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[UPDATED] CF Director, Yuri VS Dorky CF Actresses

November 30, 2010

..and of course, no one listened to her. Being the ‘Director’, I guess Yuri had a hard time dealing with the rebellious and mischievous actresses.

The short video clip (from MBC Section TV aired on November 28th) gives you a glimpse of their latest Goobne CF shoot and judging from their hairstyles,the shoot must have taken place during or just before the “Hoot” promotion.

Let’s take a look at how Yuri dealt with these dorky actresses:

Press the dialog bubble icon for English subtitles

UPDATE: ..and now *drum roll* we give you, Goobne’s new 30-second CF!

Credit: bb0bbo2@YouTube/Yurui86@YouTube

“Like A Star” dominated weekly charts

November 30, 2010

Taeyeon and The One’s duet “Like A Star” dominated not only real-time and daily charts but also the weekly charts. The teacher-student collaboration has garnered much attention ever since its release.

On November 29th, “Like A Star” has successfully topped the weekly charts of various online music sites such as MelOn, Bugs!, Soribada, Dosirak,etc for the 4th week of November (November 21st to November 28th).

According to record label Chani Music (찬이뮤직), there has been proposals not only from Korea but also from Japan to release “Like A Star” as an album, instead of just a digital single.

Also, there were reports that not-for-sale copies of the CD, which were meant to be used for promotional purposes, were put on sale at auction sites, The bidding price reached as high as 40,000 to 50,000 won per copy.

A representative of Chani Music said, “Unfortunately, there is no plan to launch an album for the time being. However, in return for the love and support from the fans who wish to see them singing the duet on stage, there might be a surprise performance for them”.


Soshi introduce SKT’s “Star Favorite” mobile service

November 30, 2010

SNSD, Super Junior, f(x), SHINee, etc are participating in SKT’s mobile service, ‘Star Favorite’.

With this service, fans can listen to their favorite songs, download ringtones, experience ‘living with the stars’ by receiving updates and photos from their idols.

Soon, users will also be able track the schedules of their idols in real time and communicate with them by using the comment functions.

Why is Kim Choding so overly excited? Especially in the beginning, where she got Jessica distracted and after YoonA mentioned ‘contest’…lol. That’s one real choding for you there..kekeke

Credit: sment@YouTube

Soshi shed tears on Star King

November 30, 2010

Following the success of “Diet King” project, SBS ‘Star King’ will be showcasing a new project by Seoul University and Professon Kim Inhye called the “Miraculous Voice King” project.

The announcement about the project was being aired over the last 2 months during the broadcast of ‘Star King’. Applications could be made via phone, websites, etc. More than 1,000 applications were received and after 3 rounds of auditions, 16 participants were shortlisted.

On the show, SNSD members were moved to tears by some of the sad stories and performances presented by the participants. With tears in her eyes, YoonA said, “I do not know why but my tears keep falling”.

Want to know about the stories that made Soshi cry? I’m not spoiling it for you guys.

Don’t forget to shed tears with our girls as this episode of ‘Star King’ will be aired on December 4th.


SNSD to kick-off ‘Tak Jaehoon’s Style-Star Q10 Year-End Girl Group Special’

November 30, 2010

SBS E!TV’s ‘Tak Jaehoon’s Style – Star Q10′, a program that features celebrities’ weird and funny stories will be airing its  ‘Year-End Girl Groups Special’ starting from  December 1st.

In this year-end special edition of SBS E!TV’s ‘Tak Jaehoon’s Style – Star Q10′, top five girl groups who are active domestically (in Korea) and internationally will be featured. The 5 girlgroups mentioned are SNSD, Kara, Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and Brown Eyed Girls.

Stories about the groups since the beginning of their debut which are not commonly published or told would be made available on the program.

First up, SNSD, whose popularity and achievement have gone beyond Korea, notably their feat on Japan’s Oricon chart. Viewers will be served with stories full of laughters and emotions since the beginning of SNSD‘s debut. This episode of SBS E!TV’s ‘Tak Jaehoon’s Style – Star Q10′ will be aired on December 1st, 2010.

After SNSD, Kara who have also debuted in Japan, will be featured in the same program on December 8th.


Soshi are standing tall in Japan for Christmas

November 30, 2010

As we briefly mentioned yesterday, a huge image of SNSD was put up on a cylindrical-shape shopping mall in Shibuya, Tokyo’s shopping haven.

As the Christmas season is just around the corner, SNSD and ‘SHIBUYA 109‘ joined hands to present a Christmas collaboration entitled “109 Girls’ Generation Xmas“. SNSD appeared as the models for the large illumination image decorating the facade of the cylindrical building. From November 30th to December 25th (about a month), the girls’ large image with colorful background would be up for display.

To light up the mood for this coming Christmas season, SNSD adopted the ‘Line Dance‘ concept, showcasing their charm, fashion sense and stylishness. AS SNSD‘s songs, dance and fashion are hot topics in Japan, the Christmas collaboration between SNSD and ‘SHIBUYA 109‘ would definitely catch the attention of citizens in Tokyo’s shopping haven, especially female fans who aspire to be a star.

From the translation of a Japanese article, here’s what the girls have to say about the collaboration:

We, SNSD (Girls’ Generation), appear on the “SHIBUY109″‘s cylinder which represents a symbol of Shibuya and girls’ fashion.

We are really happy because Shibuya is our favorite town where we often go shopping!

I find some mysterious(?) coincidence in this collabo with “09″ (pronounced as “maru kyu” in Japanese), because the number of our members is also nine.

Wishing you a joyful and gorgeous Christmas, we paid a particular care for fashion and filmed along with the “line dance” concept.

Come to see us here!
We wish you a Merry Christmas!


“Right Now, Psy’s Generation”

November 29, 2010

Psy is one happy man!

The man who was enlisted twice in the army is well known for his unique and energetic stage performance. On SBS Inkigayo aired on November 28th, his performance was even more special, with the support of 8 pretty angels, doing the arrow dance at the end of his performance, “Right Now”.

After his performance, Psy updated his me2day with a new post entitled, “므..훗!!! ( ̄▽ ̄)” and attached a group photo of himself and SNSD members.

Psy’s adoration for SNSD is not something new. Once, he was asked about his favorite girlgroup while he was serving in the army. Psy replied, “SNSD is a religion in the army”. He also mentioned that Yuri is his favorite member in SNSD.

With that photo, Psy could go around and boast “Jigeumun Psyshidae!”


[UPDATED] SNSD to perform at 12th Korea-China Music Festival

November 29, 2010

On December 2nd, SNSD together with artists from Korea and China will be performing at the 12th Korea-China Music Festival in KBS Hall, Seoul.

The event is jointly organized by China’s CCTV and Republic of Korea’s KBS. The event was organized as part of the effort to promote cultural exchange between the two countries. Some of the Kpop artists who will be performing at the annual events besides SNSD are Kara, SHINee, 2NE1, CN Blue, Supreme Team, etc.

12th Korea-China Music Festival will be aired on KBS 1TV on December 12th at 5.10pm KST.


Soshi won 4th K-Chart award for “Hoot”

November 29, 2010

The girls did it again! K-Chart award no.12 of the year for Soshi and they have bettered last years achievement where they clinched 11 awards. The girls topped the chart with 13,247 points, about 2,000 points in front of Beast who took the second place.

Last Friday (Nov.26th), the show was canceled and the results were published today. Here are the results:

It will be an uphill task for Soshi to maintain the no.1 spot for this coming week but it’s not impossible because our girls can climb really high as in the pictures below:

Had a good laugh? Well, that was a huge ad put up on the exterior of a shopping mall in Shibuya.