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The golden spy girls graced Inkigayo with impressive performance

October 31, 2010

On SBS Inkigayo, the girls performed Yuri’s masterpiece “Mistake”. Dressed in white, the girls’ strong and unique vocals captivated the viewers, proving that they are capable of pulling off awesome performances for songs of any genre.

Soshi appeared in gold jumpsuit for their “Hut” performance. Sunny’s close-up wink definitely have us all “killed” on this pleasant Halloween Day.

Here are today’s performances:




Jessica wants to invite fans as guests to “SNSD Radio”

October 31, 2010

SNSD revealed their dream of having their own radio broadcast.

On KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Tonight” aired on October 30th, the girls had an interview with reporter, Kim Taejin before their “Music Bank” comeback stage performance.

In reply to the question from Kim Taejin regarding things that they wish to do, the girls answered, “We hope to do broadcast of ‘SNSD Radio’”.

Jessica said, “If it happens, I hope the DJs will be rotated on daily basis. When we talk, there will be a lot of funny stories and we will be making a lot of noise”.

Sooyoung who stood behind Jessica added, “Then, invitation for guests to be on the show is also not required. We have so many members, thus, there is no need for guests”.

Upon hearing that, Jessica responded in disagreement, “I want to invite them”.

When asked about who, in particular that she would like to invite as guests to their radio show, Jessica looked at the camera and said, “It’s everyone”, an answer that made the members burst into laughter.


Another splendid comeback performance on Music Core

October 30, 2010

What a performance by the girls. They look cheerful and energetic throughout the performances. The best thing is that MBC’s camera view was equally great, unlike you-know-who. The “Best Friend” performance was really cute. There are slight mistakes nonetheless but as usual, their mistakes are cute, at least to the eyes of SONEs. At the end, Sunny kind of lost her balance and fell on Tiffany. Again, that was cute. Not intentional, Sunny, but it was cute. I’ll include that in my next aegyo cuts vids.

As for “Hut”, the girls were perfect! Out of 10 points, I’d give 20…lol. MBC totally captured the important part – the “Trouble Trouble Trouble”.

Here are today’s performances:

Best Friend


Credit: CrazyCarrot260@YouTube

Innocent Yuri cried during 1:8 Challenge on “Running Man”

October 30, 2010

Yuri who was invited as a guest on “Running Man” teared up while carrying out the missions.

On SBS “Good Sunday Part 1 – Running Man” which will be aired on October 31st, the members of the cast went on a mission at a large shopping mall in Yongsan.

This week, the guest to the show is none other than SNSD’s Yuri. During the 1:8 Challenge, the members secretly prepared an odd speed quiz for Yuri behind her back and in order to ‘survive’ the challenge, she would have to cheat.

Yuri who was not aware of the surprise mission, played the game according to the rules and ended up with tears in her eyes. The members who saw Yuri’s tears were embarassed of themselves.

What happened during the mission that made Yuri cried? Did she feel she was bullied? If you want to know the actual reason for her tears, make sure you tune in to SBS “Good Sunday Part 1 – Running Man” which will be aired on october 31st.


Hyomin likes Sunny more than Shin Min Ah

October 30, 2010

Sunny and Hyomin’s close friendship at the 1st anniversary of KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth (IY)” garnered much interest from viewers and netizens.

KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth 1st Anniversary Special” was aired at 11.10pm on October 29th. The show highlighted the value of hardwork in country life as well as sweet memories and friendship among the members. A year had past since its first broadcast and the unity among its members did not change.

For the 1st anniversary broadcast, the first generation members who left the show half way due to their respective commitments were being called up again for the special broadcast. Sunny, HyunA and Kim Taewoo who had left IY for quite some time were reunited again with the members and the production crews of IY.

Sunny, HyunA and Taewoo were welcomed with warmth especially Noh Juhyeon, Narsha, Goo Hara, Han Sunghwa and Hyomin. Hyomin who is very close with Sunny from the beginning of IY’s broadcast, hugged and greeted each other.

In this episode, Kim Taewoo asked Hyomin with a calm voice, “Between Sunny or Shin Min Ah, who do you like more?” This question was asked because Hyomin and Shin Min Ah who both acted in SBS’ drama “My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox” recently are very close to each other as well. The photos of Hyomin and Shin Min Ah’s close friendhip were disclosed on the internet.

In reply to the question, Hyomin proudly said, “Sunny”. Taewoo then mentioned that recently, Hyomin and Shin Min Ah are close to each other but he thinks that Hyomin has not changed and she still likes Sunny more. Hyomin instantly said “The drama has ended”. Upon hearing that, Sunny smile and gave Hyomin a hug.

Meanwhile, Yuri could not make it to the 1st anniversary broadcast due to SNSD’s comeback schedules. However, Yuri sent a video message to all the members. Here it is:

..and here’s the translation:

“Hello! This is Invincible Youth’s nations daughter in law Yuri! I heard that today was IY’s 1st anniversary, but unfortunately because of our comeback schedule I am only sending member Sunny. Soonkyu, you have to do well okay? Noh Joo Hyun and to members of G7 you guys are doing well, right? I really really miss you all. Even though I couldn’t make it, I am always cheering for you by watching the shows. Everyone stay healthy! Fighting!”

Credits :

The golden spy girls “hut” their way to SBS Grand Bell Film Awards

October 29, 2010

After a splendid performance at “Music Bank”, the girls performed “Hut” live for the second time at SBS Grand Bell Film Awards at Kyunghee University. The girls performed “Oh!” followed by “Hut” at the ceremony.

The actors and actresses were ‘fascinated’ by the girls’ costumes and performances and their awkward (or rather, dead) expressions were caught on tape. MC Shin Dongyup said, “On other days, you look natural but today, you look so stunned in your own seats”. Well, they maybe good actors but the same cannot be said about their music sense.

Without further ado, here are the performances. Enjoy!


“Troublesome Spy Girls” @ KBS 2TV Music Bank

October 29, 2010

The girls’ performance was perfect but the same cannot be said about the cameraman. I was anticipating a full view when they did the “trouble trouble trouble” part but instead, he/she who held the camera shot the upper part of their bodies. What a pity.

Taeng cracked me up with her “troublesome spy girls” part during the interview. Sunny looks so hot in blonde. Truly a blonde beauty. Sunny, just keep it blonde!!! When you watch the interview, do take note of the 4 at the back (Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung and YoonA). Pay attention to their action throughout the interview, especially Hyoyeon and YoonA…lol…if you haven’t seen it I won’t spoil it for you. Here it is:

..and here’s the perfect performance from our girls. Arghh…the cameraman!!!

Credits: UnknownCarrot160@YouTube/bunny990@YouTube

Our 9 retro power girls at Music Bank recording

October 29, 2010

Earlier today, SNSD attended the recording for their comeback performance at KBS 2TV Music Bank. There are a few incidents which caught the attention of fans.

For today’s recording, the girls put on the black and hot pink costume, the same costume featured in the “Hoot” MV. Sunny’s blonde and shiny hair has become a hot discussion topic among fans and she was given the nickname “blonde beauty” on a community site.

During the third rehearsal, there was an incident where Yuri fell. The whole incident was described in detail by a fan in his/her fan account:

During the 3rd rehearsal, Yuri fell. After finishing the song, Yuri went to the stage corner and Tiffany(?) hurried to Yuri with a bottled water and helped her down. Then all of the members fanned Yuri with their hands. The members take care of each other so well. Jjang!

We hope Yuri is ok. Probably she was just too tired. The Soshi bond touched our hearts as always. The girls are true angels.

According to news reports, SM Entertainment blocked reporters from getting into contact with SNSD and SHINee members, following the reactions from reports about SHINee’s Jonghyun and Shin Sekyung dating each other.

SNSD will be heading to Kyunghee University at 8.50pm KST for the 47th Grand Bell Film Awards ceremony. It will be a tough day for the girls today, especially Yuri. We hope that the girls would be taking short naps in their vans while on their way to these events.

Make sure you catch the girls’ comeback on KBS 2TV or KBS World at 5.50pm KST today and….

…don’t forget to catch Sunny’s “comeback” on IY at 11.10pm KST tonight, October 29th!

Credits: IS/

Are you ready to be shot for 3 days in a row?

October 29, 2010

On October 29th, SNSD will be making a comeback on KBS 2TV “Music Bank as a kick-off to their activities for 3rd mini album “Hoot” which was officially released on October 27th. After the live broadcast of “Music Bank”, the girls will be heading to SBS for the Grand Bell Film Awards. After that, the girls will be making their comebacks on MBC “Show! Music Core” on October 30th and SBS “Inkigayo” the following day.

On October 30th, SNSD will be performing “Hoot” and “Best Friend” at MBC “Show! Music Core”. For SBS “Inkigayo” on October 31st, the girls will be performing “Mistake”, the song written by Yuri (Korean lyrics).

On OCtober 28th, the MV for “Hut” was revealed. In the MV, the girls appeared in hot pants, gold jumpsuits and boots which have garnered much attention among fans. The girls did the shooting-boyfriend-with-arrow dance at the chorus and there are also some resemblance to their previous hit songs in terms of dance moves, particularly “Gee” and “Run Devil Run”.

The girls have achieved great achievement for “Gee” in Japan as soon as it was released, an early indication of the possibility that the success of “Gee” in Korea back in 2009 would be emulated in Japan. On “Music Bank” last year, “Gee” captured the #1 spot for 9 weeks in a row. On “Inkigayo”, the girls won three Mutizens where “Gee” took the #1 spot for 3 weeks in a row.

In Japan, “Gee” captured #1 spot on Oricon Daily Singles Chart and conquered the weekly chart on mobile sites. In Korea, SNSD are beginning to enjoy the fruits of their labor as “Hoot” has already captured the #1 spot on domestic mobile charts and various online real-time music charts, just hour after the release of the song on October 25th. In addition to that, a total of 150,000 copies of the new mini album were pre-ordered, online and offline.

In view of SNSD’s domination in Korea and Japan, SNSD are on their way to be Asia’s top girl group.