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A message full of love from the birthday girl

May 31, 2011

On her birthday on May 30th, YoonA sent a message to her fans via UFO Town.

In her message, YoonA stated, “To everyone who always give me strength and support^^As I have received so much well wishes and love this year, I am really thankful. Nowadays, I’m busy doing preparation for the Japan tour~The tour will be kicking off starting tomorrow and I’m feeling nervous…I wish to be back in Korea and perform for you guys too! Please anticipate my return ^^”.

She added, “I also know that all the fans in Japan and Korea are always sending me their well wishes and love!! ㅋㅋ You guys are the best!! Although I have so much more that I wish to say, I’m going to send more messages later..ㅋㅋㅋ Look after your health and since the weather is fine, please be happy and have a very nice day!! Thank you so much and I love you all.^^”


Metro News’ 9th Anniversary: Special interview with SNSD

May 30, 2011

SNSD sent congratulatory messages to Metro News in conjunction with the 9th anniversary of its founding. SNSD, within less than 4 years after debut, are currently known as Korea’s national girl group and also, Asia’s upcoming top girl group who steadily takes on the global stages. The 9 girls stated that they wanted to be a part of Metro News’ happy moments.

Together with Metro News, after 4 years of debut

Debuting in August 2007, SNSD have been gracing the professional stages for less than 4 years. With an average of 5 years training duration for each member, their success today came from their tireless efforts during those trainee days. Metro News was one of their companions during those hard times.

“Before SNSD’s debut, I enjoyed reading Metro on the way to school and practice. With the interesting articles, I had fun every morning.” (Taeyeon)

After a long period of training, they finally debuted and they can still remember clearly the first time they appeared in Metro News (July 18th, 2007, Page 34 entitled “9 pretty high school girls ‘Female SuJu’ unveiled”)

“I can’t forget the happiness and thrill that day. I remember because the members were excited and happy, we couldn’t even read the articles properly.” (Sooyoung)

The girls thought that the reason for their success is mainly because they were able to show the public their growth, which is similar to that of Metro.

“We are always thinking of new concepts in order to present fresh images. We are encouraged by how the fans appreciate our changes and look forward to further changes. I think Metro’s attractiveness is the changes it has undergone.” (Yuri)

“Thank you for giving us these memories.” (Hyoyeon)

“I wish Metro will grow even more than the past nine years.” (Tiffany)

“Please keep providing good news, news that shine like morning sunshine.” (Sunny)

May 31st Japan tour, reaching out to overseas market

SNSD will be opening their ’1st Japan Arena Tour’ concerts in Japan starting May 31st. The tour will take place in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Saitama until July 18.

“The most memorable moment last year was our first showcase in Japan. In the midst of fear and excitement on a foreign land, we couldn’t believe how the fans welcomed us.  We wish to meet fans in many places and make new memories and meaning in every place we go.” (Seohyun)

After the Arena tour in summer, the girls will meet Korean fans as they kick off the “2011 Girls’ Generation Tour” on July 23rd and 24th. The girls have proven their outstanding vocals and brilliant stage performances throughout the ‘Into The New World 1st Asia Tour Concert’. Thus, fans can expect to see the girls showing their great teamwork and awesome performances during the upcoming concerts.

The concert in Seoul, which will be the start of second Asia tour, will be followed by Taipei, Nanjing, and other major Asia cities. Their activities are not confined to within Asia only. One June 10th and 11th, SM Entertainment will be holding their very first joint concert in Europe, the ‘SM Town Live World Tour in Paris’.

“I’m already looking forward to see the extend of K-pop’s impact on Paris. I was touched by our fans of various nationalities during the concert in Los Angeles last year. I think I will be touched again.” (YoonA)

SNSD’s position in terms of popularity in Japan’s music industry would be further strengthened with the release of their first Japanese album, “Girls’ Generation” on June 1st.

“Even though we haven’t been active in Korea for a long time, we hope to go back with more maturity through the experiences gained in foreign countries.” (Jessica)

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[UPDATED] Sunny’s a granny now

May 30, 2011

Sunny’s cow, Pureumi (Greeny) gave birth to a male calf on May 7th.

KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth”s Kim SangHo PD tweeted, “Yuchiri’s Pureumi gave birth to a healthy son on May 7th. Yuchiri’s village chief, WangGu took the role of a midwife and announced the good news. Please give Pureumi’s son a beautiful name”.

Sunny is the owner of Pureumi and she had developed a special bond with the cow. Sunny’s affection towards Pureumi was clearly visible on ‘Invincible Youth’ where she took care of her well and fed grass to the female cow. Tears came rolling down Sunny’s cheeks as Pureumi’s nose was being pierced last year.

Netizens commented, “If Sunny knows about this news, she would be very happy”, “Pureum-ah, congratulations”, “What if we let Sunny decide the name of Pureumi’s baby?”, etc

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UPDATE 1: Grandson’s name decided!

푸름이 아들 이름 <순딩이>로 결정!.써니가 순규를 따서 정했구요. 보내주신 맑음이,하늘이,순돌이 등 의견 감사^^ 써니가 인사말 전해왔어요 "여전히 청불을 잊지않고 기억해주시는 분들께 감사드리고, 우리 푸름이 고생했다. 청춘불패 짱!"
김호상 PD

On May 30th, Kim HoSang PD tweeted that the name of Greeny’s son has been decided and he is to be called Soon Ding (which means ‘innocent baby’) from now on. The first portion of the name, ‘Soon’ was given after Sunny’s real name – Lee SoonKyu. Kim HoSang PD also mentioned that Sunny left a message:

“I’m thankful to all who have not forgotten Invincible Youth. Our Greeny has gone through a lot of hardship. Invincible Youth Jjang!”

Credit: cleanmountain@Twitter/Haragoo_love@Twitter

Happy Birthday IM YOONA!

May 30, 2011

SNSD’s fancafe ‘Cistus’ and ‘Smile YoonA’ published an ad on a Korean daily newspaper to convey their birthday messages to YoonA who celebrates her 21st (22nd in Korean age) birthday on May 30th.

In conjunction with YoonA’s birthday, members of ‘Cistus’ and ‘Smile YoonA’ carried out voluntary works at the Children’s Foundation in Chungbuk and also helped the disabled people with their outdoor activities. Prior to these voluntary works, ‘Cistus’ also made a donation in YoonA’s name to the Children’s Foundation through
Naver’s Happy Bean. Every year, these voluntary works and donation are carried out by the fancafes on each of the member’s birthday.

YoonA’s birthday is not only celebrated among Korean fans but also among international SONEs. Various international fansites conveyed their birthday greetings to YoonA through their respective fan boards/forums. At 12am KST on May 30th, SONEs from all around the world tweeted ‘IM YOONA’ with no hashtag in celebration of YoonA’s birthday. would like to take this opportunity to wish YoonA a happy birthday and hope that she will have many happy returns of the day.


Tiffany resembles Lee PaNi?

May 30, 2011

Tiffany’s resemblance to model Lee PaNi has become a hot discussion topic recently.

The comparison surfaced after SM Entertainment revealed the image of SNSD’s 2nd solo concert, ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ on May 25th. Besides their various hair styles and fashion concepts that emphasize a more mature look, what caught the netizens’ eyes was Tiffany’s resemblance to Lee PaNi.

Netizens commented, “Tiffany and Lee PaNi really look alike”, “Even their names, Tiffany and Lee PaNi, sound almost the same”, etc.


Music Bank in Tokyo: Kpop Festival

May 28, 2011

Date: July 13th
Venue: Tokyo Dome
Ticket price: 11,800 yen (~US$150) and 12,800 Yen (US$160)

List of performers:
Baek Jiyoung
Park HyunBin

Here is the CM (commercial video) for the event which was uploaded recently.


Teaser of 1st Japanese album released

May 27, 2011

At 1.00am KST on May 21st, SM Entertainment released the teaser video of SNSD’s 1st Japanese Album via its official YouTube channel. The teaser video, made by ‘Enlightenment’ is a mix of all the tracks in the 1st album. Without further ado, here you go!

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Credit: sment@YouTube/yuri0s0ne@Twitter

UPDATE 1: More teaser!!!

Want more? Sure!!! On TBS Countdown TV aired on Sunday, May 22nd from 12.58 am to 1.43 am JST, viewers were treated to a preview of all the tracks in the first album! Enjoy!!!

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Credit: MrBlur91@YouTube

UPDATE 2: Even MORE teaser coming up!

少女時代が☆Taku Takahashi(m-flo)とコラボ!アルバム第二弾ティザー音源で実現!映像はエンライトメントが担当!少女時代のエッジをお楽しみください。本日15時より以下で公開!→ #snsd #kpop

On May 27th, Nayutawave tweeted that SNSD’s 1st Japanese Album teaser no.2 will be released at 3pm JST, May 27th. The teaser video made by ‘Enlightenment’ features the collaboration of SNSD and Taku Takahashi of m-flo. It’s just hours from now, get ready!!!

Credit: Nayutawave@Twitter

UPDATE 3: Trailer video no.2 revealed!!!

The Trailer video no.2 was released at 3pm JST through SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. Enjoy!!!

Tracklist of the teaser:

∙Run Devil Run
∙Beautiful Stranger
∙I’m In Love With The HERO
∙Let It Rain

Credit: sment@YouTube/ (Sunshine Village)

‘OST Queen’ Taeyeon

May 27, 2011

Netizens picked Taeyeon as the ‘OST Queen’.

From a survey entitled ‘Queen of Drama OST’ conducted by Monkey3 from May 19th to May 25th, Taeyeon took the no.1 spot while Baek JiYoung came in 2nd.

Out of a total of 740 participants of the survey, Taeyeon garnered 52% (385 votes) and was crowned as the ‘Queen of Drama OST’. Baek JiYoung who took the 2nd spot received 26% of the total votes. Among other singers in the list were IU, who came in 3rd with 7%, Gummy in 4th with 5% and Seo YoungEun in 5th with 4%.


It’s all about ‘Girls and Chicken’

May 26, 2011

Photos of SNSD at the new Goobne Chicken CF shooting set were recently revealed.

On May 26th, choreographer Hwang SangHoon tweeted, “Girls and Chicken” and attached some photos of SNSD members at the shooting set. From some of the photos shared by SangHoon, the girls were in the midst of the CF shooting. On other photos, Hyoyeon, YoonA and Taeyeon were seen holding drumsticks in their hands while posing with playful looks and cute smiles on their faces.

Netizens commented, “Laser came out from Hyoyeon’s eyes”, “Where is Seohyun?”, “Cute”, etc.