Park JiWoo snapped a photo with Hyoyeon and Seohyun

Dance sports exponent Park JiWoo met up with Hyoyeon and Seohyun.

On June 2nd, Park JiWoo tweeted, “Another happy moment at ‘Dancing With The Stars’..kkkk… I was really excited”. Along with the tweet, Park JiWoo attached a photo of himself with Hyoyeon and Seohyun.

The photo was taken at the set of MBC ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ where both Hyoyeon and Park JiWoo are participants of the show. In the photo revealed, the shy-looking Park JiWoo was smiling as Hyoyeon and Seohyun put their hands on both of his arms.

On June 1st’s broadcast, Hyoyeon and her partner Kim HyungSuk performed Jive. During their performance, Tiffany and Seohyun were at the set to show their support for Hyoyeon.


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