Defining Black Soshi

Black Soshi is not color dependant

Black Soshi is not color dependant

Naturally, when a person hears the word ‘black’, he/she would naturally relate to something visible. Well, this is not the case with Black Soshi. Although we’ve seen SNSD in black outfits, black nail polish, black heels, etc in ‘Run Devil Run’ MV, the Black Soshi concept is actually color-independent. As explained by Taeyeon, SNSD are not trying to portray the concept of Black Soshi with their black outfit but rather, it’s the image and aura that they are trying to portray. Thus, the color of the outfit is really insignificant as far as the concept is concern. For their Music Bank performance on the 19th or March, the girls dressed in all white. In fact, the white outfits are also featured in their MV. Does this mean, we may be seeing other colors as well for ‘Run Devil Run’ performances? I’m sure it’ll be interesting to see them in different colors for RDR.

Whos that sexy lady?

Who's that sexy lady?

After the cover of the repackaged 2nd album was released, there has been a lot of comments and speculation about the tall, sexy girl with long hair in tight black outfit on the cover. Some netizens thought that the girl is a combination of SNSD members. Great imagination though. However there are some who got it right. The girl on the cover is none other than YoonA with her sexy and matured new look, as confirmed by SM Entertainment. I guess the reason they put her on the cover is because among all the Soshi members, YoonA’s transformation from her cute and innocent style to the sexy and matured Black Soshi is the most obvious.

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