Message from SNSD to Sones

Thank you message to Sones

Thank you message to Sones

Few hours after SNSD won the Annual K-Chart, a thank you message was posted on SNSD’s official site. The message was:

We got #1 on KBS Music Bank Annual K-Chart~!!
Thank you so much to the fans who gave us so much love in 2009. ^^
Love Girls’ Generation as much too next year, please ~~

Girls’ Generation now!!

Many thanks to EunA for the translation.

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3 Responses to Message from SNSD to Sones

  • a3akyoko says:

    Do you see [SEOUL] Behind the Scenes?
    TaeYeon so cute@.@

  • fanwonder says:

    What do you think of Taeyeon’s new hair? It’s nice but i like the previous one more.

  • a3akyoko says:

    new hair is cuter than the previous!
    the previous one is so feminine!

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