Who’s next to cheer for Hyoyeon on ‘Dancing With The Star 2′?

With members of Girls’ Generation cheering for Hyoyeon in ‘Dancing With The Star 2′ every week, audience are starting to wonder who hasn’t showed up yet.

On the recent episode of ‘Dancing With The Star 2′ aired on June 15th, Jessica appeared to watch Hyoyeon’s performance while Sunny and YoonA visited last week. Jessica also posted photos with Hyoyeon on the group’s official website.

Besides that, not only did Tiffany visit and cheer for Hyoyeon when she visited previously, she also took photos with the other contestants in the show.

The members of Girls’ Generation that came to cheer for Hyoyeon, not as a singer but a dancing contestant, are Jessica, Sunny, YoonA, SeoHyun and Tiffany. It is still a question whether SooYoung, TaeYeon and Yuri will visit to cheer for HyoYeon in the remaining episodes.

Credit: hankooki.com
Translated by: Taengfan@fanwonder.com

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