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YoonA and Lee MinHo’s Eider CF to air in September!

August 26, 2011

YoonA and Lee Minho’s rock climbing preparation at the shooting set of TV CF for France’s premium outdoor brand, Eider was revealed.

Recently, Lee MinHo and YoonA had the advertisement shooting session at Bishop Area Rock Climbs, located at Eastern Sierra, California, which is well known for its rock climbing spots.

Despite the hot weather, tough climbing practice and shooting sessions, YoonA still managed to put on a constant smile on her face, which lighted up the atmosphere at the shooting set.

A staff of Eider said, “As Eider Friends, Lee MinHo and YoonA scaled America’s famous rock climbing spot, Bishop with their bare hands for TV CF shoot. They have also embraced their roles as Eider Friends with their excellent sporting ability and self-challenge spirit.”

The staff added, “While Lee MinHo and YoonA were robust in carrying out the activities, they were also expressing Eider’s stylish concept and there is much anticipation for the completion of this great TV CF.”

Meanwhile, Eider’s TV CF, which features Lee MinHo and YoonA’s real climbing experience, is scheduled to be aired on Korea’s national and cable TV channels from September onwards.


SNSD’s concert DVD tops Tower Records’ weekly chart!

August 24, 2011

SNSD’s 1st Asia Tour Concert ‘Into The New World’ DVD secured the no.1 spot on Japan’s Tower Records DVD Weekly Sales Chart.

The 2-discs concert DVD captures live performances of their hit songs such as ‘Girls’ Generation’, ‘Oh!’, ‘Santa Baby’, Tiffany’s solo performance of ‘Umbrella’, Seohyun’s ‘Sixteen Going On Seventeen’, etc, as well as rehearsals, waiting room scenes at the the Encore Concert held in Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium in February 2010.

Besides that, the DVD set also includes each of the members’ individual interviews as well as making films.

Netizens commented, “Now, SNSD! Forever SNSD!”, “SNSD, who spearhead the Korean wave, is Jjang!”, etc.


[UPDATED] Taipei, put it back on!

August 24, 2011

Good news Taiwanese SONEs!

As announced on Monday July 25th, the Taiwanese stop of the ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ will be held on September 10th and 11th at the Taipei Arena!

The girls had just completed the first two concerts for their ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ at the Olympic Park Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul last weekends.

The news was reported in major Taiwanese media, in newspaper and on TV news, on Monday, much to the joy of fans in the region.

The success of the Seoul concerts were also reported on TV along with the announcement of the September concerts in Taipei, Taiwan.

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UPDATE 1: Ticketing details announced!

More details about the ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ in Taipei was announced yesterday.

The two concerts are scheduled to be held at the Taipei Arena at 7pm on September 10th and 3pm on September 11th local time.

The tickets for both concerts, priced at NT$4,500, NT$3,800, NT$2,800, NT$1,800 and NT$800, will go on sale at 12pm on August 13th at 7-ELEVEN ibon kiosks in Taiwan.

Super Dome members verified through emails and calls/smses before August 5th are qualified to preorder the tickets. Please check their website for more updates and details on this.

However, each member is limited to four tickets.


UPDATE 2: Third concert added!

Due to explosive demand, SNSD are set to perform three concerts at Taipei Arena for their ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ concert. The Taipei leg of the tour will kick off on September 9th from 7.30pm to 10.30pm (Taiwan local time). Tickets for the concert on September 9th will be sold through 7-Eleven ibon machines, starting August 27th from 1pm onwards.

Upon receiving the news, netizens commented, “Indeed, SNSD’s popularity is great”, “Performing 3 concerts. Awesome!”, “In Korea, they only performed 2 concerts but in overseas, they are performing 3 concerts… It’s not fair!”, “Let us have 3 concerts in Korea too, OK?”, “It will be tough on the girls”, etc.


SNSD to perform at ’2011 Asia Song Festival’

August 24, 2011

SNSD, Super Junior and other artistes will be participating in the 2011 Asia Song Festival.

On August 24th, Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) stated, “SNSD, Super Junior, Japanese group Perfume, Taiwanese singer and actor Peter Ho, Zhou Bi Chang, etc will be performing at the 2011 Asia Song Festival which will be held in Daegu Stadium on October 15th”.

Among other artistes who will be performing at the 2011 Asia Song festival – well-known singer and actor from Hong Kong, Leo Ku who have sold 35 albums to date with total recorded sales of more than 900,000 copies and famous singer from Thailand, Tata Young who have sold close to 10 million copies of her albums since debut.

Meanwhile, the 2nd and 3rd round line-ups will be unveiled next month.


It’s just a hiccup

August 24, 2011

Recently a video entitled ‘SNSD’s 3rd Album Demo Song Leaked’ emerged on YouTube. The demo song mentioned is none other than ‘HikkUp’ composed by Andrew Jackson and it was registered in SNSD’s list of songs with the Korea Music Copyright Association. The demo song was discovered by fans from Andrew Jackson’s MySpace site.

In response to this, SM Entertainment clarified, “This song will not be included in SNSD’s upcoming domestic album and it is not confirmed whether there is a plan to release it in the future”.

Upon the request of SM Entertainment, the video has been removed from YouTube. Due to growing anticipation and interest about SNSD’s upcoming comeback, of which the details have not been confirmed, fans have been looking and searching for information about overseas composers through Social Networking Services (SNS).


Our ladies at the premiere of ‘Blue Salt’

August 23, 2011

On the 23rd of August at 8pm KST, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, YoonA and Sunny attended the VIP premiere of new movie, ‘Blue Salt’ at CGV Wangsimni in Seoul.

The movie ‘Blue Salt’ is about the story of a triad group’s former leader, Yoon DooHun (played by Song KangHo), who wants to live on secretly and a full-time shooter, Jo SeBin (played by Shin SeKyung) who received the task of taking his life.  The movie is set to release on the 1st of September.

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Tiffany goes rock-chic for ‘Singles’!

August 22, 2011

For a recent magazine photo shoot, Tiffany transformed into a rock-chic girl.

In the September edition of fashion magazine, ‘Singles’, Tiffany flaunts her natural cute image and chic-style charm in tough-looking and fashionable clothes.

Particularly in this photo shoot, the rock-chic’s funky mood concept was taken to a new level by Tiffany’s very own feminine characteristics, which made the pictorials more amazing.

The magazine also included an interview with Tiffany, where she revealed the behind stories from the moment she dreamed to be a singer at the age of 15 to the time she stepped on the South Korean soil and grows up with SNSD, as well as some other interesting stories that she talked about truthfully.

These awesome photos and interview can be found in the September edition of the ‘Singles’ magazine.


SNSD dominate K-pop hot issues of the year!

August 21, 2011

A survey was conducted among 50 reporters from the Korean showbiz by SBS E!TV’s staff to find out the top 10 hot issues among idols in the first half of the year.

Out of these top 10 hot issues, five of the issues were related to SNSD, once again proving their popularity and attention in the country.

The ninth issue was on the topic ‘Separate and Together’ and the reason for SNSD not having sub-units was explained. The nine girls have been praised to have special and unique characteristics and many suggested that they should have sub-units. However, SM Entertainment wants to show SNSD as a whole, as a complete nine-membered group, perhaps due to sad memories from TVXQ’s separation.

Amazingly, Sooyoung’s talented and precise imitating skills, which attracted a lot of attention, came in 8th of the top 10 hot issues. Sooyoung’s well-loved, amazing imitating skills also became part of her charms and special characteristics.

Coming in third is the topic of ‘Bold Idols’ and Hyoyeon became the example of how idols boldly declare that they are in love. In the variety talkshow ‘Strong Heart’, SNSD’s dancing queen confessed that she had a crush on a male idol and she started to like him more and more, to the extend of having dreams of him. She hinted that the male idol does not have double eye-lid, is smart and dances well. To this, the media found five possible male idols, namely 2PM’s Wooyoung, BEAST’s Doojoon, Big Bang’s Daesung, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and SS501′s Kim KyuJong.

The second topic was ‘Controversies on Suggestiveness’ and SNSD was an example of how K-pop idols’ performances and costumes are often considered suggestive. The focus of this topic is YoonA’s pole dance, which was performed in their recent concerts. The reporter commented that fans love YoonA’s pure and innocent image so when they saw her pole dance and does it perfectly, fans were shocked. However, they went on to comment that SNSD members, who are no longer in their teenage years, have grown up in confidence and the girls would now like to show a more mature image to others.

The top topic of the hot issue survey was ‘New Hallyu Wave’, in which the reporters named SNSD as the representative of the new Hallyu wave. They went on to comment that the Hallyu wave and influence have spread beyond Korea that even foreign fans held demonstrations and flash mobs to show their love for their idols. For this topic, the SMTown Live in Paris concert was the focus and it was said that the stars, especially SNSD, managed to grab European fans’ hearts.

Within one year of their debut in Japan, SNSD managed to capture a lot of attention, in addition to grabbing the top spot on the Oricon charts to create Hallyu history. During interviews with Japanese fans, they answered, “They are so cute that I was about to cry”, “I want to be like SNSD”, etc.

It was also mentioned that during the earlier stages of the Hallyu wave, actors like Bae YongJun and Lee ByungHun won the hearts of middle age women in Japan but there was a gap in the Hallyu wave in the country.

As K-pop advances into Japan, the music was accepted by the Japanese and K-pop was successful in Japan as a whole. With SNSD’s success in the country, many Japanese groups debuted with an image similar to SNSD and recently, a controversy arose when a Japanese young girl group with nine members debuted.

As of now, SNSD’s influence has spread beyond Korea and Japan, beyond Asia, all the way into Europe and possibly other corners of the world.

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Jung sisters celebrate ‘Kiss and Cry’ victory with endearing kisses

August 21, 2011

SNSD’s Jessica showed how proud she was of her younger sister, f(x)’s Krystal, for winning the first place in ‘Kim YunA’s Kiss and Cry’.

In the last episode of the programme, Krystal and her skating partner Lee DongHoon’s behind-the-show stories were revealed.

When Krystal informed her sister about her victory on the show, she also told her that she will be performing in an ice show. Jessica jokingly asked, “Why are you performing there?” and she continued to express her joy by replying, also jokingly, “You are performing there because I was cheering for you!”

The loving elder sister then said, “I am proud of you,” before hugging her sister and kissing her on the cheek. Likewise, Krystal gave her sister a kiss on the cheek and the two sisters continued to bask in happiness.

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