Lee MinHo and Yoona caught embracing in the rain?

The scene of Lee MinHo and Yoona embracing each other in the rain has garnered a lot of attention from many viewers.

As models for the outdoor brand ‘Eider’, Lee MinHo and Yoona filmed a hugging scene as a part of their new TV commercial for the brand.

The still cut of the CF that has been gathering attention showed Lee MinHo and Yoona wearing their outdoor jackets with their hoods on and in a tight embrace in the rain, also surrounded by the rocky seaside. Lee MinHo’s sad face and lonely eyes in the pouring rain captivates the hearts of many and Yoona’s sad expressions in the arms of Lee MinHo has also aroused curiosity of the viewers.

Lee Min Ho and Yoona’s new Eider CF will start airing on both national and cable TV from March.

Credits: sportschosun.com
Translated by: geeyoung123@fanwonder.com

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