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[UPDATED] Soshi won Triple Crown for “Hoot”, joined Psy on stage

November 28, 2010

Soshi sealed their promotion of “Hoot” with an explosive success. It’s sad to know that “Hoot” promotion lasted only about 5 weeks. Nonetheless, within that short period of time, the girls managed to make a big impact to the music industry.

With the win, Soshi have successfully won their 2nd Triple Crown on SBS Inkigayo this year. Right before Kara’s “Jumping” performance, fans were entertained by a splendid performance by Psy, who had 8 extra dancers doing the arrow dance. They are none other than Soshi and it came to a surprise to everyone watching the show. Nonetheless, it was really HOT!

Kara who were also in the Take 7 congratulated SNSD sincerely for the Triple Crown victory. It was such an awesome sight as they hugged and gave a pat on the back to one another.

As usual, the girls thanked their company, family, friends and SONEs for every achievements. The girls once again showed that they felt the ‘void’ left by Tiffany due to her injury. During the winning speech, Jessica said, “We hope that Tiffany who is not on stage with us today would be well soon and be with us again. Fany, get well soon“.

If you happen to miss the performances, you have some catching-ups to do then. No worries because here are the awesome performances:

Soshi joined Psy in “Right Now” performance


Mutizen win and encore

Credit: CodeAnalysisSeason2@YouTube/

2010 MAMA is a ‘colorless’ event, Kpop stars focused on Inkigayo

November 28, 2010

The first music award ceremony of the year, the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) seems to be a rather ‘colorless’ and meaningless event, with the absence of some of the big stars in the Kpop industry.

Popular groups who have made their names heard throughout Asia such as SNSD, 2AM, Kara, Beast, T-ara, Davichi, Rain, MBLAQ, After School, Son Dambi, 4minute, G.NA, etc will not be attending the 2010 MAMA.

The 2010 MAMA will be held at The Venetian Macau Hotel’s Cotai Arena in Macau at 7.00pm KST on November 28th. Although their names are in the list of nominees, some of these artists will be appearing on music program, SBS Inkigayo instead.

On SBS Inkigayo which will be aired at 3.50pm KST on November 28th, the list of artists and songs in Take 7 are:

- SNSD (Hoot)
- Kara (Jumping)
- Beast (Beautiful)
- 2AM (You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls)
- Psy (Right now)
- Orange Caramel (A-ing ♡)

This week’s Inkigayo will also feature the debut of ‘SM the ballad’ consisting of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun, Trax’s Jay, and Jino. They’ll be opening their debut stage on Inkigayo with “Miss You”.


SNSD gave shout-outs to Fany on Music Station

November 27, 2010

The girls are in Japan again and they appeared on Asahi TV’s “Music Station” aired on November 26th. Performing “Genie” without Tiffany, the girls felt the ‘void’ on the stage and gave shout-outs to Fany who is currently recuperating in Korea due to her knee injury:

Sunny: We miss Tiffany today but we will try our best.
Taeyeon: We really miss Tiffany but eight of us will try our best on stage.
Sooyoung: We miss Tiffany today but I think we performed well.
The girls repeated three times “We miss Tiffany!” during Music Station.


Jessica did well in singing Fany’s lines. Instead of the usual “DJ, put it back on”, she awesomely changed it to “Music Station, put it back on” to suit the program.

Another point to ponder is Sunny’s hair. Following her recent appearances with short and wavy hair, netizens have been wondering if it was shortened for Japanese activities. Well, she appeared with long golden hair. Hmm…I’ve a bit of thinking to do. Let me know what you think! You can either post your opinions as comments or tweet me.

Without further ado, here’s Shoujo Jidai’s “Genie” on Asahi Tv’s “Music Station”:

Credits: hiros2008@Twitter/procrastinatoress@snsdkorean/2KpopVN@YouTube

SNSD talked about fashion on SPUR magazine

November 27, 2010

Besides their awesome singing, dancing and variety skills, the girls are also known for their fashion sense.The depth of their knowledge in fashion surprised the editor of W Korea magazine, as we reported on November 18th. Their songs have rocked Japan and who knows…maybe Japan’s fashion industry will be focusing to create new designs based upon their ideas.

Let us now dive deeper to find out what our girls think of fashion:

[Likes to doll herself up! Likes feminine style]
Born in San Francisco, 1989, April 18. Jessica, who likes to read fashion magazines, said that she enjoyed this photoshoot very much. ”Personally, I love this style very much. Shiny, gorgeous and balanced, and even the one-piece dress is very cute. I always pay close attention to feminine, elegant and gorgeous styles.“

[Done with the photoshoot under shiny atmosphere]
Born in 1989, September 22. Specialty: Mandarin. Hyoyeon often livens up the atmosphere with her jokes (by making everybody laughs) during the photoshoot. Normally likes to wear a T-Shirt, Jeans, Khaki Jackets and other casual styles. The impression on the outfit that she wore for the photoshoot, “Feminine, looks like an intellectual person, very perfect.”

[Most importantly, the outfit must fit (her) exactly. Likes simple styles]
Born in 1989, December 5. Cool Yuri usually likes basic masculine style. ”I will only choose those outfits that fit me and can perfectly display my body curves. On top of that, the main points are boots, handbags, caps, other accessories etc. etc.“

[Feminine one-piece dress is really great even though normally she dresses very casually]
Born in 1990, May 30. As an female actress, she appeared in several drama series. Her specialty is dancing and acting. YoonA, who leaves a good impression because of her innocent and naive smile, is satisfied with the photoshoot. “Usually (I’m) interested in fashion so I’m very happy about the photoshoot.”

[Pink colour suits SNSD. Personally enjoys casual styles]
Born in 1989, March 9. Receives recognition for her strong vocal skills. Taeyeon, who has mature and gentle personality, her hobby is watching movie(s) and listening to music. “I like casual styles and am not used to wearing outfits with tassels on the shoulder. (Laugh)” Likes flowery-pattern design mini skirts.”I feel that pink colour still suits SNSD!“

[From now onwards, (I) want to expand my fashion sense knowledge]
Born in 1991, June 28. Speciality: Piano. Seohyun has pure charisma. ”I usually like to wear pretty (t/n: ???) outfits. Up until now, I still haven’t tried many other kinds of fashion and I’ve also never tried wearing a one-piece dress like that before either. Right now I’m 20 years old so in the future I’ll try more feminine styles.“

[Attitude and confidence, must have own fashion style]
Born in 1989, August 1. Born in America, Tiffany, who is full of emotions, likes cute accessories and pink! She has bought alot of pink accessories and pink handphones. “My room is pink. Once a pink outfit appears, I’ll say, “That’s mine!” then I’ll take it. (laugh)”

[The first step of fashion is to understand yourself well!]
Born in 1989, May 15. Sunny, who has girl’s cuteness and cheerful personality, she likes a Marc Jacob’s polka dot skirt. “It’s kind of embarrassing to say this but I feel that I’ll look cute if I wear that.” Her fashion standpoint: “Dress according to your strong points, you have to understand yourself well. Think on how to present the best side of you.“

[Always yearning for fashion. Nowadays, there is a feeling of Model Generation returning.]
Born in 1990, Feburary 10. Speciality : Japanese. During the photoshoot, Sooyoung said, “Actually I was once a model and had promotional activities in Japan before. So today, it makes me feel that I’m returning back to that period of time.” Sooyoung, who has a cheerful personality, shows great interest in fashion. “Usually I wear outfits from Alexander Wang and Zadig & Voltaire.”


SNSD’s Japan plans

Tiffany: “When we appeared on Japan music shows, there’s a vivid feeling of “We finally debuted in Japan!” Members were shouting ”Fighting!”. It feels so surreal when we wore our ear monitors , mic and stepped into the studio. But being able to do the same thing (t/n: promotion activities) in Japan, we felt that we have officially started our Japan promotion activities!“

The three months after their Japan showcase. They set a new record of being the first foreign Girl Group to reach 4th on the Oricon Weekly Chart with their debut single, GENIE. And after that, their second single, GEE reached 2nd on the Oricon Daily Chart soon after it was released. Asia Number 1 Girl Group, So Nyuh Shi Dae finally came to Japan.

SNSD who earn much admiration from Japanese girls, when they have no make up on, they are a cheerful and naive girls. These girls in their early 20s are interested in fashion.

“I feel that the Japanese girls’ fashion sense is good. And they are good in getting rid of their old outfits for the new ones.” — Sooyoung

“Japanese girls’ specialty is that they have a cute style with sexy factor in it. Very cute~ ” –Yuri

SNSD members, who pay such a close attention to Japanese girls’ fashion, What they want to do in Japan right now?
Sunny: “Having a tour in Japan! We want to bring our voices to each and every parts of Japan and also want to try those local famous products~ (laugh)“

Credits: _shikshin@Twitter(Translation)/procrastinatoress@snsdkorean

Dino Yul gave the deepest impression to Eunhyuk

November 27, 2010

On KBS 2TV’s “Night Star” which will be aired at 11.15pm KST on November 28th, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and SNSD members talked about their first impressions of one another.

Hyoyeon said, “During trainee days, I was really nervous when I first met Eunhyuk. He would greet me in an honorific manner when we met at the rehearsal room”.

Euhnyuk explained, “SNSD gave me a strong impression, especially Yuri who made the dinosaur-like noises during her pre-debut days” He also mentioned that before debut, the trainees would have to prepare for their personal repertoires every week and it involved singing and dancing. Eunhyuk added, “Yuri then made an impersonation of ‘dinosaur voice’ by mistake on one of the entertainment programs”.

Upon hearing that, YoonA revealed, “At that time, besides the dinosaur-like noise, Yuri also did other weird impersonations as well”. Yuri then was asked to reenact those weird and wacky impersonations.


Sooyoung looks like a Barbie doll to Eunhyuk

November 27, 2010

Before debut, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk confessed that he was once attracted to Sooyoung, particularly because of her smartness.

On KBS 2TV’s “Night Star” which will be aired on November 28th at 11.15pm KST, Eunhyuk who appeared on the show as an MC revealed that he was very close to Sooyoung since their pre-debut days.

In their trainee days, Eunhyuk and Sooyoung often went to the board game room together for some games. Eunhyuk said, “Sooyoung liked me a little then”. Upon hearing that, Sooyoung jokingly explained, “Actually, I liked the game then, not Eunhyuk”.

Eunhyuk revealed that he first saw Sooyoung during her profile photoshoot. He added, “Back then, Sooyoung with her long straight hair was the prettiest and she stood out from the rest of SNSD members. She was very pretty, as pretty as a barbie doll”.

In reply to a question from the MCs, Eunhyuk replied, “Even now, among SNSD members, Sooyoung is still the prettiest”, showing his sincerity and impression towards Sooyoung.


Why did Seohyun cry at Hyoyeon’s birthday party?

November 26, 2010

Seohyun revealed the story about herself crying and drinking in SNSD’s dorm in Japan.

On KBS 2TV’s “Night Star”, Seohyun unveiled her story amidst the discussion about Hyoyeon’s birthday party in their dorm in Japan. During the party, the members played a game among themselves and maknae, Seohyun was asked to take alcoholic drink as a ‘penalty’. Knowing that Seohyun does not take alcoholic drinks, the members deliberately asked her to drink more. Out of a sudden, Seohyun got up and went straight to her room.

Upon seeing Seohyun’s action, the members started to feel worried about her. Seohyun who was crying then opened the door, and carried out the ‘penalty’ by finishing off the alcoholic drink. After that, she went straight back to her room and cried again. Upon hearing Seohyun’s story, Sooyoung lighted up the atmosphere by cracking a joke about Seohyun’s unexpected behavior.

What was the reason for Seohyun’s behavior? Don’t worry. The answer will be revealed on November 28th at 11.15pm KST.


Sooyoung revealed Soshi’s reactions towards medicine

November 26, 2010

Sooyoung revealed some peculiar incidents about the girls.

Recently, during the recording of KBS 2TV’s late night variety show ‘Night Star’, Sooyoung confessed that she helps SNSD members to organize their roundworm medicine (for prevention purpose) once in every 6 months.

Sooyoung said, “As there are so many of us, I often get confused about who’s taking the medicine and who’s not. Therefore,I would carefully write down their names next to the medicine”. Sooyoung also revealed that among the members, Taeyeon and Jessica hate taking the roundworm medicine the most. According to her again, to ensure that they really take the medicine, one will have to watch them closely from the moment they have the pills in their hands, with a glass of water up to the moment they swallow the pills.

Jessica on the other hand, would come up with excuses not to take the medicine. Sooyoung explained that other members would take their medicines when they catch a cold but not Jessica. Once, she refused to take the tablet and said, “I’m only this sick. It would eventually go away”.

Want to hear more stories about the girls? Make sure you catch them at KBS 2TV’s “Night Star” on November 28th at 11.15pm KST.


J-SONEs expressed wish for Tiffany’s quick and complete recovery

November 26, 2010

Japanese fans are hoping for a speedy and complete recovery of Tiffany’s knee injury and the message reflects the sincere hope of all SONEs in the world.

Recently, on an online bulletin board, a post entitled “Japanese SONEs’ hope for Tiffany’s recovery’ with an attached image/banner has attracted the attention of netizens.

The image/banner which will be printed and published on newspapers carries a large caption “Tiffany, Put It Back On” with an accompanying message, “The world is missing you Fany, Fany, Tiffany. We sincerely hope that you make a quick and complete recovery”.

J-SONEs submitted the message to a Korean newspaper ”일간 스포츠” (The Daily Sports) and this is how it looks like, as published in the newspaper. would like to thank J-SONEs for conveying the message on behalf of SONEs worldwide. It’s a well-written message and Tiffany would definitely cut it out and keep it in her wallet. Well done, J-SONEs.

Credit: hiros2008@Twitter/ Daily Sports