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Girls' Generation "Oh!" their way to second victory on Music Bank

February 12, 2010
Girls Generations 2nd victory on Music Bank with Oh!

Girls' Generation's 2nd victory on Music Bank with "Oh!"

After an impressive first win with 23,077 points last week, Girls’ Generation got their second Music Bank victory with 22,689 points, which is the second highest points obtained in KBS Music Bank K-Chart so far.

On today’s KBS Music Bank, the girls had a special stage performance with Joo Hyun Mi. Seohyun, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, YoonA, Sunny and Joo Hyun Mi performed “Crush” as their first performance. Soon after the song ended, Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany joined the rest to put up an impressive performance of ABBA’s 1976 hit, “Dancing Queen”.

Girls Generation performed Dancing Queen with Joo Hyun Mi

Girls' Generation performed "Dancing Queen" with Joo Hyun Mi

Girls’ Generation were the last to perform. Clad in hooded red-striped shirts and navy hot pants, the girls performed their winning track, “Oh!”. “Star Star Star” which has never been performed on KBS Music Bank entered the K-Chart at no.10.

Top 3 K-Chart results

Top 3 K-Chart results

Will “Oh!” erase “Gee”’s record of taking the top spot for 9 weeks on Music Bank? Well, Girls’ Generation are not new in setting records, are they? We’ll be the witness! So, stay tune!

SNSD won first mutizen on SBS Inkigayo

February 11, 2010


SNSD performing at the recording session for SBS Inkigayo

SNSD performing at the recording session for SBS Inkigayo

You might think that this is a rumor or something but I’m telling you it’s not. This week’s SBS Inkigayo Lunar New Year Special was recorded earlier today and SNSD won their first mutizen on the show. Something else other than the mutizen made me really happy. I saw no.12 on the stage. It’s good to see her on stage despite her current illness. Not sure of her current condition though but I guess she’s feeling better. The girls wore a different outfit again! We’ve seen 7 different outfits so far. Today, they were wearing green shirt with white hot pants. Here’s a fancam of the ‘Oh!’ performance to knock you out. OMG, the fanboys were really crazy there! Enjoy!!!

It's finally here!

February 11, 2010
My copy of Oh! album with Sooyoungs photo card

My copy of "Oh!" album with Sooyoung's photocard

Yipeee!!! The stress and frustration of checking the mailbox for a week ended today! I finally got my Limited Edition “Oh!” album and Sooyoung’s photo card. Not exactly what i wished for (Sunny’s photocard) but I’m happy with Sooyoung’s card as well.

Sunny is down with cold and body aches. I hope that she recovers soon and have plenty of rest despite her tight schedule. Breaks my heart to know that she is sick due to her tight schedules. Sunny is a tough girl but no matter how tough a person is, there is a limit of how much one can take. I hope SM Ent. will not overworked the girls and give the sufficient rest. I don’t think they can perform well if they’re not in the pink of health. Get well soon, Sunny Bunny!

Sooyoung celebrates birthday with fans

February 10, 2010
Happy Birthday, Choi Sooyoung!

Happy Birthday, Choi Sooyoung!

Happy Birthday, our dear shikshin!!! She turns 21 today and it will be an unforgettable birthday for her as she will be celebrating her birthday with fans who are randomly selected. As a gift to Sooyoung, the fans joined hands to help in donating money and foodstuff to various welfare organizations to help the needy. The fans also presented Sooyoung with a beautifully decorated cake.

I hope Sooyoung will have an enjoyable time with the fans as well as with the Soshis on her birthday. May all your dreams come true, shikshin!

I wish to congratulate our maknae Seohyun on her recent graduation from high school. Hope her success in her musical career extends to her studies as well. She will be attending Dongguk University as a freshman this year. All the best, maknae!

A nicely decorated cake presented by fans to Sooyoung

A nicely decorated cake presented by fans to Sooyoung

Source: newsen / Sooyoung Gallery

SNSD : Let's play tennis

February 7, 2010
SNSD performing Oh! on SBS Inkigayo (07/02/2010)

SNSD performing Oh! on SBS Inkigayo

You must be wondering – ‘What’s with the title?’…haha…If you look at the video below, you’ll understand.

Yes…They’re wearing all-white tennis outfit on Inkigayo today and sadly, the girls did not win the mutizen. Some netizens say it’s normal not to win the mutizen on the first and second week after the release of an album. Well, from today’s result, i guess they’re right. Anyway, we’ll wait for next week. Let’s go, Soshi, let’s go!

9 bright stars on Music Core

February 6, 2010
SNSD performing Star Star Star and Oh on Music Core

SNSD performing 'Star Star Star' and 'Oh' on Music Core

Jjang! SNSD nailed it again. This time with ‘Star Star Star’ or ‘Byul Byul Byul’ on MBC Music Core. Performed on-stage for the first time, the Soshis flaunt their powerful vocals and amazing control. The girls dressed in white and I thought it blended with the atmosphere really well. YoonA’s expression at the beginning of this song was priceless. I guess it’s no big deal for this drama queen. Everyone seems to love this song and I think it will be another big hit. Besides, it’s from E-Tribe. So, the chance of it being a hit is good.

The gloomy and sad atmosphere changed when they performed “Oh!”. Today, they wore pink short sleeve shirt with white hot pants. We’ve seen 5 different costumes so far. Will they be wearing something different for Inkigayo tomorrow? On today’s Music Core, Sones did it again with the chanting. It was amazing. I love the chant at the end of the performance. So, here are today’s performances. Enjoy!!!

Record Breaking Victory for 'Oh!' on Music Bank

February 5, 2010
First victory for 'Oh!' on Music Bank

First victory for 'Oh!' on Music Bank

Girls’ Generation came back strong on KBS 2TV Music Bank this week with ‘Oh!’, securing their first win of the year by a significantly large margin. The amazing fact is that It took them just 9 days after the release of the album to grab that top spot on Music Bank K-Chart.

Girls’ Generation performed “Oh!” for their comeback stage with loud chants from Sones who made the victory even sweeter. I just love the chanting at the end of the song. It’s great to see Taeyeon’s energetic performance this evening. i guess she’s feeling ok now. Our cute leader is really jjang!!!

If you noticed, they got 0 point for performances. Don’t be surprised as this was their first performance on Music Bank. They even managed to break the record by scoring 23,077 points erasing the old record of 21,322 points. 2AM grabbed the second place with 12,144 points and last week’s winner, CN BLUE were in third place with 10,588 points. Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun made the victory speech before their encore performance

SNSD @ 19th Seoul Music Awards – 3 in the bag!

February 3, 2010
SNSD performing 'Oh' at the 19th Seoul Music Awards

SNSD performing 'Oh' at the 19th Seoul Music Awards

The Soshis won the Bonsang and Digital Music Award for ‘Gee’ at the 19th Seoul Music Awards at the Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium. The evaluation for songs/abums released from January – December 2009 is based on mobile votes (20%), Sports Seoul popularity (10%), CD and album sales (50%) and jury evaluation (20%). The girls performed ‘Gee’ and ‘Oh’ on the evening, wearing red jacket, white top and hot pants. Taeyeon did not look too well and there was a video clip showing Sooyoung supporting her from behind. I’m not sure if Sooyoung’s supporting her or she was just holding her. From my observation, Taeyeon looks tired and she didn’t seem to be comfortable at all. Hope she’ll get some rest somehow despite her busy schedules.

Update 1:

SNSD grabbed the Daesang for this year’s Seoul Music Awards. As usual, the girls cried and the stage was filled with emotions. You deserved it once again, girls!