Want to shoot a CF with YoonA? You can now!

A mobile application that enables phone users to shoot CF with YoonA was released recently. As the title ‘Shoot CF with YoonA’ suggests, the application was launched to promote Innisfree’s ‘Forest for Men’ line of products and ‘transforms’ users into the main character to shoot the CF alongside YoonA.

In the application, YoonA dances cutely and transformed into an interviewer as well as a photographer, showing her different kinds of charms. There are a total of three episodes of CFs in the application for users to enjoy – the dance, interview and photographer episodes.

When a user select the version that he/she likes and starts shooting, the ‘direct’ interaction with YoonA gives an impression to the user that he/she is filming the CF on the set. In addition to that, at the end of the CF, YoonA will be spraying the ‘Forest for Men’ Skin Mist, applying the ‘Forest for Men’ Handsome BB Cream and Moisturizing Cream on the user virtually, adding even more fun to the newly-launched application.

On the application, YoonA said, “It’s a pity that I’m not able to meet up with the fans as often due to my busy schedules but through Innisfree’s fun application, I’m happy to be able to interact with domestic and overseas fans. Particularly, through this application, the fans could become the main character of the CFs and I’m really looking forward to see new and interesting videos soon.”

Meanwhile, Innisfree’s ‘Shoot CF With YoonA’ application is available in Apple iOS and Android versions and can be downloaded through the Apple Appstore and Google Play respectively.

Credit: osen.co.kr

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