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Which member of Girls’ Generation does TaeTiSeo want to recruit into the subunit?

May 23, 2012

Girls’ Generation-TTS chose Hyoyeon as the member whom they like to carry out their activities with.

On MBC ‘Beautiful Concert’ aired on May 22nd, Girls’ Generation-TTS performed ‘Twinkle’ and ‘Baby Steps’ and showed their wits in replying to questions directed at them by the MC.

In reply to MC of the show, Hong KyungMin’s question, “What was the reason for forming a unit consisting of 3 members out of the 9 members in Girls’ Generation?”, Taeyeon said, “The other members have their own acting activities. The three of us wanted to put more focus on music.”

After that Hong KyungMin asked, “If TaeTiSeo were to recruit one person into the unit, who would it be?”. Seohyun replied, “Probably it’s Hyoyeon. I think it will be great as Hyoyeon will be dancing while the three of us are singing.”

Tiffany added, “As Hyoyeon is participating in MBC ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ recently, I think her Rumba dance would go well with our music”, expressing her admiration towards Hyoyeon’s dancing skill.

Girls’ Generation-TTS, who is currently promoting as a unit group, is enjoying huge success by topping various music programs – MBC Music Show Champion (Champion Song for 3 consecutive weeks), Mnet M!Countdown (no.1 for 2 consecutive weeks), KBS Music Bank K-Chart (no.1 for 2 consecutive weeks) and SBS Inkigayo (Mutizen Song for 2 consecutive weeks).


Jessica reveals sexy charms in Elle!

May 22, 2012

Jessica’s sexy charms were revealed through her recent pictorial shots for ‘Elle’.

While taking a break and preparing for Girls’ Generation’s next Japanese release, Jessica recently had a photo shoot and interview with ‘Elle’. During the interview, Jessica, whose look often gives the impression that she is a cold and scary person, mentioned that people close to her gave her nicknames that suggest the opposite, such as ‘Heodang (one who is easily confused)’ and ‘Jinguk (an honest person)’, revealing a totally different kind of beauty and charms in her.

On the statement “Up till today, you haven’t even been to a blind date”, Jessica confessed, “I want to try going on an ordinary date where we get to eat ddeokboggi (spicy rice cake) on a street and go to an amusement park together.”

On the question whether there is the ‘Jessica that no else knows’ that she would be sad if people would not know, Jessica said that in order for it to be a secret, no one else should know about it other than herself, drawing waves of laughter on the shooting set.


MBC Korean Music Wave in Google concluded successfully!

May 22, 2012

The ‘MBC Korean Music Wave in Google’ concert took place at 11am KST on May 22nd (local time, 7pm PDT on May 21st) in Shoreline Amphitheater, California, USA and was aired live worldwide simultaneously through YouTube.

On the previous day, SM artists performed at the ‘SM Town Live World Tour III in Los Angeles’ held at Honda Center in Anaheim in front of more than 12,000 fans. For the two concerts, the girls had to perform with only seven members as Yuri and YoonA were busy with their drama shoots.

The girls opened their performances with the English version of ‘The Boys’ and they covered YoonA and Yuri’s parts professionally throughout the song. Without an interpreter, the girls had some great time interacting with the audience.

Girls’ Generation then continued to captivate the audience with ‘Mr. Taxi’ and ‘Gee’. During the early part of their ‘Gee’ performance, there was a technical problem with the microphone. Nonetheless, the members kept their focus, showing no signs of panic and wrapped up their performances professionally.

‘MBC Korean Music Wave in Google’ was hosted by Taeyeon and Tiffany with great performances by some of the biggest stars of Kpop such as Girls’ Generation,TVXQ, Wonder Girls, Kara, Beast, MBLAQ, Sistar, f(x) and Super Junior. During Girls’ Generation’s performances the number of viewers rose to more than 119,000, which was the highest figure observed throughout the concert.

For those who did not manage to catch the girls’ brilliant performances, check out the video below:


Jessica and Tiffany grace ‘Vogue Girl’ with Chanel

May 21, 2012

Tiffany and Jessica had a pictorial shooting for ‘Vogue Girl’ at the Chanel Make-up Popup Store. The pictorials were shot in conjunction with the opening of the world’s very first Chanel make-up popup store.

Tiffany and Jessica were selected for the shoot because they are the fashion and beauty icons for females in the 20s, who are known for their trendiness and global star status.

In addition to that Jessica and Tiffany said, “Chanel’s very own classic and modern beauty styles have always been our favorite.” The two ladies participated in the project actively and although the shoot went on till 2am in the morning, they were fully focused and adapted themselves perfectly to various styles and looks. Upon seeing this, the staff were truly impressed.

For the pictorials, Jessica and Tiffany put on Chanel’s classic and colorful clothing and gave out their lovely looks through pink and peach colored make-ups. During the opening pictorial shoot, 100 individuals had been invited by Chanel and ‘Vogue Girl’ to witness the transformation of Jessica and Tiffany for the shoot in front of their eyes.

These lovely photos of Jessica and Tiffany are available in June’s edition of ‘Vogue Girl’.


TaeTiSeo reveal secret to their slim bodies

May 18, 2012

During the recent recording of SBS E! ‘TV Cultwo Show – Talking About With Stars’, Girls’ Generation – TTS revealed the secret of keeping their bodies slim.

On this episode of ‘TV Cultwo Show’, Taeyeon said, “I cook and eat ramyun late at night”. Upon hearing this, the DJ asked, “How on earth did you manage to maintain your body figures?”. In reply to the question, the girls replied, “After eating, we don’t sleep”.

Also, about the ’900kCal diet’ topic which was once a hot issue, the girls reacted by saying, “How is it possible to consume only 900kCal?”

Make sure to catch the girls on SBS E! ‘TV Cultwo Show’ which will be aired on May 21st at 11am KST as they reveal the secrets of maintaining their beautiful figures.


Taeyeon chosen as the idol who would be a good vocal teacher

May 17, 2012

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon was ranked #1 as the ‘Idol who will also be a good vocal teacher’.

From May 10th to 16th, the online music site, Monkey3, ran a poll asking their users “Which idol do you think will also be a good vocal teacher?” and first place went to Girls’ Generation lead vocalist Taeyeon, who gained 43% of the total votes (153 votes out of 357 participants).

As the lead vocal for Girls’ Generation and also a member of the current unit TTS, Taeyeon is well-known for having the best vocals out of the idol groups. People who took part in the poll left such comments, “Not only does Taeyeon have a great voice, but she also sings with such emotions and expresses the songs so well”, and “Because she has great basics and can cover a wide range of music genres, I think she could be a great teacher”.

After Taeyeon, Sistar’s Hyorin came in second place with 13% of the votes and 2AM’s Changmin with 12% at third place. Other than the top three, Big Bang’s Taeyang, 2NE1′s Park Bom and MBLAQ’s G.O were also among those who ranked on the list.


Sooyoung turns Barbie for High Cut Issue 77!

May 16, 2012

Sooyoung transformed into Barbie while showing off her national treasure-like beautiful leg lines.

Sooyoung appeared as a Barbie girl in the photoshoot section of ‘High Cut’, a magazine featuring star style, published on May 17th. Sooyoung, with the best leg lines among the Girls’ Generation members, showed off her perfect mannequin body figure without any packaging or correction. The photoshoot featured Sooyoung, who wore a blonde wig, improving the perfection of her goddess-like beauty. This photoshoot incorporates the style of the 2012 S/S Tory Burch Collection inspired by Deauville – a France vacation spot by the sea in the 1920s. It features a large variety of fashionista looks such as the refreshing retro look, elegant dresses and feminine lady look.

During the interview that took place after the photoshoot, Sooyoung talked about her first drama experience in tvN’s ‘The 3rd Hospital’. She revealed her anxiety and said, “My role Eu Jin does a lot of aegyo, but I’m a woman without any aegyo so it’s a difficulty to me.” She further explained, “Girls’ Generation members have no aegyo towards men, that’s why I can’t learn from them.” When asked about her life being a Girls’ Generation member, she said, “Thanks to members, my life is successful. When people my age are working part-time to earn their school fees, I have 8 sisters with me. I’m currently receiving too much love for my ability.”

In response to her new nickname ‘Fashionista’, Sooyoung said, “I do pay attention to fashion in usual days, I’m grateful that it is acknowledged. In fact, I did not know that Jessica is so interested in fashion. She’s a friend who wore white T-shirt and jeans when she was young. Now that she finds something that suits her good body figure and she really became a fashionista.”


Seohyun sends Teachers’ Day message to previous high school teacher

May 16, 2012

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, whose full name is Seo Juhyun, has been gathering attention for the message she had sent to her old high school teacher, after not being able to go and visit her on Teachers’ Day.

On an online community blog site, a post was put up with the title, “Message sent to class teacher on Teachers’ Day from Seohyun”, along with a photo showing the screen capture of the message.

The message left by Seohyun’s showed how sad she was for not being able to go visit her old teacher. The message reads, “Teacher~~ I miss you. :’(  I’m sorry for not being able to come and see you on Teachers’ Day.  :(  I’m always thankful for your guidance!! When my current promotions end, I will come visit you with my album!! ^^ I love you.”

Her teacher then replied, “Wow! I’m enjoying listening to TTS at the moment. I’m very proud of you and will always look out for you”, also sending words of encouragement.

Netizens, who came across the photo, left comments such as, “The teacher has kept a great student. I hope that you two will meet after TTS promotions are over”, “How proud will the teacher be? I wish I had a student like that” and “Seohyun’s mind is as beautiful as her looks”.


Happy SUNNY Day!

May 14, 2012

It’s 515 again! The bright SUNNY day has arrived. 23 years ago today, a cute and talented girl named Lee SoonKyu was born. Like her stage name, she is the sunshine and the energy pill to everyone around her and because of her, everyday is a sunny day in our hearts regardless of where we are and how the weather changes.

Whether it’s calling for punches or collar grabs, no one could resist her heart-melting excessive aegyo and her brighter-than-the-sun smiles. What makes her even cuter is her shy personality in real life. Deep within the playful girl that she is, Sunny has shown great maturity and determination in everything she does. Don’t mess up with this girl though. Maknae Seohyun once warned that her Sunny unnie looks scary when she’s angry.

Although small in stature, do not underestimate this cheerful girl as things that she can do and achieve would definitely wow you big time. Through KBS 2TV ‘Invincible Youth’ particularly, her variety talent and skills are well-acknowledged. Among the G8 members who were cast in season 1, Sunny is the only member to appear in the second season of the variety program. To fans, viewers and PD alike, Sunny’s contribution and experience to the program is hugely significant.

From catching chicken and fish to MC-ing for MTV Music Island, Sunny continues to impress through something she has never done before, a musical appearance. Alternating her role as Nurse Brenda in the musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’ with CSJH The Grace’s Dana and Choi WooRi, Sunny has once again proved that nothing could stop her from being an all-rounder. Even before her musical ended on May 12th, Sunny was nominated for ‘The Best Female Newcomer Award’ at ‘The 6th Musical Award’ for her role as Brenda in ‘Catch Me If You Can’. We hope that our Aegyo Queen would take home the award as it will definitely serves as an encouragement for her to advance further in the musical field.

Like other Girls’ Generation members such as YoonA, Jessica, Yuri and Sooyoung, it would be nice to see Sunny in a drama as well. As there is nothing this girl cannot do, We are pretty sure that she will pull it off excellently. Sunny’s energy, confidence, perseverance, hardwork and level of maturity on top of her irresistible aegyo have been the source of inspiration to all, not only her fellow Soshi sisters and SONEs. Therefore, It does not come as a surprise that SoonKyu is receiving lots of love and respect from everyone she has been working with. would like to take this opportunity to wish our beloved Lee SoonKyu a happy and blessed 23rd birthday. May all your dreams and wishes come true always. Thank you for being such an inspiration and also for your unconditional love towards SONEs. We love you too.

Happy 썬탄절 everyone!

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