Taeyeon’s no make-up selca on KakaoTalk revealed!

Taeyeon’s Kakao Talk profile photo was recently uploaded online and it showed Taeyeon’s natural or no make-up face.

On January 18th, a photo along with the comment “Taeyeon without any makeup on looks exactly the same as her debut days”, was posted up onto an online community website.

The photo that was attached to the post was a screen capture of Taeyeon’s messenger profile photo.

In the photo, Taeyeon is lying down with a towel wrapped around her head. Even without makeup, her porcelain skin and upright nose drew a lot of attention from netizens.

Netizens who came across this photo responded, ”Is this really Taeyeon’s KaTalk photo?”, “She’s exactly like her debut days”, “What a cutie~”, along with other various comments.

Credit: nate.com
Translated by: geeyoung123@fanwonder.com

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