SNSD on Music Core Year End Special

They give you reasons to smile every time they perform, don’t they? Taeyeon’s hair was one of the few things that caught netizens’ attention since yesterday on KBS Music Bank. I’ve seen many comments about it. it looks ok to me although I personally prefer the previous one (I know I’ve said that like twice already). By the way, I love the opening for Gee, with Jessica’s ‘Happy New Year’ and the fans’ chanting which surprisingly blended in quite well with the song. Seriously, they should consider that as part of the song in the I thought the black uniform was nice although i rarely see them perform in it. I’m not sure how many different sets of uniforms they have for Genie but if I get a chance to meet them which is rather impossible, this will definitely be my first question. Speaking about meeting them, I’m so anxious to know where their next concert is going to be. Hopefully, Singapore or Malaysia is on their list so that I can at least stand a chance to look at them in person and if I’m lucky, I might get a paper plane or a paper crane with messages in it…haha. It’s ok…I’ll keep dreaming…hahaha.

Did you guys notice that at 1:31 (Gee video), Taeyeon did 2pm’s ‘Heartbeat’ ? I was so surprise to see

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