[UPDATE 2]Pre-order 'The Second Album Repackaged – Run Devil Run' now!

The album cover for Run Devil Run - The Second Album Repackaged

The album cover for 'Run Devil Run'

Yes..the pre-order is now open. The official release of the album will be around 22/03/2010 – 24/03/2010. The repackaged album has 15 songs, including 3 new songs which are still undisclosed up to this point of time. Every purchase of the first press limited edition album comes with a special poster randomly picked from 9 different posters (something like the photo cards i guess…lol). You can pre-order by clicking the image above.


The title track has been revealed. The three new songs are in bold.

01. Run Devil Run
02. Oh!
03. Echo
04. 별별별(☆★☆)-Acoustic RnB Ver.
05. Show! Show! Show!
06. 뻔&Fun(Sweet Talking Baby)
07. 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다(Forever)
08. 웃자(Be Happy)
09. 화성인 바이러스(Boys & Girls) -feat.key(SHINee)
10. 카라멜 커피(Talk To Me)
11. 별별별(☆★☆)
12. 무조건 해피엔딩(Stick Wit U)
13. 좋은 일만 생각하기(Day by Day)
14. Gee
15. 소원을 말해봐(Genie)


SNSD released their repackaged 2nd album today. Please support the girls by buying the album. International fans, you can place your orders by clicking on the album cover shown above! Let’s make it another daebak album for SNSD! Here’s how the cover looks like!

Run Devil Run cover - front and back

'Run Devil Run' cover - front and back

Credit: DC Taeyeon

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3 Responses to [UPDATE 2]Pre-order 'The Second Album Repackaged – Run Devil Run' now!

  • my fan says:

    lolx just order from fren… It cost 87riggit for the limited edition… Can tell me wats the content of limited edition?

  • fanwonder says:

    I’m not sure where’s your friend getting from but if you order from Yesasia, you’ll get a poster chosen randomly from 9 different designs. RM 87 is quite expensive.

  • ann says:

    oh its yoona!!! love her

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