Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ and ‘Mr. Taxi’ practice videos unveiled!

Girls’ Generation’s dance practice video of ‘Mr.Taxi’ and ‘The Boys’ has garnered huge attention among fans and netizens.

On an online community forum, the videos of Girls’ Generation practicing the choreography of their 3rd album’s follow-up songs, ‘Mr.Taxi’ and ‘The Boys’ were published recently. In the videos posted, the girls were seen practicing their dance moves in ordinary clothing.

With the charismatic dance moves, the practice videos reminded us of their actual performances on stage and it would never fail to captivate and overwhelm anyone watching it. In their comfortable training attires and wearing no make-up on their faces, the girls’ natural looks have attracted much attention.

Netizens who saw the practice video commented, “Even if I watch it again, they are really pretty”, “Sooyoung, the queen of ordinary fashion. She shines even in training attires only”, etc.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation are currently busy with their individual activities.

Check out the practice videos here!

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