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It's Fany Yenny time!

May 28, 2010’s another Wonder Shidae moments and they are the two members being voted as the dirtiest in their respective groups on Star Golden Bell. Looks like we’re getting more and more Wonder Shidae moments these days because of Wonder Girls’ promotion in Korea. It’s also good to know that like Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation, SONEs and WonderFuls are also supporting each other like close friends.

Credit: bogo0801 (vid)

Wonder Girls dancing to "Oh!" and today is ……..

May 26, 2010
Wonder Girls and Taeng having a great time dancing Oh!

Wonder Girls and Taeng having a great time dancing "Oh!"

Wow…another Wonder Shidae moment there! This time, it’s on KBS 2TV Win Win with MC Taeyeon. So awesome to see them laugh so heartily and enjoying the moments there. I haven’t watched the whole show but it seems to be a really great episode. Probably because Wonder Girls are featured and Taeyeon is there as the MC. I’m a bit biased when it comes to SNSD and WG, I know. Well, this blog is about Wonder Shidae or Wonder Generation, like some of you call it.

By the way, today is our Park Yeeun’s 21st Birthday and it’s just awesome that she get to celebrate it in Korea with her family and friends before she heads back to US again on May 31st. Happy Birthday, Yeeun. Hope you’ll have an awesome birthday and a memorable one.

It’s been a very hectic 2-week promotion in Korea for WG and we know they’ll be having series of concerts in US. I wish they spend more time in Korea and appear on more talk shows, variety shows and of course, see them winning the K-Charts and Mutizens.

Credits: UnknownCarrot110 (video)

Next on Family Outing Season 2 ……

May 23, 2010

This is a video showing what’s coming on FO2. Looks pretty interesting there and there seems to be some Kwonie-Sunye touching moments there. Looking forward to it!!

Credit: PikeYenny @ YouTube

원더시대 moments at Dream Concert

May 23, 2010
SNSD and WG at 2010 Dream Concert

SNSD and WG at 2010 Dream Concert

It was an evening where fans get to see Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation performed on the same stage. As Wonder Girls will be promoting “2DT” everywhere and SNSD’s touring Asia doing concerts and promotions, it would be rare to see the two prominent girl groups performing on the same occassion.

Wonder Girls performed “2DT” followed by the medley of “Tell Me-So Hot-Nobody”. After that, SNSD came on stage and performed “Run Devil Run” and “Oh!”. I love that dorky Yul doing the RDR move during “Oh!” and they were doing the fanchants at the end of the song as well. Sunny’s high, fierce kick during “RDR” was caught on camera. Wow, good timing, cameraman but don’t do it next

Sunny: eat this!

Sunny: eat this!

Wonder Girls – “2 Different Tears”

Wonder Girls – “Tell Me-So Hot-Nobody” medley

SNSD – “Run Devil Run”

SNSD – “Oh!”

I’m sure you have seen many fancams of the Dream Concert performances held at Seoul Olympic Stadium on May 22nd, but out of these videos, 1 particular vid caught my attention and it is this one here.

I would like to bring your attention to 3:00. The girls in black and light blue were seen talking to one another. They are none other than Yubin, YoonA and Hyoyeon. They were probably discussing about Yubin’s nail polish or fingers and Hyoyeon was joking around with Yubin.

At 4:53, another priceless 원더시대 moment appeared. As the girls (SNSD and WG) were making their way to the backstage, Sunye and Jessica were side-hugging (I don’t know how you call that gesture…lol) each other. They were obviously happy to meet each other on stage and were chatting like old friends.

It’s like a dream comes true seeing these moments. Now, I’d like to stress that this is an extremely rare footage of 원더시대 and I’d like to give a big thanks my friend, snsdchingoo for capturing those moments. Show her some love, people!

The Dream Concert was a success with minor childish fans-related issues which I’m not gonna elaborate here as not to damage the beautiful pictures painted by the artists who performed on the evening. SBS will be airing the Dream Concert on May 30th. It was supposed to be on May 23rd but was later postponed.

Credits: snsdchingoo / PikeYenny / chyansie9x

Jessica is leaving KBS 2TV’s “Happy Birthday”

May 17, 2010

Jessica to leave Happy Birthday after just under a month on the show

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica will be making her exit from KBS 2TV’s variety show “Happy Birthday”

According to Star News’ Money Today on May 17th, Jessica will not be featured on the show after June 7th’s broadcast.

Jessica is scheduled to attend her last recording for “Happy Birthday” on May 25th. Her replacement is yet to be decided. The reason of her departure from the show is probably due to Girls’ Generation’s overseas activities in the second half of the year.

Jessica made her first appearance on the show on May 10th and looks like she is leaving after less than a month on the show. Jessica is the third Girls’ Generation member to quit a variety show after the departure of Sunny and Yuri from KBS 2TV’s Invincible Youth was confirmed last week.

Credit: Joins

[UPDATE 1]Sunny and Yuri – G7 no more!

May 14, 2010
Whos replacing Yuri and Sunny?

Who's replacing Yuri and Sunny?

It is now certain that Girls’ Generations’ Sunny and Yuri will not be showing up in Yuchi-Ri for the filming of KBS 2TV’s Invincible Youth from June onwards.

On May 14th, KBS staff confirmed in a phone conversation with mydaily that Sunny and Yuri will longer be featured on Invincible Youth starting June due to the fact that Girls’ Generation are set to enter Japanese market and also busy preparing for their First Asia Concert Tour. There have been speculation about their departure from the show since the announcement was made by KBS regarding the change of members, earlier this week.

Regarding the replacements, auditions are being carried out at the moment among girl groups to choose the new G7 members. The staff also confirmed that the rumor about Seonhwa from the group Secret leaving G7 is not true.

KBS Invincible Youth lovers will definitely miss Yuri’s dorkiness and Sunny’s aegyo and her bond with fellow G7 members such as Hyomin, HyunA and Hara. Poor Sunny as she will definitely miss her pet cow, Peureumi and also, poor Kim Tae Woo as he will be missing someone dearly!

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Update 1HyunA will be leaving too!

According to Kim Ho Sang PD, 4minute’s HyunA will also be leaving Invincible Youth. Sunny, Yuri and HyunA will have their last filming for the show on May 19th. This means that 3 members of G7 will be replaced.

Credits: kbites/omonatheydidn’t

Happy 21st Birthday, Lee Soongyu!

May 14, 2010 would like to wish our Soshi’s Energy Pill a great and memorable 21st birthday! There will be a surprise party for Sunny and YoonA (B-day: 30th of May) at SM Entertainment HQ at 7.30pm KST.

SNSD’s First Photobook in Tokyo (Photobook + DVD)

May 13, 2010

Item: 소녀 (少女/Girls) Photobook + 1 DVD (English Subtitled)
Publisher: SM Entertainment
Release date: June 2nd, 2010
Size: 235mm x 330mm
No.of pages: 354
DVD: All Region / Running time: 1 hr 9 minutes

Who is/are out of G7?

May 10, 2010
IY line-up to change in June

IY line-up to change in June

Apparently, the PD for Invincible Youth said that there is no concept for the new season and the change of 1 or 2 member(s) in G7 will contribute to the change of the atmosphere of the show. The next thing that comes to my mind, and also many of you IY lovers out there, I believe is – WHO? Who’s going to be replaced? Auditions to select the suitable candidate among girl groups have started.

The most unlikely would be the two Soshi – Sunny and Yuri. Taking them out of the show is basically saying bye bye to the good rating of the show. Unless they’re extremely busy with Asian promotion, then I guess it can’t be helped. So, my speculation will be those who will be busy in Japan – Hara (Kara), Hyomin (T-ara) or probably HyunA (4minute). The change will take place in June and the girls basically will be saying goodbye to that 1 or 2 member(s) very soon.

Hopefully, IY will still be as exciting as ever with the change of members. Probably it was a decision forced by situation rather than wanting to give it a “different atmosphere” to the show. I believe there are reasons that cannot be disclosed as it may expose the relevant group’s/groups’ schedule which has to be kept confidential .

Who knows Wonder Girls might be in for a few episodes since they’ll be back in Korea to shoot FO2 next week. Well, that’s just hopeful thoughts.