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Absence didn't affect Inkigayo Mutizen Triple Crown victory

February 28, 2010
Triple Crown victory on Inkigayo for SNSD despite absence

Triple Crown victory on Inkigayo for SNSD despite absence

Yes..they were absent. I guess they’re too busy preparing for the Encore concerts but nonetheless, their absence on this week’s SBS Inkigayo has no effect on their Triple Crown win. The only thing we missed from the show is their “Oh!” performance. The Triple Crown win means that they will not be eligible for the next mutizen award. On today’s Inki, T-ara made their comeback with their new songs, “내가 너무 아파(I’m so hurt)” and “너 때문에 미쳐 (Go Crazy Because of You)” while Kara are back with “Lupin”. Here’s the Take 7 and mutizen song result announcement for today’s Inki. I know, there are faces you don’t like in that video. Well, just ignore them. So, just look at Sulli…lol.

Some revelations on Black Soshis concept

February 28, 2010
Black Soshis - SNSDs hidden sexy side

Black Soshis - SNSD's hidden sexy side

Girls’ Generation have finally shed some light on their Black Soshis concept during an interview. Although nothing much was said in detail on the concept so far, the girls revealed that the new concept will highlight their hidden sexy side.

In the “Oh!” MV, which was released on January 27th, netizens were curious about the girls in black who appeared at the end of the MV. To clear things up, SM Entertainment confirmed hours later that it was a teaser for their upcoming concept. The girls in black were given the name Black Soshis by fans ever since.

On the concept, Girls’ Generation further stated that the Black Soshis will be doing the exact opposite of what the ‘bright’ Soshis. In “Oh!”, the girls were dongsaengs calling out to oppas but for the Black Soshis, they will be singing as unnies instead. They further revealed that the filming of the new MV has been completed.

When asked about the tough competition from other girl groups, the girls commented, “We are happy to see the return of many brilliant performances of girl groups. We are very excited at the thought of sharing the stage with the others”.

Girls’ Generation are currently having their encore concert (27th and 28th February) in Olympic Park Fencing Stadium in Seoul to thank their fans, Sones for the continuous love and support that they have received. They had their first Asia Concert Tour in Seoul on December 19th and 20th last year and they will be continuing their tour in Shanghai in April and Bangkok in May.

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Gaon Chart update – Where's "Oh!" now?

February 27, 2010
The Gaon Chart

The Gaon Chart

For those who have not heard of Gaon chart, it is the first official music chart in Korea. It has 5 categories, namely the Gaon Chart, Digital Chart, Online Chart, Mobile Chart and Album Chart. The album chart takes into consideration the sales from album distribution companies such as SM Entertainment, Sony Music Korea, Warner Music Korea, Universal Music and Mnet Media. The Mobile Chart is based on ring tone and caller ringtone sales. The Online Chart will be based on online album sales and streaming services while the Digital Chart will be based on the results in Mobile Chart and Online Chart. The online sales results are based on online music sites such as Melon, Bugs!, dosirak, soribada, Mnet, etc. The Gaon Chart, which accumulates all the respective charts results, will be released once in every 6 months while the Album, Mobile, Online and Digital will be released weekly. Here are the results for Feb 14th to Feb 20th:

Digital Chart:

Digital Chart as on Feb 27th

Digital Chart - Feb14th - Feb 20th

Online Chart:

Online chart - 27 feb

Online Chart - Feb14th - Feb 20th

Mobile Chart – Ringtone:

Mobile Chart (Ringtone) - Feb 27th

Mobile Chart (Ringtone) - Feb14th - Feb 20th

Album Chart:

Album Chart - Feb 27th

Album Chart - Feb14th - Feb 20th

4th Music Bank K-Chart win for the golden girls

February 26, 2010
Win no.4 for the golden girls

Win no.4 for the golden girls

So, who are the golden girls? It’s none other than Girls’ Generation and it’s their 4th consecutive win on KBS Music Bank for “Oh!”. Earlier this week, the album sales of Girls’ Generation’s 2nd Album “Oh!” on Hanteo Information System have exceeded 100,000 copies.

The golden top and white hot pants the girls put on for today is their 11th outfit for “Oh!” so far. It would be nice if there’s a comedian who would do a parody of “Oh!” and the outfits they’re wearing. I guess Kim Shin Young would be interested.

On today’s Music Bank, Kara showcased their comeback performances of “Umbrella” and “Lupin”, which is the title track of their new mini album, “Lupin”. Among the artists who were featured on today’s show were Girls’ Generation, Kara, 2AM, Jo Hye Ryun, U-Kiss, CN Blue, T-ara, ZE:A, 4Men, AB Avenue, Park Hyun Bin, Trax and many more.

For the fourth consecutive weeks, Girls’ Generation took the top spot with more than 20,000 points. Today, they managed to secure 20,549 points, followed by 2AM with 13,073 points and CN Blue with 7,443 points. Can they secure their 5th win next week? It will be a tough fight as we can expect Kara to be in the top 3 on next week’s KBS Music Bank. So stay tune!

“Oh!” performance

Kara’s “Lupin” performance

The winner is……

Sunny has no kissing experience

February 21, 2010
 I havent kissed - Sunny

"I haven't kissed" - Sunny

When it comes to kissing, Sunny is not the right person to ask for advice. On MBC’s Quiz That Changes The World, Sunny revealed that she has no experience in kissing. During the show which was aired on February 20th, MC Lee Hwijae asked “When guys want to kiss, doesn’t the girls usually notice?” In response, Sunny replied, “To tell the truth, I haven’t actually experienced having a real proper relationship. I haven’t kissed yet either.” Don’t get the wrong idea. When she mentioned kiss, she meant the romantic type, not the friendly type. I believe she kissed her members, parents and also, Kyungsan!..haha

I believe after this, fanboys will be lining up in front of SNSD’s dorm to provide a free kissing course for Sunny…lol…just kidding..


One more to go for Inkigayo Triple Crown

February 21, 2010
2 Mutizens in the bag!

2 Mutizens in the bag!

After taking the no.1 spot for 3 weeks in a row on KBS Music Bank, Girls’ Generation maintained their domination on SBS Inkigayo with their second Mutizen Award for Kenzie’s masterpiece, “Oh!”.

The second Mutizen Award means that the girls are only 1 win away from grabbing the triple crown on Inkigayo. On today’s show, Girls’ Generation performed “Show Show Show” and “Oh!”. Can Girls’ Generation grab their third Mutizen Award next week? I certainly hope they can! Here are the vids for their performances today. Enjoy!

‘Show Show Show


SNSD on Music Core 200th Episode Special

February 20, 2010

The title speaks for itself. Enjoy!

Third victory for 'Oh!' on Music Bank

February 20, 2010
SNSD scored hat-trick on Music Bank

SNSD scored hat-trick on Music Bank

Girls’ Generation mantained their impressive run on KBS Music Bank K-Chart with 3rd consecutive win. Not only did they hold on to the no.1 spot on the weekly music show, the girls scored more than 20,000 points for all the 3 victories they secured.

Besides the victory, the girls continued their trend of wearing different outfits for “Oh!” performance on KBS Music Bank, MBC Show!Music Core and SBS Inkigayo. For the record, the grey shirt with orange shorts that the 9 girls wore on Music Bank today was the 10th outfit they have put on for “Oh! so far. So, which of the outfits looks best on them? We are definitely having a hard time to decide as they look good whatever they are wearing.

On today’s Music Bank, Girls’ Generation took the first place with 20,284 points, 2AM in second place with 15,191 and CN Blue in third with 7,991. Girls’ Generation’s beautiful ballad, “Star Star Star” climbed 3 places up to 7th this week on the K-Chart. Here are their performances on today’s Music Bank.

By the way, Maknae’s on-stage accident topped the search list on Naver and Daum yesterday. Honestly, I could hear her scream. Thank God, she kept her balance. Maybe she’s too nervous as ‘hubby’ was watching…lol. Well, wear flat shoes next time, girls.

SNSD won mutizen on SBS Inkigayo with "Oh!"

February 14, 2010
SNSD wished fans a happy new year on Inkigayo

SNSD wished fans a happy new year on Inkigayo

As reported a few days ago, SNSD won their mutizen on SBS Inkigayo with “Oh!”. It’s now confirmed! The girls wished their fans/viewers a happy new year and they also revealed their new year resolutions. The tall girls hope they won’t grow any taller anymore this year. Lol….. Here are the vids of their performance on Inkigayo today! Enjoy!