From Seobaby to Seolady: A birthday tribute to a girl with a big voice, a big heart and an even bigger dream

In 2007, we were introduced to Seo Ju Hyun, a member of Girls’ Generation, also known as So Nyuh Shi Dae in Korean, the youngest of nine and the apple of everyone’s eye. We met her in ‘Into the New World’, where we saw her release the paper aeroplane that not only signalled the first flight of all nine as Girls’ Generation but also the first chapter of Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.

“There’s no reason for me to give up, I didn’t quit high school.” – Seo Ju Hyun in ‘Girls Go to School’ (2007)

Bright eyed, baby-faced and bursting with determination, looking back at their debut performance on ‘School of Rock’, like many others who share the same love for them, it still brings tears to my eyes. Amongst the many moments loved from GGTS, the most memorable was from Seohyun. Her tears were those that many would have shed in the industry, the insecurities from being exposed to the idol world at such a young age. From her tears came determination, the quiet perseverance from within her that sought to prove everybody wrong. It was those few words she said, those few tears that she shed that made Seohyun so special in my heart.

Seohyun to sum up in a word is unique. She is confusing, adorable and so endearing at the same time that it is as if she is unlike any other. Her undying love for Keroro, her disdain for anything hazardous to her health and her strict bed-time routines, they are aspects of Seohyun that make her unique; an exclusive bag of surprises that keeps us smiling for more.

“Unhealthy diet and junk food accumulates and eventually you’ll die.” – in Taeyeon & Hyungdon’s ‘We Got Married’ (2008)

Blunt, straightforward and undeniably Seohyun, the youngest member of Girls’ Generation has a voice, one that commands the attention of all eight, one that serenades those who listen to her sing, and also one that brings such unexpected, unanticipated laughter and joy. Who could forget the time during ‘We Got Married’, where she shot down Taeyeon’s ‘husband’ Hyungdon with a single string of words? Or her classic line on ‘Intimate Note’, where she nonchalantly, straightforwardly shifted the blame for her behaviour on the influence of her eight unnies. Blunt and forthright, Seohyun takes no prisoners when it comes to what she thinks. She stays grounded to her beliefs, staying true to who she is, staying steadfast for what she believes. It is what I think makes her strong and makes her so unlike any other.

The perfect maknae. The youngest of them all, the one that everyone dotes on. She receives all the love, but she gives it back tenfold. She gives back all the love, filial to her unnies she adores so dearly. She might be strict, demanding money for lateness but it is all endless love. She holds them up when they’re down; she wipes away the tears they shed when they are sad but most of all she is there for them when they need her most. She is the perfect maknae, one with the biggest heart and the most love to give. She is the warmth we see in Soshi, the bond that fills our hearts and makes us smile.

“If your dream is alive, then one day it will come true.”

From the meek girl in 2007, to the woman she’s grown to in 2012 today; chapter after chapter, we’ve watched her grow, from the bright eyed, baby-faced girl bursting with determination, to a powerful, elegant and beautiful woman at the peak of her career. Her dreams are endless and her determination to work towards them unending. So Nyuh Shi Dae, University, Acting, Modelling, her dreams are big, but so is the amount of effort she puts in to achieve those them. We’ve seen her dreams transform, we’ve seen them grow bigger and we’ve seen them change but not once did she give up. Her unyielding determination spurs her on and for Seohyun, even the sky has no limit.

We continue to be with her on her journey as she turns a year older today. As her beauty grows, so do her dreams. I speak for many when I say she’s an inspiration; she’s an inspiration for us to keep going.

Happy Birthday Seo Ju Hyun, may all your dreams come true.

Written by: LYRCat@ssf
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3 Responses to From Seobaby to Seolady: A birthday tribute to a girl with a big voice, a big heart and an even bigger dream

  • charles anthony noquera says:

    Shes my idol even i didnt met her..i just seen her always in facebook..

  • charles anthony noquera says:

    happy birthday….

  • Mandy says:

    She’s an inspiration to me too ^^

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