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[Interview] Seohyun’s interview for Sports Korea’s 7th anniversary

June 28, 2011

In conjunction of Seohyun’s birthday and also Sports Korea’s 7th anniversary, an interview with SNSD’s maknae was conducted. Here is the content of the interview:

SK: First of all, happy birthday.

Seohyun: Thank you. Happy birthday to Sports Korea too.

SK: Do you know there is a special bond between yourself and Sports Korea?

Seohyun: I was surprised to hear about that in the past. I think the reason is because Sports Korea always writes good articles. Haha.

SK: How did you feel?

Seohyun: I thought that this is the kind of fate we wanted. In the future, please watch over me. Am I being too serious? Haha.

SK: We made a collection of articles from SNSD’s debut to the present day. We want to give you this as a birthday gift.

Seohyun: Wah! It’s first time I’ve seen this. (silently read the articles for some time) This is something new as I used to only see this on the internet. You’re really giving this to me! This is an unforgettable birthday gift. I have to show this to my unnies.

SK: It feels as if this is the first individual interview you had after debut was yesterday.

Seohyun: That’s right. Then, I knew nothing. I didn’t know what to talk about and what kind of article will be produced.

SK: (Points at the article) seeing your appearances during debut, how do you feel about it? Do you feel shy or feel like hiding?

Seohyun: Not at all. The bangs made me look really cute. It’s good to look at my old appearance again.

SK: In the past, you mentioned in an interview that you would like to act in a Japanese drama.

Seohyun: I still have that dream now. I was into ‘Nodame Cantabile’ last time and recently I’m interested in ‘Glow of The Fireflies’. I hope there will be a day when I get to act in a Japanese drama.

SK: At that time, you have not embarked on your Japanese activities. Looking at these articles, it seemed as if SNSD’s advancement to Japan was predicted.

Seohyun: Haha. That’s awesome. It was a dream that became a reality. Although we worked hard to achieve that goal, i think people around us also helped us. The name ‘Girls’ Generation’ itself contains a dream, right? It’s none other than establishing an era where girls’ shine in the whole world. From ‘Girls’ Generation’ to the time when it becomes ‘Grandmothers’ Generation’, let’s do it together.

SK: When was your most memorable moment?

Seohyun: It was during our first broadcasted performance where I stood with the members on stage and we cried. I thought it was finally the day we show ourselves to the world after the hardships we endured during the trainee days. I think I will never forget those moments. Looking at the past interview, I felt amazed and decided that we should not forget about our original intentions. However, unknowingly, there have been changes among us bit by bit. That is what I’m afraid the most. I’ll try to stay the same always.

SK: Recently, there were a lot of talks about the concert in Paris. Is the Korean Wave a reality?

Seohyun: Yes, definitely. Due to the continuous efforts by the seniors, it seems that the Korean Wave are getting the attention now. We don’t think it’s something that comes out of a sudden. I think we are lucky that we are carrying out our activities now. We also have to be sensitive to the responsibility at hand. We have to open the path now so that in the future, others can embark on their overseas activities more successfully.

SK: What is the individual work that is memorable to you?

Seohyun: I did a duet with Joo HyunMi sunbaenim. It’s because she is someone my parents like. I could not believe I had a chance to do a duet with her and I was really nervous. She held my hand throughout our performance and that was how I was able to complete it. Thinking about it now, I’m really thankful to her.

SK: Since you debuted at a young age, are there any complications?

Seohyun: The difficult part is that every single action or issues, even if it’s really a small one, people would take notice. I have to be very careful with anything I do. Now that I’m used to it, I feel very thankful even if someone take a small interest in me.

SK: It’s Sports Korea’s 7th anniversary. Would you like to say something?

Seohyun: It’s always nice meeting reporters from Sports Korea. Are you going to be hardworking and trustworthy? Please give us good articles in the future. How about always giving good news about SNSD too? Greetings to you all. Please stay tune.


[Interview] GQ Japan Magazine (July 2011 issue)

June 25, 2011

As the power of K-pop continues to steadily spread globally, the world is turning their attention to the nine talented entertainers with world-class appearances, vocals and dancing skills, whom we grew to know and love as Girls’ Generation or SNSD.

GQ Japan became the first magazine for men to conduct an interview and photo shoot with SNSD, who represents not only Korea but the entire Asia. Through the interview, we get a closer look at the real SNSD and we want to stop talking only about their “beautiful legs”, which is a problem not only in Japan but the whole world as they regarded SNSD as “Idols with pretty legs”.

Along with other K-pop representatives, SNSD is steadily rising in their position as pop stars to capture the attention of not only Asia, but the whole world. Their agency, SM Entertainment, held two successful sessions of an all-star concert SM Town Live in the continent of Europe and the tickets were sold out within 10 minutes!

As far as the opposite side of the Earth in Brazil, there is a fanclub for them and the girls also made it as a representative and main focus in BBC and France’s 2nd TV’s broadcast about the globalization of K-pop, as they are regarded as the best representative of K-pop as a whole.

Along with their popularity, SNSD’s value to market products has also greatly increased as proven from the ‘Chocolate Love’ PV for LG to working with famed director James Cameron for the promotion of Samsung’s 3D TV. Later, they worked with one of the biggest computer processor producer in the world Intel for their Asian Campaign and provided another PV, namely ‘Visual Dreams’ because they have attractive appearances and are also believed to be capable of raising the sales rate of the already well-known product.

However, what we are trying to say here is that these amazing results did not come out of nowhere. In order to get started in K-pop, you are usually required to spend around five to eight years as trainees, besides aiming for the global market primarily. Thus, having Jessica and Tiffany, who have lived in the US, is an advantage and a great weapon for SNSD.

Besides that, the staff working closely with the group and supporting them are also top-class composers, song writers and choreographers. They have all the necessities for productions aiming for worldwide promotion.

For a top group like SNSD, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that they are not arrogant at all when you actually get to meet them in person. Rather, they are sweet and straightforward girls, so sometimes it feels as if they are not defending themselves. They have extremely good relationships with each other even when each member is unique and different from the others.

One of the main strengths of SNSD is that every member is an all-round player that can switch to any positions of the group and yet keep their charms and uniqueness. Each member is great in terms of vocals and dancing, and some are exceptionally talented in either one.

Furthermore, each member had the chance to expand her talents in individual commercials, dramas or variety shows so all nine members have their own territories to shine in and they do not have fixed positions such as leader or “centre”.

In 2009, wearing identical performance uniforms, they performed ‘Gee’ and ‘Genie’, showing how SNSD is a group of all-round players. To get to know more of SNSD’s true selves, it is recommended for readers to search on YouTube for their charismatic dance steps, great vocals singing famous western music and as well as their playful sides in talk shows.

When asked about their strength to help them stand out from other groups around the world, Jessica replied, “We have nine colors, just like how the colors of the rainbow vary. Furthermore, the energy and teamwork shines brighter when all nine of us are together.”

Like what Jessica said, fans around the world focus mainly on their uniqueness as well as teamwork. Not only that, the fact that they are very hardworking is also their weapon to success. Each member has gone through 10 hours of harsh training every day during their teenage years. This story itself has become a unique and valuable part of SNSD and this “uniqueness” has motivated each member to work even harder.

Taeyeon talked about their latest single ‘Mr. Taxi’ and stated, “The dance moves were hard. However, since we have been singing and dancing to a wide range of songs, this song wasn’t exceptionally hard.”

On the other hand, when asked about the song which can best represent SNSD, Sooyoung answered, “’Run Devil Run’ because it is the coolest and most artistic song. Also, we enjoyed performing this song the most.”

The girls do not allow themselves to feel proud or satisfied by only having the cute image as stars.

Maxime Paque, who runs Korean Connection, a French K-pop fansite, stated, “They are all hardworkers compared to some European stars. Korean stars are just like athletes.”

These girls do not only have to care about their health, have daily training, but also listen to Corinne Bailey Rae or Bruno Mars, and watch online video sites to try out new dance steps.

SNSD, who works hard day and night, can proudly state that they know their own values and the expectations of fans.

So, we cannot help but wonder, why is the world attracted to them?

Their agency, SM Entertainment, have used worldwide platforms such as YouTube in order to expand their stage globally. Because they have “shared” the growth of SNSD as a group, they have also successfully created fans worldwide. You can even think that when SNSD is releasing a Japanese PV, there are more international fans waiting than Japanese fans. Through these global modes of communications, SNSD has improved their attractiveness and more fans look forward to their next albums.

K-pop and Bollywood are the two best examples of successfully integrating YouTube into a business strategy. Because American pop music has already been known worldwide, YouTube was used only to slightly expand on their popularity.

However, it is a completely different story for K-pop. There are not much ways that Europe and South America can get to know K-pop. Thus, they have to find out about K-pop themselves through YouTube and Internet.

Luca, an administrator of a Brazilian SNSD fan site stated, “While I was searching for pretty computer wallpapers, I came across the nine beautiful girls and started to search about them. 2 years ago, it was extremely difficult to find information about them. However, due to the internet, there are more and more fans. Our site has around 3,000 to 4,000 visits daily now.”

Maxime Paquet stated, “I think that the French listeners are slowly getting sick of western pop culture. K-pop is extremely similar to American pop culture. However, they have something that American pop culture is lacking in. Furthermore, K-pop entertainers have shown their high quality as all-round entertainers. They all sing and dance very well. Maybe the fact that their hardwork is shown clearly during their performances is fresh to the French listeners. K-pop listeners are still increasing in number and I assume that there’s around a hundred thousand listeners in France.”

People compared K-pop artists with American pop artists and chose to listen to K-pop, a genre of music from a far eastern country and the same thing is happening in Japan. It is also said that the teenagers react most to SNSD.

Even though no one tells them who sings and dances better, Japanese teenagers will naturally know by comparing SNSD to other Japanese idols. They will then accept SNSD as well as the fact that their success is the product of their hardwork.

K-pop is trying to replace what was called as western music. We can’t say for sure why the new global stars are cute Asians. It might be the result of great business strategies, or it might be because the world has been desiring something Asian for a long time.

We won’t answer why it has to be these 9 girls for this phenomenon to happen. What we can tell you is that if the 21st century were to be the age for Asians, then the success of SNSD is the sign for the start of that age.

Meanwhile, here is the interview we conducted with each of the nine girls of SNSD, where ten questions were asked. The ten questions asked to SNSD are as follows:

1. How would you describe your personality in one word?

2. When was the moment you were glad to be a member of SNSD?

3.  What strength do you think you have that you can be proud of internationally?

4. Please tell us which member you respect and why you respect her.

5. Which song and artist are you into right now?

6. What do you want to develop more on as an artist?

7. Which Korean celebrity do you admire? What’s the reason?

8. What made you happy recently?

9. What compliment makes you happy?

10. What’s your ideal dating course?



Dancing is her specialty.

Her powerful performance exceeds female level.

“I want to learn various hip hop dances.”

1. Cool

2. When I stand on stage

4. Seohyun because she’s optimistic

5. Jessica J’s ‘Do It Like a Dude’

6. I think it is necessary for us to keep trying hard. I want to try hip hop dance from old school to newest styles.

7. I was motivated while recently watching a Japanese dancer on YouTube. I don’t remember the name though.

8. When I succeeded in shopping! When people saw me with my new clothes, they said that I’m very stylish!

9. When they say that I am charismatic on stage.

10. Looking at flowers in spring. I like tulips.



Youngest in the group.

The bookworm of the group and is a fan of the Korean author Lee JiSung.

“I enjoy reading because there are a lot of encouraging books.”

1. Positive! Cautious.

2. When a lot of people tell us that they get encouraged while listening or watching our music.

3. The fact that the nine of us can provide bright energies to make global fans smile. We can also speak English, Chinese, and Japanese!

4. Hyoyeon’s caring personality.

5. Hot Potato’s ‘Confession’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘Speak Now’

6. I want to try composing and song writing.

8. When my parents compliment my actions.

9. Had a good family education, professional and is good at self-control.

10. Parks or rivers where we can feel the nature.



From US

Her friend told her, “Your debut story is like a movie scenario.”

1. Wild

2. When I perform in front of large audiences on stage

3. Teamwork, stage performance

4. Taeyeon because she is good with rhythm and she’s really cool while dancing.

5. Katy Perry, P!nk

7. Lee HyoRi, because she has always been passionate on stage since her idol years. I admire how she always tries her best.

8. When the filming for ‘Mr.Taxi’ PV ended.

9. I’m happy when people who watched our performances tell us that we are good.

10. I want to have a date that won’t get off my mind the whole day.



Has written the lyrics for one of their songs.

“When you put in your feelings to the lyrics, you can express your feelings better while singing.”

1. Energetic

2. All the time. I am thankful to the fact that I can always share the music I like as well as creating memories and learning new things.

3. Teamwork

4. Tiffany because she is always passionate on things that she likes and is eager to learn.

5. P!nk’s performances.

6. I was very motivated while watching foreign artists’ concert videos recently. Having your own style of music is an amazing thing so I’m working hard to become those kinds of artists.

8. When I hear my manager saying that he gets motivated by my passion and hardwork.

10. Taking a walk.



Her specialty is Japanese.

“I wish to become a type of person who can make others feel comfortable, at work or in daily life.”

1. Enthusiastic and lively, but shy.

2. Always because I am able to achieve things that I couldn’t have done alone.

3. Each of the member’s charms and the energy we have onstage.

4. Seohyun because even though she’s the youngest of the group, she can take care of herself well.

5. P!nk’s ‘Dear My President’, ‘Perfect’, Bruno Mars and James Morrison

6. I want to have one thing that I can proudly say that I am confident in.

8. When my pet got better from being sick, I was really happy.

9. When I hear that I make others feel comfortable, I feel happy.

10. A date where we eat, drink coffee and talk?



Talks well and is the mood maker of the group.

“When I participated in shows alone, I felt thankful to the members.”

1. Optimistic

2. When we go on stage. Because the members have a good relationship with each other, we have never been bored even in other countries.

3. Teamwork.

4. Tiffany because she gets along well with others.

5. Tamia’s ‘Officially Missing You’.

6. Because I still have a lot more to improve in every perspective, I think I have to work harder.

7. WheeSung. I admired him since he was our vocal trainer, but I really like how he is always trying his best.

8. When my 2-year old niece smiled while looking at me. I was really happy and glad.

9. “You are improving” and “You seemed to have gotten prettier”.

10. Amusement parks


1989/Blood type O

Outstanding singing skills acknowledged by fellow members.

Finds that her ‘ability to immerse people into the music by her voice’ is her strong suit.

1. The Universe

2. When I wake up and wash my face.

3. The fact that some concepts can only be used well on SNSD.

4. Yuri. I respect her for being able to do something with perseverance.

5. Recently I’m into Frankie J’s ‘Don’t Wanna Try’.

6. I want to study more on music, because I want to become a singer who can present any kind of song well.

8.  I feel really happy when I watch DVD movies on my own in the room.

9.  From the opposite gender, it will be “Your song is great” or “You sing well”. From the same gender, it will be “Your skin looks great”.

10. I wish to go to an amusement park.


1989/Blood type B

Born in the US.

Took the leading role in the musical ‘Legally Blonde’,

“I started to have a positive mind, and started to like pink too!”

1. Cool (Smiles)

2. The fact that I have friends and colleagues for life.

3. We have nine colors, just like how the colors of the rainbow vary. Furthermore, the energy and teamwork shines brighter when all nine of us are together.

4. All our members’ endurance!

5. Corrine Bailey Rae’s ‘Paris Nights/New York Morning’ and ‘My love’

7.  It’s BoA sunbae. She gives me a lot of advices and I like how she always put efforts into her work.

8.  A birthday party for myself, with many precious people around. ❤

9. When they say “your voice is beautiful”.

10.  Amusement park, ice skating and shopping


1990/ Blood Type B

Active as an individual actress and model, “I enjoy presenting so many styles to the people, while gaining experiences.”

1. Bright.

2. When I was pursuing my individual career, I felt lonely. (smiles) I like it very much when I’m with the members, because they become my energy.

4. Seohyun. She always studies hard. Although she has a tender heart, she is really worth the respect.

5. Boys II Men’s ‘End of the road’, Bruno Mars’ ‘Just, the way you are’ (This song is nice!)

6.  It’s important to always build my character and constantly try to upgrade myself.

8.  When I got my driving license.

9. If they add an “I knew that you are…” before their compliments, it gives me the feeling that they trust me.

10.  Drive on a beautiful road.

Translated by:

[Interview] Ray Magazine (August 2011 issue)

June 23, 2011


9th March 1989

Interests: Movie, Music, Book reviews

With outstanding singing skills

Q1. What are the charms of SNSD that you know as a member of the group?

It’s our simplicity and frankness and how we behave naturally all the time.

Q2. What is the song you would sing for people in love?

I will recommend “Born to be a lady”.

Q3. Who are the people you consider to be your allies?

It’s our fans. They always give us support and the energy to produce the next album. We never fail to get strength from our fans.

Q4. What do you want to be if you were to be reborn again?

A bird, I admire them because they can fly!

Q5. Who is the member you would marry if you were a man?

Myself. (Smiles) Because I know myself the best.

Q6. What is the fashion item you are aiming for this summer?

During summer, your arms will usually be exposed when you wear short-sleeves or no-sleeves, so I will find some bracelets that will stand out.

Q7. Please reveal the secrets of your fair skin.

I will do hot-packing before firming, sometimes I also use scrubs.

Q8. Which is the place you wish to go in Japan?

Tokyo’s Disneyland and hot spring.

Q9. Any surprises from Japan’s culture and habits?

How they broadcast live on TV early in the morning.

Q10. If you broke up with your lover, how will you overcome this?

I think time heals all wounds.

Q11. What do you do when you can’t sleep?

I listen to music. My favourite artiste changes from time to time. (Smiles)


18th April 1989

Interests: Move, music reviews, shopping

Specialized in: Singing, English and Piano

Born in San Francisco

Q12. How will the aura be like when all members gather around?

It will be very noisy but relaxed.

Q13. When people do Gee and Genie dance covers, what are the key dance steps?

In either ways, leg movements are the key steps. You can check them out through MVs.

Q14. Your impression on Japanese guys?

I feel that they’re very careful and sensible. They’re cautious and careful all the time.

Q15. Have you ever gone for shopping in Japan?

Yes. I like Shibuya’s opening ceremony. Because we don’t have this in Korea, I will go for shopping when I come to Japan.

Q16. What are the things that give you comfort?

Bag and shoes. When I see cute things I will purchase it ‘unconsciously’.

Q17. If you were to be reborn again, would you like to be a girl or a boy?

I would still like to be a girl. Then I can have a lot of styles!

Q18. What are your thoughts while trying out your roles in the musical ‘Legally Blonde’?

I feel that it’s a new experience. I took the leading role, the musical is a fresh experience for me and I found it enjoyable.

Q19.What kind of styles and behaviors of a man that could make your heart pounds?

When he suddenly touches my fringe and helps me tidy it up. (Smiles)

Q20. What do you think of Japanese female fans?

They have a variety of personalities and they love fashion.

Q21. Which sports do you have confidence in?

I’m not very good at sports……..Although I like watching footfall, I don’t enjoy playing it by myself.

Q22. Please reveal the secrets of maintaining nice legs.

Although I don’t put extra attention into it….. Sometimes I will get into a hot tub.


22th September 1989

Interest: Movie reviews, Shopping, Chinese

Attract fans with powerful dance performances.

Q23. What are the new trends among girl groups?

It’s nail art. I like leopard spots, so I will keep the design but only change the colors.

Q24. Something that all the members want to do in Japan?

Go to Sapporo during winter, and other places that receive positive comments, like hot spring.

Q25. Which is the place you like most about your face?

Is it the eyes…… If not it will be the face when I smile. Because people around me praise me about that. When I talk about it myself, it’s a little embarrassing. (Smiles)

Q26. Food you like?

Korea’s rice cake (“tteok”), in hot sauce….. and tteok…. Whatever it is, as long as it has the word ‘tteok’, I will like it.

Q27. Sports that you would take up as a challenge?

Swimming. Previously when we went overseas for filming, members played at the sea. Because I’m bad at swimming, I want to do it well. (Smiles)

Q28. What do you think of Japanese females?

I think they have strong personalities and confidence.

Q29. How do you overcome it when you’re disheartened?

Because I have my parents at home, I can go home, relax and rest, then I will feel better.

Q30. How is your room decorated?

Simple but it has a ‘princess style’ to it (Smiles). My curtain has lace, basic color being ivory, and the main color is pink.

Q31. How is your character when you’re with friends?

I will be very naughty. (Smiles) I will also crack a lot of jokes.

Q32. You receive good comments on your dance performance. What are the points to note when you dance?

I think it’s taking note of the angles and settings in front of the mirror, eye movements too.

Q33. Something that you will never forgive?

Betrayal. Because I’m the type of person who takes relationships seriously. I would really feel hurt.


28th June 1991

Interests: Music reviews

Specialised in: piano, singing and Chinese

Maknae who receives a lot of love from the members.

Q34. What’s on your mind during performances?

I will enjoy it while thinking ‘Let’s enjoy this moment’.

Q35. What is the fashion you want to try out this summer?

Usually I stick to basic styles but this time, from summer onwards, I want to try other styles too.

Q36. Your happiest moment?

When I accomplish something I’ve planned for.

Q37. What’s the job that you would want to take up?

A professor in a university. Because professor is the one who guides students on the road to their dreams. I think it’s a very meaningful job to take up.

Q38. Do you think your fashion has to suit the taste of someone you like?

Although it’s important to wear something you like, to a certain extend, trying to match the taste of people you like is not a bad choice too. (Smiles)

Q39. What is your dream in the future?

I want to do something that empowers people and give them strength.

Q40. If time machine ever exists, which era would you like to go to and what would you do?

Into the future, because as society develops, I’m curious how it will be like from now on.

Q41. A number you like?


Q42. When is the time that thoughts like ‘Still a young child~’ comes to your mind?

When I can’t control my own emotions properly.

Q43. A tour spot in Korea you would recommend?

The Gyeongbok Palace because it’s a place where you can experience Korea’s history and culture.

Q44. You’re the most serious member, anything you like being a dongsaeng (younger sister)?

Because I’m the only daughter in the family, whenever I’m with my 8 cute unnies (older sisters), I feel very happy.


5th December 1989

Interests: Books

Specialized in: Dance, acting, swimming

The outstanding health-mania is the result of Yoga and sports.

Q45. What kind of female you would want to be 10 years later?

I think it will be good if I can continue doing music like now, and at the same time save some space to enjoy life as well as becoming a career woman. I also want to make one of my dreams come true, which is to master Japanese language, and take up some roles in Japanese drama and movies.

Q46. When is the time you think that you’ve already grown into an adult?

When I try to smile instead of getting angry. Now I have learned to take everything easy.

Q47. If you don’t have anything to do now, what would you want to do then?

Because I really like music very much, I think I will still be doing music anywhere I go.

Q48. If you were to become another member for one day, who would you choose to be?

Although all of them are great, I’ve never thought of being someone else. (Smiles)

Q49. In a day, when do you feel the calmest?

When I wake up in the morning and the bright sunlight shines on my face.

Q50. What is the dream that makes you feel good when it comes true?

I want to master Japanese language. I also want to watch Japanese dramas without subtitles.

Q51. A Korean food and drink that you would like to recommend?

Biji Jjigae. It’s a stew made using tofu residue. It’s tasty and is also good for health.

Q52. Something that made you cry recently?

During acting lessons, when I was angry with myself for not speaking well.

Q53. Please tell us some simple ways to maintaining health.

Before you sleep, look back at the entire day and be self-affirmed. That is really simple!

Q54. What kind of fashion do you like?

Chic styles that make use of black and grey designs. I also like to wear simple and basic items.

Q55. Something that you’re currently interested in?

Stage performances. So, I’m learning it through watching foreign artistes’ live performance videos.


15th May 1989

Interests: Sports, music reviews, shopping

With a cheerful character, she is also active in variety broadcasts.

Q56. What is your most nervous moment?

When I get returns for my hard works. When our fans have good reactions to it, I feel really satisfied.

Q57. Something that you want to do when it comes to summer?

Going for vacation. It will be nice going to the beach, I also want to go to tropical regions and eat delicious fruits!

Q58. If you are to change your hairstyle, what kind of hairstyle would you like to try?

Short hair! I want to keep it very short. (Smiles)

Q59. A book or comic you like?

Novels written by a French writer called Bernard Werber. A Comic would be “One Piece” which teaches us about friendship and fate.

Q60. What kind of compliment do you want to hear from a man?

‘You’re charming’ or ‘You’re smart and mature’.

Q61. How would you react if you forget about the lyrics or dance steps?

It’s important to stay calm and act naturally! Also, quickly make myself steady.

Q62. Your impression on Japan?

Everything is in order right start from the airport, people have good manners, roads are also neat and clean.

Q63. A place for shopping in Korea that you would recommend?

Seoul’s Garosugil (Tree-lined street). There are a lot of café houses and clothing stalls. You can find a lot of clothes there. It’s also a place that I like very much.

Q64. How do other people comment on your characters?

They say that I’m cheerful and lively but I think, other than that, I’m also quite reserved sometimes. However, I’m working hard on becoming more cheerful.

Q65. Any ways to relieve stress?

Watch TV or movies then go to sleep.  I like thrillers and mysteries.

Q66. When you go out with others for a meal, what would you choose to eat?

Japanese Ramen. I like Miso ramen the best. (Smiles)


10th February 1990

Interests: Movies, music reviews

Specialized in: dance, acting, Japanese

Knows a lot about Japanese culture and habits.

Q67. Is there something that you must eat when you come to Japan?

Fried oysters. They taste the best when they’re fried!

Q68. What do you talk about when members gather around?

We talk about nice food or discuss about other artistes’ new songs.

Q69. Do you prefer confessing to the person you like, or get confessions from others?

I’m a young girl so I would prefer getting confessions if possible. (Smiles)

Q70. Say a word about your characters?

When I asked Taeyeon-jang, she said ‘like the sky’ (Smiles) because my emotions are very stable so I think this is the way to describe me.

Q71. Please tell us some Japanese words you like.


Q72. Something that made you laugh recently?

When I said “We are Sooyoung!” instead of “I am Sooyoung!” during our trip to China.

Q73. Are you aware of fashion trends?

Although I feel that I’m aware of that, I would like to have my own style.

Q74. If there was a conflict among the members, how would you solve it?

Talking to each other will do. And say ‘sorry…….’ to each other sincerely.

Q75. What is the most touching movie or drama you’ve watched until now?

Korean drama will be ‘Love Generation’ and ‘The Painter of the Wind’. I also like Japan’s ‘Nobuta wo Produce’. Movie would be “Forrest Gump”.

Q76. Something you’re currently interested in?

Fashion, Travel, and artist P!NK.

Q77. Do you have complex emotions?

Of course I have.


30th May 1990

Interests: Movie review

Specialized in: Acting

Active as an actress.

Q78. What kind of people are the members to you?

People who understand one another even without saying anything.

Q79. Please tell us your dream as a group.

Always take up new challenges, we are also thinking of becoming a more and more charming Girls’ Generation.

Q80. Which part of your body do you like the most?

My hands. My fingers are so long that I’ve never considered them cute last time. But I started to gain confidence afterwards.

Q81. If you were to have a date during summer, what kind of date would you like to have?

I would like to walk on a long and beautiful road, on a day of mild weather. In the evening, I will drive along the Han River under the lights, that will be great too.

Q82. Food that you dislike?

I’m not particular about food. I eat a lot!

Q83. What do you do to maintain your style?

Recently I go to gym for exercises. I also eat a lot, which gives me the energy to dance.

Q84. What do you do during your holidays?

I watch movies and meet up with friends. I also go to the gym.

Q85. A country that you’d want to go, at least once?

Czech Republic, especially Prague.

Q86. Something that you would consider a treasure?

An album that contains my photos since young. My mobile phone is also a treasure. (Smiles)

Q87. What is the source of your luck?

I react very sensitively to the weather. So I’ll be happy on bright days!

Q88. What are your thoughts about the Japanese broadcasts?

I was surprised looking at Japan’s camera sets and the speed they switch from one to another.


1st August 1989

Interests: English, Music reviews

Specialized in: English, Plotting stories, singing

Born in L.A

Q89. Do you go out with the members and what do you do?

We go for shopping or movies. Recently we also went for bowling.

Q90. Something that you want to try from now onwards?

Because the language that first comes to my mind is English, I want to try acting in America.

Q91. How do you keep everything uniform with all the members when you dance?

Because we do it together for a long time, we don’t have the sense of being stressed trying to breathe at the same rate. All of us have high expectations even after we’ve completed the task.

Q92. Any Korean drama you would like to recommend?

‘Secret Garden’ and ‘Hwang Jin Yi” are really interesting dramas!

Q93. Something that you’re really bad at?

Making people laugh. Because I take things seriously, I can’t say anything funny.

Q94. What kind of male fashion do you like?

Style that looks rough, and is outstanding anywhere a person goes. Because I think that one can tell another person’s sense from his accessories, I look at their shoes and watches. (Smiles)

Q95. Do you have good sleeping habits?

According to the members, I behave well when I sleep. (Smiles)

Q96. What was your dream when you were young?

I wanted to become a singer and lawyer like Elle Woods in the movie ‘Legally Blonde’.

Q97. What kind of woman would you think, “she’s beautiful”?

Someone who has confidence and passion. Also someone who is attractive.

Q98. What kind of fashion do you pay attention to?

All! If I want to wear one-piece dress with feminine style, I would choose matching shoes to go with it, right?  In this way, I’m pretty concerned about all kinds of fashions. (Smiles)

Q99. A message to Ray’s readers!

Thank you for always supporting us! I feel that the 8th month publication is a gift for me because my birthday is in August!

Q100. What do you need for your future plans?

Tiffany: Exercises. I don’t like to exercise so I haven’t been doing it for 3 years, but recently I go to the gym and toughened up my body. Also, to present a good image during the Japan tour, I would work out even if I’m tired.

Yuri: I need instruments or guitar for my music compositions. I went to Shibuya’s big instrument shop before, and I want to own all the things in the shop.  (Smiles)

Jessica: To have dreams. I think it’s good to have big dreams. People will work towards their goal if they have one. To me, I want to try shoe designing in the future.

Sooyoung: Exercises. Because no matter what we want to do, health is always the priority. So, I think nothing will work if we don’t build up our physical strength.

YoonA: I want to upgrade myself. To display my abilities, it’s important to have passion in anything I do. I think it will be good if I have better concentration.

Hyoyeon: Learning to speak and master languages. Now I’m studying Japanese language. I also think that I should study Chinese so that I won’t forget what I learned in China during my 1 year study there.

Taeyeon: I want to study music. Because I feel that if one cannot make her own music, she cannot find anything to express herself.

Sunny: We need to plan our future properly, both for SNSD and for ourselves. It’s important to prepare ourselves well for the future.

Seohyun: I think no matter what we do, the basic of all is still health. As health is not something to be achieved within one day, it’s important to take care of our food intake and habits, as well as to take in vitamins.

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SNSD’s interview with Malaysia’s ‘The Star’ newspaper

June 12, 2011

Malaysia’s ‘The Star’ newspaper tried to interview the girls while they were in Jeju Island for the Wonderful Jeju Super Concert on April 24th but due to their schedules, the interview could only be conducted through e-mails. Here are some contents of the interview which was published in the Star2 section of the paper on June 12th:

2010 was a very good year for Girls’ Generation. How are you going to top that?

Taeyeon: I’m not sure how we will prepare our concept for our performance, but we will never disappoint our fans.
Yuri: Many fans like our style. We will come back with a perfect stage which is full of SNSD magnetism.
Sooyoung: We always try to show fans a mature and varied performance. We hope they will love our new album, Mr Taxi (released in Japan last month).

People always accuse Asians of copy­ing the West in music but when Lady Gaga released her single. Bom This Way, recent­ly, she was accused of plagiarising your Be Happy by your international fans. What does this say about the growth of K-pop?

Taeyeon: Yes, many people throughout the world are interested in Korean pop music. But it is more important how K-pop applies to various styles rather than just being copied in other countries.
Yuri: There’s a craze for popular Korean cultures in many Asian countries because Korean pop music is a successful com­bination of the old and new.
Sooyoung: It is inevitable to refer to western music because it was developed earlier than Korean music. However, K-pop also reinterprets its style well.
Seohyun: Recently, Korean pop music has become successful in the western market. I think it is because there are so many singers who work hard at it. That’s why it’s getting popular with foreigner audiences.
Sunny: Because of the growth of Korean pop music, many fans can easily get the experience. So we will try to put up better performances for our fans.
YoonA: I would like to show our music to fans from other countries. We are supposed to go to Japan next.

Fans love your style. Can you recom­mend any Korean fashion lines or shops for Malaysian fans who want follow your style?

Taeyeon: I would like to introduce Myung Dong as a great place for youngsters’ culture.
Yuri: There are many famous places, but I would like to suggest Rodeo Street, Sinsadong garosugil.
Sooyoung: We also read many fashion magazines to find the best fashion.

The article also mentioned:

Unfortunately, they were not able to say when they’ll be heading to Malaysia for a concert” - Star2

Credit: The Star Newspaper

Metro News’ 9th Anniversary: Special interview with SNSD

May 30, 2011

SNSD sent congratulatory messages to Metro News in conjunction with the 9th anniversary of its founding. SNSD, within less than 4 years after debut, are currently known as Korea’s national girl group and also, Asia’s upcoming top girl group who steadily takes on the global stages. The 9 girls stated that they wanted to be a part of Metro News’ happy moments.

Together with Metro News, after 4 years of debut

Debuting in August 2007, SNSD have been gracing the professional stages for less than 4 years. With an average of 5 years training duration for each member, their success today came from their tireless efforts during those trainee days. Metro News was one of their companions during those hard times.

“Before SNSD’s debut, I enjoyed reading Metro on the way to school and practice. With the interesting articles, I had fun every morning.” (Taeyeon)

After a long period of training, they finally debuted and they can still remember clearly the first time they appeared in Metro News (July 18th, 2007, Page 34 entitled “9 pretty high school girls ‘Female SuJu’ unveiled”)

“I can’t forget the happiness and thrill that day. I remember because the members were excited and happy, we couldn’t even read the articles properly.” (Sooyoung)

The girls thought that the reason for their success is mainly because they were able to show the public their growth, which is similar to that of Metro.

“We are always thinking of new concepts in order to present fresh images. We are encouraged by how the fans appreciate our changes and look forward to further changes. I think Metro’s attractiveness is the changes it has undergone.” (Yuri)

“Thank you for giving us these memories.” (Hyoyeon)

“I wish Metro will grow even more than the past nine years.” (Tiffany)

“Please keep providing good news, news that shine like morning sunshine.” (Sunny)

May 31st Japan tour, reaching out to overseas market

SNSD will be opening their ’1st Japan Arena Tour’ concerts in Japan starting May 31st. The tour will take place in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Saitama until July 18.

“The most memorable moment last year was our first showcase in Japan. In the midst of fear and excitement on a foreign land, we couldn’t believe how the fans welcomed us.  We wish to meet fans in many places and make new memories and meaning in every place we go.” (Seohyun)

After the Arena tour in summer, the girls will meet Korean fans as they kick off the “2011 Girls’ Generation Tour” on July 23rd and 24th. The girls have proven their outstanding vocals and brilliant stage performances throughout the ‘Into The New World 1st Asia Tour Concert’. Thus, fans can expect to see the girls showing their great teamwork and awesome performances during the upcoming concerts.

The concert in Seoul, which will be the start of second Asia tour, will be followed by Taipei, Nanjing, and other major Asia cities. Their activities are not confined to within Asia only. One June 10th and 11th, SM Entertainment will be holding their very first joint concert in Europe, the ‘SM Town Live World Tour in Paris’.

“I’m already looking forward to see the extend of K-pop’s impact on Paris. I was touched by our fans of various nationalities during the concert in Los Angeles last year. I think I will be touched again.” (YoonA)

SNSD’s position in terms of popularity in Japan’s music industry would be further strengthened with the release of their first Japanese album, “Girls’ Generation” on June 1st.

“Even though we haven’t been active in Korea for a long time, we hope to go back with more maturity through the experiences gained in foreign countries.” (Jessica)

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[Interview] SNSD answered interesting questions from kids

May 5, 2011

It’s May 5th, Children’s Day. ‘Dispatch News’ conducted an interview with Korea’s national girl group, SNSD! Although the girls are busy with their activities, album preparation and concert practice, they managed to spare some time to participate in the interview.

They are indeed the national girl group. There were a lot of different questions from the children to the girls; from SNSD members’ handphone numbers, reasons for wearing hot pants to the group (between Super Junior and SHINee) they get along better.

To suit these young children, SNSD members who are full of their own unique charms, gave some hand gestures while replying to the questions to help them understand better and this made the interview more interesting.

Interview (D represents Dispatch News who conveyed the questions from some children)

D: SNSD noona(sisters), why do you cry whenever you get first? (Choi SungJae, 8 years old)

Tiffany: Did we cry whenever we get no.1? (Looking at other members) Ah, we did.
Yuri: I think among the nine of us, we take turns crying.
Tiffany and Hyoyeon: Whenever we get no.1, the members would keep on crying because we feel very happy inside our hearts.

D: Sooyoung noona, since your name is Sooyoung, can you really swim well? (Choi SungJae, 8 years old)

Everyone: No. She can’t. Sooyoung can’t swim.
Sooyoung: Noona’s name is not the sport ‘swimming’ (went on to explain her ‘soo’ and ‘young’). Children, when you grow up and have started to learn hanja, you would understand what noona’s name means. I’m not related to this sooyoung (‘swimming’, moving her arm). However, children, if you want, noona will learn how to swim this summer.

D: As I want to grow long hair, I wish to know how can I grow them like unnies? (Kim JiMin, 8 years old).

Hyoyeon: (Touching her hair) Think a lot about your hair growing long. Long.Long…..
Sunny: (Touching her hair) Long hair.
Tiffany: If you eat well, It won’t take long for your hair to grow.
YoonA: That’s right. Your meals must be balanced. If you eat a lot of food with protein, your hair will grow very very fast.
Taeyeon: Black beans are good.
Tiffany: If you obey your parents, your hair will grow fast.
Hyoyeon: Aye. That’s right.

D: SNSD unnies. Do you like Super Junior? Do you like SHINee? Who are you closer to? (Kim JiMin, 8 years old)

Tiffany: I can’t choose. Yes.
Taeyeon: All of them.
Hyoyeon: Super Junior are really cool oppas, right? SHINee are really cool hoobaes (juniors), aren’t they? Am I right?

D: SNSD noonas. What are your telephone numbers? Please let me know your handphone numbers. (Yoon JaeMin, 8 years old).

Yuri: 1004~ noona’s number 1004~
YoonA: 010~
Tiffany: My number is bbyeong bbyeong bbyeong~bbyeong bbyeong bbyeong bbyeong.
Sooyoung: Instead of asking for our phone numbers to send us greetings,  you can help noonas much more if you cheer for us when we are performing on stage. Our children, please support and cheer for SNSD always.

D: SNSD noonas, even during winter, why do you wear hot pants? You don’t feel cold? (Yoon JaeJoon, 8 years old)

Sooyoung: It’s cold. (Looking at Jessica) Cold, right?
Jessica: Yes, it’s cold. Very.
Hyoyeon: It’s because We have to look pretty in the costumes that match the songs we are performing…
Sunny: Also to show that we are healthy
YoonA: When we are not on stage, we wear long pants.
Tiffany: When we are not on stage, we put on a few layers of clothes.
Yuri: Dear children, when you are cold, do not wear short pants like unnie/noona. Please take care of your health and wear long pants.

D: SNSD noona, are you nervous when you’re on the stage? When do you feel nervous the most? (An JungJin, 10 years old)

Sooyoung: The time when i am most nervous. I think it should be before we get onto the stage. Since we enjoy ourselves while we are performing on stage, the most nervous moment is the time when we are just about to perform…the nervousness is so great that I feel like crying.
Jessica: Yes, that’s right.

At the end of the interview:

Sunny: Dear children. Always stay healty and listen to your parents well. Also, always listen to your teachers as well. Get along well with your friends. Please give us, SNSD noonas/unnies lots and lots of love.

Everyone: Dear children, goodbye~Right now So.Nyeo.Shi.Dae. We love you ♡.

Credit: Dispatch News/dispatchsns@YouTube

Jessica – Song JungWan: From breaking the ice to realizing dreams

April 2, 2011

“The moment we met, I shouted ‘I don’t want to only leave a cute impression to people, please discover another side of me, something that even myself don’t know about!’”

“The girl who came into my sight on that particular day.. her simplicity, youth and elegant vitality were what arouse my inspirations.’

Son JungWan and SNSD’s Jessica, the ‘Designer and Muse’ story.

“Always desire some challenges. Felt that I shouldn’t be satisfied with my success, so much that I started to panic out of a sudden. When I needed someone to move my heart, when I needed a youngest ‘Muse Goddess’, I met Jessica. The moment I met her and I felt ‘Ah, this is the person who can give me enough inspiration.”

- Son JungWan

‘It was me who looked for her first. Really wanted to remove the cute singer image I created in those 3,4 years time. That’s why I said ‘please discover another side of me, something that even myself don’t know about!’ when I first met her.

- Jessica

Designer Son Jeong Wan (52) and idol group SNSD’s member Jessica (22, real name Jung SooYeon) first met each other 4 years ago. When Jessica first knew Madam Son at her fashion show, it marked the start of their destiny. They never imagined that they would come together again in another unexpected event. These 2 individuals, with a desire to transform themselves, silently embarked on their journey and prepared to meet another milestone in their lives.

Designer, Muse, and the evolution of dreams

- First question for them is ‘Change’, because they both faced new changes recently

Son JungWan: 17th of February, I just came back from a show at Lincoln Center, New York. It was the first time I stood on the stage in New York after 24 years since my debut. Out of the 147 designers who participated, 15 had their videos up on Youtube, I’m just one out of them. Movie actor Alan Rickman and singer Aubrey O’Day also came down for the show. Upon seeing that all 450 seat were filled with people, I got really excited.

-Jessica: Had been staying in the studio these days to prepare for the new Japanese album set to release in April. Shooting for the album photos also kept me busy. If there is time, I really want to go down and watch teacher (Son JungWan)’s show in New York.

- Still remember the time you first met?

Son JungWan: We greeted each other at the fashion show. When talking about idol singers, my impression will still be the cute and pretty images. But Jessica has something different. Sincere greetings and attitude, as well as some unknown temperament.. I thought I really saw the simple, youthful and elegant vitality.

Jessica: Had always been a designer whom I respect and look up to very much, that was why I was nervous when I did my greetings. But unexpectedly, she reacted warmly to me, and I was relieved. Later I came to learn about her favorite dresses in her designs.

- When did you start to work out the dream evolution with each other?

Son JungWan: Since last year. I always wanted to advance into New York but I didn’t have the chance. After 20 years of waiting, I’m already a pretty successful designer in Korea. Yet I still wanted to challenge new work and stages. It was when Jessica cracked a joke with me that I got my inspirations. When I was working on my drafts, I heard her saying ‘Will you be successful if you design clothes for kids like me?’. My reaction was an instant ‘Yes’ after I heard that. Immediately I picked up my pen and started thinking of my New York Design Collections.

Jessica: I was exactly opposite from teacher. I only changed my style after seeing her New York Collections. Last time the ‘SoNyeo Singer’ image constrained me, I mainly had cute and casual clothes on the stage. But as time goes by, I started worrying, and I seldom wore dresses. After I started my musical performances, as well as for my Japan debut, I had to think of something ‘new’. It was when teacher’s New York collections gave me strength. I also started targeting on more mature and romantic clothes.

Son merges different types of charms together.

-Did Jessica’s outfit today also come from those backgrounds?

Son JungWan: Yes it is. It is a silk dress with a strange color that is not gold nor gray. I wanted to design a dress that gives a sensual feeling without having to expose the skin. The dress is not only for New York’s fashion show, but also for Jessica herself.

Jessica: I like it a lot. I assume that others will say that it is their first time seeing me like this. I have gone through the lookbook for the New York fashion show. I would say that the designs are combination of different materials that normally do not go along well. They look strange and complex.

Son JungWan: How did you know? The outfits actually looks complicated because they are composed of beads, knits, silks, leathers, and minks. I tried to create a new type of outfits with fresh charms by subtly combining these materials. The clothes can look childish, but at the same time, it gives off some sense of maturity and softness. Just like Jessica.

Jessica showing her feminine side

-We heard that Jessica places orders for clothes, particularly from Designer Son.

Jessica: I always ask her for clothes. I ask her to design outfits for people like me, who is not tall. Upon that request, teacher recommended me long dresses. For clothes like print skirt I wore during last year’s Seoul Fashion Week, I didn’t really have the courage to wear them. However, when I tried them on, it made me look more mature and feminine. Thus, now I am trying out bell-bottom pants upon her recommendation.

Son JungWan: I gathered up my courage and went to New York because of Jessica. Thus, I think it is now time for Jessica to take risks as well. I think it would be nice to try out 1970s fashion on stages in Japan. She can also try to be more enchanting. I will be going to New York again this autumn to prepare for other fashion shows.

Jessica: Thanks to her, I now have the courage to change myself. I feel like I want to be an artist who tries out changes based on my own will instead of being an idol controlled by others. I am happy to be a part of this since frequent transformation of styles also means that I am still young.

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Kim Youngmin talked about SNSD’s future plans and key to Hallyu’s success

February 25, 2011

As SNSD becoming more successful in Japan, they brought along “Korean Idol Syndrom”. Also, the weak hallyu market and entertainment industries started to prosper. Thus, the focus of hallyu is now mainly on artists and K-Pop instead of actors and dramas.

SM Entertainment (referred as SM), which led SNSD to their success, had raised their profit four times as that of the year before. Their profit exceeded 10,000,000,000 won. Last September, SM became the first Korea agency who held a concert in LA’s Staples Center.

Each member’s talents + SM’s system + Digital Media = SNSD

Since the 90s, SM gained experience in expanding its industry oversea through the activities of H.O.T, and S.E.S. Due to its experience in such an expansion, SM was able to bring SNSD, DBSK, and BoA to their success in world market.

The nine cute girls topped in Japan’s Oricon chart. Now, their value in both culture and marketing is rather impossible to estimate. Behind SNSD’s success, there is Kim Youngmin.

Kim Youngmin grew up in Japan since 6 years old. Thus, he knew about Japan’s entertainment industry better than anyone else. Because of this, he was able to put his experience and knowledge to good use and ‘channel the success’ to SM.

Creating a star is like modifying a diamond. First you have to find a good diamond, and then you have to add the covering that best suits it. The nine talented girls, along with SM’s system and digital media; these three things brought success to SNSD“.

Kim Youngmin said that the most important factor of SNSD’s success was SNSD’s potential and talent. Next of it was SM’s system that could bring out their full potential. Also, digital media helps spreading SNSD to all over the globe.

Last August, right before SNSD’s debut in Japan, SM released Japanese Version of SNSD’s music video on YouTube. SM aimed to let Japanese get a better accessibility to the Music Video so that they would share it with other Japanese music lovers as well.

SM’s strategy in Japan was successful. Just after a week since the sale of “Gee (Japanese Ver.)”, SM sold 66,000 copies of the album. After that week, SNSD topped in the Daily Oricon chart.

SNSD did not have a proper activity last year. However this year, they have already done a CF for a Japanese product and they are now preparing for their new album and concerts.

SM’s Plans for 2011

SM mainly focuses on producing good artists instead of expanding the industry. Oversea expansion is only successful if the market in Korea is successful. So we will continue to focus on the market in Korea.

Since 1990, SM has simultaneously tried to produce successful artists. They have chosen people with potential not only from the audition in Korea every Saturday, but also through global auditions in Thailand, U.S.A, China, and so on.

SM provides a long-term 1 to 1 program to produce artists. In these programs, SM not only teaches vocal, acting, and dancing, but also foreign languages.

Also, SM is planning to let a new group debut. Kim Youngmin’s primary goal for the year is to launch the new group safely in the Korea music industry so that oversea expansion will be possible.

Secondly, he wants to show a “360˚ Business Model” to the global market.

In a “360˚ Business” the processes of casting, auditioning, education (includes vocal, acting, dancing, and foreign languages), album production, CF, concerts, movies, and dramas are all the responsibility of the agency.

Last year, SNSD successfully showed the “360˚ Business” BoA and DBSK have been working with Japanese agency when they were in Japan. However, SNSD worked with SM even when they were in Japan. Furthermore, SM stated that SNSD will probably be more successful as they are more than likely to participate in a drama, which SM has prepared for a long time.

Entertainment Industry Research & Development (R&D)

Kim Youngmin stated that the motivation for SM to lead the hallyu is ‘Continuous investment in R&D even when they have achieved success’.

“The method and systems used to create a star should receive more than the stars. Systems that plan and produce media and contents are the only way another ‘SNSD’ will be produced.”

Lastly, Kim YoungMin emphasized that to keep hallyu going, people have to focus more on the agencies that create stars rather than stars themselves. To ensure the progressiveness of hallyu, either YouTube or SM’s system should receive more attention.

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SNSD, the faces of Intel Asia

February 21, 2011

On SBS-CNBC News aired on February 21st, an interview with Intel Korea’s Mr. Han In Soo was carried out to talk about SNSD as Intel Asia’s new faces and the collaboration between Hallyu and IT. Here are the contents of the interview.

SBS-CNBC: SNSD had performed for Intel on January 18th when they were promoting their new product. Also, music video of SNSD in collaboration with Intel has been revealed. I heard the reaction was great, was it?

Han: Yes it was. The music video’s title is “Visual Dreams”. It received great attentions and appreciation online. Even though January 18th was a cold day, many reporters still reported about the event. Over 200 reporters have attended the event.

SBS-CNBC: What were the reports mainly about?

Han: Many of them focused on the financial value and marketing effects. The news of SNSD and Intel was even on MBC 9 o’ Clock news. The main things reported was this -  ‘Our nation’s girl group have gone beyond hallyu and entered the world marketing models’. To illustrate further – ‘our nation’s girl groups have international effect through online and social media. Therefore, they are receiving global industries’ love calls’. The news also talked about -  ‘With SNSD modeling for Intel as a start, girl groups’ financial values are starting to rise’. Financial Today published articles about ‘IT Brands, How Much Financial Effect Will It Receive From Collaborating With Hallyu Idols?’ and also – ‘The first experiment of this marketing strategy will be Intel’.

SBS-CNBC: Well, besides the financial values, what else is attracting the public’s attentions?

Han: eToday reported ‘Industries are eager to model girl groups to approach the ‘Younger Generations”. It was a report about how industries have raised their image through online marketing and social networking. Especially B2B industries are focusing on promotions for 2nd time customers, not 1st time customers. Also, the fact that industries (that does not make complete products) are strengthening their public relations have caught attention. Intel was used an example as this. The fact that Intel produces CPU, but still chose SNSD as their model was very ‘shocking’.

SBS-CNBC: So far, how is the effect of using SNSD as a marketing strategy? Even though it might be hard to say considering it has only been 1 month since their collaboration.

Han: Because this marketing strategy has just recently set off, so I can’t tell you the effect exactly. However, about a month after SNSD started modeling for Intel, ‘HanGook KyungJae’ talked about SNSD’s marketing results. It’s pretty interesting. “‘Visual Dreams’, a song composed to promote Intel, has reached 5 million clicks just in their official website.” Also, they reported, ‘Just 48hours after the release of the music video, it reached 1 Million views’. The reports were mainly stating the effect was favorable. Such a result was probably possible because of online communication and the use of entertainment to garner the interest among the younger generations.

SBS-CNBC: Then what do you think can be concluded through SNSD and Intel’s collaboration?

Han: By summarizing the things above, major presses talk about 3 things from this collaboration. First, it is a known fact that K-Pop has a great effect in Asia, and global industries further confirmed this fact by selecting girl groups as their models. Secondly, industries have started to take actions to approach the younger generations. Lastly, K-Pop great effect has went oversea and became global. Also, considering Intel only released SNSD’s music video only online and not on TV commercials, Intel is mainly focusing on using online communities to globally promote themselves.

SBS-CNBC: We believe that now SNSD’s marketing activities in Asian region have also started.

Han: Now, the marketing activities for the Asian region in Taiwan and other Asian countries have begun. yesterday, I got in touch with the public relations representative for Taiwan and I was told that currently, SNSD’s music videos and advertisement pictures are rapidly spreading and shared across the region through the internet. We are also thankful to have received some constructive and helpful e-mails. From the entertainment industry’s point of view, participation of global companies as advertisers seems to be greatly welcomed. We hope that this sort of collaboration would enhance the entertainment industry as well as the Korean wave. The Intel-SNSD collaboration  marketing in each Asian region is the beginning. The huge success of this global marketing will not only bring good news to SNSD’s fans but also to many other parties.

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