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Christians wish to attend church service with SNSD

July 30, 2011

A survey showed that most Christians wish to do church service together with 3 celebrities: SNSD from the entertainment industry, Park GeunHye from the political arena, and from the field of sports, Kim YunA.

In their first issue published recently, new magazine ‘Ranking’ conducted a survey on 512 Christians from churches in Seoul Jongno, Gyeonggi-do Yongin, Gangwon-do Donghae, Gwang-ju, Cheonan, Jinju and Yeongdeok-gun, from May to June.

Results of the survey showed that from the entertainment industry, SNSD were ranked 1st with 22% of the votes, Big Bang came in 2nd with 17.4%, while Lee Munse ranked 3rd with 16.0% votes. Also, actor Jo Sung-woo (9.4%) and Wonder Girls (6.6%) were ranked 4th and 5th respectively.

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T-ara thanked SNSD for paving the way in Japan

July 29, 2011

T-ara’s Hyomin, JiYeon and EunJung were featured on TV YTN ‘News and Issue – Issue and People’ aired on July 29th.

EunJung said, “Since we’ll be debuting in Japan, I think we need to have rookie’s attitude. From the beginning, we have to go forward step by step.”

The anchor then asked, “Do you feel pressured by SNSD who debuted first?”

To this, Hyomin replied, “We actually feel more thankful than pressured. I think they relieved some pressure off us.”

She added, “Because of that, we are also getting more interest and expectation from people so I think we will be able to do well.”

EunJung added, “Rather, we are thankful to the public for their interest in Kpop.”

Meanwhile, during the broadcast of the program, they also said, “Today, July 29th is the 2nd anniversary of our debut and we hope to be no.1 on a music show as our present.”


Music Bank to spread its wings to US, China, Europe and Vietnam!

July 28, 2011

KBS 2TV’s music programme “Music Bank” will be spreading the Korean Wave fever to the US, China and Europe through its World Tour.

KBS entertainment director Jeon JinGuk revealed, “We are preparing for Music Bank World Tour” when he met the reporters at Yeoio-do in Seoul on the 27th of July.

According to Director Jeon JinGuk, KBS will be bringing its large-scale K-pop concert to New York (October 2011), China (November 2011), Vietnam and Europe (in 2011).

He also said, “The concert in China will be an extended version of the Korea-China Song Festival. The timing for a concert in Vietnam will be just right as it coincides with the 20th anniversary of Korea-Vietnam Diplomatic Ties and therefore, we will have a big Korean Wave concert in Ho Chi Minh City.”

He added, “KBS is also having further discussions with the European organizers on the concert, where popularity of Korean celebrities is raising rapidly.”

On the other hand, ‘Music Bank’ is expanding towards being the representative of all music programmes in Korea with more than 70 countries broadcasting the programme simultaneously. Recently, ‘Music Bank in Tokyo: Kpop Festival’ was held in Tokyo Dome, Japan and the successful huge-scale concert attracted about 43,000 fans.

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SNSD receives ‘Intel-ligent’ jewelry!

July 28, 2011

Intel gave unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry sets to SNSD as gifts recently.

On July 28th, according to Intel Korea’s representative, for remembrance as well as to celebrate the success of the marketing song for the 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors launched earlier this year, special jewelry sets made of Intel chips were presented to SNSD. As models for Intel’s 2nd Generation Core Processors, SNSD was featured in the 2D and 3D ‘Virtual Dream’ music video, posters, brochures, etc to promote the new Intel products across Asia. The Intel-SNSD Collaboration ‘Visual Dreams’ MV, attracted more than 3.5 million views in just a month.

The jewelry sets, which consists of a necklace and a pair of earrings was custom-made by American jewelry boutique, Shreve & Co and these are the one and only jewelry sets made of Intel chips in the world. At the back of the necklace’s pendants, the name of all nine members were specially engraved.

Intel’s representative, Lee HeeSung said, “Through our marketing activities with SNSD, not only consumers in Korea and Asian region could get to know more about the Intel 2nd Generation Core Process but also as far as the consumers in Europe. In the future, we hope to be closer with our consumers through more innovative marketing activities”.


Soshi to appear on digital billboard in LA for 4th anniversary!

July 28, 2011

Large-scale events planned in conjunction with SNSD’s 4th anniversary celebrations will soon become the center of attraction.

SNSD’s largest international fan community ‘Soshified’ announced that they will be setting up a digital billboard, measuring 10.4m x 7.3m, on the main road of Los Angeles from August 1st till August 8th. A 30-second SNSD video will be played on the billboard during that period.

It has been four years since the girls’ debut in 2007 with their song “Into the new world” and they have now become the representatives in Asia.

International fans are also preparing large-scale events for the girls’ anniversary celebrations. According to Soshified’s website, the digital billboard event will be the largest of its kind in America and the video to be played in the central of LA will also attract a lot of attention.

‘Soshified’ also announced that the screen is on top of the Aroma Wilshire Center, located at the central of Wilshire Center region in central LA. The promotional anniversary video, as shown below minus the audio, will be displayed for eight days starting from August 1st.

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SM Entertainment speaks about Cyworld’s termination of their music services

July 27, 2011

In response to Cyworld’s decision to stop providing music by SM artists since July 20th, SM Entertainment stated, “SK Communications has single-sidedly stopped providing (music by SM artists).”

SM has revealed on SMTOWN’s homepage, “Cyworld, which is operated by SK Communications, has suddenly stopped providing music by our artists. We take this situation really seriously and we feel sorry for the users who use their services.”

SM continued, “SK Communications has informed us on July 11th that SK Communications will provide background music on Cyworld free of charge starting from July 20th. Thus, SM sincerely responded to them by stating that providing musics freely will involve the consideration of the future price of the music contents as well as global platform. Therefore, it is impossible to give an answer in such a short time.”

In respond to SM, SK Communications said that if SM were not able to give approval of “free music” right away, then SK Communications would have to stop providing SM artists’ musics on Cyworld. Subsequently, when SK Communications started providing “free music” on July 20th, they also stopped providing SM artists’ musics.

On the other hand, SM stated, “We sincerely apologize to the fans for creating a inconvenience because of this unexpected incident.”

Credit: Sports Chosun
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Yuri tops another body-related poll!

July 27, 2011

SNSD’s Yuri was chosen by netizens as the artiste with a slim waist who looks best in bikinis.

From July 19th to 26th, a community portal site “DC Inside” posted a survey titled, “Which artiste has a slim waist who looks best in bikinis?”.

Yuri, known for her buxom body yet slender waist, came in first in the survey with 2,028 votes, which is 20.6% out of the total 9,822 votes received. These contrasting features come together to form a very well-proportioned hourglass body shape, which is much desired by many female fans.

Recently, Yuri became the best ‘slim waist’ artiste with her strong and flat abs, evident results from her 600 abs exercise daily.

Also, SNSD’s Jessica was ranked second with 1,398 votes or 14.2% from the total. As for Jessica, although she had a chubby image during their debut, she successfully managed to lose weight through hula-hoop exercises and hiking, until she attained the current waist size of 21 inches, which she is proud of.

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Soshi flew to Guam for photobook shoots

July 26, 2011

On the 26th of July, SNSD left Korea from the Incheon International Airport.

On this day, SNSD who set off to Guam Island for their photobook shooting sessions, wore flower print one-piece and hot pants which showed their free and wild style airport fashion.   After kicking off their ‘2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR’ concert in Seoul successfully on the 23rd and 24th of July, SNSD are preparing to resume their Asian tour.


Park SeungIl surrounded by nine angelic dongsaengs

July 25, 2011

A photo of Park Seungil, former basketball coach diagnosed with ALS disease, taken together with SNSD at the backstage of their concert recently attracted netizens’ attention.

On July 25th, Park Seungil uploaded a picture taken with SNSD members onto his personal blog, named “ALS and Park Seungil” operated by himself, and added the captions, “Together with my dongsaengs (younger sisters)”.

In the photo uploaded by coach Park, SNSD members, who had just finished their solo concert at the Seoul Olympics Park, stood around coach Park and smiled brightly, not showing any signs of fatigue.

In response to this, netizens commented “Seungil-nim must be really glad; I also want to go and see them. It looks so cool~ and the members are pretty too.”, “Woah, Seungil-hyung would be really happy”, “I envy him” etc.

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