[Interview] Girls’ Generation, “We want to go on a world tour!”

“Were we intimidated by the audience?” (Tiffany)

“Not at all! We enjoyed the stage.”

It was just as expected from Korea’s top girl group Girls’ Generation, as they appeared one after another on main American talk shows. On January 31st, the girls appeared on CBS’s show ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ showing a strong and synchronized performance, and then appeared on ‘Live! with Kelly’ the next morning on February 1st grabbing the attention of viewers across America. Of course, wherever Girls’ Generation went, a crowd of fans also followed. After their recording at ABC, Joongang Daily met up with Girls’ Generation at their hotel.

It is the first time that a Korean artist appeared on all three main broadcasts, how do you feel?
Tiffany: I guess since I grew up in America being told that we would be appearing on these shows made me cry.

Weren’t you nervous?
Sooyoung: Because it was a live performance we felt a little bit of pressure. And on top of that it was David Letterman Show’s 30th anniversary so that just made it even more nerve wrecking.
Tiffany: During the rehearsals we were all jetlagged, but once the camera started rolling, we all screaming and just enjoying ourselves.
Taeyeon: It was the first time that we had performed this song with a live band, so it was very exciting for all of us. If another opportunity arises, we wish to perform with the live band again.

What kind of conversation did you share with David Letterman?
Jessica: Mr. Letterman shook our hands and told us that our performance was ‘absolutely fantastic’. We were all happy after hearing that.

How was the talk show with Kelly Ripa?
Seohyun: It was fun when we were teaching Kelly one of our dance moves. We all enjoyed ourselves. And a lot of our fans were also in the crowd, so it really gave us strength when we heard them singing along and cheering us on.

The audiences’ reaction was very hot.
Tiffany: We were only able to get this far due to our loyal and passionate fans. Wherever we go, they were always with us giving us strength. But we were really surprised to hear our fans cheering from inside the American TV studios.

Last year you performed at Madison Square Garden and now three main broadcasting stations. What is your next goal?
Yuri: We want to start an American tour, and dreaming a bit bigger, our big hope is to also do a world tour.
Taeyeon: We travel a lot overseas for our solo concert as well as other performances so there is one little thing that I wish to accomplish. And that is going on a world tour in our own private plane. (laughs)

In order to increase your activities in the US, wouldn’t you need to study more English?
Tiffany: We are studying hard in order to do our interviews all in English. There are a few members that are especially good at learning languages, such as Sooyoung and Seohyun.
Sooyoung: Thank you! (smiles)

Do you have plans on releasing an English album?
Tiffany: We do have plans on releasing an American album around spring or summer. Please look forward to its release.

Having nine members and having to always be around each other, do you get into fights or arguments?
Yuri: Of course we do. But because we all grew up together from such a young age we’re all pretty much sisters. We know what the other wants just by looking at their eyes.
Tiffany: Just like any family, if there is a mischievous and cheeky member, there’s also the kind and gentle older sister-like figure. We’re just one big family.

Credits: joongang.co.kr
Translated by: geeyoung123@fanwonder.com

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3 Responses to [Interview] Girls’ Generation, “We want to go on a world tour!”

  • harry says:

    so sweet <3. COME TO LA SOON!!

  • 김주영 says:

    소녀시대누나들~^~안녕하세요? 전 소녀시대누나들과개안적으로는윤아누나팬인김주영이라고합니다..제가오늘꿈을꿨어요 그런데꿈에서 윤아누나와 서현누나가나놨어요 그리고는 저랑 같아 축구를했어요 처음뵈는스님들이랑도요.. 아마제가그꿈을꾼이유는 요즘에 소녀시대누나들을너무보고싶어요 만나서전화번호도따고하는게제소원이거든요..아마 너무보고싶어서인거같아요..그래서 꿈속에서도누나들전화번호따려고노력을엄청했거든요..그결과..!!!전화번호를따냈죠..제가… 너무기뻤어요 그리고전화전호를따려는이유는 소녀시대누나들과문자도하고전화도하고싶어서예요.. 또다른이유는없어요..마지막으로 소녀시대누나들 특히 윤아누나!!! 건강 잘챙기시고 매일늦게오시잖아요 그러면피곤해서면역력이떨어진다고하니까잠도재때재때주무시고요 그리고 소녀시대 화이팅!!! and 윤아누나사랑해요!!^^

  • Diane says:

    I’m so excited for their American album! ^_^ But the interviewer keeps saying they were on three broadcast stations, but I only counted two (Live with Kelly and Letterman) what’s the third one? Unless they’re talking about when they were on MTV awhile back, when they were in NYC for SMTown.

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