J’kyun shows admiration for Sunny with ‘Fantastic SoonKyu’!

Hip-hop prince, J’kyun revealed his admiration for Sunny as he covered Big Bang’s ‘Fantastic Baby’ and named it ‘Fantastic SoonKyu’ instead. The cover song was released through J’kyun’s official website.

J’kyun’s 1st album ‘Re:birthday’ which was released in January 2010 received great response from music lovers and recently, he has been involved with Korea’s first SNS radio ‘I Am A Prince’. In the lyrics of the newly released ‘Fantastic SoonKyu’, J’kyun addresses Sunny by her real name, SoonKyu and expresses his affection for Sunny through his rap.

To those who have listened to ‘Fantastic SoonKyu’, one might have noticed that it includes lines such as ‘SoonKyu, I’ve fallen for you/ For you have sexy eyes/ Oh I don’t have any bad intention, don’t get me wrong’ and also ‘Winner of competition among girl groups’ as well as ‘Soshi’s venus’.

In addition to those lines, J’kyun also mentioned ‘I like your real name more than Sunny’, ‘I even love your past graduation photos’, ‘Invincible Youth was a little boring but…/ I could see you once again’ as well as ‘Do not ask any questions, just feel who SoonKyu is’. Anyone who listens to the song would definitely be amused by how the song was re-written by J’kyun to show his admiration for Sunny.

Netizens commented, “The feel of the song is awesome”, “Indeed a hip-hop prince”, “It’s really fun and amusing listening to it”, etc.

After just 12 hours of its release, ‘Fantastic SoonKyu’ had since garnered more than 60,000 views.

Credit: tvdaily.co.kr

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