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Lincoln: SNSD Jjang!! I love you, Taeyeon Noona

September 30, 2011

5 year-old Lincoln made a cute love confession to Taeyeon.

Lincoln who stars in tvN’s ‘Real Kids’ Story Rainbow’ recently sent a photo of himself carrying a hand-drawn picture with the message, ‘SNSD Jjang!! I love you, Taeyeon Noona (sister)’ to the production staff of the programme.

At the bottom corner of the picture that Lincoln was holding, Lincoln drew himself and Taeyeon holding each others’ hands, with a cute red ribbon on Taeyeon’s head.

Once, on a program aired on Chuseok, Taeyeon had also expressed her fondness towards Lincoln. Not only that, Taeyeon also showed her love towards the little boy through her UFO Town reply (a fan asked, “If dookkong and I were to fall into water, who would you save first?”, of which Taeyeon replied, “I…will save Lincoln first”).

A production staff stated, “After listening to what Taeyeon had sincerely said, Lincoln, who is a huge fan of Taeyeon, has been thinking of giving Taeyeon a reply. With the help of his mother, the 5 year-old boy conveyed his cute love confession to Taeyeon through handwritten-message and heart-shaped stickers pasted on the picture”.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Please let Taeyeon and Lincoln meet”, “I also want to have a dongsaeng like Lincoln”, etc.

‘Real Kids’ Story Rainbow’ is aired on every Saturday at 11am KST.


Hook Song no more!

September 30, 2011

On October 4th, SNSD will be releasing the title song of their 3rd album – ‘The Boys’ through online music sites.

This time, the album carries the ‘Worldwide’ concept. As planned, the album will be released starting from Korea’s various music sites, to the US, Europe and South America through iTunes. The album will also be released in two versions, Korean and English.

‘The Boys’ is a song produced by Teddy Riley, who was also the producer for Michael Jackson, specially made for SNSD. With strong and powerful drum and rhythm, ‘The Boys’ is an urban dance song filled with Teddy Riley’s unique harmony as well as original and futuristic sound.

Starting from the production stage, it aimed to push SNSD up to the world stage. The song no longer follows the ‘hook’ song style, where the hook of the song is repeated such as ‘Gee’. Instead, it is a song that arouses sympathy anywhere around the world. The refined beat, sound and melody are hence the focuses of this song.

The lyrics, written by Yoo Young-Jin, talks about SNSD who are the representatives of the female population.  It encourages the men and carries the message, “All boys and men in this world, stand up, be brave and confident and make your dreams come true,” which makes the music more perfect.

As the teaser photos with the main concept of ‘Princesses’ were released since September 26th, they became the centre of attention immediately. SNSD members each dressed up as the main characters in well-known fairytales, showing off their individual charms and recreated mixed versions of the classic stories by presenting them in the 21st century styles. Other than their beauty, SNSD focused on merging the concepts of ‘princesses’ and ‘heroines’, revealing their strong ambitions and at the same time explaining SNSD’s unique maturity and girlish mood.

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SNSD to perform in the ‘New Start 2011 Pyeongtaek Festival’ on October 1st

September 28, 2011

On October 1st and 2nd, Korea’s prominent singers Kim Jang-hoon and Park Sang-min will be presenting their gorgeous stages at the Pyeongtaek lakeside and Pyeongtaek Leports Town, in conjunction of the ‘New Start 2011 Pyeongtaek Festival’.

In this event, audiences are able to experience various cultures of Korea and overseas countries, through the congratulatory performances of Korea’s top singers.

The opening ceremony kicks off on October 1st at Pyeongtaek Leports Town, where leading idol groups like SNSD and Teentop will be performing, followed by popular singers like Kim Jang-hoon, Park Sang-min, Koyoye and Kim Wan-sun. A spectacular firework display will then end the ceremony in the autumn night.

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SNSD to cheer for Busan IPark on October 2nd!

September 28, 2011

SNSD have been invited to a K-League Round 27 football match between Busan IPark and Gyeongnam FC which will be held at Gudeok Stadium, Busan at 3pm KST on October 2nd.

SNSD’s performance at the Gudeok Stadium is aimed at boosting the morale of the Busan IPark players in their effort to stay within the top 6 in the league. Park JongWoo who is a regular in the team and recently being selected to don South Korean’s Olympic football team colors said, “We are happy that SNSD and other stars are visiting us for such an important match. We’ll put on a good performance in front of our fans”. Park JongWoo who is filled with anticipation also hinted that there might be a special ceremony just for SNSD.

Besides SNSD’s performance, there will be other events being organized to cheer the home team on. For the fans, booths for face painting and support stickers will be set up at the stadium.


Sooyoung is all set for comeback!

September 26, 2011

Sooyoung who was involved in a traffic accident in August is now ready and determined to go all out for SNSD’s comeback.

Through a teleconversation with TV Report on September 26th, SM Entertainment stated, “Keeping her conditions in check, Sooyoung is determined to participate in the comeback activities. In the future, we will continue to monitor Sooyoung’s condition during her activities”.

Sooyoung is getting outpatient treatments at the moment to ensure full recovery. She is recovering well from the tailbone fracture injury gradually and has been practicing the choreography of their comeback performance together with other members, while making sure that she does not overwork herself in the process.

SM Entertainment stated, “Sooyoung too monitors her condition and she is now back in practice. In order to present the best performance, they are striving hard in practice up to the moment before their comeback”.


J-League players impersonate SNSD

September 26, 2011

A group in Japan imitating SNSD has become a topic of discussion recently. The interesting fact is that these impersonators are not singers but professional football players.

On September 26th, Japan’s ‘Sports Nikkan’ reported on this group dubbed as ‘Muscles Generation’. Recently, there was an event to commemorate the 20th anniversary founding of J-League football club, Kashima Antlers. It was a free entry event held at Kashima’s football stadium where fans were treated with various enjoyable activities.

During this event, Kashima Antlers players were applauded for the performances that they had prepared for the fans. Particularly, one of the performances by a group inspired by SNSD called ‘Muscles Generation’ which received overwhelming response from the crowd.

The 7-member group appeared on stage with colorful tight jeans, much to the amusement of the fans. After announcing themselves as Japan’s ‘Muscles Generation’, they proceeded to perform comic dances to the music played. Seeing their players’ different images carved smiles and laughters on the faces of the football fans.

The news about ‘Muscles Generation’ performances by Kashima Antlers’ players have garnered much interest among Japanese netizens.


Shim JaeWon teased about SNSD’s comeback!

September 23, 2011

Shim JaeWon who was a member of Black Beat and currently a choreographer in SM Entertainment tweeted about SNSD’s comeback.

On September 23rd at around 1am KST, through his personal Twitter account, Shim JaeWon tweeted, “The kids wanted to send this message. Coming Soon! Let’s go! Sosi! Let’s go!”, accompanied by photos.

In one of the photos,the girls raised their arms with various hand gestures. Using their fingers, the girls made signs such as ‘peace (v)’, ‘love (heart)’ and ‘good (thumbs up)’. Although various hand gestures were shown, their faces were not revealed.


Sooyoung is SooJin’s pillar of strength

September 22, 2011

Sooyoung’s elder sister, Choi SooJin who is a musical actress revealed her thoughts about the ‘Winter Sonata’ musical.

Ahead of her first performance on September 27th, SooJin said, “Playing the role of YooJin, there are a lot of difficult parts and I put my attention on the emotions and special gestures so as not to miss any of them. Particularly, in addition to YooJin’s pure and innocent appearance as projected by Choi JiWoo sunbaenim, I will try my best to bring out the appearance of the new YooJin. I want to present this work as a big gift for those who can never forget and love the drama ‘Winter Sonata’”.

She added, “Above all, my sister, Sooyoung, who is always praying for me, gives me great strength. Because she never fails in supporting and cheering me on when I have my musical performances, I think she will be coming too this time. As an unnie (elder sister), I want to show my dongsaeng (younger sister) the great side of myself”.


[Updated] With love from SONEs, Happy Birthday, Hyoyeon!

September 22, 2011

Don’t stop the music everyone! Keep the party going! Soshi’s resident dancing queen is celebrating her 23rd birthday in Korean age today! Let’s hope that she will have an awesome time celebrating with her members, family and friends today!

If you remember, earlier this month, Kim Choding had a birthday surprise event on September 11th with SONEs at the third and final concert in the girls’ 2nd tour in Taipei, Taiwan. Hyoyeon managed to avoid being caked completely by the members (they wanted to celebrate it “properly” back home) but still ended up with a face full of cake and icing, thanks to Yuri, Taeyeon and surprisingly, maknae who started it (plus a flick on the forehead by Jessica!).

The kind Hyoyeon is known to be a good friend and listener to her other eight members, especially to her roommate Seohyun, where she listens to her rantings and gushes even when she was green with envy, such as during the latter’s ‘We Got Married’ days. And being roomie with a sensible maknae, she also has to put up with her early morning studying sessions and such but as Seohyun said, Hyoyeon takes really good care of her.

The quirky girl with a 4-dimensional personality is also the moodmaker in the group, constantly cracking them up with her jokes and hilarious actions! Of course, who can forget her one-of-a-kind mistakes with words and pronunciations? I mean, who else gets tongue-tied, gets senior celebrities’ names wrong and calls a campfire a campfighter? Jokes aside, that is undeniably one of the many charms of our beloved Kim Choding.

The dancing queen is not given such a nickname for nothing. Hyoyeon’s powerful dances amaze not only her members and fans but also other celebrities and media. Hyoyeon may be known as a “fashion terrorist” on occasions but once she steps onto the stage, everyone is mesmerized by her charismatic performances and dances!

Unsurprisingly, Hyoyeon is also one of the more athletic members of SNSD (think of Sooyoung’s failed long legs in Enjoy Today and the princess’ refusal to run in AAGG) and her athletic capabilities were proven more than once in Dream Team 2.

Also, who can forget the unique girl’s habits after she had a drink too many, as revealed by her members? Scrubbing floors and comparing floor tiles colours are nothing new but poor maknae was hit on the forehead by Hyoyeon’s knuckles while the latter mumbled about her “uptightness”!

On the other hand, Hyoyeon showed off her patience and loving personality on many occasions such as in the Hello Baby series, where she was seen as one of the main carers of Kyungsan and also one of the ‘Best Moms’. She is also never one to hide behind a mask as her straightforward personality often had her speaking her mind even on television and radios. The best example of that would be the time on Strong Heart when she confessed her crush on a male idol. Then again, in the recent episode of Strong Heart, Hyoyeon said she doesn’t have a crush anymore.

Anyway, the above is just the tip of the iceberg about our cute and charming Kim Hyoyeon. The more you get to know her, the more you will fall for her charms! With this, all of us from the family would like to wish Hyoyeon a very Happy Birthday! Have fun with your eight mischievous sisters/best friends and don’t fall for their pranks!

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Update 1: ‘Cistus’ celebrates Hyoyeon’s birthday with ad and charity work

On September 22nd, Hyoyeon, who turns 23 on this very day, received birthday wishes from SONEs. SNSD’s fancafe ‘Cistus’ published an ad on a newspaper to convey their birthday messages for Hyoyeon. A member of Cistus said, “After the SM Town concert in Europe, Hyoyeon has become SNSD’s new symbol. She is like the morning star that glitters at dawn.”

For Hyoyeon’s birthday, ‘Cistus’ made donation to children’s foundation through Naver’s Happy Bean. On August 27th, they have also carried out voluntary activities at Taehwa Senior Citizen Welfare Centre in Incheon. In addition to this, SNSD’s Taiwanese fans were also involved in the project where the donations they made were used to purchase the daily necessities.