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Korean mothers picked SNSD as one of the role models for their children

September 28, 2010

On an educational show “Secrets of the Gifted Season 2″, 332 Korean mothers in the age group of 30-44 years old were asked to pick the individuals they want their children to be. The survey was conducted from September 16th to September 26th. Here are the results:

Female category

1. Kim Taehee
2. Kim Yuna
3. Kim Juha
4. Jang Hanna

Male Category

1. Park Jisung
2. Lee Seunggi
3. Ahn Cheolsu
4. Rain
5. Yu Jaeseok


SNSD to depart for Japan again in early October

September 28, 2010

After having a great time with their families during the Chuseok holidays, the girls are flying over to Japan again soon.

On September 28th, a representative of SM Entertainment told Money Today Star News, “SNSD members
are now in Korea. They will be leaving for Japan in early October.”

For the Chuseok Holidays, the girls were back in Korea and after about 10 days’ rest, they will be preparing for their activities in Japan again.

The representative added, “SNSD went to Japan earlier this month for the promotional activities of their debut
single “Genie” and this time, they will be promoting their second single “Gee” which will be released on October 20th. Prior to the release of “Gee”, the girls will be traveling back and forth to Korea and Japan in order to fulfill their schedule.”

Looks like the girls will be having a hectic schedule ahead of them again in October. On top of their activities in Japan and Korea, the girls will be having the Into The New World Concert in Taiwan on October 16th and 17th, followed by the Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 in Singapore on October 23rd. We hope that the girls are taking enough rest while they’re in Korea now.


YongSeo couple’s reunion in Japan

September 27, 2010

MBC’s “We Got Married(WGM)” will soon showcase YongSeo couple’s first trip abroad.

On September 27th, staff of the program said, “Recently, Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun were reunited in Japan.”

Seohyun was with her group SNSD who released their debut single “Genie” in September, followed by series of promotional activities in Japan. Yonghwa on the other hand, was busy with his schedule and thus, the couple have not seen each other in a month. In view of such situation, the production crews have planned and arranged for the couple to be reunited in Japan.

The staff added, “The couple who have not met in a long time had a good time together. Except for traveling with their parents, those two have never gone on a trip abroad together.”

The episode of WGM which showcases their trip abroad is expected to be aired either in November or December.


Girl group selcas exposed

September 27, 2010

On “Live Entertainment Express” section of SBS TV’s “Bae Giwan, Choi Youngah and Jo Hyungki’s Good Morning” broadcasted on September 27th, stars’ selcas (self-cam) were revealed. Members of various girl groups revealed their captivating and pretty faces through selcas which have garnered a lot of interest from viewers.

Photos of SNSD’s YoonA and Hyoyeon’s “finger pulling eye” pose with their tongues sticking out and Kara’s Han Seungyeon unique pose and funny facial expression while stretching her body became a hot topic on the show.

2NE1′s Sandara Park often comes up with varieties of different concepts whenever she takes selcas. Recently, Kara’s Goo Hara took an up-close shot of herself in a hooded jacket which also sparked a lot of interests among fans and netizens.

On the show, selcas of other stars were also being featured and discussed.


Fan account @ SNSD Official Fanclub SONE 1st Fanmeeting

September 26, 2010

For many of us who could not attend today’s (September 26th) fanmeeting held at Hwajung Gymnasium, Korea University at 5pm KST, do not be afraid. There are fan accounts of what happened there, thanks to Silis7noy2 who put down everything in detail. I had a great time reading them and I bet you’re dying to know what happened at the fan meeting today. So, here it is:

Tight security, don’t know about fancams but at least fans got audio recordings of the songs and more

The fan song was false rumor

Members wrote rolling papers for each other, it was done anonymously but Seohyun was revealed

Fany: “Sones are our Genie”

Birthday party for Hyoyeon

Shinyoung unnie makes fart jokes and Taengoo keeps cracking up

Dorm in Japan with same roommates. Tiffany and Dandyu same room

ITNW ballad version with Seohyun on piano

Very kkab version of I’m Like This

What worries Yoona
1. Too much kkab
2. Health
3. Japanese

Other artists’ Songs Sunny want
1. Um Junghwa – INvitation
2. f(x) – Nu ABO (Yoona Hyoyeon does short kkab cover?)
3. IU – Marshmallow

Sang Forever at the end

Why Yuri is not doing kkab
1. Too many grave pics (The members are using Yuri’s grave pics as bookmarks, and bookmarks for Bible keke)
2. Too much kkab makes it less fun
3. Other members with bigger kkabs

Sooyoung – why my legs are long
1. It’s not that long just that other members’ are short
2. Long legs is my role in SNSD
3. Blessed genes

Hyoyeon – Why my Korean don’t seem perfect
1. I’m hasty
2. Foreign student concept
3. Lots of things on my mind

Jessica – why I do the 8-walk
1. because my 8-walk is adorable
2. I did ballet for 6 years
3. because I walk without straining
(* 8-walk is when you walk with your feet open like this \ / This kind of walk is done by someone like ‘a boss who has no fear, checking things out in the neighborhood’ It’s called 8 walk because \ / looks like Chinese character for number 8)

Seohyun – Why I think I am now older
1. It’s been 3 years since debut. And more than 3 years with Sone. It must be so hard for you to support us. Thank you~
2. When unnies are having wine they don’t leave me out anymore
3. I feel old when I look at students in uniform that I can’t wear

Tiffany – members who are ogeul ogeul (ogeul means something too sweet, too touching etc that can make your fingers shrivel and cringe^^)
1. Yuri – Even if I don’t tell other members can tell about it
2. Taeyeon – She always emphasizes subtly yet clearly on the 9 being together
3. Yoona – Too often she says I love you in that weird voice (unnie~)
* Yuri examples:
When members are chatting Yuri suddenly says “You guys are too lovable to me~ You want me to be there with some rice cakes?”
Yuri after WGM last Saturday: “Unnie made Kimchee pancakes while watching you on the show~” and takes pic of the kimchee pancakes and sends it to Seohyun

At the dorm in Japan Taengoo was sleeping and moonlight shone through a gap in the curtain. Tiffany was able to see Taengoo’s sleeping face and Taeyeon was sleeping with her eyes little open, Tiffany said she hasn’t seen that in a long time keke

The Totoro doll is Fany’s most favorite doll.
The members teased that they are going to pull out Totoro’s mustache and kidnap Totoro and send Fany the kidnapped pic and threaten her to bring $2000 ransom kekek
Fany was taking Totoro to the Japan dorm for now so the members won’t bully Totoro kekeke
Fany said Totoro was her hope when she was little~

Hyoyeon was touched that she was able to be with the fans for the birthday party for the first time and wanted to be with Sone forever and she teared up a little, saying she had been holding it in all night.

Yoona wrote on the rolling paper for Hyoyeon: “Stop punching me dude!”, and all night Kim Shinyoung was saying “dude! dude!”

Credits: Silis7noy2@Soompi/Tetsuya9@Soompi

[UPDATED] JYJ New Album Showcase Tour 2010 LIVE In Malaysia Tickets Give-away Contest

September 26, 2010

There’s nothing wrong with the title. Nothing wrong with your vision as well. It’s true and it’s happening very soon! Are you guys dying to see Jejung, Yuchun and Junsu in Malaysia? is offering you a chance to watch JYJ LIVE in Malaysia on Sunday, October 17th. So, what do you need to do? Simple! Here’s how:

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4. Read the instructions and post your answer to the question as a comment.
5. Get your friends to LIKE your comment. Participants are only allowed to post one entry each.  Participants who posted their entries more than once or do not answer the question accordingly will be disqualified. Top 3 participants with the most LIKEs win tickets to the showcase.
6. Contest ends on October 1st (12.00 am Malaysian time).

All tickets are courtesy of Redstar Presents.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop your entries NOW!

UPDATE: Details of Prizes

1st Place – 2 x RM300 tickets

2nd Place – 2 x RM200 tickets

3rd Place – 2 x RM100 tickets

Winners will be contacted!

SNSD voted the best dancing stars of the new era

September 26, 2010

KBS 2TV’s “Generation Sympathy Saturday” carried out a survey to find out the dancing stars of the old and new era. Here are the results:

Category: Old Dancing Stars
Survey participants: 4844 people in their forties and above (in Korea Republic)

1. Kim Wansun
2. Seo Taiji and Boys
3. Park Namjung
4. Clon
5. Park Jinyoung (JYP)
6. Sobangcha
7. Uhm Junghwa

Category: New Dancing Stars
Survey participants: 6044 people in their teens, twenties and thirties (in Korea Republic)

2. Lee Hyori
3. Rain
4. Wonder Girls
5. Kara
6. Brown Eyed Girls
7. 2pm


Seohyun is jealous of Yonghwa and Ueno?

September 25, 2010

On MBC’s “We Got Married” aired on September 26th, Seohyun put on a smiling face during the meet-up with Juri Ueno but she might be feeling otherwise inside. After Ueno left, the ‘mildang (a push-pull/’playing games’ situation for two persons interested in each other)’ started.

Yonghwa committed a serious mistake when she taught Ueno the word “Oppa”. Although Yonghwa did it jokingly, Seohyun gave him a cold stare. However, she still put on a smiling face. The couple and Juri Ueno then had a nice conversation while enjoying the meals prepared by Seohyun. Yonghwa taught Ueno some Korean greetings and words such as “daebak”, “massisseoyo”, etc.

The ‘cold’ atmosphere subsided. Yonghwa then suggested that Ueno and him should take a photo for remembrance and he asked Seohyun to take the photos of them together. There was awkwardness in Seohyun’s expressions but still, she did not show any sign of anger. The photos taken by Seohyun were blurry. The MCs thought that Seohyun must have done it on purpose because of her jealousy towards Yonghwa and Ueno.

After Ueno left, Seohyun said, “She’s your ideal woman. It was great, right?” Yonghwa replied calmly, “Yes, she’s my ideal type. It was just perfect. Are you jealous?”  Seohyun replied, “No. I’m not. I’m not like SOMEONE.” So, the ‘mildang’ between the couple started.

Yonghwa launched a counter-attack by saying, “I’m sorry,  Seohyun. You must be missing Tamaki Hiroshi (her ideal man).” Seohyun replied, “So….” and then requested to meet up with him. Yonghwa then added, “Meet Johnny Depp (another ideal man of hers) and cook some steaks together.”

On the show, the couple also talked about their birthdays which are only 6 days apart (Seohyun’s is on June 28th while Yonghwa’s is on June 22nd). To commemorate their birthdays, Yonghwa suggested that they should go for an outing.

Is Seohyun starting to feel something for Yonghwa? Make sure you catch the upcoming episodes of “We Got Married”


Hyoyeon, Sunny and YoonA put worries aside for food.

September 24, 2010

The main theme for MBC’s Chuseok Special Program “Feel-Good Day” aired on September 24th, was “Korean idol is conquering the world”and the did at the SM Town Live 10 World Tour Concert in LA and Shanghai.

After a successful performance in LA, SM Town artists heated up the stage in Shanghai on September 11th. On this program, we get to see some funny and exciting footages of our girls.

Hyoyeon, Sunny and YoonA were seen sitting in the waiting room enjoying a delicious meal. Hyoyeon said, “Eating makes us happy. I’m worried that my tummy would bulge out before i go onto the stage but I need to eat as it gives me the  energy to perform.”

A production staff then asked, “There will also be a meal after performing?”. To this, Hyoyeon answered “yes” with a funny expression. Sunny and YoonA also put aside their worries (for their bodies) and enjoy the sumptuous meal.