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Girls’ Generation celebrates 2000th day anniversary with ‘I Got A Boy’ triple crown on M!Countdown!

January 24, 2013

Girls’ Generation wins their triple crown for ‘I Got A Boy’ on Mnet’s M!Countdown!

The third consecutive win for ‘I Got A Boy’ on M!Countdown today was extra meaningful because today, January 24th, happened to be the 2000th day since Girls’ Generation’s debut on August 5th, 2007!

For their triple crown today, Girls’ Generation won with a total of 8,367 points over CN Blue’s new song ‘I’m Sorry’ with 6,991 points.

Check out their ‘I Got A Boy’ performance and win!

Congratulations girls!

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Girls’ Generation raises funds for retinitis pigmentosa patients with charity auction!

January 15, 2013

At the start of 2013, Girls’ Generation members ran an auction together with Beautiful Store to help patients diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease that causes severe vision impairment and often blindness. This auction was initially proposed by Sooyoung and eventually they raised a total of 5,841,000 Won for the patients.

It started with a campaign named ‘Sooyoung’s wish for lights in the dark world’ (수영과 함께 까만 세상에 빛을 희망해), organised by Beautiful Store, Daum and QTV. Girls’ Generation members then donated their items which were put up for auction on Daum’s site of Hope from December 16th, 2012 to January 5th, 2013.

The auction was meaningful since Sooyoung proposed herself, and all other members participated in support. Sooyoung had always cared for patients who lost their visions and is concerned about their treatment and disease prevention.

This time, Girls’ Generation members donated a total of 17 items that they treasured for the campaign. These include Seohyun’s handbag and clothes, Sooyoung’s watch and bromide photo frame, Sunny’s bag, YoonA’s sunglasses, Tiffany’s watch, Hyoyeon’s shoes and items from other members.

Among these items, Jessica’s shoes (pictured above) were sold for the highest price of 650,000 Won, followed by YoonA’s sunglasses at 609,000 Won, Tiffany’s wristwatch at 600,000 won, YoonA’s fur hat at 540,000 won, and Sooyoung’s wristwatch at 412,000 won. All proceeds will be donated to retinitis pigmentosa patients through Beautiful Store.

On the other hand, the campaign ‘We wish, together with Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation’ will be conducted on Daum’s site of Hope until January 19th.


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Girls’ Generation talks about their bare faces on ‘Hello’!

January 14, 2013

Girls’ Generation members have revealed their ranking of their faces without make-up (bare faces).

During the recent filming of KBS-2TV talk show ‘Hello’, Girls’ Generation revealed truths about their bare faces.

On that day, the MC asked, “Which member looks most different with and without make-up?” and the members gave their answers while saying “She’s pretty”.

However, Hyoyeon added, “I like my face after make-up”, making the entire studio burst into laughter. Upon hearing Hyoyeon’s unexpected answer, Girls’ Generation started their discussion on the topic of bare faces.

MC Lee Young-Ja said, “We have received information that Sunny looks different with and without make-up.” Sunny answered, “I have 2 modes, one being Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and another being Soonkyu.”

Sunny continued her story, “When the Soonkyu mode is on, my hair is tied backwards and even my members say that I look like a man.” She also revealed that members who live together with her were shocked.

Tiffany continued, “After getting her short haircut, Sunny looks more boyish now.”

This episode of ‘Hello’ will be aired on January 14th, 11.15pm KST.

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Girls’ Generation featured in TIME magazine!

January 12, 2013

Just under a fortnight after the release of their 4th full-length album ‘I Got A Boy’, Girls’ Generation has been placed under the spotlight in not only Korean media but international media as well. On January 11th, Girls’ Generation and their new song ‘I Got A Boy’ was featured in an article in the entertainment and music section of ‘TIME’, an American weekly news magazine, which is also one of the world’s largest circulated magazine of its kind.

In the article, an interview with Girls’ Generation’s U.S. marketing representative revealed some exciting news for fans – the girls will be releasing a version of ‘I Got A Boy’ with Interscope Records later this year as part of their first full-length American album!

At the forefront of the Kpop wave, it was also inevitable that Girls’ Generation, dubbed “K-pop megagroup” by the writer of the article, will be compared to the hugely successful ‘Gangnam Style’ by fellow Korean PSY but Jane Choi, the group’s marketing representative in the U.S., said, “I don’t think we’re at a disadvantage because we’re not as funny and the dance isn’t as easy to follow as the horsey dance.”

She also thinks that PSY’s success could be beneficial for Girls’ Generation. After all, he proved that unfamiliarity and the language barrier will not stop public interest in an artist.

The article also highlighted YouTube viewerships and how it helped to spread songs out to fan globally but it was also said that air play on radios plays a huge role in making music mainstream so it will be an important part of getting the group across to the public.

Besides TIME magazine, Girls’ Generation and their new album was also given exposure in other international media including, where a track-by-track review was written in an article published on January 4th, shortly after the release of the album.

Los Angeles Times also gave a review on the song and music video, while pointing out similarities and comparisons to other pop songs in the market.

Meanwhile, ‘I Got A Boy’ has been topping charts domestically and internationally. The song has also won Mnet’s M!Countdown on Thursday as well as KBS Music Bank’s K-Chart on Friday.


Girls’ Generation’s ‘I Got A Boy’ wins Music Bank K-Chart!

January 11, 2013

Having received their first win for ‘I Got A Boy’ on Mnet’s M!Countdown yesterday, Girls’ Generation did it again on Music Bank and brought home their second win for their new song!

‘I Got A Boy’ managed to beat PSY’s hit song ‘Gangnam Style’ with 15,955 points to 10,946 points to top KBS Music Bank’s K-Chart this week!

Besides performing ‘I Got A Boy’ on Music Bank, Girls’ Generation members Tiffany and Taeyeon also performed ‘유리아이 (Lost in Love)’, a duet included in their 4th album.

Check out their performances and winning speech below!

Taeyeon & Tiffany’s 유리아이 (Lost in Love)

I Got A Boy

Winning speech and encore performances


Girls’ Generation brings home first win with ‘I Got A Boy’ on M!Countdown!

January 10, 2013

Having made their comeback in Korea with a brand new album just last week, Girls’ Generation’s title track ‘I Got A Boy’ has received its first win on Mnet’s M!Countdown!

With a total of 10,000 points for ‘I Got A Boy’, Girls’ Generation surpasses Baek Jiyoung’s ‘I Hate It’ to bring home the trophy!

Check out Girls’ Generation’s performance and winning speech as well as encore stage here!

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will continue to promote their new album actively on weekly music shows, variety shows, radio programs and more!

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Girls’ Generation talks about ‘I Got A Boy’, drinking and marriage

January 9, 2013

In a recent interview, Girls’ Generation was asked about their new comeback song – ‘I Got A Boy’. ‘I Got A Boy’ is an electronic dance song that combines pop, retro, urban genre. As the public listened to the song, most people thought it was ‘fresh’ or ‘unfamiliar’, so what do the members think?

They answered, “Since we are making a comeback after such a long time, we were troubled by the image that we should present this time. Although many people are still new to many things, in fact no matter which song we sing, a part of it definitely contains our style.” Taeyeon said, “As they listen, they will get used to it.” while Tiffany said, “Instead, if they are unable to understand the song the first time they listen, that will make them listen more.” To that, YoonA explained, “If you still find it difficult to understand, then please watch our performance.”

Without realizing it, it has been 6 years since Girls’ Generation’s debut. In these 6 years, other girl groups had their share of crises but it was smooth sailing for Girls’ Generation.

Yet, members did not agree with that. Sooyoung said, “Crises? Internally, we always have that. Every day, we encounter crises. It’s like, we are walking on a piece of ice. Also, how is it possible for a group with 9 girls to not have friction between them?”

To the question why there were no news reports of any friction, the girls revealed their method to solve problems. Hyoyeon said, “Usually, our talks that seem useless are actually useful. Even if we quarrel we will gradually solve it. We believe firmly in each other.” In fact, members of Girls’ Generation have known one another for an average of 10 years.

Girls’ Generation has also grown up to meet the legal drinking age. When asked to choose the member that drinks the most, they answered, “Our drinking capacity differs when drinking different types of alcohol. Among us, Sunny is a good drinker regardless of type of drink while Tiffany and Yoona are the members, whose cheeks do not flush after drinking.”

When they were asked if they were afraid of pictures being taken recently, they said, smiling, “That’s why we choose to stay at home instead of going out and we play games a lot.”

On the day when the interview was conducted, Sunye of Wonder Girls attended a wedding dress photoshoot. Her natural image led the topic of discussion to marriage.

Unexpectedly, Girls’ Generation stayed cool towards this where Taeyeon said, “If members want marriage, of course we will be supportive” and Seohyun added, “but that is possible only after our approval (of the opposite party).”

Tiffany said, “When members of Spice Girls gathered to watch the musical ‘Viva Forever’, we talked about marriage. We said, “By then, we also hope to gather, either bringing our husbands or going alone.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will be promoting ‘I Got A Boy’ in January in Korea and move on to their Arena Tour concert in Japan in February.


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Girls’ Generation’s plans and ambitions for the new year!

January 9, 2013

Girls’ Generation – the group that attracts many clicks of the mouse from the public with just a mention of their name – has made their much-awaited comeback.

Girls’ Generation is currently promoting their 4th album ‘I Got A Boy’ actively, more than one year after their 3rd album ‘The Boys’. As Girls’ Generation made a powerful start in the new year, they are expected to become some of the busiest people this year.

With that in mind, it would be interesting to know Girls’ Generation’s plans for the new year.

Taeyeon: “As time goes by, my ambition for music has grown. I can feel that my enthusiasm for music is growing. Simply having music broadcasts does not quench my thirst. I would like to perform more and my goal is to transfer more energy to fans who want it.”

Yuri: “For me, I hope that I can be more creative in many areas and that I can work in more fields. That’s why I aspire to be an artiste who can express herself from her work. Since I do not stand out in any particular area, I would like to work in more fields so that I can connect them together.”

Seohyun: “I was involved in lyrics writing for the first time. I also tried writing a song. The unnies are really committed to these so they are my role models. I would also like to try challenging new things like musicals and emceeing, those that unnies have once experienced.”

Tiffany: “For me, too, as I keep doing the same thing, my thoughts on music and songs are growing bigger. In the future, I would like to continue doing music. Besides that, I’m also interested in acting. I am currently reading lots of Korean as well as English scripts because I want to take up this challenge.”

Sooyoung: “I am currently an MC for SBS’s ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’. Personally, I feel that it’s very interesting. It seems to me that in the future, as I accumulate more experiences and grow older, I will be able to do many things well. Therefore as I grow older, I would like to have more talk shows. If I see good dramas or movie productions, I would also like to give it a try.”

YoonA: “Although I am an actress, I think that I can receive many opportunities because I have ‘Girls’ Generation’ as a title. I’m working with devotion as part of Girls’ Generation, and would like to try more roles if I meet good productions. In the past, I once thought of getting rid of a girl group’s image when I tried acting, but now, as I am working as Girls’ Generation, I would like to present an image that is what the public is seeing as ‘YoonA of Girls’ Generation’.”

Jessica: “For me, since I am ambitious now, I would like to grab good opportunities. I also hope to sing and get involved in musicals like what I am doing now. If so, I will need to practice every now and then. I think learning new things is an important process. I’m studying a lot now.”

Hyoyeon: “I still think that I have not shown all sides of me on the stage. I hope to present more images, those that I want to show to everyone.”

Sunny: “I also think that trying out something new can be fun, and for what I am currently doing, I want to do it better. Although it’s important to take up new challenges, I will only try them if I have the confidence to digest them well. I think that it’s right to not do something that does not suit me. I will just tell myself, let’s just do my current work well.”

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Girls’ Generation wins two awards at the ’27th Japan Gold Disc Award 2013′!

January 8, 2013

In the recently announced list of winners for ‘The 27th Japan Gold Disc Award 2013′, Girls’ Generation (also known as Shoujo Jidai in Japan) won two awards – ‘Song of the Year By Download Award (Asia)’ with ‘Paparazzi’ and ‘Best Music Video Award (Asia)’ with their ‘Japan First Tour Girls’ Generation’.

Other winners in the ‘Song of the Year By Download Award’ are Namie Amuro and Che’Nelle while ‘Best Music Video Award’ winners include Arashi, EXILE and Lady Gaga.

The Japan Gold Disc Award is one of the major annual music awards in Japan, held by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) yearly since 1987, in recognition of the music sales and outstanding artists in the country.

Girls’ Generation are no strangers to the awards as they have received recognition from the Gold Disc Awards since two years ago. In 2011, the year following their debut in Japan, the girls were awarded the ‘New Artists of The Year Award‘ and the ‘Best 5 New Artists Award‘ in the 25th Gold Disc Award. Meanwhile, in 2012, Girls’ Generation were awarded the ‘Album of the Year Award (Asia)’ as well as ‘Best 3 Albums Award (Asia)’ for their first Japanese album ‘Girls’ Generation’.

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