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Happy Birthday to Tiffany Hwang, the one and only eyesmile angel!

July 31, 2012

A lot of little things in our lives have changed after we got to know Girls’ Generation and became SONEs. Little things such as the last day of the months, which used to be insignificant, are now the time to flip our calendars to see the girls of the next month on the calendar pages, be it from the official calendar or from fanmade ones. Of course, certain dates become more significant in our lives because they are related to the girls in one way or another.

Come midnight, August 1st is not only a brand new day, a brand new month but also a very special day, as it is the birthday of the one and only Tiffany Hwang from Girls’ Generation. August is made special not only because of Tiffany’s birthday but it is also complemented by the fact that the group’s debut anniversary falls on August 5th, mere days after Tiffany’s birthday.

2012 is the 5th anniversary of Girls’ Generation and it is also perhaps, the fifth birthday we have celebrated with the lovely Tiffany. For those of us who did not get to know Girls’ Generation right from the start, nothing can remove the sense of regret but with determination, we know that we will be right here to celebrate the many, many years to come and we shall walk along the path together.

Tiffany, the one who showed us the definition of eyesmiles, the one whom people will describe as sweet, kind and angelic, the one who is always there to support her members, be it dramas, musicals and Hyoyeon’s dancing competitions.

The past year has been a meaningful one for the girls and especially Tiffany. She took part in FAME the musical, her first attempt in musicals, and wowed everyone with her acting and singing. Along with Taeyeon and Seohyun, they formed a subunit trio TaeTiSeo and released a chart-breaking mini album ‘Twinkle’. Overall, we saw Tiffany maturing and taking a step further in various aspects as a performer.

The past year also saw Girls’ Generation taking a step towards the American music market and to American-born Tiffany, it was a dream come true to be performing on big stages in Los Angeles and New York, not to mention on the prestigious television programs such as ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and ‘Live! With Kelly’. We can’t help but feel like we are bursting with pride for this girl who had left her hometown alone at such a young age to pursue her dreams and to be able to return home with her dreams completed.

For weeks, I pondered and fretted about what to write in this birthday tribute. However, at the end of the day, I realized that what matters most wasn’t the fancy words to use or the photos and videos to post. What’s more important was the memories we have shared of Tiffany and Girls’ Generation throughout the years (and certainly much much more to come in the future); these memories and fond thoughts will naturally make the heartfelt well wishes we hoped to deliver. Words and videos become repetitive but sincere thoughts from the hearts can only grow more, day by day.

With this, I would like to wish Tiffany a very happy, awesome, fantastic, great, fabulous [insert everything that's synonymous to nice] 24th Birthday! And huge thanks to the Thai SONEs and their warm welcome of Tiffany to the lovely country!

Also, a huge round of applause for Girls’ Generation’s 5th anniversary that’s coming up in just a few days! It’s the 5th anniversary but we know we will be around the 10th, 20th, 50th anniversaries to come! Happy 5th anniversary!

Credit:, theStephi, Vogue Girl, Soshicafe

Yesung tweets a photo with Seohyun!

July 26, 2012

On July 26th, Yesung tweeted through his personal Twitter account, “With my dongsaeng (younger sister), Seohyun who is really nice” and attached a photo of himself and Seohyun along with his status update.

In the photo shared, Yesung and Seohyun were looking at the camera while striking a heartwarming pose together with bright smiles on their faces. Dressed in a white one-piece to match with her feminine wavy hairstyle as well as neat make-up, Seohyun flaunted her mature charm.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Awesome… Yesung is handsome and Seohyun is pretty!”, “What should I eat to be like Seohyun? I need the recipe urgently”, etc.


YoonA in black and white

July 23, 2012

YoonA’s captivating femme fatale charm was revealed by photographer Oh JoongSuk on July 23rd via Twitter. The photographer posted an update on his personal Twitter account, “YoonA’s photos” and attached a link to a set of unrevealed black and white photos of YoonA.

In the photos revealed, YoonA who has long hair with bangs was seen posing while lying on a sofa. Dressed in a one-piece dress, YoonA whose flawless ‘S-line’ was emphasized through her poses, flaunted her captivating and sexy charm. The black and white effect added some mysterious feel to the photos.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “She looks like a living doll”, “She looks like an actress in a black and white movie”, etc.


Jung sisters amaze with their exceptional beauty!

July 20, 2012

Jessica and her younger sister f(x)’s Krystal are the representative of beautiful-looking sisters in the Korean world of entertainment. Jessica’s Korean name is Jung SooYeon while Krystal’s is Jung SooJung and they are both known as the ‘Jung Sisters’ in the entertainment industry.

Being in the same agency but different groups, Jessica and Krystal receive lots of love from fans particularly for their exceptional beauty and talents. Besides that, the sisters have very unique sense of fashion, which garners a lot of attention among female fans. Everything about the Jung sisters, whose beauty are not bound by time and place, is being examined closely.

1. The resemblance of Jung sisters
At the start of her debut, in the eyes of many, Krystal seemed to resemble Yuri more than Jessica. However, if we examine closely, the sisters share many similar features. Their eyes may be different but the profile of their nose and lips tells us that they are indeed sisters. Also, the shape of their faces are also similar to each other.

Recently, Jessica and Krystal were involved in the photoshoot of the fashion magazine, Marie Claire. Dressed in the same outfits with the same hair styles, the two sisters look very much alike. With no bangs on their oval-shaped faces and styled long hair, as well as slim figures, the sisters would shine in any dress.

2. They even have similar body figures
The Jung sisters are known for their feminine ‘S’ curves. Similarly, with their slender legs, the sisters look stunning in skinny jeans. Also, we have also seen how well they have matched black skinny jeans and colored pants stylishly. Particularly, Jessica who is known for her fashionable airport attires, has attracted attention with her neat appearance as she appeared at an airport wearing a pair of oxford shoes to match her blue-colored pants.

In addition to that, the Jung sisters who have both appeared in baseball stadiums to make the opening pitches also wore matching skinny jeans and sport shoes, giving out the ‘sporty’ feel about them. However, wearing the sneakers, Krystal gave out and emphasized a somewhat casual feel but Jessica’s pink-colored sport shoes added more cuteness to her appearance instead.

Jung sisters’ unmissable feminine beauty is being highlighted whenever they put on dresses. At the 2012 Mnet ’20′s Choice’ Blue Carpet, Krystal was seen in a white mini-dress that flaunted her beautiful slim figure, much to the desire of every women. On the other hand, at the launching party of a certain brand, Jessica boasted both her feminine and sexy look at the same time with her see-through blouse and white skirt. Particularly, the see-through blouse has a crop top design, exposing part of her abs.


How to not cast invalid votes for Hyoyeon in ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′?

July 19, 2012

According to MBC on July 19th, Sooyoung who visited Hyoyeon in her practice room, voted for Hyoyeon using her family members’ mobile phones every week. However, she was sad to find out that all this while, the votes that she sent through text messages for Hyoyeon in ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ were in fact, not valid.

The reason for the ‘spoiled votes’ was due to the fact the text messages sent contained various emoticons. Only Hyoyeon’s name and her contestant number will be accepted by the voting system. Girls’ Generation members’ messages such as ‘Hyoyeon ♥♥’, ‘Hyoyeon is no.1′, ‘Dear judges, please give high scores to Hyoyeon’ were all invalid.

Hyoyeon who is thankful for the support from her fellow members said, “Nowadays, the sentence ‘I’ve cast my vote’ is the most touching to me”. She added, “Next time, it will be great if you could just write ‘Hyoyeon’ and send in the votes”, preventing further invalid votes being cast in the future.

Catch Hyoyeon’s performances in the final of ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ at 9.55pm KST on July 20th which will also feature special performances by Hyoyeon, Choi YeoJin, Psy and Kim GyuRi.


2AM’s JinWoon receives a thoughtful gift from Seohyun!

July 19, 2012

On July 19th, 2AM’s Jung JinWoon revealed the gift he received from Seohyun as he tweeted from his personal Twitter account, “Ah.. she is really the best friend that I have” and attached a photo of the gift he received from the Girls’ Generation maknae.

In the photo, there was a birthday card made by Seohyun herself and a box of health supplements. On the card, Seohyun’s message to JinWoon read, “My dear friend JinWoon-ah. Take care of your health and have a safe journey to the jungle. I’m cheering you on for the risky adventure you’re embarking on. Jung JinWoon! Fighting ~ Seohyun.”

The gift is a sign of support from Seohyun to JinWoon who will be making a journey to the jungle in SBS ‘Law of The Jungle 2′. Jung JinWoon will be joining Kim ByungMan and the cast of the show as they embark on a journey to Madagascar for a 3-week filming starting July 20th.


Yuri, Sunny and Seohyun watched ‘Hairspray’ musical with Superstar K’s Esna!

July 19, 2012

On July 19th, a contestant of ‘Superstar K’, Yoon Bit Nara (also known as Esna) posted an update on her personal Twitter account, “Thanks to Yuri, I had a fun and exciting time watching the musical ‘Hairspray’. Gong HyungJin sunbaenim awesome, everyone is awesome! To all the pretty juniors, you guys are awesome too. Hairspray was AMAZING! Fun times with Yuri, Sunny & Seohyun.”

In the photo uploaded, Yuri, Seohyun, Sunny and Yoonbit Nara went backstage to look for actor Gong HyungJin and snapped a photo together with a ‘V-sign’ pose. Although the girls did not wear much make-up, their natural beauty stood out.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Seohyun is pretty”, “I wish to know where to get the blouse that Yuri was wearing”, etc.


Get to know Korean culture with Girls’ Generation

July 19, 2012

Girls’ Generation is featured in the ‘Korea Promotion Guide Book’ by Professor Seo KyungDuk of Sungshin Women’s University.

On July 19th, Professor Seo KyungDuk said, “A guide book to promote the culture of Korea Republic featuring Korea’s representative group Girls’ Generation will be published. For the convenience of foreigners, the guide book is written in English and it introduces the main cultural contents of Korea Republic – Hangul (Korean alphabets), Hansik (Korean food), Hanbok (Korean traditional dress), Hanji (Korean traditional handmade paper) and Hanok (Korean traditional house)”.

Professor Seo KyungDuk added, “Today, with the widespread of the Kpop worldwide, I feel that there is a need for promotional materials that introduce Korea’s culture to go along with it. So, I came up with the idea of providing a guidebook that will be easily available anywhere in the world”.

He further explained, “With the guide book that features the current representative of Korean culture contents, Girls’ Generation, it is not just another guidebook that one will only look at it once but it will be made of high quality, environmental-friendly papers so that young people from all around the world would want to keep collecting them like bromide posters”.

Representative from SM Entertainment said, “Through participation in the guide book, Girls’ Generation vows to work harder in order to spread the awareness on the Korean culture even more extensively”.

Starting from next week, 50,000 copies will be distributed to foreigners visiting the Yeosu EXPO and 30,000 copies will be made available in London, the host of the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games. Besides that, 20,000 copies are also expected to be distributed among famous universities throughout the world.


So JiSub and Kwak DoWon are fans of Girls’ Generation

July 18, 2012

Actors So JiSub and Kwak DoWon displayed their affection for Girls’ Generation.

On the SBS “One Night TV Entertainment” aired on 18th, the staff visited the filming set of SBS TV drama “Ghost”. During the visit, So JiSub said, “I am actually close with Kwak DoWon and we have a good team work”.

Upon hearing this, Kwak DoWon replied, “I should be hating him upon seeing the expressions in his eyes, but instead, love was what I felt”.

So JiSub then revealed, “I laughed very hard when ‘Crazy Cow (Kwak DoWon’s nickname in the drama)’ sang along to Girls’ Generation’s song”. After that, Kwak DoWon confessed, “I love Girls’ Generation” and So JiSub added “I’m also a fan of Girls’ Generation”

In the drama “Ghost”, both So JiSub (Kim WooHyun/Park KiYoung) and Kwak DoWon (Kwon HyukJoo) are colleagues and rivals in the cyber investigation team.

For those who missed the part where Kwak DoWon sang ‘Twinkle’ in the drama ‘Ghost’, here you go: