Sunny has no kissing experience

 I havent kissed - Sunny

"I haven't kissed" - Sunny

When it comes to kissing, Sunny is not the right person to ask for advice. On MBC’s Quiz That Changes The World, Sunny revealed that she has no experience in kissing. During the show which was aired on February 20th, MC Lee Hwijae asked “When guys want to kiss, doesn’t the girls usually notice?” In response, Sunny replied, “To tell the truth, I haven’t actually experienced having a real proper relationship. I haven’t kissed yet either.” Don’t get the wrong idea. When she mentioned kiss, she meant the romantic type, not the friendly type. I believe she kissed her members, parents and also, Kyungsan!..haha

I believe after this, fanboys will be lining up in front of SNSD’s dorm to provide a free kissing course for Sunny…lol…just kidding..


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