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YoonA’s pure yet elegant look

April 30, 2011

YoonA’s behind the scenes video for Marie Claire is garnering the public’s attention.

Recently, on online community sites, captures of the BTS video have been posted with the title “Marie Claire BTS Video YoonA Captures”.

In the photos, YoonA put on white dresses along with smoky make-ups, emphasizing her eyes and gave out a pure yet elegant feel about her.

Netizens who came across the photos commented, “No doubt that she’s deer Yoona”, “Full of goddess force” “Looks beautiful no matter which angle you look at”, “A beauty who attracts my eyes”, etc

If you have not watched the BTS for Marie Claire magazine (May Issue) photo shoot, here you go:

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Legendary ‘Gee’ is officially ‘Song Of The Decade’

April 29, 2011

Recently, one of Korea’s most popular online music site, melOn released a top-100 chart called the ‘2000s Music Chart‘, listing top songs from year 2000 to 2010. Besides the fact that it is a chart that reflects the most popular songs during the hottest Kpop era, our eyes were fixed at the top of the table because ‘Gee‘ was crowned the no.1 song of the 2000s.

Seen as a legendary song, ‘Gee”s achievements in 2009 were truly remarkable where it won 9 consecutive K-Chart awards, Digital Bonsang and Digital Daesang at the 24th Golden Disk Awards, Song Of The Year Award and T-Mobile Music Award at the 2009 melOn Music Awards, Bonsang, Digital Music Award and Daesang at the 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards, etc.

Besides ‘Gee’, SNSD’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)‘ was also placed within the top 50 of the chart, where it managed to secure the 42nd spot.

The chart painted a thousand words and no one could deny that ‘Gee’ being named the song of the decade was a well-deserved title.


Mr.Taxi PV revealed!

April 28, 2011

Japan’s Space Shower TV Plus aired the much anticipated ‘Mr.Taxi’ PV between 11.30pm (April 28th) to 12.30am (April 29th), Japan Standard Time (GMT+9). Without further ado, here it is:

Credit: Yurui912@Twitter/yuri0sss@YouTube

Taking a walk in SM Entertainment’s very own park, anyone?

April 27, 2011

Korea’s main entertainment agency SM Entertainment’s expansion in its real estate business will take place in KyungBuk. SM’s plan is to create a large scale visual and cultural tourist spot. Visitors may actually see how SM artistes’ dorms look like.

On April 27th, according to the real estate industries, SM and Fides Development had chosen MoonKyung City as the location for the development of the theme park. They will be developing around 888,186㎡ of area and the project will be completed around 2016 with investment involving 354.2 billion Won.

The development will start in the SaeJae area, which covers an area of 35,894㎡. Until 2012, Around 43 billion Won will be spent to develop the film studios , leisure complex, and visual support area.

Furthermore, a star zone for SM’s artistes will be developed where fanmeetings, fan signings and other events will be held. The facilities will also include stages for performances, water parks, spas and accommodations similar to the dormitories of stars like TVXQ and BoA.

SM Entertainment’s CEO,Kim YoungMin stated, “Korea’s cultural contents are not only accepted in Asia, but the whole world. We participate in this development because I feel the need to put Korea’s cultural advantages in one place.”

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[UPDATED] SM Town Live in Tokyo Special Edition postponed

April 27, 2011

Due to the recent massive earthquake in Japan, ‘SM Town Live in Tokyo Special Edition’ scheduled to be held on April 9th and 10th at Tokyo Dome has been postponed. The ‘SM Town Live in Tokyo Special Edition’ concert features top SM Town artistes such as BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, f(x), Kangta, Kim Minjong, etc.

However, due to the aftermath of the quake, Japan is currently focusing on recovery and restoration activities and in view of the complexities in terms of power and supply of equipments at the moment, the decision to postpone the concert was made. The official announcement of the postponement was made through SM Entertainment Japan’s official website on March 23rd.

SM Entertainment stated, “Future schedules, refund procedures,information and other announcements will be made available on SM Entertainment Japan’s official and mobile websites. On behalf of SM Entertainment and its artistes, we pray for speedy recovery and restoration of the affected areas”.


UPDATE 1: New dates announced

On April 27th (morning), SM Entertainment announced through a press release, “The concert has been postponed to September 3rd-4th and we will be meeting the Japanese fans then”.


Mr. Taxi Dance Version PV released

April 26, 2011

After a possible teaser image surfaced last Saturday (April 23rd), SONEs have been waiting patiently on April 25th for the music video. To their disappointment, the PV remains elusive. That disappointment however was cut short when Universal Music Japan revealed ‘Mr.Taxi Dance Version’ PV through YouTube.

Without further ado, we give you….*drumroll*…. Yellow Soshi with ‘Mr.Taxi’! Let’s sit back and enjoy the dance version while waiting for the ‘main’ version to be released.

Credit: universalmusicjapan@YouTube/Yoongislove@Twitter

Park KyungLim’s hubby made an exception for SNSD

April 26, 2011

On SBS TV ‘When It’s At Night’ aired on April 25th, Park KyungLim revealed, “I used to live next to SNSD’s hostel. My husband is the type of person who doesn’t care much about celebrity. One day, SNSD visited me and brought along some potatoes. So, we ate the sweet potatoes and instant noodles (ramyun) together and had a great time”.

Park KyungLim continued, “When my husband came back and saw SNSD, he went into the room and changed into a rather uncomfortable clothing”.  Usually, when Park KyungLim introduced a celebrity to her husband, he does not seem to be interested. However, he made an exception for SNSD.

Park KyungLim eventually had a small argument with her husband who seemed to have a great interest in SNSD. In reaction to this, Tak Jaehoon jokingly said, “SNSD is a group that creates fights among men and women”, which drew laughters from the members of the show.


The Fashionista Sisters

April 25, 2011

Yesterday evening (April 24th), Jessica and Krystal were seen in cute dresses, showing their unique charms as the attended the 10th Anniversary Limited Capsule Collection Opening Event at Marc By Marc Jacobs Store in Shinsegye Department Store in Gangnam, Seoul.

Jessica sported a cute image with classic bag and leopard print mini skirt. Younger sister, Krystal was clad in a military jacket with Frida Flag dress, giving out a lovely military look while her blue Hobo handbag added the sense of softness to her overall image.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder

April 24, 2011

CN Blue’s Jung YongHwa expressed his sadness afted ending his “virtual marriage” with Seohyun.

On the ‘Rising Star’ corner of MBC’s ‘Section TV’ aired on the April 24th, Jung YongHwa talked about the things he was up to lately.

In this episode, YongHwa received a question asking if he feels the ‘void’ after his marriage with Seohyun on MBC ‘We Got Married’ ended.

In reply to the question, he revealed, “We used to see each other a lot. However, I feel sad that we can’t keep in contact with each other as much”. He added, “It feels different when I see her again”.

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