Happy 1000th day to SNSD!


April 30th marks the 1000th day since SNSD’s debut. The girls showed their gratitude and love by posting messages on their official site. Here are the translated messages and photos.

From Taeyeon:
SNSD and SONE♥ have been together for 1000 days together! Wow~~ Congratulations^^ It’s not been a short time but with the SONEs, day by day, it’s been happier, more rewarding and moving. I think this 1000 day anniversary is yet another beginning^^ The (future) days we will spend with each other… let’s be sharing ~ there’s so many more days left, so let’s keep going ♥ Lovable SONEs!! And the Sonyuhs!! We are this world’s truth(?)~!!! Hwai-taeng! ㅋㅋ

From Jessica:
Wow~^^ Thanks to our SONEs, SNSD have already reached our 1000 day anniversary! Thank you so so much for standing by SNSD all the time and being our steadfast Happiness Virus ♡ You know you’re always in out hearts, right? I’d like that to stay the same~ I don’t know what to say… my words are awkward.. I.. he he.. whatever! I love you ^^

From Sunny:
For you who have spent a thousand days with us… words can’t describe how full my heart feels. Thank you so so much and I love you so so much♥ We will have even more time together… we won’t rush but pay back everything one by one. From now on I will love you much warmer and much deeper SNSD and SONE are one ♥

From Tiffany:
“One does not fall easily from a position reached with diligence” 1000 days… and forevermore in the future… until the end of “us”.. In pray that we will be together until we reach that difficult, high position. Happy Thousand. SONE~ I love you (xoxo♥)

From Hyoyeon:
It’s been 1000 days since SNSD and SONE met~!! Wooooow~~ “1000 days” you say… amazing~~!!! Congratulations! Congratulations~!! hehehe^^ Thanks to SONE’s encouragement, SNSD have been able to have more exciting and amazing performances~!! Every time we took to the stage with SONEs is, for me looking back, an unforgettable and fond memory~~~~ the times I was so tired I wanted to stop practising, stop doing everything..!! I think back to the SONEs waving pink balloons like mad and encouraging us on~~ just thinking about it, SONEs gives me energy and want to work even harder and feel more responsible (onion: ?)~!!^^!! ooheehee… SONE ARE.BEST!!! Kyaaak~!! SONE and SNSD really can’t exist without each other! Us together is precious..!!…….. Right~!? hehe SONE and us 8 Sonyuhs! 2000days, 3000days… let’s stay together forever~! I love you~!!!!!! Hehe…

From Yuri:
It’s already been 1000days since we began making the same memories…
Our fans and our members who ran together for three years without rest..
Thinking back on the happy memories we’ve had all this time, I cry tears of joy, they say doing something difficult will make you tired, but thank you for overcoming it and enduring it with us..♥Really…^^ They say true spirits connect… right?! Thank you again and again.
Apeurodo.. SNSD!^^

From Sooyoung:
This is SNSD’s Princess of Liveliness~^^! hehe Glad to see me, right?
(Nowadays, the culture of tweeting.. and minihompy has spread and there are opportunities to get closer to all you fans more easily… but unfortunately because we have so little time, we don’t have many opportunities to greet you through the Internet. ㅠㅠ)
Have you been well? Our SONE??
I don’t worry because you all seem so full of life and energy in our broadcast performances.
It’s already been 1000days since SNSD debuted~!!!!
(I think I can hear Lee Seunghwan sunbae-nim’s voice from somewhere.. for one thou~sand days~♪~~)
We say it all the time but the feeling of our SONEs loving us..
I’m struggling to not assume that we deserve it he he
Maybe because man is an adapting animal.. keke
If you keep loving us no matter what, we get used to it…
I will try my hardest not to feel deserved or used to it
and I won’t lose our original intentions (onion: rookie-mentality)…
SONE!! Please look fondly on me~^^ hehe
Always thankful! ALABYU (onion: I love you) ^3^

From YoonA:
S♡NE!! Have you been well?^^
It’s already been 1000days since we’ve met! I think time goes by so quickly~
There have been so many happy and sad moments, and I’m thankful you’ve always been together with us.
Let’s stay together like now, forver~^^
The fanchants we can hear on stage… really +_+ SONE are the best! ㅋ
Let’s al~ways stay together~^^
You shouldn’t be cheating on us~? Then I have to dislike the SONEs~! ㅋㅋㅋ

From Seohyun:
This is the 1000th day since the precious SONE, who for us immature nine were like the water to our seeds, stood by our side and progressed with us until the flower that is today’s SNSD bloomed..!!
I, Seohyun, am so very happy. And so very thankful~!
Because of the unwavering encouragement of our supportive SONEs, for us who lack so much and know so little, days we were happy and days we were tired were all so very precious and beautiful memories~!
SNSD and SONE make each other stronger!!
Let’s keep making even more memories together.
We will become the SNSD that the always be the humble and hard-working SONE’s can be proud of~!
Thank you..♥

Credits: girlsgeneration.smtown.com (source/ images) / Onion (translation) / jellygateun @ Twitter (for tweeting)

Wow…YoonA is really scary…don’t worry, Yoong, I won’t make you dislike me….kekeke..

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