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Girls' Generation wish you a Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2009

….and also from me to everyone! Happy Holidays and have fun this Christmas. Oh, I almost forgot…make sure you watch catch Girls’ Generation Christmas Present on KBS 2TV at 10.00 pm KST, 24th December 2009 or on KBS World at 1.50 am KST on 26th December 2009. Cheers!!!

Taengoo got WG signed poster for Christmas

December 23, 2009

Taeyeons Chrsitmas gift - WG signed poster

Taeyeon's Chrsitmas gift - WG signed poster

Taeyeon appreciating the signed WG poster

Taeyeon appreciating the signed WG poster

On SBS Strong Heart aired on 22 December 2009, Taeyeon received Wonder Girls’ signed poster as a gift. I don’t think she expected it as she laughed upon seeing the poster. After that she was seen appreciating the poster as the MCs were busy with the Santa gift bag. I have a feeling the MCs deliberately gave her the poster as they just want to see her reaction but I guess they didn’t get what they look for. Taengoo seems to like her chingu’s (friends’) signed poster. How I wish i was the one getting the poster…hehe.

If you’ve read the story on, you probably feel as disgusted as I am towards that mystery male celeb who got her phone number, called her day and night, told her how much he knew about her private life and worst, threatened her when she wanted to cut ties with him. That mystery male celeb definitely has a lot to learn about being a gentleman. Out of the 14 confessions she received from male celebs, she mentioned that there was one who moved her and that guy has a broad shoulder. Hmm….I wonder who that is. Any idea?

Fancams for SNSD's 1st Asia Concert Tour, Seoul

December 23, 2009

Question: So, where can you watch most (if not all) of the fancams of the concert held in Seoul on 19th and 20th December 2009 ?

Answer: It’s all HERE


SNSD named Best National Singer of the Year

December 23, 2009

Best National Singer for Year 2009

SNSD named the Best National Singer of the Year in a survey conducted on 2919 people aged 13 to 59 years old. From the survey 29.8% went to SNSD. Big Bang is placed 2nd with 21.1% and 2pm in third with 12.5%. Wonder Girls who have not been active in Korea in 2009 ranked 4th with 10.4%. Glad to know that SNSD and WG are still the two favorite girl groups in Korea. :)

SNSD’s Individual Gubne Chicken CF

December 22, 2009

Gubne released Jessica’s and Seohyun’s Individual CF and we have seven more to be released soon! Personally, after watching the two CFs, I like Jessica’s more because her CF made me laugh harder than maknae’s but that’s just me. I can’t wait to see the other individual CFs, especially Sunny’s. I expect maximum aegyo, Sunny Bear!



SNSD grabbed 1st and 3rd place for GomTV's Best of Best MV

December 22, 2009
GomTVs Best of Best MV Result

GomTV's Best of Best MV Result

Finally, the wait is over. SNSD won 1st (Gee) and 3rd (Tell Me Your Wish/Genie) place. Gee was behind GD’s Heartbreaker by 3000 votes before the results were taken out 3 days ago and our persistence and perseverance paid off in the end. 8 awards in 2 weeks time. How’s that for an achievement. Unbelievable, really unbelievable. Really hope SNSD will grab at least 1 more at Soompi Gayo Awards 2009. Power of 9 Jjang!!

SNSD's SPAO Christmas Promo photos

December 22, 2009

9 adorable and pretty girls with their cute drawings wishing you a Merry Christmas. I love the Sunny Bear and Yuri’s masterpiece. These photos were taken for Spao’s Christmas Promotion. Click on the photos to toggle Lightbox view.

Another award for SNSD

December 22, 2009
Another award in the bag!

Another award in the bag!

I think SNSD will have to get a new trophy cabinet to showcase their impressive run this year. Another award in the bag for the girls again. This time, SNSD won the “Most Popular Music of the Year Award” at the Congress Daesang Ceremony held at National Assembly Hall in Yeouido, Seoul on December 21st, 2009. Taeyeon, YoonA and Yuri were there to receive the award. Not sure if anyone feels it but from their eyes, i can feel that they’re tired after putting on stunning performances at their very first solo concert. Have a good rest, girls!

SNSD's daily diet is 1200 kCal, not 800 kCal

December 21, 2009

SNSD's daily diet is 1200 kCal

“SNSD’s meal plan is not 800kcal, but 1200kcal.”

Recently, SNSD members’ meal plans were released in the show “VJ Special Behind Story.”After the broadcast, netizens were shocked and felt sorry for the girls at the fact that they were only consuming 800kcal per day.However, Kim JiHoon, representative of celebrity’s special personal training team called the A Team, said “the broadcasted episode have exaggerated the information,” and requested to correct the information.SNSD’s basic 1200kcal / day meal consists of all the six nutrient groups. Due to all of their busy schedules and exercises like preparing for the concert, their energy uses are high, so there was no need to make drastic changes to their calorie consumptions.

Also, during a diet, if you do not consume enough for your body to intake, there can be side effects. Instead of reducing how much they consume, the trainers expanded their energy uses to burn the fat.Yuri, who has been getting the netizens’ compliments about her healthy body, her basal catabolism is 1150kcal and she intakes about 1200kcal with 4-5 meals a day.Trainers like Kim SooChang and Kim JiHoon representative checked their meal plans and body designs every day to a point where they won’t get tired easily.Yuri was training everyday with her fitness trainers to make her body stand out in the outfits they wore at the solo concert. In Yuri’s solo performance during the concert, she showed her powerful boxing skills she practiced with Kim JiHoon trainer, and showed her sexy and charismatic side.

Kim JiHoon complimented, “While getting ready for the concert, Yuri showed me her professional and mature side when she never skipped out on the adjusted meal or a day of training.”

Kim JiHoon revealed Yuri’s daily meal: Sweet potato, banana, bell tomato, broccoli, cabbage, chicken breast, various nuts, milk and soy milk.

Credit: Newsen
Translation: typicalharu @

Now, this makes more sense. I was wondering how could they keep up with their daily practice sessions and performances if they were to take only 800 kCal per day. Besides, i think our Shikshin won’t be too happy with 800 kCal per day limit One bowl of ramyeun is about 300-400 calories, Sooyoung :P