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Girls’ Generation performs on Nippon TV’s ‘Music Lovers’!

October 8, 2012

Girls’ Generation captivated the Japanese audience with their dazzling beauty and ever-impressive dance moves on Nippon TV’s ‘Music Lovers’ aired on October 7th, where they performed the Japanese version of ‘Oh!’, ‘All My Love Is For You’ and ‘Mr. Taxi’.

The broadcast attracted a lot of attention, especially with the appearance of Imada Koji, a comedian who claimed to be the girls’ hardcore fan. Watching Girls’ Generation’s performances together with the audience, Imada Koji made gestures of having heart attacks several times and fell to the floor, drawing laughter from everyone in the studio. Imada Koji, an actor cum comedian, once appeared in Girls’ Generation’s ‘Time Machine’ music video. The ballad was one of the songs included in the 1st Japanese Album (repackaged) ‘Girls’ Generation~The Boys~’.

After their performances, Imada Koji met up with the girls on stage and said, “I came here, leaving my 27 years of experience in the entertainment world at home”, showing a warm welcome to the girls not as a colleague in the industry but as a fan. The girls responded by saying, “Thanks to Mr. Imada, we were able to deliver more powerful performances.”

Besides that, during a corner of the show where the girls were asked to show their charms, Imada Koji once again fell to the floor due to Sunny’s irresistible aegyo, showing his true side as a fan and at the same time, keeping the audience entertained with his sense of humor.

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The One sings praises of ex-student Taeyeon!

October 4, 2012

Singer, The One, revealed his first impression of Taeyeon.

On YTN’s ‘News 12 – Issue and People’ aired on October 4th, The One, who was once a vocal trainer, talked about one of his students, Taeyeon.

During the programme, The One said, “Within the period of 10 years, I have taught over 400 artists including TVXQ, Super Junior, Sugar, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, etc and they were all bright students, especially Taeyeon.”

He continued, “While I was coaching her for 2-3 years when she was still in middle school, I knew she was different from the moment I saw the expressions in her eyes. She was very aware of the goals that she had to achieve and she kept her focus in achieving her goals.”


[UPDATED] Sooyoung shows gratitude on ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ for recent Oricon success

October 3, 2012

On SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ aired on October 3rd, MC Yoon DoHyun congratulated his fellow MC of the show, Sooyoung on Girls’ Generation’s recent success in capturing the no.1 spot for 3 weekly charts on Oricon at the same time.

Sooyoung expressed her gratitude on the impressive achievement by saying, “I’m really thankful to the Oppas (older male fans), unnies (older female fans), uncles, aunties, dongsaengs (younger male and female fans) and friends who have given so much love to Girls’ Generation. We shall be the Girls’ Generation that work hard”.

By winning 3 weekly charts at the same time, Girls’ Generation are the only female and foreign artist who have managed to achieve such feat so far. Upon hearing Sooyoung’s words, Yoon DoHyun commented, “I’m pleased too”, expressing his delight on Girls’ Generation’s success.


Girls’ Generation, the first female artist to top 3 Oricon weekly charts at the same time

October 2, 2012

Girls’ Generation topped Oricon’s Weekly Singles Chart (October 8th edition) through their 5th Japanese single ‘Oh!’ which was released on September 26th with sales of about 66,000 copies throughout the first week of its release.

Besides the single’s successful release, the ‘Girls’ Generation Complete Video Collection’ DVD and Blu-ray which were released on the same day as the 5th single also topped the weekly charts of their respective divisions with sales of 40,000 copies (DVD) and 19,000 copies (Blu-ray) respectively.

With such impressive sales volume, Girls’ Generation had successfully secured the no.1 spot on 3 different divisions, making them the second artist to have achieved such a feat after Japan’s popular group, Mr. Children. Among female artists as well as foreign artists, Girls’ Generation are the first to have topped 3 divisions at the same time.


Get ready for ‘SMTown Live World Tour III in Singapore’!

October 1, 2012

The hugely successful ‘SMTown Live World Tour III’ kicked off in Los Angeles in May 2012 and has since toured many countries including Taiwan, Japan, Korea and recently Indonesia. For the 6th stop, the concert for the first time ever, one of the largest Kpop concert to date, will take place in Singapore on November 23rd!

The ‘SMTown Live World Tour III in Singapore’ will be held on November 23rd at The Float @ Marina Bay – the world’s largest floating stage and it is sure to be an amazing music extravaganza with fantastic performances from the SMTown artists along with spectacular effects!

Tickets will be divided into of 4 categories – Cat 1 (VIP) S$268, Cat 2 (Moshpit) S$238, Cat 3 S$218, Cat 4 S$168 – available from 29 Sep 2012 (10.00am) to 1 Oct 2012 (11.59pm) for a 3-day priority booking period for Samsung and OCBC Card customers; and 2 Oct 2012 (12.01am) onwards to the public.

The public sale will commence on October 2nd from 12.01am onwards via all SISTIC counter, phone and online bookings while Malaysian fans will be able to purchase their tickets from Ticketcharge counter, phone and online bookings ( from 2 Oct 2012, 12.01am onwards and each purchase is capped at a maximum of 8 tickets per transaction

Meanwhile, the availability of the tickets after the priority sale is as such:

Cat 1 (VIP): S$268 – very limited
Cat 2 (Moshpit A): S$238 – very limited
Cat 3 (Moshpit B): S$238 – very limited
Cat 4 (Moshpit C): S$238 – very limited
Cat 5: S$218
Cat 6: S$168

Please note:
CAT 7 tickets are completely sold out.
Public sales will commence at 12:01am via online booking only.
Please contact SISTIC & TICKETCHARGE respectively for their hotline & outlets operation hours for next morning’s purchase.

More information is also available at will also be covering this event live from Singapore so stay tuned!