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A piece of advice from Sunny

July 23, 2010
A piece of good advice from Sunny to Sori

A piece of good advice from Sunny to Sori

“Do not just focus on working too hard”. That was the advice given by Sunny to G7′s new member, Kim Sori.

On KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth” aired on July 16th, Sunny was part of the cast where she reunited with the G7 members in Hokkaido, Japan. Despite the fact that it was the first meeting with Sori, Sunny advised the new G7 member to not just concentrate on working too hard for IY.

According to Sori, Sunny told her that although IY’s concept is about working, it is still a variety show and thus, she has to inject some entertaining elements into it. The advice was well taken by Sori who admitted that she has put too much focus on working and she will work harder to show the viewers her funny side.

Anyone would agree that in the past, Sunny added in so much value to the show with her aegyo, funny dances and her awesome chicken-catching ability. Although Sori may not be able to pull off those acts, we hope that she could deliver something fresh that keeps everyone glued to their TV/computer on every Friday night.

Sori, who is also doing the promotion for her single “Hero” mentioned that before meeting Sunny, she thought that Sunny is someone who is not easy to get along with but that impression totally changed after the two met each other. Sori thinks that Sunny is a cute person with a good character and because of that, the two got close to each other really fast. In addition to that, Sori thinks that meeting Sunny in Japan makes them closer because they get to do things together and they have to depend on each other.

We’d really love to see the two getting closer to each other on the episode aired on July 23rd (KST) but will Hyomin be jealous?


We hit 600 followers mark! Here’s how we thank you…..

July 18, 2010


Yes, we now have more than 600 followers on Twitter and as a token of appreciation for your love and support, we will give-away a CD. All you’ve got to do is to tell us who your favorite K-pop girl group is and why in not more than 30 words. We will not select the winner based on lucky draw simply because it’s not fair. We will pick the winner based on your creativity and passion for your favorite girl group. Easy, right? What are you waiting for? Send in your entries by commenting on this post by July 24th.

Update: To be fair, the name of the group will be counted as 1 word.

Short girl setting the bar really high

July 17, 2010
Sunny reunited with G7, Hyomin acting cool.

Sunny reunited with G7, Hyomin acting cool.

Yes, we all know that Lee Soongyu’s height is 155 cm +/- 3 cm but she’s not short at all in terms of being a singer, dancer and ….. GAGDOL. Most probably you won’t find this word in the dictionary but it is simply a combination of gag and idol.

Despite the fact that Sunny is no longer a member of G7, she proved that her gagability (another new word…lol) is natural. The G7 met up with Sunny in Hokkaido, Japan and as expected, she entertained everyone, on the set and in front of TV. Hyomin was excited to meet up with Sunny but acted cool at first and later gave in to her own feelings. We know she loves Sunny very much. Here’s a fact for you. Sunny and Hyomin’s birthdays fall on the same month on the same year. Yes, they were born in May, 1989 but Sunny is older by 15 days.

To be honest, Invincible Youth is really a great show, mainly because of Sunny and Yuri. Without them on the show, I’m sort of ‘not motivated’ to watch. Bring them back, KBS 2TV! The good news is that, Sunny will appear again on the episode to be aired on July 23rd.

38 years ago….

July 17, 2010
YoonAs similarity to HK actress garners interest

YoonA's similarity to HK actress garners interest

…YoonA acted in “Way of the Dragon” with Bruce Lee..ahahaha…of course it’s NOT her. I’ve got to give it to netizens who are not only observant but good memories.

Miao Ke Xiu, age 58 (now, of course) who acted in the famous Hong Kong kung fu movie with the legendary Bruce Lee back in 1972 would have me mistaken for YoonA any time, any day. If there’s a contest for YoonA lookalike, I guess we know who the winner is going to be.

Netizens went crazy over this and said that Miao’s face, hair, body movements and gestures in the movie are very similar to YoonA’s. By the way, YoonA is having fun in Rome and she must be shocked if someone goes up to her and ask if she’s interested to film the remake of “Way of the Dragon”…LOL

Credit: Gwangnam Ilbo

[UPDATED]Brian gave a shout out to

July 12, 2010
Brian Joo's 1st Showcase in Malaysia

Brian Joo's 1st Showcase in Malaysia

Yes, you heard me right and I’m gonna put up the video here later once it’s up! After today’s show case at The Opera, Sunway Pyramid, Brian had an interview with 8TV Nite Live and answered some questions from fans.

Here’s what the fans were supposed to do. SMS in the questions or messages to 8TV Nite Live and the approved messages will show up in the right pane of the screen and as the messages came in, the older messages will get pushed up. Thus, in order to be selected, you need a bit of luck there and I should say I got some luck from Augustine there. For the first 6 questions picked, the sender gets autographed poster and postcards. I consider myself extremely lucky there as two of my questions were picked and I also got a shout out from the man. The 2 questions selected were:

1. When do we get to see you perform on stage with Hwanhee on stage again? (if not mistaken, this was the first question picked on the show. So, I guess I’m winning something.)

2. When will your next album be coming out?

What are Brian’s replies? I’ll let you watch the video for yourself later. I got another shock when Brian actually gave the shout out to and Brian Joo Canadian Fans (Wackycashew, we finally got it!). I was like “WOW! A shout out from my man, Brian”. The shout out just means so much to me. I really love watching him on shows and I love his energetic voice. I know I sound like a fangirl there but that’s one honest confession from my heart. Thanks to you, man. Now, I believe anything’s possible.

Brian will be heading back to Seoul on MH66 at 11.30pm, July 11th. That means he’ll have the whole day to tour KL. Hope he’ll be enjoying himself and get to taste some of the Malaysian food that he has not tasted before. Tonight’s 8TV Nite Live was great. Brian was really funny and I just love to see the man enjoying himself on the show.

For those who missed the mini showcase at Sunway Pyramid, here’s a fancam of Brian’s “In My Head” (English ver.). Full of energy there and the fans are just crazy.

Credits:  Rhythm Land @ Facebook (photo) / suwensan @ You Tube (video)

UPDATE: Here’s the shout-out video!

Can you resist Sunny’s aegyo attack? – Episode 2

July 11, 2010

It has been seven months since the first episode was released. Now, it’s back again with the second episode, bringing you more asking-for-punches aegyo from our Soshi energy pill, Sunny!

The first episode has 57,606 views so far and I would like to thank the viewers and subscribers for their comments and supports. So, here it is, episode 2 of “Can you resist Sunny’s aegyo attack?”. Enjoy!!!

Sunny reunited with G7

July 7, 2010
Sunny and Hyomin reunited!

Sunny and Hyomin reunited!

After 40 days leaving Invincible Youth, Sunny reunited with the casts of KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth” again, but this time in Hokkaido, Japan. Sunny and the G7 members had a great time as they spent 3 days and 2 nights together and did some farming activities.

As expected, her best friend, Hyomin teared up upon meeting Sunny. Sunny was glad to be given the opportunity to meet with her G7 friends and make an appearance on IY again. She said this was due to the demand from fans and viewers and she is definitely thankful for all the love and support that she’s getting.

Fans are definitely waiting impatiently for these episodes which will be aired on July 16th and July 23rd. For the mean time, enjoy these photos.

Credit: WayToGo @ (photos)

SNSD to perform at 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave

July 6, 2010
2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave

2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave

On August 29th, some of the big names in Kpop industry will gather once again for the 2nd Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010. Other than SNSD, BoA and Se7en will also be making their appearances.

A representative from HH, the event management company for the music festival said that the 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave will begin at 7pm KST at Incheon Munhak World Cup Stadium. The representative further said that Incheon will become the center for the Kpop music festivals in Asia and the city itself will be a hub for the development of the Asian music industry in the long run.

The 2010 Korean Music Wave features SNSD, Super Junior, 2pm, Son Dambi, U-Kiss, Beast, MBLAQ, After School, CN Blue, SHINee, SG Wannabe, BoA, Se7en, etc. The second bath of artists will be revealed by the middle of July. To keep yourself updated, visit the Korean Wave Festival site. Tickets will be available from July 28th onwards.

Watch the promo video

Source: Star News

Venice, anyone?

July 6, 2010
Yuri wants to go backpacking to Venice

Yuri wants to go backpacking to Venice

In an interview with, Yuri mentioned that she would like to go on a backpacking trip and her no.1 dream destination – Venice, Italy to enjoy the famous Italian pasta and to go on a romantic gondola cruise (with whom? I can imagine fanboys getting nervous)

Talking about going on a trip, Yuri has some tips on how to look after your skin. In her pouch, these items are a must – sunscreen, cream, body mist to keep the skin moist and some aromatherapy candles to relax her mind and help her sleep.

Source: Sports Seoul