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Girls’ Generation – TaeTiSeo breaking records worldwide!

April 30, 2012

Through their first mini album ‘Twinkle’, Girls’ Generation – TaeTiSeo becomes the first Korean artistes to be placed fourth on the iTunes USA Album Chart.

As soon as ‘Twinkle’ was released worldwide through iTunes at 12am KST on April 29th, it had managed to secure the fourth spot on the album chart, putting TaeTiSeo as the first Korean artistes to have recorded top 5 placing.

At the same time, this mini album has also put the girls at #2 in the iTunes Pop Album Chart behind popular British popstar Adele. This also, was the best achievement by Korean artistes in history so far. Besides this, TaeTiSeo’s ‘Twinkle’ also ranked very highly on the iTunes Album Charts in countries like Japan, Canada, Australia, England, Spain, etc.

In addition to these, Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo’s individual teaser videos, which were released one after another on YouTube have recorded more than 10 million views in total within just 4 days. On the day the teaser videos for all 3 members were released, two of the teaser videos were even ranked 1st and 2nd on YouTube’s daily worldwide chart for ‘Most Viewed Videos’ category. Not only that, in the previous week (April 23rd to April 29th), Taeyeon and Tiffany’s teaser videos which have been receiving explosive responses were ranked 4th and 6th respectively in the weekly chart for ‘Most Viewed Videos’ on YouTube.

Come April 30th, the music video of the mini album’s title song ‘Twinkle’ will be unveiled. This music video features a musical-like feel and gorgeousness, as well as Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo’s colorful charms. Besides that, cameo appearances by EXO-K’s members Kai, ChanYeol, SeHoon, BaekHyun are sure to heat up the anticipation among global music fans.


Jessica and Krystal show their sisterly love once again!

April 29, 2012

Certification shots of Jessica and her younger sister, f(x)’s Krystal have been uploaded by Krystal through her personal me2day account on April 29th.

Along with the photo, Krystal posted an update on me2day, “As we came out of our own rooms, this is the telepathic Jung Sisters in stripes.”

In the photos, Krystal and Jessica both wore different colored striped clothes. Sporting a casual look, Krystal was seen wearing a red striped shirt and a black skinny jeans. Jessica on the other hand, had on a one-piece black striped dress with a red cardigan over it, giving out a more feminine look.

Once, as there were discussions on how Krystal resembles YoonA, these photos serve as proof that in fact, Krystal has some resemblance to her elder sister, Jessica as well.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Jessica is pretty”, “Owners of superior genes”, “I want to meet their parents just for once”, “What an awesome family”, etc.


Why was Korea Yakult surprised by Girls’ Generation?

April 29, 2012

“Was Girls’ Generation’s influence this strong?”

The Korean Yakult company got a big surprise after signing Girls’ Generation to be their new model.

Before releasing their new dietary product ‘Look’, the Yakult company opened up a company Twitter account (!/yakultsweety) where they released snapshot photos of their CF, which the Girls’ Generation members took part in, and their soon-to-be distributed flyers.  What surprised the company was, not even 10 minutes after its release, hundreds people retweeted each of the posts.

An official from Yakult Korea commented in excitement, “In short, it was a magical experience.” He continued, “Our company has collaborated with many big models, but it is the first time that we have gotten such a big response.”

The commercials with the members of Girls’ Generation advertising the product is planned to be released next month. The commercial captures the femininity and maturity of the girls, also showing an ‘S-line that cannot be hidden’, gathering the attention of the many fans.

Meanwhile, the new soon-to-be released product holds three kinds of advantages — the inhibition of fat synthesis, allows the burning of fats and lastly, allows smooth bowel movements. The new product, labelled ‘Look’ will be the new dietary product released by Yakult Korea.


Girls’ Generation – TaeTiSeo’s ‘Twinkle’ a worldwide hit

April 29, 2012

Just hours after the its release at 12am KST on April 29th, Girls’ Generation – TaeTiSeo’s ‘Twinkle’ has topped various real time charts.

The title song of TaeTiSeo’s mini album ‘Twinkle’ has recorded an ‘all-kill’ since 9am KST on April 29th, securing the no.1 spots on melOn, Mnet, Olleh Music, Bigs! and other major music site’s real time charts.

Besides sweeping through the online music charts in Korea, ‘Twinkle’ has also achieved top 10 placings on iTunes Top Albums chart in various countries worldwide. Here are the screen captures showing how ‘Twinkle’ fares on iTunes Top Album chart in some countries.

#4 on iTunes USA

#1 on iTunes Bulgaria

#5 on iTunes Canada

#2 on iTunes Japan

#8 on iTunes New Zealand

#4 on iTunes Australia

#7 on iTunes Sweden

On April 29th, the mini album which consists of 7 songs was released worldwide through iTunes, while in Korea, only the title song ‘Twinkle’ was released through various online music sites. A representative of SM Entertainment said, “The remaining songs in the mini album will be released at midnight on April 30th”.

Offline sales will be kicking off starting May 2nd. Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo will begin their promotional activities starting May 3rd where the trio will be performing their first performance of ‘Twinkle’ on Mnet ‘M Countdown’.

Credit: Music/Naver Music/Daum Music

OST Queen Taeyeon to perform ‘Missing You Like Crazy’ on ‘Music Core’

April 28, 2012

OST Queen, Taeyeon will be presenting a special performance of ‘Missing You Like Crazy’, the OST of ‘The King 2 Hearts’ on MBC music programme ‘Show! Music Core’.

On April 27th, a representative of SM Entertainment told Joy News 24, “Taeyeon will be performing ‘Missing You Like Crazy’ for the first time on ‘Show! Music Core’”. Besides carrying out her MC-ing duty on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on April 28th, Taeyeon will also be presenting a special gift to the viewers of the drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’ by performing a special stage of the drama’s OST, ‘Missing You Like Crazy’ on the show.

Taeyeon who is dubbed as OST Queen through her hit OSTs such as ‘If’ (Hong GilDong’s OST), ‘Can You Hear Me?’ (Beethoven Virus’ OST) and others, maintains the ‘Invincible Taeyeon’s OST’ run with another hit ‘Missing You Like Crazy’.

The representative continued, “As the drama has been receiving so much love, we have been looking into the requests by fans who wish to watch the live performance of Taeyeon’s OST. This is a special performance for both Girls’ Generation’s fans as well as the viewers of ‘The King 2 Hearts’”.


Jessica and Daniel Henney shared photos taken together from Burberry event in Taiwan!

April 27, 2012

A friendly photo of Daniel Henney and Girls’ Generation member Jessica has been revealed.

On April 27th, actor Daniel Henney uploaded a photo of him and Jessica together at the Burberry Fashion show in Taiwan, which was held on the evening of April 26th, to his Twitter account. He also included a comment, “Great event last night! Had fun w/Jessica from snsd…”

The released photo shows Daniel and Jessica being friendly and posing together, standing side-by-side. Seeing two good-looking people together has made netizens jealous.

Some of the netizens’ responses to the photo were, “Wow, they look good together”, “They are a good looking couple”, “That’s a good sight”, “Seeing Daniel and Jessica standing together makes them look like a couple”, and “I’m so jealous”.

Meanwhile, Jessica also left a message at the official Girls’ Generation website in the afternoon of April 27th, where she also uploaded a photo with Daniel Henney from the same event and she did not forget to thank the Taiwanese fans for their warm reception.

In her message, she said,
Had fun with Daniel :)
I had fun on my Taiwan schedule ^^ I am very thankful to all the Taiwan fans that greeted me so warmly~
I ate lots of delicious bubble tea and pineapple cake!
See you all again! ^^

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Jessica and Tiffany surprise with twin-like looks!

April 27, 2012

Jessica and Tiffany transformed into twin sisters.

On an online community forum recently, photos of Jessica and Tiffany at the opening of a Chanel Make-up Pop-up Store were published. In the photos revealed, Jessica and Tiffany were seen in pearl-decorated feminine white dresses and wavy brown-toned hair styles.

The two ladies, who gave out a strong scent of spring, have attracted the attention of many with their twin sisters-like loveliness and exotic feel. Netizens who saw the photos gave various reactions and commented, “They seem like twin princesses”, “They gave me a feeling that they really are true sisters”, etc.


Girls’ Generation members were shocked to see Yoona and Jang Geun Seuk’s kiss scene!

April 27, 2012

Yoona revealed her group members’ reactions after seeing her kiss scene with Jang Geun Suk in ‘Love Rain’.

On April 27th, during a recording of the Monday-Tuesday KBS 2TV drama ‘Love Rain’, which was held in Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, an on-location interview was conducted with the ‘Love Rain’ cast. Yoona was asked, “What is the reaction of the Girls’ Generation members after seeing you in the drama ‘Love Rain’?”

Yoona replied, “Not long ago there was a kiss scene with Jang Geun Suk, and after seeing that, the members were all shocked saying that the kiss was too deep”. She carried on, “I was also shocked after seeing it too. It didn’t seem so bad at the time when we were filming it, but actually seeing it on screen was quite different. It was quite deep.”

She also added, “At the time of filming the kiss scene, because Jang Geun Suk’s character was a playboy, it was his responsibility to ‘lead’ the kiss. This scene would have been harder and more embarrassing for Jang Geun Suk than me. All I had to do was stand still and get kissed.”

Yoona also talked about the kiss scene between Yuri and Lee Jae Hoon on SBS’s drama ‘Fashion King’ and how it caused a fun argument at the dorm. “Yuri and I would argue whose kiss scene was ‘deeper’. But in the end, the other members would just close the argument with “both of your kiss scenes were extreme”.”

Meanwhile, in the drama ‘Love Rain’, Yoona plays the character of a modern day girl of 2012 called Jung Hana, as well as a character based in the 70s called Kim Yoon Hee.


[UPDATED] Tiffany and Seohyun’s ‘Twinkle’ teasers released + tracklist!

April 27, 2012

Ahead of the release of Girls’ Generation unit, TaeTiSeo’s mini album ‘Twinkle’, the teaser video of Taeyeon will be revealed.

On April 25th, the first teaser video of the mini album will be released through Girls’ Generation’s official website, YouTube and Facebook page. The teaser video to be revealed today will unveil Taeyeon’s new look and appearance.

Starting with Taeyeon, the teaser videos which boasts Girls’ Generation – TaeTiSeo’s colorful charms will be revealed one by one starting today, April 25th.

However, Girls’ Generation – TaeTiSeo’s music and performance is still very much a mystery up to this point and there is a growing curiosity among fans as days passed.


Update 1: Taeyeon’s teaser video for ‘Twinkle’ released!


Update 2: Tiffany and Seohyun’s ‘Twinkle’ teasers released + tracklist!

Tiffany and Seohyun’s teasers were revealed days ahead of the mini album’s release and fans were also teased with the tracklist from ‘Twinkle’, which consists of seven brand new songs.

1. Twinkle
2. Baby Steps
3. OMG (Oh My God)
4. Library
5. 안녕 (Good-bye, Hello)
6. 처음이었죠 (Love Sick)
7. 체크메이트 (Checkmate)

‘Baby Steps’ is a medium tempo groove and refined R&B style song that tells the sad story of a timid girl who gathers her courage together for the man she admires while ‘OMG’ is an electronic retro pop song that delivers its unique beat through the collaboration of vintage and latest trend. ‘Love Sick’ is a song that describes the beautiful expression of a shy girl who falls in love for the first time and ‘Goodbye, Hello’ will be a song with an upbeat shuffle rhythm that describes the post-separation feeling of a girl who still could not believe that her relationship has ended.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation – TaeTiSeo will kick off their activities with their first performance of ‘Twinkle’ on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ on May 3rd.