2012

After the ’26th Golden Disk Awards’ at Kyocera Dome, Osaka on January 12th, Daily Sports (ISPLUS) met up with Girls’ Generation backstage and had an interview with them. Here are the contents of the interview:

Question: How did you feel when Girls’ Generation was announced as the winner of the Daesang?
Taeyeon: We were really thankful. We did not realize it at first when it was announced in Japanese. Only when ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’ was mentioned, we realized it was us. (laughter) Until now, the smiles seem to be stuck on our faces. It reminded me of last year. We could not hold back our tears when we received the award last year and we are really happy to receive it again this year.

Question: Did you expect to win the award?
Tiffany: We wanted to win it. (laughter) However, we were nervous about it along with other great artists. Because we worked very hard last year, we would be satisfied even if we didn’t win the award. We are thankful for the award.

Question: At this moment, Who comes to your mind?
Sooyoung: Definitely, we thought of our fans first. Thanks to our fans, we were able to receive this award. Thank you so much.

Question: Last year, when you were receiving your Daesang, all the members were sad because Tiffany who suffered an injury to her leg could not be there. I think it must be special since all nine members are here to receive the awards.
Tiffany: It feels really great. I think I’m the happiest and most excited among all of us. It feels good to be with the members and I will work even harder in the future.

Question: What was 2010 like to Girls’ Generation?
Jessica: We were extremely busy. It was nice to be able to meet a lot of overseas fans. Please wait for a while more as we will be meeting you again.

Question: Girls’ Generation won the New Artist Award in 2007, Digital Daesang in 2009 and Disk Daesang in 2010. This year, you have won Bonsang and Daesang too. Girls’ Generation seem to have a good bond with Golden Disk Awards.
Yuri: It was really an honor. It was really great to receive the award. I think this year will be a happy year for us too.

Question: In the recent 3 years, without fail, Girls’ Generation have been winning the Digital and Disk Daesang on alternate years. After Kim GunMo, Girls’ Generation are the second artist to have won Golden Disk Daesang for 3 years in a row.
YoonA: Now that you mentioned it, I’m getting the goosebumps immediately. Ah, because ’3 consecutive years’ was mentioned, I think I’m feeling the electrified sensation all over. We are thankful and we will work even harder to perform better to achieve good results next year too.

Question: Since debut, Girls’ Generation have been on the rise continuously. However, I think there must be some difficult times too. When was it?
Tiffany: Everytime there is a difficulty, I face and get through those tough times together with the members. I’m thankful to all the members.

Question: What are your plans for 2012?
Seohyun: Since last year, we had our Arena Tour in Japan. We plan to continue performing this year too. While we’re going on our Arena Tour, we also hope that our dream of having a world tour will materialize. We would like to greet our fans often.

Question: Would you like to convey some messages to your fans around the world?
Girls’ Generation: Thank you for this really big award. 2012 too is Girls’ Generation!


Jessica breaks the ice in the December issue of ’1st Look’

December 4, 2011

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica was featured in the cover story ‘Break the ice’ in the December 2011 issue of the ’1st Look’ magazine. As a member in a team of nine, the girls are sharing one ninth of the role, unlike solo activities. It is also difficult for fans to hear detailed information about each of the members. This is exactly why Jessica, who stepped into the studio alone, dressed in casual blue jeans and T-shirt, looked delighted. This is one of the rare times fans and readers can have the full view of the charms that belong to her and only her, which may have been embedded and undiscovered in the group. She said, “I tend to not to speak a lot during interviews so instead, fans can happily take a closer look when there is individual interview.”

According to the information we are familiar with, she is usually known as the ‘Ice Princess’ – a nickname given based on her expressionless face and indifferent tone. Rumors and misunderstandings harassed her during the debut ages – impolite, bad character, being ostracized. Yet right now, isn’t she just a wounded girl, who transformed herself into a flowery girl with new characters, smiling brightly in the idol world?

“It wasn’t in my nature to express my emotions well. My expressions were similar whether I like it or not, but I was never angry or unhappy. But as I promoted together with Girls’ Generation, I gradually learnt to express myself more.”

Yet being the ‘Ice Princess’ still remains as a fact, for she is clear about her likes and dislikes, and at the same time, not easily swayed by emotions. “In fact I’m not unhappy about the nickname ‘Ice Princess’. Although it sounds arrogant and cold from a negative point of view, I think that a woman has to appear to be difficult to approach (laughs).”

Recently, Girls’ Generation was back to promotional activities with the album ‘The Boys’. The release of the album worldwide, not only in Korea but also in the whole of Asia and America, is a symbol of the full-scale bloom in Girls’ Generation’s career on the world stage.

“When the album was first released, we went to the US. A few days ago, we went to China. I came to this studio once I reached Korea. As our Asia tour is still on-going, we have been preparing for the tour and promoting the album at the same time.”

The famous song that Girls’ Generation is promoting is none other than ‘The Boys’ – a song composed by famous American composer Teddy Riley. Although titled as ‘The Boys’, this song expresses the power of Girls’ Generation in beating and conquering the world and this makes a complete transformation of Girls’ Generation from the lovely and bright girls to powerful young women.

“In fact, we were never afraid of the changes, and instead we are enjoying it. When we first heard the song, we were also shocked. However, we think that as Girls’ Generation gets more mature year by year, songs like this also suit us well. The thought itself of willing to win the race with a different image is already an accomplishment, isn’t it?”

It seems like only yesterday when the girls embarked on their journey boldly, dressed in cute uniforms. Girls’ Generation has gradually grown up into professionals with a large variety of images. Growing up together with Girls’ Generation, Jessica is turning 24 next year. It appears as an age with endless potential, perhaps an age when the world is worthy to be known.

“If I were not a member of Girls’ Generation, I would be studying as the average person. Recently, I admired friends who are studying as ordinary people. However, they also admire me for having a job and having some accomplishments while they are on their job search after graduation.”

Of course, as Girls’ Generation, or as Jessica, what she is accomplishing are not things ordinary people can think of. “To be frank, instead of planning big dreams for the future, I’m the type who is devoted to my current life. I aim at little goals in the coming days and accomplish them one by one. When Girls’ Generation first debuted, we also wanted to do well on the stage, hoping to achieve first position in music programmes, hoping to receive popular artist awards, hoping to receive daesang afterwards, and then advancing into overseas. It seems that we have come this far accomplishing them one by one, step by step.”

When asked where the end of ambition is, or where the limit of height one can rise to, they will answer in the point of view of a group. While for an individual named Jessica, shouldn’t we hear of her personal goals?

“Because I have a keen interest in fashion, I hope to work in the fashion business industry after studying more. Work like fashion photo shoot is also interesting. Seems that wearing clothes of various styles really helps in learning. Today, I also came with the hope to learn more. At the same time, it’s enjoyable that I can discover and express the various kinds of images inside me. I want to find enjoyments while experiencing new things in areas different from my daily work.”

As a public figure at such a young age, Jessica is also maintaining a perfect balance between work and her personal life. Jessica has a friend, whom she shares her personal and career stories with and gives advices to. This friend is none other than her sister Krystal, who is an active member of f(x).

“When I was young, I found younger sisters annoying (laughs). She was a dongsaeng (younger sister) who imitated my way of dressing and all my actions (laughs). Now, it seems that she is also learning a lot from what I am doing in my career. That’s why I have to behave cautiously, so that I can protect my dongsaeng and guide her. On the other hand, it is heartwarming as I can share experiences with her.”

Yet, Jessica does not only feel responsible for her dongsaeng. “Recently, fans who gained energy from Girls’ Generation’s promotional activities increased and I’m feeling very grateful for that. After meeting such fans and feeling the reality in person, I think that I must bear the responsibility by working harder.”

To Jessica, lying and rolling on bed on a holiday is the happiest thing. Her future plan is “a happy family”. Hoping to build a family at 25, it is definitely a matured dream for Jessica. However, since this is just an extreme personal plan, future with Girls’ Generation will still continue. “If Girls’ Generation is still together, can’t members find their own directions? In this way, members can release albums which they hoped for, while taking up new challenges in other areas like acting, variety shows and musical. I would also like to try acting if there is a chance.”

As Girls’ Generation becomes matured ladies, Jessica, who was once the cold Ice Princess, also started showing her wittiness. As I asked in an annoying way if Girls’ Generation can still continue being ‘Sonyeos’ in their mid 20s, ‘Ice Princess’ Jessica showed her real color, “Omo, unnie! Even so, we still have sonyeo sentiments in our hearts.” Suddenly, I was awakened as if a cold wind blew. How can a witty girl like her make me so relieved?

Credit: 1st Look December 2011 Issue
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Seohyun speaks on the success and challenges of ‘The Boys’

October 22, 2011

Upon seeing SNSD’s name on the overseas music charts, Seohyun asked, “Is this ‘SNSD’ really referring to us?”

Seohyun met the reporters in the waiting room on October 21st, before their first comeback stage on Music Bank. She said, “Members have created a chatroom on smartphones and communicate through it. When they saw our achievements on overseas music charts, they shared it through the chatroom. I asked ‘Is this Girls’ Generation really us?’ when I first saw it.”

SNSD released their 3rd full album ‘The Boys’ worldwide on October 19th through iTunes and subsequently, the album then entered the top 100 on main charts of various countries around the world. It’s especially noticeable and amazing that they achieved these results without promotions in overseas.

Seohyun smiled and said, “The songs this time are new challenges and we were worried about it at first. But we are happy to see the good responses. I felt weird and unfamiliar with the tough song and rap at first, but we still practiced hard. I don’t feel weird at all now.”

In fact, on this day, SNSD received favorable comments online after their perfect live stage. Comments praised the members’ charismatic performances and charms.

Seohyun said, “Although promoting overseas was good, we also missed Korean fans a lot. We feel happy to be able to sing our new song to Korean fans after a long time. It feels like reaching home.”

SNSD is also flying to New York to attend the ‘SMTOWN Live in New York’ concert after their performance at Music Core on Saturday. Seohyun said, “We’ve gone to LA a few times, but New York is the first time for us. I feel very excited.”

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[UPDATED] SNSD is more than prepared for their comeback with ‘The Boys’!

October 21, 2011

The title song of SNSD’s 3rd album ‘The Boys’ was globally released through Universal Music in US, Europe, South America and other areas around the world and the girls are conquering the world with Michael Jackson’s famous producer, Teddy Riley. The song sheds off the typical ‘Hook song’, where the hook is repeated throughout the song, and transformed into a pop urban dance song with powerful drum, sound and rhythm, integrating unique composition and harmony.

SNSD, who is coming back to the Korean stage after 11 months, has been participating in various variety shows. The nine members have also been devoting their time into practicing for their new performance and now, they are more than prepared. Tiffany said, “We’ve mastered the dance, even though it made us so tired that we found it difficult to climb up and down the stairs.”

A contrast to the choreography, the girls found it ‘free and relaxing’ when they worked with the producer of ‘The Boys’ – Teddy Riley. Taeyeon said, “During the recording, we enjoyed it when he asked us to sing the song while dancing, so as to feel less tense,” while Yuri said, “The atmosphere was very relaxed. He tried his best to guide us in understanding our designated roles. He also praised us a lot. Hoo hoot!”

Another topic of discussion would be the members’ attempts at rapping for the first time. Seohyun said, “We were worried because it’s the first time trying out raps since our debut. We gained a lot of new experiences through this album, especially Hyoyeon unnie’s active engagement in beats, raps and hip hop dance. She already had these talents since she was a trainee.”

In response to the ‘worldwide’ concept of the new album, SNSD said, “Currently, we have no plans for any long-term overseas activities. For the time being, we will focus on activities in Korea. Going overseas for performance is not the only way to meet our overseas fans as we can communicate with them through many media, such as Youtube.”

Through the song ‘How great is your love’, Sooyoung became a lyricist for the first time in her life. In the song, Sooyoung as a religious person, associated the lyrics with her earnest devotion and love to God. Sooyoung said, “Not just God (laughter), it can also be dedicated to parents, lover and friends. During the holidays, I suddenly received this proposal and I was very worried. Even before the recording, I was still worrying. It’s a song I have worried so much for that I thought of amending the lyrics during the recording and could not even smile.”

Tiffany, who is especially confident of publishing an English album, said, “I lived speaking English for 8 years, so I didn’t face difficulties when I worked” while Jessica said, “Although I did not really study for it, members were all worried for their pronunciations.” When they were asked if they aimed to enter the US ‘Billboard Chart’, SNSD answered, “We are already honored and happy to have our album released in the US. Billboard? We’re not expecting much.”

While changing their image to a ‘Worldwide’ concept, SNSD revealed how much they are looking forward to changes with the release of the new album. Tiffany and Taeyeon said, “We will put up wonderful and powerful performances. Abandoning the tradition of wearing uniformed and team outfits, we chose to bring out our unique characters and attractions, so please anticipate it.”

The question “Must we still wear blue jeans and white T-shirts now?” suddenly occurred to the girls. The answer is that, SNSD does not need to comply with their group name and stay bright, as they can also gradually show their maturity through making changes, and to convey the message, “This is Girls’ Generation, right now.”  Seohyun explained as she showed her ‘aegyo’, “Every album released shows that we’re getting more mature. It’s a full album this time with songs of various genres, so please anticipate it.”

On the other hand, Tiffany and Sooyoung are excited about the competitions between girl groups. They said, “It’s the same level of excitement as when we want to watch the concerts of our favorite overseas singers when they visit Korea.” Seohyun also said, “In the twinkling of an eye, we gained many hoobaes (juniors)… It’s amazing, so we have to work harder.”

When asked about incidents which happened during their overseas concerts, Taeyeon said, “Fans induced me to give them a hug, I felt embarrassed (laughter). And the sound system broke down at the Summer Sonic concert because it was overheated. We told ourselves that it was caused of our fans’ passion, so we enjoyed the performance immensely.”

Before the release of an English album, SNSD held a series of their ‘Arena Tour’ in Japan. Enthusiastic fans were seen, from fans who had ‘SNSD’ tattooed on their bodies, young fans who wore SNSD’s outfits and grabbed their mothers’ hands, to fans who came with their grandmothers, and the girls gained energy upon seeing them. Sooyoung and Seohyun said, “We’re sad that we can only communicate with them on stage, through the performances.”

Before the end of the interview, when asked about the ways to overcome opinion differences, Tiffany replied, “We’re on good terms because of our trust for one another.” Seohyun added, “It’s important to have a lot of discussions among members. We’ve created a chatroom on smartphones and we became more talkative. It already became a hobby.”

When they were asked if they drink soju (Korean wine) in their dorm after legal drinking age, SNSD replied, “(clapping and laughing) We don’t want to get drunk and harm our bodies. Because of our busy schedule, it’ll be better for us to get some sleep instead of drinking. (laughter) But we’re all girls… So we would like to have wine in a nice café, with good atmosphere.”

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Tiffany says, “Yes, Yes I can!” with ‘Singles’

September 18, 2011

The young girl who stepped onto the Korean soil at the age of 16, together with her dream to be a singer, has now grown up to be a 23-year-old woman standing in front of the camera. Tiffany, while having the interview, had her eyes shining, as if they were saying, “I’m someone who is prepared for everything all the time” or “I’m happy at this moment”.

It was a bright and sunny Monday after the monsoon season. Wearing shorts with her moist hair flying with shampoo smell, Tiffany walked into the studio in a bright and cheerful mood. After passing her the macarons that someone gave her as birthday present, the awkward and weird atmosphere immediately disappeared. It was her first time having a photo shoot on her own four years after the group’s debut. Strangely enough, she was enjoying the stage prepared exclusively for her and the staffs also became excited with her at the same time.

“It seems so fun. Because the concept is ‘Rock chic’, I was still worried that I don’t suit the style well. Now I think I can do it well!”

It’s rare to have such a cheerful and light-hearted person around you as her energy is almost contagious. Just 10 minutes after seeing her, you can feel what kind of person Tiffany is with your instincts. After 5 hours of long photo shooting, we moved to a sofa at a quiet corner inside the studio for the interview. Although we expected her to be very tired and exhausted, Tiffany continued smiling and told us about her interests and thoughts in her mind.

“Now, even if I feel hurt, I won’t cry. We all look fine when you see us from far”, “To think that I will step into a different new world as I continue growing, my heart is already pounding!”

As she said these and told us about the future she designed for herself, she appeared as the 23-year-old youthful Tiffany. She was so beautiful and lovely that even the editor gave her thumbs-up at the end of the interview.

When did you start to dream of becoming a singer? When did you start to feel your talent, or when did people around you start telling you that you have talents? What kind of talents are they?

When I was young, I’ve never thought that I have talents in singing or dancing. However long before I came to Korea, I had already realized that I’m good at singing and dancing, and I’m interested in them. When my brother, who is usually stingy with praises, said, “You sing well”, I received a lot more energy. From then onwards, I lived thinking of nothing but the dream of becoming a singer. I held on to this mindset back then and I’m still doing so now after gaining experience, that is – “As someone who works hard, you can’t win anyone.”

Having the dream to become a singer, in what way did you work hard? How much do you think that being a singer is a suitable job for you and how is it currently?

After we held 14 concerts during the Arena Tour not long ago, singing 30 songs for the duration of 3 hours for each concert, I felt that I do indeed have the physical constitution capable of standing on the stage. Although we receive a lot of stress during the tiring preparation, I never forget about enjoying the process with the members. Especially when we stood onto the stage, we completely forget about the tiring moments. The moment I stood on the stage, I thought to myself, “So, this is where I stand.” When we were having the long and tiring activities in Japan, I looked back at the activities we had done in Korea. I told myself, “Ah, I was once this young.” As I gained confidence since then, I look forward to activities in Korea much more than I once did.

Surely being part of SNSD is a happy thing, but it seems that even among SNSD members, there will be competition of beauty. Have you ever felt stressful over this?

Frankly speaking, we are just being ourselves and there isn’t any competition of beauty. We understand the beauty each of us possess. We also say things like “You put on some weight”, or give advices like “You look good with your hairs up”. We say one or two words to each another and always have fun by doing so. We hope that everyone gets prettier so we’re encouraging one another at the same time. It’s really true; I hope that you believe it (laughs).

SNSD’s group dance is most fascinating. How hard have you worked on it? Seems that practices and performances won’t be perfect every time, so were you ever saddened when you don’t dance well?

Of course there will be times it doesn’t turn out good. But there’s only one way to overcome it – to practice until you can do it well. Because Hyoyeon is the best dancer in our team, we will pester her to teach us until she gets irritated. In this way, we continue to practice, again and again.

Do you think that you have become a lady? When is the time you think that “Oh, I became more mature.”?

When I feel that I’ve become more forward-looking, I tell myself, I have also became a lot more mature. Also, when I see that the maknaes of our team, Yoona and Seohyun becoming more mature while changing their tastes to more feminine ones, I feel that we have grew up a lot.

Any thrilling experience that made you excited recently? It can be on the stage or coming across some ideal type.

There isn’t any time when I see an opposite gender and have the fluttering feeling inside of me. I think that the best feeling would be when we had just finished a concert and came down from the stage. The 14 concerts that we held in Japan and our long-awaited solo concerts in Korea! I feel great just thinking about it. After completing so many concerts, I feel that SNSD has grown stronger. Sunbaes (seniors) told us, “Singers will really become singers only after they hold concerts” and I finally realised how true it is now.

Is there any techniques to find a style for the beautiful expressions that belong only to Tiffany?

When we are having group or solo photo shoots, I prefer having expressions with feelings instead of just pretty expressions. Although I can’t imitate 100% and I need to continue working on it, I try to follow role models like designer Coco Rocha and Netherland’s top model Doutzen Kroes. It seems that I will have the prettiest expressions when I’m singing if I use them as references. I think I present my best image during our activities. Although clothes are for comfort, I only like feminine clothes. One day I chose my styling according to my mood, and later, when I gathered and looked at photos of me taken that day, I realised that compared to other members, I only choose clothes that is obviously feminine. Of course, for times like this when I do chic-style photo shoots for magazine, I will try my best to have a wide range of expressions and poses.

It is noticeable that you have become more slim and beautiful. Do you have any exclusive methods for skin and body figure management?

If concerts are coming, I will eat better than normal days. Only by doing this, I can present my happy image naturally. But when I become an MC or have schedules, I will drink a lot of water while managing my weight a few days before, because I have to wear dresses. According to the rule for our daily meals, we have to eat food that contains mainly proteins. We have to estimate the amount of food we eat the whole day while calculating the calories, then adjust the amount accordingly. That’s done only when weight management seems important! There’s a saying, “If you want to lose weight, eat more in the morning, less at noon, and starve at night”. But at night, I always want to eat more and more things so the possibility of failing seems high. I prefer starving in the morning, eating a little at noon and more at night, but still controlling the calorie intake and that seems better for me.

I don’t put much attention on skin. Although I care about make-ups on the stage, on usual days I will, at most, apply cream that blocks UV ray, and then go out with spectacles. For my image, I’m trying to drink a lot of water. I carry a plastic bottle around. I’m also trying to increase my dietary fiber intake. It seems that my skin is not in the best condition. Seohyun is such a healthy girl that she even takes care of her unnies’ health.

Being SNSD, you can’t neglect a large variety of concepts, fashion and hairstyle. What do you think is the best-looking style you have tried before?

As SNSD, we have tried many clothes and concepts, including many pretty ones. Among them, I will pick Gee’s blue jeans and white T-shirt fashion. Personally I like blue jeans and white T-shirts, so I think that I looked the best during Gee’s promotion period. Although gorgeous clothes are great too, I thought that lively and youthful clothes can really present the ‘SoNyeo’ charms better.

On the stage, you are always bright and possess unlimited energy. Any method not to reveal your feelings whenever you are down or not feeling well?

In the team, I’m said to be the member with most energy. I’m always working hard to live an enjoyable life and greet people brightly. Even so, there will be times when unhappy things happen. But the moment I stand onto the stage, my natural talents work well for me. To my surprise, even if I’m down or not feeling well, if I stand on the stage, I will forget about everything. It’s not a must to hide it when I’m on stage, but I consciously forget about it.

It’s an age when you think of attractive guys. Do you have any dream ideal types?

I don’t have any specific example of it. In fact, I didn’t even have time to think about that, although I vaguely know that it would be guys who have beautiful smiles and can make me smile. Especially if he loves me as much as I love him, it will be good.

In the future, how do you want to date others?

Since I’m someone who loves anything feminine, I will love romantic dates. I like it if it’s sweet and nice.

Do you prefer any fashion brand? What are the clothes and accessories you like to wear normally?

The colour sense of this season’s Prada is great. The vivid pastel colors captured me. Even for someone who doesn’t like blue, I fell in love with Prada’s blue. Besides wearing new clothes during CF filming or photo shooting, personally, I also prefer clothes that gives off a romantic and cute feeling. Of course if the clothes are uncomfortable, I will not like it no matter how pretty it is. Best clothes are those that make me feel comfortable. I do use a lot of accessories. Recently, long and thin earrings appeal to me. If you choose earrings well, it may even make your face look slim. I also like shoes. When you wear simple clothes, shoes like pumps suit well.

Although sometimes having mistakes or painful moments, you are SNSD’s Tiffany who looks lovely no matter what you do. In the future, what will you do to keep your reputation intact?

When our members were discussing with one another some days ago, we said, “We already came this far, we take pride in it.” When I came to Korea at the age of 15, I had really great anticipation. Then I worked hard, really hard. To think that I will step into a different new world as I continue growing, my heart is already pounding. Because we have been widely acknowledged, I have anticipation towards our future instead of anxiety. The goal that I dreamed of when I was young has already come true when SNSD received such great amount of love. From now on, we have to look further and aim higher.

It seems that you have the will to challenge other fields like drama and movie.

Until now, although SNSD became much more charming, each members have their own talents and attractiveness. So I think that in the future, members will continue to show their variety of talents. Rather than creating a new brand called ‘Tiffany’ out of the brand ‘SNSD’, I hope to reveal the talents naturally.

Any wish that you hope can come true in the future?

Even though I am satisfied by just having activities as SNSD, I hope to try roles in other fields and succeed in them. My wish is that I can participate in acting, musical or things related to fashion. I also enjoyed today’s shoot. It’s always an enjoyable job to wear clothes of a large variety of styles and have photo shoots. There are times when SNSD try out clothes for our stages and I learnt a lot reading from fashion magazines. Since young, I paid a lot of attention to fashion, so when I wear pretty and feminine dresses, I feel really happy. In any way, I am a girl so I like many styles of make-ups and dresses. I’m happy because the range of styles that I’m able to try out is widened. My goal is to design my happy future by making what I want to do into what I’m capable of doing. I’m someone who is prepared for everything all the time!

Credit: Singles September 2011 Issue
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