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It’s always a ‘Good Day’ whenever SNSD appear!

June 30, 2011

On MBC ‘Good Day’ aired in the morning of June 30th, the crew of the show met up with SNSD on June 29th, while they were preparing for their concert in Tokyo Yoyogi Stadium. Before the concert on June 29th, the girls had performed 3 concerts in the same venue for the Arena Tour. This was indeed the proof of the girls’ massive popularity.

When they were met at the waiting room, SNSD’s faces were brightly lit with happiness as they feel and enjoy the popularity they achieved thus far. The girls said, “We have achieved the no.1 spot on Oricon Weekly Chart”. They added, “Our album recorded sales exceeding 230,000 copies in the first week and including Japanese artistes, we are ranked 4th in the Yearly Oricon Chart”.

When the crew mentioned how the girls were often featured in Korean and Japanese news, Sunny said, “It’s good that good news came out”, her witty answer caused the other girls to burst into laughters.

In reply to the question on their popularity in Japan, Taeyeon replied, “Whenever there is a tour concert, we realized that we are popular judging by the fans who come to our concert”. Sooyoung added, “Not only Korean artistes, there seems to be an increase of interest in Korean food and the Korean language as well”.

Meanwhile, when YoonA was asked on where she got the idea of doing the pole dancing performance, she replied, “I got the idea from looking at the individual stage performances and the dancers’ costumes. I want to show everyone a different look”.

Tiffany who was also present during the interview said, “It was a really great performance. SNSD’s no.1 sexy member is our YoonA”.

About her see-thru costume, YoonA said, “Style from YoonA, details from Tiffany”. Tiffany responded, “She ‘digested’ the concept really well”. Tiffany added, “If you come over to see our solo concert, you might be able to witness the really sexy performance”, filling fans with expectations of seeing YoonA’s sexy dance at the 2nd solo concert which will be held in Seoul on July 23rd and 24th.

In addition to these, the show also took a look at what happened behind the stage at the SM Town Live World Tour in Paris. As they completed their performance and came down from the stage, the crew of the show asked Sunny, “Are you all right now?”. Sunny replied, “Now, I’m very active”.

YoonA who was beside Sunny then said jokingly, “She was feeling a little sick the other day but from that evening onwards, she was really active. It was not fair”.

Sunny added, “I felt sorry for the fans who were worried about me. I’m really healthy now. Many people think we are eating less because of our diet but the managers are surprised with the portion we’re consuming. I eat well and rest well, so, please don’t worry”.


Krystal’s beautiful expressions on ‘Kiss and Cry’ impressed unnie

June 30, 2011

On June 21st, Jessica made a surprise visit to SBS Ilsan Production Center to give support to her sister, Krystal who took part in the ’2nd Pair Competition’ of SBS ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry’.

Along with her natural beautiful expression, Krystal showcased her amazing skills by attempting high difficulty repertoires. Krystal, who used her long legs and highlighted her beautiful hands while skating all this while, impressed the audience through her expressions and strong skating skills.

On the day of the competition, Jessica made a surprise visit to the set and gave Krystal full encouragement and support. Jessica who saw Krystal in action for the first time said, “She did really well and her expression was just beautiful. As she was skating, there was a feeling of ‘freedom’”.

She then praised her sister by saying, “Before the competition, I went to meet Krystal. Although she became more nervous when she saw me, she did really well nonetheless”.


Don Spike: Taeyeon is the most desirable idol

June 29, 2011

Famous Arranger and Composer, Don Spike thinks Taeyeon is the most desirable idol.

Meeting with reporters at CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong on June 29th, Don Spike said, “Taeyeon can really sing well. Although I’ve never seen her singing live before, I thought she has an outstanding vocal after listening to her recorded song”. Don Spike was the arranger for Kim BumSoo-Taeyeon’s duet ‘Different’.

Don Spike revealed, “During recording, you can hear a singer’s actual voice clearly. Without other effects or mixing works done, I was hugely impressed by Taeyeon’s singing. Her techniques, feel of the song and everything are excellent”.

He added, “As an arranger, if you listen to the vocals, i get my own feelings about them. Listening to singers’ vocals everyday, there are always concerns on how to ‘dress them up’.However, Taeyeon’s voice seems to ‘fit any clothes’”.


Possibility of SNSD’s participation on ‘Immortal Song 2′

June 29, 2011

Just as SM entertainment artistes Super junior’s KyuHyun and F(x)’s Luna confirmed their appearances on KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song 2’, the question that becomes the center of attention now is whether SNSD will be participating in the filming of the show too.

In the variety show ‘Immortal Song 2’, active idol groups like Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM, Beast, Sistar, Secret, SHINee, MBlaq, F.T Island and IU had all appeared previously. Moreover, SM Entertainment has been continuously sending its artistes to the show, except for the week when the SM Town Live in Paris concert took place. As a result, the possible participation of SNSD, who has yet to appear in the show, attracted even more attentions.

In response to this, a producer from ‘Immortal Song 2’ said, “As SNSD make their proper come back in Korea this September, we are looking forward to whether members with good singing skills can participate in a corner of the show”, revealing the possibility of SNSD appearing on the show. SNSD who are spearheading the Kpop fever, consist of members with good singing skills as well. In view of this, if SNSD were to participate in the the show, it will definitely garners a lot of attention from viewers and fans within and outside Korea.

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Seohyun teared up at Tokyo concert

June 29, 2011

June 28th was Seohyun’s birthday and also SNSD’s ’1st Japan Arena Tour’ concert in Tokyo Yoyogi Stadium. In conjunction with Seohyun’s birthday, fans organized a special event during the concert. At the concert venue, fans chanted, “Seohyun-ah, happy birthday~!” and sang a birthday song for Seohyun in unison.

Seohyun was touched and tears came rolling down her cheeks as she said, “I received birthday wishes from so many people. I am really happy”.


Counting down to the 12-hour SNSD treat with teasers!

June 28, 2011

The highly anticipated ‘All About Girls’ Generation: Paradise in Phuket’ DVDs will be released in two days!

The 12-hour DVD set, co-produced by SM Entertainment and SBS Content Hub, were announced by the former on June 8 and it is set for release on June 30, in exactly two days!

The DVDs will include a variety program ‘Real Treasure’, as well as the brand new ‘Echo’ music video, which were shot in Phuket.

Besides that, the DVDs will also contain all of SNSD’s hit music videos, selected performances since their debut to present days, various SBS shows involving the girls, interviews and much more.

Prior to the release of the DVD set, two teasers were released today and previously on the 24th respectively.

Check them out below!


[Interview] Seohyun’s interview for Sports Korea’s 7th anniversary

June 28, 2011

In conjunction of Seohyun’s birthday and also Sports Korea’s 7th anniversary, an interview with SNSD’s maknae was conducted. Here is the content of the interview:

SK: First of all, happy birthday.

Seohyun: Thank you. Happy birthday to Sports Korea too.

SK: Do you know there is a special bond between yourself and Sports Korea?

Seohyun: I was surprised to hear about that in the past. I think the reason is because Sports Korea always writes good articles. Haha.

SK: How did you feel?

Seohyun: I thought that this is the kind of fate we wanted. In the future, please watch over me. Am I being too serious? Haha.

SK: We made a collection of articles from SNSD’s debut to the present day. We want to give you this as a birthday gift.

Seohyun: Wah! It’s first time I’ve seen this. (silently read the articles for some time) This is something new as I used to only see this on the internet. You’re really giving this to me! This is an unforgettable birthday gift. I have to show this to my unnies.

SK: It feels as if this is the first individual interview you had after debut was yesterday.

Seohyun: That’s right. Then, I knew nothing. I didn’t know what to talk about and what kind of article will be produced.

SK: (Points at the article) seeing your appearances during debut, how do you feel about it? Do you feel shy or feel like hiding?

Seohyun: Not at all. The bangs made me look really cute. It’s good to look at my old appearance again.

SK: In the past, you mentioned in an interview that you would like to act in a Japanese drama.

Seohyun: I still have that dream now. I was into ‘Nodame Cantabile’ last time and recently I’m interested in ‘Glow of The Fireflies’. I hope there will be a day when I get to act in a Japanese drama.

SK: At that time, you have not embarked on your Japanese activities. Looking at these articles, it seemed as if SNSD’s advancement to Japan was predicted.

Seohyun: Haha. That’s awesome. It was a dream that became a reality. Although we worked hard to achieve that goal, i think people around us also helped us. The name ‘Girls’ Generation’ itself contains a dream, right? It’s none other than establishing an era where girls’ shine in the whole world. From ‘Girls’ Generation’ to the time when it becomes ‘Grandmothers’ Generation’, let’s do it together.

SK: When was your most memorable moment?

Seohyun: It was during our first broadcasted performance where I stood with the members on stage and we cried. I thought it was finally the day we show ourselves to the world after the hardships we endured during the trainee days. I think I will never forget those moments. Looking at the past interview, I felt amazed and decided that we should not forget about our original intentions. However, unknowingly, there have been changes among us bit by bit. That is what I’m afraid the most. I’ll try to stay the same always.

SK: Recently, there were a lot of talks about the concert in Paris. Is the Korean Wave a reality?

Seohyun: Yes, definitely. Due to the continuous efforts by the seniors, it seems that the Korean Wave are getting the attention now. We don’t think it’s something that comes out of a sudden. I think we are lucky that we are carrying out our activities now. We also have to be sensitive to the responsibility at hand. We have to open the path now so that in the future, others can embark on their overseas activities more successfully.

SK: What is the individual work that is memorable to you?

Seohyun: I did a duet with Joo HyunMi sunbaenim. It’s because she is someone my parents like. I could not believe I had a chance to do a duet with her and I was really nervous. She held my hand throughout our performance and that was how I was able to complete it. Thinking about it now, I’m really thankful to her.

SK: Since you debuted at a young age, are there any complications?

Seohyun: The difficult part is that every single action or issues, even if it’s really a small one, people would take notice. I have to be very careful with anything I do. Now that I’m used to it, I feel very thankful even if someone take a small interest in me.

SK: It’s Sports Korea’s 7th anniversary. Would you like to say something?

Seohyun: It’s always nice meeting reporters from Sports Korea. Are you going to be hardworking and trustworthy? Please give us good articles in the future. How about always giving good news about SNSD too? Greetings to you all. Please stay tune.


Happy Birthday, maknae! All 9 are now adults!

June 28, 2011

SNSD’s maknae Seohyun received greetings and messages from fans on her 21st (Korean age) birthday which falls on June 28th. SNSD’s Naver fancafe, Cistus conveyed their messages to maknae by publishing an ad on a newspaper. Seohyun who was born in 1991, has now entered the adulthood and together with her Soshi sisters, all 9 girls are adults now.

Cistus’ manager said, “SNSD members are all adults now. In the future, even as the girls grow older, they will always remain as ‘So Nyeo’ to the fans”.

In conjunction with Seohyun’s birthday, Cistus gave a donation in Seohyun’s name to Children’s Foundation through Happy Bean. On June 18th, they had also carried out voluntary activities at a farm in Yeoju County, Gyeonggi Province.


Tears and laughters on ‘Come To Play’

June 27, 2011

SNSD, TVXQ, Super Junior and f(x) appeared on MBC’s ‘Come To Play’ special episode ‘We Came to Paris’ which will be aired on June 27th at 11.15pm KST

During the recording of the show recently, f(x)’s Sulli expressed her gratitude towards Taeyeon and Tiffany in a corner entitled ‘Can You Hear My Heart?’. In the past when Sulli was still a 4th year elementary school student, she stayed with Taeyeon and Tiffany in the same hostel and the two Soshi girls took care and watched over Sulli like their own younger sister.

Tiffany who was also present at the set said, “However, I felt sorry for not being able to take care of her more”. Upon hearing that, Sulli was moved to tears, showing the warm affection between a senior and her junior. On the other hand, TVXQ’s Max Changmin who debuted earlier than his juniors gave them useful advice as well as support.

Meanwhile, during the ‘SM Town X-File’ corner, Sooyoung said that there is a special secret directive within their company. Sooyoung, who is talented in impersonations among the girls was given that directive to prohibit her from doing impersonations.

Sooyoung said, “When I appear on variety shows, they would request me to do impersonations and if I don’t do it, the atmosphere will turn cold which is unbearable. So, I have no choice but  to damage my own image”.

She added, “Our agency chairman said ‘So, what’s this voice impersonation that damages your posh image?’, particularly asking me to refrain me from doing the impersonations”.

MC Kim WonHee then requested a voice impersonation before bidding the girls farewell on the show. Upon WonHee’s request, Sooyoung apologized to the company’s chairman and showcased her talent, much to the amusement of everyone in the studio.