Girls’ Generation-TTS takes home first Music Bank K-Chart win for ‘Twinkle’!

On May 11th, Girls’ Generation-TTS’s ‘Twinkle’, released worldwide on April 29th, brought home its first KBS ‘Music Bank K-Chart’ win with a considerable lead over Sistar’s ‘Alone’. This also marked the third win in a winning streak for ‘Twinkle’ after MBC’s ‘Show Champion’ and Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown’ on Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

As always, the girls continued to amaze with their powerful vocals, synchronized dances and brilliant outfits in their ‘Twinkle’ performance. Meanwhile, fellow Girls’ Generation member Yoona showed up in her ‘Love Rain’ outfit during the encore stage to show her support for the TTS members and their close relationships were evident as they shared hugs and congratulated one another. The girls also invited their juniors EXO-K to stay on stage to celebrate with them for the win.

Music Bank’s official Twitter account also uploaded a photo of TaeTiSeo with their K-Chart trophy shortly after the live broadcast.

If you missed Girls’ Generation-TTS on Music Bank today, check out the video below!


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