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Girls’ Generation won first Mutizen for ‘The Boys’

October 30, 2011

On October 30th, Girls’ Generation performed ‘The Boys’ on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ and won the mutizen!

After winning Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ on October 27th, KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank K-Chart’ on October 28th, Girls’ Generation once again proved that they are Korea’s unrivaled, best girl group by winning the ‘SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Song Award’ on October 30th, the third award they received on music programs so far since the release of their 3rd album ‘The Boys’ on October 19th.

Upon winning the ‘Mutizen Song’ trophy, Tiffany listed out the names of the people whom the girls are thankful to and said, “Although I am really thankful to all of you but I would also like to congratulate all the members here who had done really well. In the future, Girls’ Generation will work even harder”.

Congratulations to the girls!

For those who missed today’s performance and the moment of glory, here you go!


A visit from goddesses

October 30, 2011

Taeyeon and YoonA took some photos at a cafe in Yeouido, Seoul owned by Yesung’s (Super Junior) parents.

On October 28th, through his own Twitter account, Yesung tweeted, “Taeyeon and YoonA came over. These pretty ones” and attached the photos with Taeyeon and YoonA in it.

In one of the photos, Taeyeon and YoonA made V-signs while posing with Yesung’s younger brother. In another picture taken in the cafe, the two girls were making cute expressions on their face while Taeyeon was pointing to a picture of Yesung on the wall.

Netizens who saw the photos gave various reactions and comments such as “They’re really pretty”, “Although they’re busy, they still took the time to help promote the cafe”, “Indeed, they’re goddesses”, etc.


Girls’ Generation catalysed education diplomacy between New York and Korea

October 28, 2011

Girls’ Generation, who is promoting K-Pop worldwide, has been named as one of the main contributors in attracting the ‘State University of New York Korea’ to be set up as the first overseas branch school in Korea and the university will be opened next year March in Incheon.

Here are the details explaining how Girls’ Generation has accomplished such an educational mission, which is something unrelated to their career or the showbiz in general.

Since 2009, the city of Incheon has been seeking educational institutions to set up their overseas branch school at the Songdo Global Campus. The Songdo Global Campus, constructed with the expenditure of 1.142 trillion Won, is built to vitalize Incheon’s Songdo International City. However, it was not an easy task. Students who planned to move into the campus left one by one for other places. Although the 650 thousand-square-meter campus was built with a wide and comfortable environment, it was left empty as no one moved in.

This was caused especially by the change in decision of the State University of New York – Stony Brook University, which first planned to move in this September. Due to a 20% budget cut from the New York government to the main school, the new president of Stony Brook University Samuel Stanley decided to restructure the foundation policy.

As various states in the US cut down financial support for their state universities, this particular university was also affected, especially when President Samuel Stanley did not know Korea well, and a bad impression was left because of the left-winger mayor Song Young-gil. Attracting the school to Korea then became a more difficult task.

However, the change occurred at an unexpected stage when Mr. Kim Choon-ho (Vice President for Public and International Affairs at Konkuk University Korea) visited President Samuel Stanley’s office; Girls’ Generation’s photo appeared in front of his eyes.

After asking, Mr Kim found out that even though Mr Stanley did not know Korea well, he came to know K-Pop, including Girls’ Generation, as an influence from his daughter, a ‘hardcore’ Girls’ Generation fan in her 20s.

Coincidentally, Mr. Kim was on good terms with the chairman of SM Entertainment – Lee Soo-man. Mr. Kim was able to start a conversation with Mr. Stanley on Girls’ Generation. As Mr. Stanley gradually built a good impression on Korea, a visit to Korea in September 2010 was immediately arranged.

Mr. Kim took the opportunity to persuade Mr. Stanley, who was visiting Korea and Mayor Song Young-gil introduced the well-equipped global campus with sufficient operation fund to Mr. Stanley. At the same time, he also presented his outstanding foreign language ability, global mind and educational visions to him.

Girls’ Generation played the role of catalyser in the process. A dinner was arranged between Girls’ Generation and Mr. Stanley, where the members talked to him in a harmonious atmosphere. The members also took a photo with Mr. Stanley and presented an autographed CD to Mr. Stanley’s daughter as gift.

Through this series of incidents, Mr. Samuel Stanley gave a confirmed positive answer on the decision to set up a branch school in Korea. In addition to the two colleges built, another three colleges are expected to be constructed next year, during the second semester and Girls’ Generation is the ‘top contributor’ to this success.

Mr. Samuel Stanley attended the ‘SM Town Live in New York’ concert on October 24th with his daughter. Afterwards, he met Lee Soo-man during his visit to Incheon and told him about his attendance at the concert.

During this process, Mayor Song Young-gil paid a visit to New York to meet Mr. Stanley and he found out that Mr. Stanley spent efforts memorizing the names of the nine members, as well as learning more about K-Pop.

Girls’ Generation also made contributions during the Incheon Global Fair & Festival 2009, as they attracted visitors after being appointed as ambassadors. It was known that Hyoyeon was born in Incheon. Mayor Song Young-gil also established a good relationship with Chairman Lee Soo-man when he was a member of Parliament.

In response to this, Mayor Kim Wol-lyong said through Korean media, “In fact, before Mayor Ahn Sang-soo was in office, the plan for Song-do Global Campus was made but no one dreamed of its opening. However, with the help of Girls’ Generation in diplomacy, as well as Mayor Song’s proficient foreign language and enthusiasm towards education, the opening of the first overseas branch school in Korea was made possible.”

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Girls’ Generation pockets first Music Bank win for ‘The Boys’!

October 28, 2011

Having just made their comeback on KBS’s Music Bank last Friday, Girls’ Generation performed ‘The Boys’ for the second consecutive week on the weekly music show and won their first trophy from Music Bank!

The girls won with 16,726 points for ‘The Boys’, compared to fellow top spot contender Huh Gak’s ‘Hello’, which came in at a total of 10,003 points.

After presenting yet another charismatic performance with suits and sleek dance movements, the girls brought home their second trophy after their first win at M! Countdown on Thursday.

Check out Girls’ Generation and Huh Gak’s backstage interview, performance of ‘The Boys’ and the winning stage from Music Bank!

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Girls’ Generation’s undeniable global popularity is on the rise!

October 28, 2011

The music video of Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ was ranked 3rd on YouTube’s worldwide music category.

Released on October 19th, the Korean version of ‘The Boys’ music video was placed behind hip-hop group, LMFAO and Justin Bieber in the music category for the week’s ‘Most Watched Video’, an indication of Girls’ Generation’s global popularity. The amazing feat on YouTube did not go unnoticed as ‘The Boys’ was featured on E!’s entertainment news programme ‘E!News’ On October 27th.

As of 8am KST on October 28th, ‘The Boys’ music videos, both in Korean and English version had accumulatively surpassed 15 million views.

On October 24th (New York’s local time), the girls’ appearance on American music channel, MTV’s programme ‘MTV News’ as well as MTV’s network channel, ‘MTV IGGY’ had since garnered much attention. Particularly, the girls’ recording for ‘MTV IGGY’ was displayed on a huge billboard in New York’s Time Square.

On October 27th, Girls’ Generation made their first comeback on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ since 2008 and took the no.1 spot on the day of the comeback itself. Including Gaon Chart, Billboard Korea’s Kpop Hot 100 Chart and respective music site charts, ‘The Boys’ had managed to capture the top spots for the 5th week of October.

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YoonA’s dress in Woongjin Coway’s CF is auctioned off for 2.03 million Won!

October 27, 2011

On October 27th, Woongjin Coway revealed that YoonA’s one-piece dress was auctioned off at a price of 2.03 million Won at the ‘The Beautiful Auction’ held together with SNSD last month.

SNSD currently endorses Woongjin Coway’s line of water purifiers and this time around, SNSD auctioned off the outfits used in the CFs to raise fund for women in need, who are leading independent lives. The auction started since September 28th and it managed to raise 14 million Won in 4 weeks.

The item auctioned off this time is the dress YoonA wore in the CF ‘Taking care of Mom’. Besides this dress, YoonA’s gray T-shirt and another denim shirt were also auctioned off at 900,000 Won and 790,000 Won respectively.

The Woongjin Coway staff said, “The funds raised will be sent to collection points and redistributed to the women in need as incomes.”

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Girls’ Generation reveals their concerns in ‘brain maps’ on MNet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’!

October 27, 2011

During the segment of ‘Open Studio Talk’ on MNet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’, Girls’ Generation submitted their résumé to the production team.

Sunny made a surprise confession through her brain map, “I’m a girl who gets sensitive when autumn comes.”

Sunny, who has a short haircut in the album ‘The Boys’, talked about her change in hairstyle. When she drew her brain map, words that contain deep meanings were seen, such as “I get sensitive when autumn comes”, “Hair cut? Or not?”, “My waist is cold”, etc.

When asked to write about ’10 things I’m concerned about’, Taeyeon wrote on her brain map: “Activities on new song promotion”, “Car license”, “Clean my room”, “Flu”, “SNSD”, “Hair thickness” and “Double eyelid that sinks in because I lost weight (double eyelid became thinner).” Particularly, things like “Hair thickness” and “Thinning double eyelid” attracted attention.

In the programme, Taeyeon talked about her worries when her double eyelids became thinner as her weight decreases, as well as her uneasiness when her hair thickness decreased.

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Girls’ Generation takes home first win for ‘The Boys’ on M! Countdown!

October 27, 2011

After making their long-awaited comeback performances starting from Music Bank last Friday, Girls’ Generation performed on M! Countdown on October 27th for the first time in years and along with it, the girls received their first win on the weekly music shows with their new song ‘The Boys’.

This win is extra meaningful to Girls’ Generation, as well as the fans, as it has been about 3 years and 6 months since they had their last win on M! Countdown with ‘Baby Baby’ on April 10th 2008, due to conflicts between SM Entertainment and MNet in the past years.

The girls came on top with ‘The Boys’ by getting the upper hand from competitors Kim Hyun-joong and Secret. It is also worth-mentioning that Girls’ Generation set the highest record of the points achieved by a win on M! Countdown so far.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung also made a surprise appearance as the MC of the programme today and amazed viewers, as well as fans, with her eloquence.

Check out the awesome performance of ‘The Boys’ by Girls’ Generation and the announcement of this week’s winner!

SONEs worldwide were overjoyed with Girls’ Generation’s first win for their new song ‘The Boys’ that the phrase ‘SNSD WON’ trended second worldwide in Twitter!

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X Japan’s Yoshiki misses Girls’ Generation

October 26, 2011

Legendary Japanese rock group, X Japan’s leader Yoshiki gave his opinions about Kpop which has been the latest hot trend.

At Sheraton D Cube City Hotel in Shindorim on October 26th at 2pm KST, Yoshiki said in a press conference, “I really love Korean music a lot. I’ve been living in United States for 15 years and Korean music was very popular there too. The development and high quality of Korean music have attracted huge interest in it”.

He continued, “Not long ago, during a music festival in Japan, I had a chance to see Girls’ Generation then. However, as I didn’t manage to see them after the end of the performances, I was disappointed”.

X Japan will be having their very first concert in Korea at 8pm on October 28th at the Gymnasium Stadium in Olympic Park, Bangidong, Seoul. Prior to the concert the heavy metal group had completed their European tour which took place in London, Paris and Berlin.