Happy Birthday Kwon Yuri, the epitome of charisma, sexy and dorky all in one!

On December 5th 23 years ago, a baby girl was born.

Her name is Kwon Yuri, and 23 years later, she is not just a tanned-skin baby but she is also a sparkling black pearl. She grew up to be a young girl with big dreams; she was accepted into SM Entertainment through a contest in 2001 and trained for almost 6 years to finally debut in a now globally successful girl group, Girls’ Generation.

If there is one word I could pick to describe her it would be, sexyabs determination. Even though she has heavily-packed schedules as a hallyu star, she managed to find time to enroll into university. It wasn’t just enrolling though – she actually went to classes and sat for her exams just like others without any special treatment whenever she can between schedules. She brought her notes with her to revise at any spare time through her busy schedule. The word ‘excuse’ does not exist in Yuri’s dictionary.

“Always hold on to your dream and do your best. Find out what you like to do and want to do and make an effort.” – Yuri

Sexy is a four letter word: Y-U-R-I. I just couldn’t write an article without mentioning this important quality about her. Her solo performance ‘If’ during the second tour was a solid evidence of it. The way she danced to the song, filled with confidence and oozing with charisma, she created a new definition of sexy, which is Yuri.

Her drool-worthy body served as motivation for everyone (like pasting it on the wall in front of their treadmills) but it is not just a perfectly-curved body.

It is also the symbol of hard work, a lot of it.

“Sooyoung’s body looks natural, while Yuri’s body looks like she put a lot of work and effort into making it.” – Sean Lee, trainer

She diets, she does yoga, she goes to gym late at night or early in the morning and she does 600 sit-ups to earn her chiseled abs and toned legs. It takes an amazing level of discipline for one to do such thing. Discipline level: Yuri.

Whenever she strolls through airport, regardless whether it is in summer, winter or rainy days, all she has to do is to put on her shades and all the fans will die a little inside. She emits her own aura and vibe, whether it is with her handsome boyish look in leather jacket and plaid shirts, or her girl-next-door look in simple white tee, cardigan, and skirt, she always manages to look cool somehow.

But don’t let what you see fool you because beneath it all is a dorky young lady. She was not ashamed to embarrass herself if it makes other people laugh like when she did her infamous lion pose in ‘Invincible Youth’. She knew that it will make her look less pretty but she did it anyway.

If we could capture happiness and put it in a shape or form, it would be Kwon Yuri. She is indeed a happy pill. During concerts, you can see her bouncing happily around the stage as if she never runs out of energy. She does everything she could to make her fans happy, even if it means that she has to learn multiple languages to greet them. She will try to speak the language even if it means she has to bring colorful small notes on stage and pronounce them wrongly despite her best tries. So it’s no wonder that she is the most multilingual out of the group. (LOL)

Yuri referring to her notes on stage during the SMTown concert in Bangkok a few weeks ago.

One of the instances when she showed off her flawless language skills was through her drama, ‘Fashion King’.

“I want to become a genuine and pure person who has no false images built up around her. I think that if I can become that kind of a person, I will naturally become a genuine and pure actress as well.” – Yuri

‘Fashion King’ is her first drama where she played one of the main characters – the cold and arrogant Choi Anna. Yuri successfully showcased her professionalism through the character. Even though it was a bit stiff initially, she managed to portray more emotions as the drama progressed and even wowed the audience with her real kiss scene with actor Lee Jae Hoon. The producers and the public had nothing but praises for her, “Yuri did well for her first time. She exceeded our expectations, there’s a lot of fire in her.”

“There’s nothing more to do than to work hard to fill what I lack.” – Yuri

Kwon Yuri is a singer, a talented dancer, a learning actress and a hardworking student. Seeing her makes us feel like we can achieve anything as long as we put our heart and soul into it.

“I feel like my strength is always thinking positively regardless of the situations I am in and I can always prepare my body and mind to give out positive energy.” – Yuri

Happy birthday to our dearest sexy and dorky Kwon Yuri! She turned a year older today so everyone, let’s celebrate it with a toast of Ma juice and 50 sit-ups! No cheating!

Written by: aienbest@twitter
Credit: SMTown FB, processic@twitter, foreversoshi@twitter, cosnian.tistory.com, kwonyuri125.com, Sosirang, 2007805.com, hi7093.blog.me, ilovep10subs@youtube.com

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    happy birthday, saranghae soshi yul ^__^

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