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Oh! It's SNSD on Inkigayo!

January 31, 2010
SNSDs comeback on Inkigayo

SNSDs comeback on Inkigayo

SNSD are back on SBS Inkigayo, wearing stripe top and black leather hot pants (Show Show Show) and pink jackets and boots (Oh!). I guess everyone’s satisfied with today’s show as there’s no black screen throughout the performance. Yesterday on Music Core, some netizens commented that Sunny’s voice was a bit too cute but today, I guess her cuteness was just nice. i did not see any bandage on Yuri’s right knee today :) . I love Sone’s chants at the end. It was really loud and clear. Good job, fellow Sones! One thing that caught my attention was the cheer for Sooyoung was really loud. You can hear them scream when Sooyoung sang her parts. Anyway, here’s SNSD’s performance on Inkigayo today. Enjoy!!!

SNSD's powerful comeback on Music Core with Oh! and Show Show Show

January 30, 2010
SNSDs comeback stage on Music Core

SNSD's comeback stage on Music Core

SNSD basically set Music Core on fire with Show Show Show, followed by Oh! The atmosphere was great with Sones chanting to Oh! MC Yuri and MC Tiffany kept teasing the viewers with Oh! since the beginning of the show. We all know that Yuri injured her knew while filming ‘Invincible Youth’ and the bandage on her right knee can be clearly seen. However, I thought it blended quite well with the blue cheerleader outfit. I was quite worried for Yuri when I saw her jumping at the end of the performance, as she did in the MV. It must be really painful to jump like that with an injured knee. Sunny’s voice in the beginning was really cute…lol. Overall, I really love their performance on Music Core today and the head mics didn’t affect their singing at all. I was so pissed in the end when the screen just went blank but things like this happen sometimes.

Update 1:

The blank screen today might not be an accident afterall. It’s the attack of the dark soshis.

What happened in MBC about blank screen? Actually it was Dark Soshi who turned the power off. Believe it or not…

cr:bossa747 via twitter

…and there’s more. Apparently, there’s an error free vid of today’s Oh! performance at Music Core.

MuCore #SNSD Oh! error-free video is up. But you gotta be a member at MBC website :(

cr:bossa747 via twitter

I guess the no-blank-screen vid is this one!

Some info on SNSD's 1st Asia Concert in Shanghai

January 30, 2010

Here are some info of the concert in Shanghai:

SNSDs Shanghai Concert seating arrangement

SNSD's Shanghai Concert seating arrangement

Venue: Shanghai Grand Stage, located in Shanghai Sports Stadium
Date: 17th April 2010
Ticket Prices: Purple (480 RMB), Blue (680 RMB), Orange (880 RMB) and Green (1280 RMB)

Wow…look at the ticket prices! It’s ranging from US$69 to US$183 but I don’t mind spending that money if I were in Shanghai though because I know seeing SNSD’s live performance is a priceless experience. Obviously, those who are seating in the green seats have the chance to look at the girls up close. Who knows, they may even have the chance to shake hands with Soshis…lol.

cr: bossa747 via twitter

SNSD's Oh! album is finally out, 150k copies pre-ordered!

January 28, 2010
SNSDs Oh! - 150,000 copies pre-ordered prior to the release on 28th January

SNSD's Oh! - 150,000 copies pre-ordered prior to the release on 28th January

It’s finally here!! The long wait is finally over! My Oh! fever is getting worse and I don’t see myself recovering from it anytime soon. 150,000 copies pre-ordered….that’s really out of this world. My prediction – 3 songs from this album will conquer the charts – ‘Oh!’, ‘Star Star Star’ and ‘Show Show Show’. The girls will make their comeback on Music Core (30/01/2010), Inkigayo (31/01/10) and Music Bank (05/02/10). I can’t wait to see them back on the stage again. Now, the news article below will definitely ‘WOW’ you!

Approximately 150,000 copies of SNSD’s second full album titled ‘Oh!’ have been pre-ordered for its release on the 28th.

An estimated total of 149,890 albums were pre-ordered, in which online fan-websites made an order of over 59,500 copies and music stores with 90,390 copies of the album.

SM Entertainment stated, “SNSD’s first full album ‘Girls Generation’, first mini album ‘Gee’ and second mini album ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’, all have consecutively been pre-ordered over 100,000 copies.” and concluded, “SNSD’s second album have also been pre-ordered over 100,000 copies, keeping this substantial record sale consistent.”

On January 25th, the second album’s title track ‘Oh!’ was released online and subsequently dominated as #1 on various music charts such as Melon, Dossirak, Mnet, Bugs and Cyworld Music. Furthermore, ‘StarStarStar’ and ‘Show! Show! Show!’ are rising as popular tracks from the album.

Source: CNB News
CNBNews Reporter: Kim Hyunjin

Ouch! Oh! MV is sizzling HOT!!!

January 27, 2010
Still photo from Oh! MV

Still photo from Oh! MV

After 2 days, Oh! is currently #1 on Melon, Bugs!, Mnet, Dosirak and Soribada! Netizens have different comments on the song but I love it and I play like maybe 50 times a day…lol. Anyway, the MV was released earlier today and I had a good laugh watching the MV. It was really cute and funny. By the way, the numbers on their shirts are their favorite numbers.The girls appeared in leather outfit with dark make-up in the end which sparked curiosity among netizens. SM Entertainment confirmed that it’s a teaser of a follow-up track that has yet to be released. Another hot hit track, perhaps? Anyway, I’ll leave it to your imagination. Enjoy!!!

Explosive start for Oh!

January 25, 2010

'Oh!' grabbed #1 spot within 10 minutes after release

Oh! grabbed #1 spot within 10 minutes after release

SNSDs Oh! climbed to 4th on Bugs as of 7.30 pm KST

SNSD's 'Oh!' climbed to 4th on Bugs! as of 7.30 pm KST

10 minutes is all it takes for SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ to grabbed the #1 spot on online music chart, Monkey3. I have been playing ‘Oh!’ repeatedly (I lost count on the no. of times and it’s still playing as I’m typing now) and yes! it will be the song of the year. The chorus “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! man i man i” is contagious! Due to the explosive comeback, there are always some jealous people who are always there to spoil the party. Who cares? We’re partying with ‘Oh!’ and to those jealous people out there, well, get a life! I couldn’t help but to check the online music charts such as Melon, Bugs!, Mnet, Soribada, etc as soon as i got off from work and WOW! ‘Oh!’ is now 4th on Bugs!. Hopefully, it will get into the other charts as well. I will keep clicking on the refresh button every hour to check on the progress…hee hee. My CD will arrive on the 4th of February, so, I’m really excited about the rest of the tracks in the album. For those who has not pre-order the album, you MUST do so, otherwise you’ll regret it! Every SNSD albums are really precious to me. Not only it has lots of pretty photos in there, it also makes you feel as if you’re buying more than just a CD. It’s like a collection kind of thing. Well, if you’re wondering where to preorder, you can click on the banner on right panel of this blog. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!….here I go

Oh! Fever is here to stay!!!

January 24, 2010
Oh! Fever Junior Ringer T-Shirt

Oh! Fever Junior Ringer T-Shirt

We’re all infected with the Oh! Fever and it’ll be awesome to tell everyone about how excited we are with Girls’ Generation’s upcoming release of their 2nd full album Oh! Show your support for the girls and let’s make the word ‘Oh!’ really big in 2010. FANtastic Wonders Webstore offers a wide range of Oh! Fever products such as T-shirts, hoodies, bags, buttons and magnets. So, don’t forget to check them out here!

First HyunA, now Sun Mi

January 23, 2010
Sun Mi quits WG to focus on her studies

Sun Mi quits WG to focus on her studies

This is really shocking! I’m lost for words again but for a different reason this time. i never thought that this would happen to Wonder Girls at the time when they are doing so well in US. This is a sad news for Mimi’s fans but let’s continue to show our love and support to 4-D and hope everything goes well for her. Hope WonderFuls will give as much love and support to the new member, 17 year-old Lim who will be joining the Wonder Girls in March. This is JYP Entertainment’s official statement:

JYP Entertainment has announced that Mimi from the Wonder Girls has decided
to postpone her musical career to pursue an academic career.

Mimi, the rest of the Wonder Girls members, her family, and JYP Entertainment
have collectively decided to postpone her musical career for the time being.

JYP Entertainment said, “Mimi had a truly memorable, once in a lifetime
experience while living in the U.S. and touring over 50 cities. We support her
decision to pursue an academic career at this time. We will also support Mimi if
she chooses to return to singing after her academics are complete. In the
meantime, she plans to frequent JYP facilities and continue her dance and vocal

Mimi will remain with the Wonder Girls in the U.S., continuing with any scheduled
performances and activities until the end of February. As of March, she will return
to Korea and prepare to focus on her studies. JYP has named 17 year old Lim as
the newest member to the quintet. Lim has gone through extensive training at the
JYP Academy for three years and is fluent in four languages: English, Korean,
Mandarin and Cantonese.

Update 1:

Hae Lim, new WG member

Hae Lim, new WG member

Hae Lim’s Profile
Name: Hae Lim
Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Age: 17
Nationality: South Korean
Languages: Fluent in English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese
Duration of training: 3 years

SNSD in the Trending Topic list after release of Oh! MV teaser

January 23, 2010
SNSD on Trending Topic Top 10 list after release of the Oh! MV teaser

SNSD on Trending Topic Top 10 list after release of the Oh! MV teaser

About an hour and a half after the release of Oh! MV teaser which was too awesome to describe (basically I’m running out of adjectives), Sones around the world have been tweeting #SNSDOh and it got into the top 10 list of trending topics on Twitter. I can see the big wave coming….and it’s hitting all of us very soon. I can feel that we will be using more Oh! and Gee in years to come…hahaha.