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Hyoyeon sheds tears during art therapy session

December 30, 2011

During the recording of JTBC’s ‘Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys’ recently, an art therapy session which reveals one’s emotions and psychological state through drawings was conducted. Not only the five dangerous boys, Girls’ Generation took part in the psychotherapy as well to evaluate their own emotional and psychological conditions.

The girls and the five boys were all very serious during the course of the therapy. Out of a sudden, Hyoyeon teared up while painting a picture,taking the other members of Girls’ Generation and the staff on set by surprise.

Hyoyeon left the shooting set to calm herself and resumed shooting after that but when the art therapy specialist analyzed and evaluated Hyoyeon’s painting, Hyoyeon could not hold back her tears once again.

Meanwhile, the art therapy session conducted on that day yielded some astounding results. Make sure to catch JTBC’s ‘Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys’ to find out the psychological states of the boys through their drawings as well as the reason for the ever-joyful Hyoyeon’s tears at 7.30pm KST on January 1st, 2012.


More than 200,000 Kakao Talk users added Girls’ Generation as friends within just a day

December 29, 2011

Kakao Talk’s ‘Girls’ Generation Plus Friend’ service which was launched on December 28th received overwhelming response from users around the world. As of 5.30pm KST on December 29th, as many as 211,038 users have added Girls’ Generation as their friends on Kakao Talk.

Among all the stars listed on ‘Plus Friend’, Girls’ Generation broke the record for having more than 200,000 users adding them as friends within the shortest time.

By adding Girls’ Generation through ‘Plus Friends’, users are able to receive news about their performances, latest updates, videos, images and many other contents in real time and thus, growing interest towards this service is very much anticipated.


‘The Boys’ MV is the most shared Kpop video on Facebook in 2011

December 28, 2011

Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ music video is the most shared music video on Facebook this year.

On December 28th, social music service platform, Muzalive revealed that out of 89,450 Kpop music video links shared on Facebook this year (from January 1st to December 24th, 2011), Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ music video was  shared 959 times, more than any other Kpop music videos.

Super Junior’s ‘Mr.Simple’ which was shared 379 times, came in 2nd while Sistar 19′s ‘Ma Boy’ came in 3rd (shared 329 times). Besides ‘The Boys’, Girls’ Generation’s 2009 hit song ‘Gee’ was also within the top 5 where it was shared 200 times (5th).

If we classify the ranking according to artists who have the most videos being shared on Facebook within the top 50, Girls’ Generation again took the no.1 spot with 11 entries. Super Junior came in 2nd with 7 videos while Brown Eyed Girls took the no.3 spot with 3 entries.


J.Estina unveiled 2012 S/S advertisement visual

December 28, 2011

J.Estina revealed its Girls’ Generation’s 2012 S/S advertisement visual and the first image (for J.Estina’s handbag) which was released recently features Taeyeon, who gives out the feeling of spring with her white blouse and yellow mini skirt.

The attractive vivid yellow purse selected by Taeyeon is one of the items from the BONBON line. The golden macaron-shaped tiara logo is a symbol of the modern and elegant design of the purse.

For this shoot, with the combination of Girls’ Generation’s fresh and youthful smile, light-colored costumes representing the S/S season as well as J.Estina’s new Jewellery collection, the impression of bright sunshine during the spring season can be felt despite the winter’s sub-zero temperature.

From some of the J.Estina’s advertisement visuals revealed on December 27th, Girls’ Generation are featured as romantic modern-day princess where each of the 9 members will be showcasing their various unique charms.

Girls’ Generation who are always busy with their schedules participated in the shooting from early morning till late night. However, their various poses, bright smiles and energetic appearances had brighten up the atmosphere of the shooting set.


Girls’ Generation-only boots

December 27, 2011

The boots worn by Girls’ Generation during their performances of follow-up song ‘Mr.Taxi’ have recently garnered a lot of attention. These boots were custom made accordingly to match the costumes worn by the girls during ‘Mr.Taxi’ stages.

One aspect about the boots that becomes the hot talking point among netizens is the boots’ smaller-than-usual circumference. Just by taking a glance at the white boots, the word ‘slim’ would come to mind immediately.

A representative of the maker of the boots, shoe brand Perche said, “The boots that we made based on Girls’ Generation’s sizes are more than 5cm thinner and more than 5cm longer than the ordinary boots. These boots will not fit people with ordinary bodies”.


MC YoonA set to brighten up ’2011 SBS Gayo Daejun’

December 27, 2011

After being named the MC for ‘KBS Entertainment Awards’ on December 24th, YoonA’s MC-ing task is far from over as she was selected as the MC along with Lee SeungGi and Song JiHyo at the SBS ‘Gayo Daejun’ which will be held on December 29th at Ilsan Kintex.

The ’2011 SBS Gayo Daejun’ features variety of never-seen-before joint-performances by Beast, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, Kara, Super Junior, 2PM, etc.

Not only that, audience and viewers alike will be thrilled by special group ballad stages, strong and sexy performances by divas as well as intense and charismatic dance battle by male groups, etc.


Yuri’s role in SBS drama ‘Fashion King’ confirmed

December 27, 2011

On December 24th, ‘Fashion King”s PD along with scriptwriters Lee SunMi and Kim KiHo as well as Choi MoonSuk CP participated in the first script reading exercise held at the SBS Ilsan Production Center.

Also present at the Script reading session were Yoo Ah-In who will be playing the role of YoungGeol, Lee JeHoon who will be taking the role of JaeHyuk, Yuri, who went straight to SBS Ilsan Production Center as soon as she arrived from Japan as well as the other 20 actors. In the drama, Yuri will be playing the character, Anna.

During this very first session, the actors and actresses showed their enthuasism for ‘Fashion King’ as they put their emotions into the reading, just as though they were acting out the actual scenes in the drama.

‘Fashion King’ is a story about the challenges, success, love and desires of young individuals who take on the future and the world.


Get some tips to have Girls’ Generation’s beautiful bodylines!

December 26, 2011

A way to have Girls’ Generation’s attractive bodyline in a short period of time has been revealed.

On the episode of Star King aired on December 24th, Girls’ Generation’s trainer, Kim JiHoon, revealed a way to make your body as fit as girls’ within 10 minutes.

Kim JiHoon trains celebrities such as Jo YeoJung, Shin SeKyung, Ok JuHyun, ChangMin of DBSK, Seol KyungKoo and Park ShiHoo.

Kim JiHoon stated, “Just by following what I do, anyone can have leg-lines as pretty as Girls’ Generation’s.” Then, he introduced the 10-minute Girls’ Generation’ exercise. The exercise includes 4 minutes of shaking, 3 minute compos, 2 minute of side knee kick, and 1 minute of hot jumping.

On the show, Tiffany, Jessica, Sunny, and HyoYeon showed each exercise as an example. Tiffany was the first one to show the compos exercise for the leg. Then each member showed the example of exercise to train each part of their body.

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Girls’ Generation topped Gallup Korea’s ‘The Most Outstanding Singer of The Year’ for the third consecutive year

December 26, 2011

On December 26th, from a study entitled ‘The Most Outstanding Singer of The Year‘ conducted by Gallup Korea on 3,401 participants (male and female) from age 13 to 59 years old, Girls’ Generation topped the survey, garnering 26.1% of the total votes. This is the 3rd consecutive year Girls’ Generation topped the survey since 2009.

Girls’ Generation who have been receving much love through their latest hit ‘The Boys’, also topped the survey in all age groups (above 10 years old to 50 years old). With this, they are also the first artists who had managed to secure the no.1 spot in all age groups since the survey was first carried out by Gallup Korea in 2007.

Meanwhile, Big Bang took the no.2 spot with 8.2%, followed by Jang YoonJung in 3rd with 6.9%. Kim BumSoo came in 4th with 6.3% while IU took the 5th spot with 6.0%. Im JaeBum and 2PM shared the 6th spot while Park JungHyun and T-ara were both ranked 8th. Wonder Girls came in 10th.