How nice if i can get my hands on . . . .

If only I could have those

If only I could have those

…these SNSD autographed tees. Although they’re for girls, I could just frame it up and put it in my bedroom or my hall of fame room…lol. I will not sell them even if you beat me to death. World Cup fever is still on and it’s getting hotter and guess what my “ALL THE REDS” and “KOREA FIGHTING” tees aren’t in my mailbox yet. It’s kinda frustrating. Don’t miss Korea Republic’s next game against Argentina on June 17th at 3.30am KST.

The autographed tees (from left to right, top to bottom): YoonA’s tee, Sunny’s tee, Jessica’s tee, Tiffany’s tee, Hyoyeon’s tee and Taeyeon’s tee.

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  • fanwonder says:

    Correction: Kickoff time for Korea Republic vs Argentina match is at 8.30pm on June 17th.

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