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Sooyoung wants Avril Lavigne to write a song for SNSD

January 29, 2011

On Asahi TV’s ‘Music Station‘ aired on January 28th, TVXQ, SNSD and Avril Lavigne appeared on the show and according to the MCs of ‘Music Station’, it was a rather rare to have 3 foreign artistes coming on the show.

During the interview, Sooyoung expressed her admiration for Avril Lavigne and said, “Avril Lavigne has written a lot of good songs. I hope that she could write a song for us”. Upon hearing that, Avril Lavigne smiled cutely and said, “What the hell! Why not?“. The crowd gave a loud round of applause at her answer. SNSD and Avril Lavigne looked at one another and laughed.

The girls cheered for their sunbae, TVXQ/Tohoshinki’s comeback stage. TVXQ’s Changmin said, “It took us 4 years to appear on Music Station. I’m so jealous of SNSD as they appeared right after their Japanese debut”.

SNSD performed their newly released Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run‘ in black costume. This is the girls’ first stage performance for ‘Run Devil Run’ ever since its full version was released on January 25th.

Credit: Boshi_1004@Twitter/

Tiffany explained why SNSD are invincible on SBS-CNBC!

January 28, 2011

SBS-CNBC news talked about ‘Kpop Syndrome’ and majority part of the news centered on SNSD. When asked about the strength of SNSD, Tiffany’s answer can be summarized as:

- 9 girls
- Strong team work
- Chemistry
- Supportive and passionate fans

After the ‘Kpop Syndrome’ clip, Korean viewers were also taught some English words and phrases used in the video.

“The strength in Girls’ Generation will have to be…because there are 9 girls of course and we practice together for a really long time so we have good chemistry and strong team work. I have to say that it’s a firm foundation of a group and not to mention, really really supportive, passionate fans all around the world”

- Tiffany


SNSD, the source of energy for ‘Samurai Blue’?

January 27, 2011

SNSD is the source of energy for the Japanese football team known as ‘Samurai Blue’ who are participating in the Asian Cup in Qatar.

SNSD who made their debut in Japan last year are also popular among Japanese football team members, especially Shinji Kagawa and Yuto Nagatomo who played their football in Europe.

Shinji Kagawa,21, who plays in the German Bundesliga for Borussia Dortmund was seen with a wide smile on his face while watching SNSD’s performance on TV. Yuto Nagatomo,24, on the other hand, plays for Italian Serie A side Cesena said, “Awesome!”, showing his total admiration for the girls.

The two Japanese players watched videos of SNSD’s performances in their hotel rooms.Kagawa and Nagatomo’s admiration for SNSD was captured by fellow team mate, Yosuke Kashiwagi (23) who played for Urawa Reds in J-League.

Kashiwagi uploaded the video he shot on his photoblog. While Kashiwagi was filming, Nagatomo asked, “Why are you recording?” Kagawa then said with a sweet smile on his face, “Nowadays, I really like SNSD!”

The video recorded by Kashiwagi surfaced on YouTube on January 22nd. Although the exact time of recording cannot be determined, it was believed that SNSD’s videos were used to help the Japanese players relax during the football tournament.


‘Sosi Garden’ starring SNSD

January 27, 2011

‘Sosi Garden’, a parody of drama ‘Secret Garden’ made by fans have recently appeared on online communities and blogs. Taeyeon and Jessica were depicted as the main characters in ‘Sosi Garden’. This parody have since gained its reputation among netizens.

In the list of cast for the parody, the main characters, Taeyeon and Jessica played the role of Juwon (Hyunbin) and Raim (Ha Jiwon). Yuri and YoonA took the role of Oscar and Yoonseul respectively while maknae Seohyun played the role of Juwon’s mother, Boonhong.

Netizens who saw this parody commented, “Indeed, this suits SNSD well too”, “Now, I wonder what parodies are coming next?” and “It suits them really well”


Heechul and YoonA sported ‘Bully Concept’

January 27, 2011

In the evening of January 26th, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul tweeted a photo of himself and YoonA. Heechul and YoonA attended the ‘SM Town Live in Tokyo’ concert on January 25th and 26th along with other SM Entertainment artistes.

In his tweet, Heechul mentioned “Bully Concept Hee Gangster & Im Gangster” and “Superstar Hee, Beautiful Goddess Yoong”, revealing his close friendship with YoonA.

In the photo, Heechul put up a strong and stern expression while YoonA who was eating a piece of bread, looked at him with a cold stare. The expressions and poses matched well with Heechul’s description of ‘Bully Concept’.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Both of them look good”, “It’s indeed Bully Concept. They fit well with the concept” and “Together, handsome-looking Heechul and pretty YoonA look great with the Bully Concept”.


Taeyeon for a coffee CF?

January 27, 2011

Recently, a fan-made Coffee CF starring Taeyeon have surfaced on online community sites.

This well-edited fan-made CF video shows Taeyeon enjoying her coffee on a radio show, giving out a good CF-like feeling. Netizens who saw the video commented, “Taeyeon is totally cute!”, “The person who did this is awesomely skillful”, “It makes me feel good in the morning” and “It seems like a real CF”.


RDR Japanese version topped Japanese ringtone chart

January 27, 2011

The Soshi syndrome hits Japan again as SNSD secured the no.1 spot on a Japanese mobile ringtone chart.

According to Japan’s largest mobile site ‘Rekochoku‘ on January 25th, SNSD’s Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run‘ which was released as mobile ringtone on January 18th topped the ‘Daily Ringtone Chart‘ category.


SM Town artistes to perform in Tokyo Dome this April

January 27, 2011

SM artists will get to perform in the high capacity Tokyo Dome soon.

Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), etc who participated in ‘SM Town Live in Tokyo’ will be performing at Tokyo Dome on April 9th and 10th. Performing at the 50,000-capacity Tokyo Dome, which is the largest concert hall in Japan, gives a great sense of satisfaction and pride not only to the artistes but also those who have the chance to see their idols performing in such a prestigious venue.

The tickets for the April concert go on sale today and they are priced at 12,800 Yen.


‘ALL About Girls’ Generation Paradise in Phuket’ brought fans back to ITNW days

January 26, 2011

SONEs will soon be able to catch a glimpse of SNSD’s Phuket photo shoot contents very soon.

On February 8th, ‘ALL About Girls’ Generation Paradise in Phuket DVD Preview‘ will be released. This 300-page ‘photo album’ contains beautiful photos taken during the girls’ trip to Phuket, Thailand. From the airport, ‘Echo’ music video shooting, pyjama party, interview with members to paparazi photos, SNSD’s natural beauty were captured and highlighted.

Particularly, the girls portray their neat, attractive and lovely charm in white dresses, which is very different from their mature image seen in ‘Run Devil Run’ and ‘Hoot’ MV. Expectations are expected to increase as The photos brought the fans back to the ‘Into The New World’ days.

Details of ‘ALL About Girls’ Generation Paradise in Phuket DVD Preview’:

- 304 pages (excluding covers)
- Dimension: 210 x 242 (mm)
- Language: Korean/Japanese/English
- Price: 25,000 Won


The 1st Day : In Airport
The 2nd Day : Photo Sketch
The 3rd Day : Music Video ‘Echo’ / Girls’ Generation Special Photo / Mini Interview
The 4th Day : Pajama Party
The 5th Day : Real Treasure
The 6th Day : Memory
Behind Story : Girls’ Generation Talk & Member’s Camera & Paparazzi Photo