AKB48 feel threatened by SNSD’s presence

Korean girl groups, SNSD and Kara who have debuted in Japan this year launched the so-called “new Korean wave” into the Japanese market. They have many male fans in Korea and in Japan, they are stealing the limelight with their beauty and personalities, thus making Japanese idols such as AKB48 feel somewhat threatened.

According to SM Entertainment’s CEO, Kim Youngmin, the demand for the image of girl groups in Korea and Japan are different. Japan’s Morning Musume and AKB48 possess the girl-next-door and lovely-princess image and their dance choreography mainly focus on hand gestures. Although this sort of image is being favored by Japanese otaku fans, the same cannot be said for female fans. Korean girl groups such as SNSD and Kara on the other hand, focus on neat and synchronized dance moves which appeal to female fans who are usually more inclined to boy groups such as Big Bang and TVXQ. Also, Korean girl groups have received 3-6 years rigorous and intensive training before their debut while Japanese girl groups generally debut after 6 months of training. With their vast experience in dancing, singing and variety skills, Korean girl groups basically have what it takes to conquer the Japanese market. Thus, it is normal for Japanese girl groups to feel threatened in this sense.

SNSD debuted in Japan on September 8th with their debut single “Genie” which saw 45,000 copies sold in the first week. On Oricon chart, the girls have managed to debut at no. 5 and have since stayed within the top 5 on the Daily Singles Chart. According to Japan’s music industry expert, response from Japanese male fans have been quite encouraging so far. However, to have a long-term success in Japan, the girls will have to make some changes to their concept and impress the fans even more.

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161 Responses to AKB48 feel threatened by SNSD’s presence

  • Kome says:

    oh please, threatened? HAHAHA LOL. AKB48 has singles topping the 600,000 mark in Japan. While SNSD has sold albums (not singles) only at 100,000 plus mark in Korea. Singles have less songs than albums take note.

    If AKB48 can already outmatch SNSD in singles, what is the use of SNSD’s album sales achievement at all?

    Don’t be so presumptuous my little friend. AKB48 will dominate the world soon!

    • sure.... says:

      This is SNSD’s first japanese debut and their success is pretty impressive for a korean girl group in japan! Don’t underestimate these girls! You may not feel threatened for those 48 girls, but they’re telling a different story and I don’t blame them! SNSD rocks!

    • jsb0997 says:

      AKB48 going to dominiate the world soon? lolololol

      To be hornest, I just knew group called AKB48 just weeks ago b’coz simply, they r not popular in among Asia.

      include SNSD, K-wave is currently hold conrtol of Asia. I agree with AKB48 is kinda top in Japan but not in globe like K-wave teams. Plz check out which country is dominating Asia in objective way.

      I’m not saying SNSD can surpress down AKB48. they r newvy in Japan and that also going for same to AKB48 if they decide to promote in Japan.

      Not popular in Japan that does not meaning that they r not popular in Asia lol

      • AceSovereign says:

        I love AKB48 and SNSD but the truth is, AKB48 only expanding their group to other Asia region and that wasn’t counted as getting into international market. No offend, but SNSD already made their way into US and Europe market even their record sales in Japan wasn’t as splendid as AKB48.

        To be truth, I think AKB48 needs to remake their concept. At the beginning of SNSD’s debut, they played the “young yet bright ” concept but they eventually began to experimenting various concepts such as taxi driver, cheerleader, military etc. So far, I already seen about three to four visual concept for AKB48 and yet, they never let go off their “cute” aura.

    • Pfft says:

      AKB48 will dominate the world? LOL!
      The only reason they have sold so many singles is because middle-aged Japanese otakus are obsessed with them. And with 56 total members, how the fck does anyone tell the difference between all of them?
      Internationally, SNSD is MUCH more popular, gaining interest in all of Asia and the USA. AKB48 are popular primarily in just Japan and will never expand more than that. All of AKB48 members combined aren’t as beautiful or talented as SNSD members. Why do you think Japanese groups never perform in Korea while Korean groups such as TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, BoA, Rain, and much more perform worldwide? The answer is obvious. PURE TALENT.

      • rika says:

        no the answer is that korean groups are not paid well so they need more fans and for that they need to perform in various places akb48 earns alot of money because they are super famous and thats why they dont need to perform everywhere!!

        • miss-snsd says:

          korean group are paid well, it’s because they have many fans in japan who wants them to do a concert, it’s like in france they made a concert because fans wanted them in france so they did a flashmob and they beged smtown !!

          • rika says:

            I think everyone is making too big a fuss! People admit it even though u may call akb48 girls slut or anyother abusive word then what term do u use for all of the american singers? Pornstars? what will u call T-ara and Brown eyed Girls? U should know that akb48 follows an adult and cute theme! now they r going through various styles. and why are u calling them a whore exactly? they have not shooted an AV or had sex with someone! AND JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW WHATEVER YOU SAY THE FACT IS STILL THE FACT AND THATS AKB48 SELLS ALOT MORE THAN SNSD! AND WHICH GIRL GROUP MADE A LOT OF CHARITY CONTRIBUTION TO JAPAN? SNSD? NO! AKB48 DID! THEY ARE AWESOME AND IF U DONT LIKE THEM THEN TAKE THE SIDE OF SNSD BUT DONT SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT THEM!!

          • Matter_OF_Fact says:

            Here’s the thing. With the way AKB48 or, to be honest, any of the J-pop artists are right now, there is just no chance that they are going to appeal to fans outside their immediate country. Yeah, okay, AKB48 has a fan-base in China and other Asian countries…
            What are you trying to pull, by making such a retarded argument that only serves to weaken your point? Does SNSD NOT have fan-bases in other countries? NO! They, in fact, have them in European and American countries, showing true globalization and the spread of Korean Wave. I honestly like AKB48 too. I even pre-ordered their newest single “Eien Pressure” that took weeks to get here…
            So, let me put it to you this way. There is no way that J-Pop can make it big in anywhere other than Asia unless they change themselves into more K-Pop style. I know the truth hurts but, hey, look at how SMTown did in France. There’s your proof.

    • A says:

      proportionally, snsd is equal to the sale figures of akb48 in korea and japan respectively. look, japan has a massive population, so for example, if everyone in korea buys snsd’s album is still wont reach the amount akb48′s sales if half of japanese population buys it. therefore, it is obvious that snsd is more popular coz the whole country is buying it although the figures may not be as significant.

    • ShekieSone9 says:

      Gosh! This not talking about sales! It’s about popularity and talents! Tss. AKB48 is just popular in Japan while SNSD is popular ALL OVER THE WORLD! AKB48?! Why are they so many?! What is this?! WHOLE CLASS??

      • rika says:

        no gosh! they are members of other groups too in akb48 like ske48 and all u should learn something about akb and then speak! and just so u know not all 60 girls sing a song lol they are divided in a group lol and who says akb48 is only famous in japan!? its true they rule japan but they are famous in NY RUSSIA AND WHOLE ASIA!!

        • miss-snsd says:

          snsd are famous in WHOLE ASIA FRANCE NEW YORK SPAIN TUNISIA and a lots of others country

          • Duh says:

            duh.. give me a break. Japanese people are very kind and warm hearted person. And as a Total fan of AKB48.. How dare you talk that to AKB. Did you know that AKB have been Extending in the whole asia + if your preferring to continents. ( Give me a break ) Almost all the fans of AKB around the world go home with a smile..

    • SONEs says:

      Bitch, i’m writing this comment on 2012. Where the hell is your AKB48? Still hanging around streets in Tokyo? And, Lol! AKB48 will dominate the world soon? Please learn what is the meaning of “soon”. Looks like your “soon” has reached 2 years. Come back here when your AKB48 has dominate enough with asia, not world. Because, mark my words, it would not happen! Even in your dream!

      • Fatima says:

        I am with you girl!

        • Anonymous says:

          I heard of AKB48, but they r just not my type of music. They are mostly popular with japanese otakus, while SNSD is now an international group who has expanded all over Asia, Europe, North America. Not just them, KPOP is a strong force worldwide.

          • Kawaei says:

            They’re doing perfectly fine. Sold over 1,700,000 copies of their newest single, Sayonara Crawl in its’ first week of sales, in addition to preparing for a five-dome, nationwide tour.

            Internationally, AKB will not do as well, because their concept is “idols you can meet”. They perform everyday at their local theatre and hold handshake events where fans can converse with them (while of course, shaking their hands). Such a concept cannot be fully utilized if the idols is far, right? You can’t shake your idol’s hand and tell her that you have all her merchandise if you live in the Philipinnes and your idol in Japan. The solution for this problem? Sister groups.

            AKB has five sister groups, all from different areas that cover the same concept. SKE is in Nagoya, NMB in Osaka, HKT in Fukuoka, JKT in Jakarta (Indonesia), SNH in Shanghai (China). Each is doing remarkably well in their respective areas, and this of course just adds to the 48 groups’ revenues.

            AKB does not expand to Korea because there simply is no money there. The market for idol groups there is oversaturated, that it’s nearly a perfect competition in terms of idol music (and perfect competition is a price taker, which means less revenue compares to monopolistic market) Besides, prices for physical CD is much higher in Japan, and since they’re doing so well in Japan being a (close to) monopolistic business, why bother moving to a market where idol groups grow like mushrooms? More competition, less profits.

            The reason why SNSD and all these other Korean acts is “taking the world by Hallyu wave” is because of the oversaturated market for idols in Korea that I mentioned earlier. How many rookies debuted in 2012? The figurative pie is getting smaller because more groups are wanting a piece of it, so they move on to get some other piece of pie in other countries. If they stick to Korea, they’ll get fewer and fewer profits as their target market is spending their money not only on one group, but a few groups because of the excess of choices in idol groups (how many fangirls have more than one favorite group?) This means the amount of money they spend on one idol group is lesser. They need to attract people from outside of Korea to gain more profits.

            SNSD is far prettier than AKB48. They talk charmingly and sing high notes and dance with synchronization. They’re polished. Which is why I prefer AKB48 over them, because AKB is imperfect and thus more /human/. Fans watch AKB’s members cry on stage because of promotions to a team, because they got shuffled to a sister group, because they got a solo debut, because their team was disbanded. We see their reaction to their respective rankings on the general election or janken tai. We see them goofing off in AKBingo, act in Majisuka Gakuen, trying out voice acting in the anime AKB0048. There’s a video game about them and a manga too. They post on their blogs about their day, talk about themselves in the MC sessions of each theatre show every day..

            AKB48 may not be as perfectly gorgeous and talented, but they’re more real, simply because they look and act like your ordinary Japanese girl, in addition to providing us with more of what they’re doing. They’re not as untouchable as SNSD, with hair dyed different colors and feet moving at the exact same time during their routine. But hey, my girls sell more anyway, jacked teeth and short bodies and all.

      • Anonymous says:

        bitch, im writing this in 2013, where ur snsd now, how many sales they have, fyi akb sales already hit 20 MILLIONS singels sold, how many ur snsd sells????

        • TJSTHYSYS says:

          bitch, im writing this in 2013, where ur akb48 now, never heard them here in the Philippines until i read this news… i dont see them topping any chart other than japan.. please dont think japan has become the world! tsk tsk

          • Talent wise, it is SNSD. I’m an anime lover and of course, I like jpop but yeah, SNSD got the powerful charisma needed. I know AKAB48 a looong time ago. heard some of their songs. They’re cute. I really don’t care about how long they trained or whatsoever. AKB48 also trained but is not even famous here in the Philippines. Most anime otakus and cosplayers chose to love SNSD. SNSD is the complete package. Nuff said.

          • huehueheu says:

            and your opinion represent all of the people in the philipine???, dont generalize your ignorant with the rest of the philipine, did you ask every single one of the pinoys if they know akb or not, i can do that to, none of the people i know knew about snsd, and they knew about akb because they have a sister group in my country, so is that make akb is more famous internationaly than snsd, if i was using ur logic than YES, at least i have AKB sales to back me up, what do you got, other than ” i think this and that”, … please dont think your little small world represent the whole nations BITCH

  • riama says:

    I love you Kome,that’s what i’m thinking too!

  • ~Mimi~ says:

    duh==of course they would be able to sell more singles than snsd,i mean snsd only debuted now
    and akb48 like 100 years ago?lol also is akb48 of course one of the top idol groups in japan and snsd was unknown in japan.give them some time hun and they will be dominate japan too.
    and better forget about akb48 dominating the world.it’s already GIRLS’ GENERATION bby ~only the power of nine can dominate the world!

  • Misaki-chan says:

    I’m with you ~Mimi~
    It’s Girls’ Generation time now. well for me, for AKB48 to felt threatened is already an honor cause SNSD is just rookies in Japan market yet they already receive this kind of overwhelming reaction from Japan music industry. It’s unbelievable you know.

    • rika says:

      um.. sure snsd debuted late in japan but in korea itself they havent reached 1 million groups like TVXQ have but they just havent! and u cant compare the two! currently akb48 won the grand music award snsd didnt

    • rika says:

      Why do u think they are threatened? they dont even give snsd a damn!!

  • RAWR says:

    I have never heard any member of AKB48 saying they feel threatened by SNSD… people just write what they think should be known to cause some controversy that it would sometimes appear misleading… ;T anyhow, back on the topic at hand…

    The 2 groups dominate on their own respective areas… that’s pretty obvious.

    For instance, for sure AKB48 dominates SNSD in single AND album sales. There is no way SNSD can beat AKB48 in sales… there is just… no way… o.o I’d be surprised if they would beat AKB48… AKB48 has sold more than a million of their singles all in all… and that’s only in japan. SNSD has sold, I don’t really know how much but seriously… I’m being realistic here. Although I’m not sure if SNSD has performed in Paris and America, but AKB48 did, so there’s somewhat an advantage in foreign country popularity. (ALTHOUGH, because of the Korean wave, I know more people here in the U.S. who likes Kpop more than somewhat unknown Jpop)

    But SNSD can beat AKB48 through asian (and maybe global) popularity. More Asian countries know about SNSD and they idolize them… such countries include Taiwan and the Philippines. They may not have the strongest single/album sales because of the growing “illegal downloading” thing going on in South Korea (the main reason why they debuted in japan = more sales), but surely… if you ask people around who SNSD is, they’d know. I know a lot of people here (in America) who likes SNSD… seriously.

    So they both dominate in their own respective areas… It’s really no big deal to say who dominates who IF you know that they’re actually pretty much equal in standing.

    Oh and to point out one more thing…

    “Also, Korean girl groups have received 3-6 years rigorous and intensive training before their debut while Japanese girl groups generally debut after 6 months of training.”

    Now THAT is seriously misleading… It came out as an insult apparently. ;T You better check your sources first before saying anything. Japanese girl groups can take upto more than 2 years to train… T.T Same goes for SM Ent trainees… they train for at least 2 years or more before debuting.. This statement was an exaggeration.

    • jsb0997 says:

      it is not exaggeration u brave ignorant.

      Person who trapped in tide of mislead is you.

      member of SNSD Yoona took least 7 years of train period and that goes same for other members.
      (Tiffany had most short traning time which is 5 years)

      In Korea, all of idol groups had least 5 years of traning and u saing it is exaggeration?

      How cute u r lol

      R u just saying out anything to protect your lovy dovy state?

      or if not, can u plz give me a reference source that you had gain that mislead info?

      Go check more profile dates of any Korean idol stars before you posting something about them lol.

      Japanese girls took more than 2 years of traing? lol so what? for Korean, least 5 years :D

      No bias that Korean idols having more long time of train than Japanese idols. Go and check it detaily or just google it if u r lazy pumpkin.

      Think about major difference of Korea and Japan idols, it is professionalism and amature concept.

      Korean idols r having more long period of traning time cuz they r aiming a concept truely call ‘idol’

      Perspective and concept of idol in Korean is completely different from Japan. Not like girl in next door or everyday princess lol

      I am not saying K-idols r better than J-idols but I just cannot help that ppl like you spreading rumor to misleading ppl to protect your country.

      • jsb0997 says:

        I do think it is wrong to saying K-idols r better because J-idol take less training time.

        I do agree with you for this point.

        But I have to clear with truth that K-idols r expected to have least 5 years of trainig time and that is goddamn true, Not MISLEAD and EXAGGERATION.

        competitivness in idol markets in Korea is way taugher than Japan (not b’coz of K market is better than j market, it just ‘coz of different system and concept of idol production)

        • jsb0997 says:

          My apologies if you felt bad for my hard first comment but I just can’t help with ppl who are lying for purpose.

          If you weren’t lying and was saying sth mislead info, well I am sorry for being harsh on you.

          Just want to fix it as both K-idols and J-idols r having hard traing time. (who gives damn about druation of time? it’s matter of how they trying hard to grap their dream, isn’t it? :D )

          I do love J-pop as K-pop.

          Seriously I never thought that K-idols r better than J-idols or vice verse.

          Always take these two countries as two trustable partners in Asia as good friend and rival for many areas.

          Good luck for AKB48 and all other stars in Japan who running for their dream!

          Cool-Japan forever! Korean-Wave eternal! :D

          • lalalala says:

            “Just want to fix it as both K-idols and J-idols r having hard traing time. (who gives damn about druation of time? it’s matter of how they trying hard to grap their dream, isn’t it? )” Pftt… Yeah who gives a damn about the duration of time when the RESULTS ARE DIFFERENT. SNSD is on a way higher level than AKB48; talk to a professional performer or singer or even dancer. You don’t see akb48 ppl fainting from fatigue do you?
            Butthurt fans, stop trying to make yourselves feel better by comparing sales.

      • rika says:

        the hell u typed lol u should say japanese idols are amazing for training for a short time and dancing soo nicely and singing so beautifully it just means that they are god gifted with the talent and that koreans need practice

        • Matter_OF_Fact says:

          Yo, Rika. I just can’t help but comment on your absolute ignorance as I was scrolling down the page.
          Koreans need practice? Are you kidding me? They don’t NEED practice. They HAVE to and WANT to practice, if they want to sell in a market as competitive as in Korea where there are hundreds of new idol groups popping up every month.
          And who says Japanese idols are better than Koreans? If you just compare the choreography of AKB48 and SNSD, you can instantly understand, even for someone as clueless as you, that SNSD’s moves are much more sophisticated and complicated. They are moves that actually need to be practiced because it involves synchronization with your group members, unlike couple of hand signals that AKB48 are doing that can be picked up in less than 20 seconds.

    • Miha says:

      Sweetie, have you seen SNSD’s overall album and single sales globally? You sound like an idiot. Also, it’s obvious which group has more talent. I mean – yeah, AKB48 are supposed to be a theatrical group but their voices all sound the same and they have no real choreography. Take SNSD’s Taeyeon and harmonize it with Jessica’s vibrato and take Sunny’s bright harmony and Tiffany’s deep vocal chords in there: you make actual varying music. In terms of success, popularity, talent, and looks: SNSD beats AKB48 downright. Jessica and Yoona trained for more than 7 years. Seohyun, Sooyoung, and Hyoyeon trained for more than 6 years. Yuri and Sunny (who trained for a different company) trained for more than 5 years. Taeyeon and Tiffany were the ones who trained the least; 3 years and a few months. So shut your mouth and get your facts right.

      • rika says:

        um..they dont sound the same lol its just that 6 or less girls sing together in akb48 and they were auditioned for so that means akb48 is more talented and the dance moves is all fault of the choreographer lol the girls are getting better watch their video of everyday and flying get there is actually co-ordination in it and they didnt train or something the members were 13-24 years old when they started singing!!

      • Kawaei says:

        Please search in Youtube: “AKB48 Oogoe Diamond Acapella”

        Trained idols are, in my opinion, a bit boring. They know exactly what to do, how to charm people, etc. AKB48 takes girls that don’t know half of these things, tell them to sing and dance and talk everyday in public, and there you go. You get someone like Yoona in seven years (Acchan, Takamina, Mariko, Harunyan, and Miichan auditioned in 2005), in a more fun way, as you get to actually see their growth. A bonus: you see their vulnerability as they cry because they’re thinking of giving up at one point, because they had messed up, etc.

        AKB48 has more than 600 songs, all with choreography. It takes around three weeks to memorize 16 or more songs in a stage’s set list. No real choreography? They’re always moving in their routine, and which much greater energy than SNSD does because their songs are more cheerful with an upbeat tempo. NMB48 makes a human pyramid. SKE48 has a high kick in one of their songs.

        Come back when SNSD sell 1,700,000+ copies in their first week of release, or take first five spots of the Oricon chart’s best selling singles.

  • watie says:

    Know snsd but just know akb48 after snsd go to japan cause some people says snsd rival akb48. Firstly, I shock, so many many member. Agree, snsd still need make move at japan but true also, snsd more popular at asian. Even they have be called at asian country no.1 girl group asian and some country no.1 group asian.

  • SYdream says:

    Its funny how ppl starts to compare album sales of AKB48 with SNSD(rookie in japan). AKB48 = JAPAN girl group = debut longer = album sales in JAPAN = HIGHER. SNSD = Korea girl group = Just debutted = album sales in JAPAN = LOWER. —–> Its a simple fact… why not let me change the situation abit. AKB48 = JAPAN girl group = album sales in KOREA = DEFINITELY LOWER!!! so pls dun use their own countries album sales as comparison , im sure u guys noe what are BIASES right?? ppl hav biases ~~ We should compare album sales out of KOREA and JAPAN , that is when we see which is currently the one that is dominating..although i feel both groups are good in each of their strengths.

    • tonicjr says:

      top 10 singles sales in 2010(japan) total sales
      1 AKB48 Beginner 954,283
      2 AKB48 Heavy Rotation 713,275
      3 ARASHI Troublemaker 698,542
      4 ARASHI Monster 696,022
      5 AKB48 Ponytail to Chouchou 659,959
      6 ARASHI Hatenai Sora 656,343
      7 ARASHI Løve Rainbow 620,057
      8 AKB48 Chance no Junban 596,769
      9 ARASHI Dear Snow 591,207
      10 ARASHI To be free 516,142

      49 SNSD GEE 130,145
      58 SNSD Genie 115,575

      • tonicjr says:

        not to mention
        41 SKE48 1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku! 144,973

      • A says:

        well i doubt akb48 can even reach that amount when they try to debut in korea. sorry 48 kids, it wont happen.

        • tonicjr says:

          Ain’t this article about snsd penetrating the japanese music industry and making akb threatened. Well their not beating akb anytime soon nor any artists in japan can. Nor even the second biggest draw in the Chart Arashi which sells about just half that of what akb48 can sell(Arashi-500k, Akb-1M). So if Arashi can’t even compete with akb, does that make akb48 feel threatened by snsd? Even though SNSD still maintained the same sales as that of 2010, Gee – 200k copies sold,Genie – 150k in 2010 and mr Taxi – 159k in 2011. I guess Not.

          • tonicjr says:

            ^[EDIT] i was a little bit wrong about the sales Gee 200k and Genie 150k(total sales 2010 and 2011) and mr Taxi total sold copies 159k 2011

          • iloveakb48 says:


          • kokz says:

            aint this article about akb feeling threatened by snsd in JAPAN, like i said there not threatened, there 10 more artists who outranks snsd, and akb sells 1mil a day, 3x more than the 2nd best arashi. So there not a threat.

      • ShekieSone9 says:

        Put AKB48 in Korea. Let’s see if they can go like that! You know for SNSD fans. When we see that we feel sad. Know why?! You putted SNSD in like LOWEST. Let’s see after months. SNSD will climbed to top and defeat AKB48.

        • tonicjr says:

          again , aint this article about akb feeling threatened by snsd in JAPAN, like i said there not threatened, there 10 more artists who outranks snsd, and akb sells 1mil a day, 3x more than the 2nd best arashi. So there not a threat.

      • Duh says:

        Excuse me IloveAKB48.. If they will debut in other country. They have a High Percentage to Get in the Highest Rank.. You Know Y ( I bet you dont know so I tell you anyways) AKB48 SHipped almost 2M Copies of their SINGLEs( Yea thats right singles only not albums ) and they can sold it in 3/4 of it in One Day.. Do you have any proof that K-pop can easily attract people in other Country .. Your Lame.. Try your SNSD in Africa they might get Rank One.. Duh..

  • laupanman says:

    Who said AKB48 feels threatened? :/

  • Meeee says:

    WHOA i din’t even knew about this band called AKB48!!!
    *Laughs* SNSD FTW!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll support SNSD all the way :D

  • alicen says:

    Who’s akb48?
    48 people.. LmaO

  • SGP48 says:

    You can learn more about AKB48 here. Yes they are Japanese girl group with 48 members.

    • A says:

      there is no need to know 48 girls wearing bikni underage.

      • Duh says:

        Oh Really? Your also lame .. In the History of AKB48 thay have a Pattern in making their singles every year, don’t just comment that they wear bikinis. even though they are underage they are always protected by the whole staff of AKB.. Fact.. They can’y even have boyfriend while they are in the group. Just Shut Up your

  • lucefer says:

    WTH !? AKB48 had their own theater, show, drama and now radio and they’re Japanese

    They had 48 members, SNSD? 9, nine, just 9 members and never had small group

    how can SNSD vs AKB in Japan ? They can’t and they never will

    “AKB48 will dominate the world soon! ” Sorry SNSD already do that. How many Asian’s girlgroup both top 3 in Korean and Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam even Europe and South America?

    I like AKB to but I’ll never know about them if SNSD didn’t debut in Japan, S1 in Vietnam like AKB too of course because SNSD

    Gosh…….! I can’t believe that someone didn’t understand such a simple thing like that

    • kakou says:

      well I know AKB48 not because SNSD debuted in Japan! but because I love Jpop! and I like SNSD cause I liked their japanese version of Genie and so I started to like kpop too!
      I love Both and like you said they can’t be compared as long as they are not alike! ;)

  • lolipedofin says:

    I used to love SNSD, well… I still love them. But to be honest when I started seeing AKB48, I recalled my original love to Idol groups… Not to mention that they have their own variety show where they can easily showcase the girls personality.

    Sorry to SNSD and its fan but AKB48, for now is definitely my number 1 idol group. They just have a certain charm I loved that SNSD lacked.

    I can clearly see how SNSD has more global appeal, it’s more ‘understandable’ i guess… I even think its awkard to call them ‘Idols’, they’re definitely more similar to Spice Girls than Momusu or AKB. I think its going to be hard for AKB to appeal globally due to their style, but niche aidoru ota like me will definitely prefer AKB over SNSD.

    But if we’re talking about Japanese market, there is no way they are going to topple AKB48 from the pinnacle. Its just bordering on impossible. They are definitely not going to take over AKB core fans or shake the whole Idol industry, its a different situation with BoA, as her style were similar to Japanese female singer, but even then she never really dethroned Utada Hikaru and Hamasaki Ayumi.

    p.s. Put Sooyoung in the center, and I might reconsider SNSD place in my ranking… lol.

    • A says:

      dont see ur point there, i think the only reason akb48 is getting notice, its because snsd is in japan and they performed on the same stage.

    • A says:

      snsd properly wont top the chart unless they wear binki, is that what u are trying to say?

      • catz says:

        Akb48 has Beginner – 1,017,428 copies sold and Sakura no Ki ni narou – 942,479 in a week, all of which they didn’t wear bikinis. And there first 3 chart toppers(#1′s) also didn’t have bikinis on them. And they already have 5 number 1′s even Before snsd came to japan. While snsd still hasn’t top the chart after nearly a year. Their singles Gee – 200k ,Genie – 150k copies sold in 2010 and mr Taxi – 159k in 2011, all of which didn’t top the chart. So regardless of which akb48 wears bikinis or not, they can still top the charts.

        • ShekieSone9 says:

          Excuse me! You didn’t know that SNSD’s Gee rank 1 in 9 consecutive weeks in Korea. AKB48 only 5 in japan. SNSD came to japan right? Duh! When they came to japan they just debuted! Of course they will not be ranked! AKB48 is already 6 years that’s why they ranked in japan!

          • tonicjr says:

            you have had a misonception my friend akb currently now has 9 consecutive singles number 1s in japan which is the most for a girlgroup in japanese history. And snsd had 9 consecutive WEEKS on number 1, weeks is different than number of sinles in number 1. Wonder girls had 3 consecutive number 1 singles. and snsd had 5 consecutive number 1′s(mini albums and albums). And not to mention recently akb’s flying get sold 1mil copies in a day, which is the highest in japanese history. While snsd’s gee in korea sold 200k in 2010

    • lalalala says:

      LOLOL SNSD’s bar is there and AKB48′s bar is on the ground. I don’t see we have to lower the bar for AKB48

  • hyoyeon love taemin says:

    SNSD is the best!!^^
    I will support them!!^^
    Girls’ Generation has a meaningful lyrics in their songs like BORN TO BE A LADY, LET IT RAIN ans especially INTO THE NEW WORLD

    AKB48 are a whore. Yuck!! they are just giving attention in the people in their bodies haha!! no way SNSD has the best beautiful legs and a body see this:


    And a beautiful face like this?:

    Hehe!! no one will beat her baby face!!

    so is AKB48 has a dancer mm like dancing in a popping, locking and more? like this:

    Did the AKB48 has a youngest one who is cute like this?:

    none right?

    Has AKB48 has a singer like her? that has a amazing voice and can sing a english and high notes like this?:

    none right?

    Does AKB48 has a beautiful long legs like this?:

    Does AKB48 can yoga like this?:
    and this?:


    so no one can beat SNSD, sometimes they make a mistake but for us they are perfect girls
    Mehrong!!^^ XP

    and BTW, AKB48 is a bad influence into the people especially to the kids unlike SNSD has a good influence because we can see their generation through their heart

    • ShekieSone9 says:

      Lol. Good job! High five! You’ve search all of it ey. xDD Saranghae! Lol. Mehrong AKB48!

    • Puzzled says:

      It makes me sad to know you support SNSD like this. People who constantly compare idols that are completely different. I’m a huge SONE but seeing things like this shows the immaturity we have as a fanbase

    • Duh says:

      hahaha.. Are Legs aren’t part of the body. Shut up you bitch

    • Riku says:

      you’re only seeing outer beauty, not the inner beauty.
      I admit, SNSD from anywhere you compared is the winner.

      But they don’t have the inner beauty of AKB48.
      I have no comments on their music. But realized one thing :
      AKB48′s songs not only love songs, but they have gradurate songs like sakura no kini narou, sakura no hanabiratachi. and those songs could help you in life, like RIVER and BEGINNER.

      They worked hard, straining their tears and blood, in order to give a perfect performance. And their hardworkings paid off. they audition, they practice hard.

      I’m sure many AKB48 fans know about this. Eventhough they can’t be like snsd, long legs, cute face, smooth dance movements…

      But each of them have their own characters, which makes them stand out.

      And they’re willing to workhard, correct their mistakes.

      So, please don’t insult those who had work hard enough. AKB48 is not only a J-POP idol group, but also a motivation for fans to keep living on, work hard on life.

  • AKB48 fan 4 life says:

    Some of you are so harsh towards AKB48. to the last person who said they are whores well you are dead wrong. Why make those accusations
    When you don’t even know them. And all your posts about SNSD was sooooooooo vain and shallow. it
    Was like you only care about there looks.
    AKB48 are VERY beautiful and talented and their fans are not just middle aged men. Get to know them before you cast stones. When you insult them it only makes you look really pathetic. I like both groups but I will never compare them because they are totally different from eachother! Why should dominating the world even matter when AKB48 and SNSD really care about their fans and their love for performing and living their dreams? So if you like them, support them and if you don’t keep your shallow comments to yourself.

    • A says:

      well it is obvious that snsd is more talented than akb48. if akb48 are talented why i cant see that in their pv, i only saw many girls lying on the bed wearing binki. I guess thats what u meant by talented.

      • AKB48 fan 4 life says:

        Well that’s because you can’t see past anything but that one music video. Why don’t you learn why they did that to fully understand. And it’s very obvious you really never got to know them well. I think their talented and all their fans do. AND it wasnt a bed. So what if their in bikinis? At least they wear them with class. And FYI it was a beach theme. They dont dance sexually. Stop making judgements upon the pvs alone. I bet if SNSD did a music video in their bikinis you would stand up for them when people will call them sluts and untalented? All your doing is attacking fans who believe AKB48 is talented, that makes you bad a SONE. SNSD would be disappointed that your ripping on other groups just for your own selfish needs to make you feel better. So if you think their untalented, don’t listen them and stop hating on them. Because it’s just so sad.

        And p.s I like SNSD. They are talented. I support them, but I do not like it when people keep insulting AKB48.

        • Z says:

          I didnt say i hate akb48, all im suggesting is that snsd is more talented than akb48 and that is a fact. and yes, i have watched some of akb48′s videos and i dont see any talent in them. if u could show me one, that would be good.

          • ugly says:

            seriously. you’re so pathetic. it’s an opinion, not a fact that snsd is much more talented than akb48. you don’t even get your facts right and you’re bashing people. you know you look so sad. it’s like you have to do this in order to convince yourself that snsd is really better than akb48. lol. pathetic!

        • aceseno says:

          beach theme….doesn’t mean you have to wear a bikini. There are many other clothes concept to match a beach theme, like a flowery dress with some straw hat. Not only AKB48 wore bikini, they even wore lingeries for this heavy rotation mv?! And most of them are underage to do this.

        • Puzzled says:

          It’s nice to know you agree. The comments that are made are insulting, and from the way they defend their bias, it degrades them instead. I’m a huge Sone, and although I don’t favour AKB48′s music style, I don’t have a reason to start bashing.

  • me says:

    i dont think that akb48 are threatened.. coz akb48 sell lots..of album and the break utada hikaru rating .. they even sell 6.66 billion..compaed to snsd only 2.66 billion only.. so what.. did you think they threatened? na.. dont think so.. i

  • me says:

    i think snsd aka legs group ** puke ..puke… have to learn pole dance and wearing nothing coz they sell body not song.. their dance are so erotic..when i ask my friends why did you like snsd? cozit easy to attract a men with their wicked dance.. puke puke. did you said they are so talented? urm.hah!! are insane?.. that kind of level of voice urm urgh made my head headache.. coz lot of laughing..hahahhaha.

    • lalalala says:

      LOL those of you saying that their dance are erotic, LOL you’re pathetic and AKB48 heavy rotation isn’t?swishing their school uniform isn’t? I wonder why SNSD’s fanbase in Japan is mostly girls? YOU, get your ears checked and find A PROFESSIONAL PRODUCER OR ARTIST THAT PRAISED AKB48? YOU’LL FIND NO ONE. BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, I CAN EASILY FIND PRO PRODUCERS AND ARTISTS THAT PRAISED SNSD. NUFF SAID

    • ShekieSone9 says:

      Hey! If you hate SNSD then why are here in KPOP FANPAGE?! Assh*le! AKB48 is JPOP! go to JPOP FANPAGE!

  • iloveakb48 says:

    why keep comparing their sales? let’s compare their talent! and see who wins .. and akb48 ARE ONLY POPULAR in JAPAN! let them debut in other country! (they can’t cause their to afraid? :( (haha) if u compare their popularity worldwide! SNSD would be number 1 i only knew akb48 because they were in same stage with snsd and when i saw them i say! OMO! WHO ARE THEY?! WHY ARE THEY SO UGLY AND PLENTY? OMO! HAHAHAHA LOSER!

    • ugly says:

      for your info, akb48 has stores in hk and singapore but snsd do not. so yea, their popularity in asia vs snsd popularity in asia, i think it’s quite obvious who is the winner.

    • ShekieSone9 says:

      Wait! Whose side are you? SNSD or AKB48? You are commenting about good stuff of SNSD and bad things about AKB48 then your Username is “iloveakb48″.

  • tabahiko says:

    Hi, I performed dance”AKB48” at wedding party.
    AKB48 is very famous idol in Asia.
    I succeed to please guests.
    AKB48 has something attractive.
    Thank you.

  • Passerby says:

    I don’t know if SNSD or KARA for that matter are going to top AKB48 in sales, they’re pretty high.

    Although, I read somewhere that sales of SNSD’s last album ran up 500k at this moment?

    However, I think they’re definitely making an impact, especially after the set of shows they gave in June and July.
    SNSD was recently chosen as most beautiful girl group above KARA (who were 2nd) and AKB48 who were 3rd.

    Plus there was a whole host of Japanese celebrities who went to the SNSD shows who were very enthusiastic and excited about it, and also very impressed.

    Some comments regarding them:
    * Too many entertainers are going to SNSD’s concert ∑(゚∀゚ノ)ノ Looks like it’s a boom among the entertainers circle. – eriemon77@twitter

    * I went to see the SNSD concert by myself…I hesitate to say this [because this program is about other subject] but SNSD’s performance is something totally different… I hope many Japanese idols go see SNSD’s concert and see just how amazing their performance is – Okamura Takashi(Comedian. He was the MC when Sooyoung auditioned in Japan a decade ago)

    * I’m up. Still haven’t recovered from yesterday’s SNSD excitement. I heard from Savanna’s Takahashi that “Even on next day SNSD hangover remains.” but never thought it would really remain like this… – Miyaji Kensuke (Miyaji and Takahashi Shigeo both comedians)

    * … I went to SNSD’s concert. My thoughts in a word, perfect! I’m at this age and I was waving the penlight for 3 hours… to be honest, yesterday’s SNSD show was shocking. – Dave Spector (American-in-Japan celebrity)

    * I went. TO THE SNSD CONCERT… When you come back from seeing SNSD in person, it is so amazing that other idol groups become like “Eh… ok”… Incredible, really I have been given the chance of witnessing the concert from the real pros. – Nishio Hidetaka (Comedian)

    * The shock from today’s SNSD Osaka concert keeps me unable to sleep and I am drinking sake in the hotel room replaying the Japan debut album for the 4th time. This is bliss *Teary eyes*
    I am so happy that I love Soshi. – Naito Yasuhiro (Comic artist – author of Trigun)

    • akb48 hell yeah says:

      yeah its certainly feels like snsd is more popular in asia than akb48, but hey japanese music market is the 2nd biggest in the world,even snsd combined popularity in asia cant make them beat akb48 in sales, and their popularity in asian country is not that big, it look like it was big because its was combined people from various country, maybe 10k in malaysia, 10k in philipine,10k in singapore,taiwan,china, etc etc, why do snsd decide to debut in japan, and not in asian country in general, because japanese music market sales alone can beat all of other asian country combine, and why is akb is not to popular in asian country,because why would they bother to promote in any asian country when in their own country they can sell more albums then they do overseas, except US of course since it was the biggest music industry in the world, and some sones are saying if akb debut in korea they will sell a jack shit, of course they will, there is no foreign musician can not even lady gaga could sell more then korean top idol in korea, why, because korean are not to fond of foreign people, beside why in the world would they do that,they only waste time and money by doing that, korean music industry is no where near japanese music industry, korean music industry are not even in the top 10 music industry in the world, thats why they agresively promote outside their country, hence the hallyu wave, every korean group and their grandmother is debuting in japan. and my point are, its better to be known by 100 people in your own country then 10 people outside your country

      • ShekieSone9 says:

        Shut up. We don’t need you LONG OPINION. And excuse me, they are debuting in Japan to share there TALENTS. AKB48 is already 6 years. Right? But they are still in Japan and not promoting in other countries?! Look, SNSD is now 4 years since they debuted but LOOK! They are more popular than AKB48. UNDERSTAND BEFORE YOU COMMENT!

        • laupanman says:

          Popularity isn’t everything to an extent. Also I’d sort out your anger for telling people online to ‘shut up’, people like AKB, people like SNSD blahblahblah

        • Puzzled says:

          Wow. That was incredibly childish of you to defend SNSD in that way. Opinions are opinions and telling someone to ‘shut up’ proved the extent of your mentality. How ironic of you to tell another to understand about what they say.

        • Komaki says:

          -sigh-…. Are you dumb or what? Mind you, look up where the groups have performed before you even make any statements. AKB48 HAS PERFORMED IN USA, MOST OF ASIA, EUROPE.

  • ShekieSone9 says:

    I’ll show you something AKB48 Miho Miyazaki talking about SNSD Yoona
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3VpCznH6lI <—
    Here's the translation : "I like SNSD's YooNa. I think she is really cute and I like her very much. I heard that she likes Takuya Kimura very much. I heard that she burst into crying when she was staying in Japan and was watching KimuTaku on TV. Other members asked her what's wrong with her. She answered she cried because, although she loves KimuTaku really much, she couldn't understand what he was speaking at all.

  • ShekieSone9 says:

    Here there performance. Whose more Sexier?

  • jessujusnsd says:

    you can’t compare snsd and akb48′s sales
    japan has a WAY bigger population than korea so obviously akb48 would have higher sales in terms of numbers
    BUT if you calculate in in ratio of sales to population, SNSD sells WAYY MORE
    not only this, but snsd is popular ALL OVER THE WORLD
    they performed in paris, LA, new york, taiwan, loads of places around japan, etc and will be in sydney
    you might think akb48 is talented, but having 48 girls onstage, it just looks overcrowded
    snsd each have different charms and roles and together make a perfect performance
    yoona – charms, dancer, actress/cfs
    taeyeon – powerful voice, leader
    jessica – ballad voice, american
    tiffany – husky voice/rapper, eyesmile
    sunny – aegyo(?), cute voice
    hyoyeon – powerful dancer, popular in europe
    sooyoung – great at variety (imitating), good at japanese
    seohyun – great voice, innocence/maknae
    yuri – sexiness, dancer, hot body

    they have the singers: taeyeon, jessica, tiffany, seohyun and dancers: hyeoyeon, yoona, yuri and variety show people: sooyoung, sunny and as a bonus, they’re all pretty and have great bodies and legs too. the problem is akb48 even if they do possess the above charms, their number limits them from showing them

    right after they debuted in japan, snsd was asked to perform in one of their christmas/end of year concerts and right after that they took a private plane to korea to do the ending performance. im sorry but i don’t see akb48 being invited and being able to perform in two locations in one day

    even akb48 members went to snsd concert. their reactions?
    “We just returned from SNSD’s live concert (in Japan). It gave us a lot of new lessons. In particular, we were shocked by their skilled choreography and colorful style. We already surrendered,” Kikuchi Ayaka of AKB48 wrote on their blog.

    Fellow AKB48 member Aika Oota added, “They were so adorable. I was really touched and had a great time. They (SNSD) have nine different members, yet their performance was so organized, and I was really impressed.”

    Another AKB48 member Hirazima Natumi praised the Korean girl group saying, “Just from the beginning, the aura was amazing and it gave me chills. Three hours past by so fast. We want to give a live performance as good as SNSD.”

    see how akb48 can tell that snsd’s choreography and stage powress is better than theirs. people all over the world know snsd with gee, genie, run devil run, oh, hoot, etc but akb48? i only heard of them after watching snsd’s performance with them and reading this article. sorry but snsd is definitely more famous worldwide.

    not to mention a whole load of other japanese celebrities went to snsd concert and their comments show how great it was. just google “japanese celebrities at snsd japan tour” and you’ll see. all of them go on and on about how they surpass human and how powerful their performances and individual talents are.

    • Puzzled says:

      Instead of showing your support for SNSD, your favouritism is shown instead. Japanese idols and celebrities would of course praise SNSD for their talents, staying silent isn’t an option and would be considered rude. Maybe you should pull out some of the quotes from Korean celebrities towards AKB48 and would show both sides of the argument and not show the obvious bias of yours.

      SONEs treatment of other idol groups make me frustrated. As a fellow SONE it makes me more upset than glad that you defend them in such a way.

  • lorena says:

    SNSD is more talented, better looking, and stronger,,, i mean ,, 9 girls can beat that japanese army, , and about sales , the fact that AKB48 sales more than SNSD doesn´t make them more popular or better, that just make them richer, and i´m not sure about that ;S i mean they are like 50 girls or more, they must receive like $.50 per performance ;D ,AKB48 sales more because they are from japan and SNSD are foreigners, ;E, SNSD are popular all over the world and loved, hated whatever , but even me , that i live in a smal town in a third world country know them and love them,,,what about big cities!, about AKB48 they are known around the world just for otakus and not all the otakus like jpop, or like girlbands, but kpop is heard for a lot more people , not only otakus, some of my friends know about kpop and like it, and they dont even know about what an anime is XD ,, SO YES i think SNSD is more popular around the world than AKB48,, !!!YAYYY

  • sarah says:

    I just wanted to put in my two cents about AKB and how they work and just clear up some misconceptions. Yes it is true that Japan has a bigger music industry and thus AKB is more likely to sell well in their own country, so let’s move on from music sales (:

    I just felt slightly annoyed at the amount of ignorance that was coming from the comments about how AKB were not as hard working as the members in SNSD. While AKB has been around for 6 years, they really only started becoming popular in Japan around two years ago. Before that, when their theatre just opened (because they’re a theatre based group), their total audience consisted of only seven people. Because of this, the first gen members had to hand flyers out and promote their show by themselves in the streets in order to get people to come to them. Most of he time, there were more girls performing than the I’m not trying to belittle the members of SNSD’s experiences during their training as I’m sure they worked their butts off to become the great singers and dancers that they are.

    • laupanman says:

      I agree.. AKB performs everyday in the theatre whilst SNSD doesn’t perform everyday, proves that AKB does not slack.

      • taeyeonlove says:

        um yah lets just you shouldnt say that snsd doesnt work there but off cause they do there singles have made the oricon charts and american charts ,yah while your akb48 iim sure they work really hard im also a jpop fan and i like couple of thier songs but they arent as experienced as snsd members sorry but its true maybe cause snsd is older than most of them ,

  • sarah says:

    I’m a pretty casual SNSD fan and I do love some of their music. I’m also an AKB fan and thus reading some of the comments here made me feel a bit sad about this ridiculous situation where two bands are being pitted against eachother for no real reason other than they’re female, Asian and selling albums across Japan. I suppose I just want to put in my two cents about AKB and how they work and just clear up some misconceptions.

    Yes it is true that Japan has a bigger music industry and thus AKB is more likely to sell well in their own country, so let’s move on from music sales (:

    There was some ignorance that was coming from the comments about how AKB were not as hard working as the members in SNSD, so yeah I’m just going to mention that AKB works very hard as well! While AKB has been around for 6 years, they really only started becoming popular in Japan around two years ago. Before that, when their theatre just opened (because they’re a theatre based group), their total audience consisted of only seven people. Because of this, the first gen members had to hand flyers out and promote their show by themselves in the streets in order to get people to come to them. Most of he time, there were more girls performing than the people sitting in the theatre. I think it took them quite a while until they had a full audience!

    Also each girl in AKB has to work really hard to promote themselves because they’re not automatically signed to an agency (such as SM, for example) because AKB aren’t managed as one group in one agency. The girls have to work hard in order to stand out in a group so big in order to get picked up and signed by an agency. Imagine attempting to stand out in a group of 48 (or 56, I suppose) girls! It’s pretty much near impossible, especially if you’re not signed to an agency that can help promote you.

    Since they are a theatre group, they do have to perform at the theatre when not working other jobs and doing solo activities so they have to work hard for that as well. In addition to this, on news years eve and day this year I’m pretty sure they did three shows and performances so yeah they do work quite hard! Also members have collapsed from exhaustion before- for example my favourite member (who is the leader of AKB) was supposed to do a rakugo (a traditional one-man Japanese comedy skit) at her subunit’s concert but due to rehearsing for that and practicing for the concert as well as keeping on top of her duties in AKB (she’s a lead singer as well as the captain) she collapsed and was treated in hospital for a week or so. So yes, they do collapse as well ):

    I’m not posting this here to belittle the members of SNSD’s experiences during their training as I’m sure they worked their butts off to become the great singers and dancers that they are. Instead I’m trying to raise awareness of the stuff that AKB has gone through to get to this point. So I think that we should all be glad for our idol groups that their respective hard work has paid off and support them the best we can as fans I will definitely do my best to support both (: <3

  • sarah says:

    Sorry mods, I posted the above post on my iPod and it went through twice while I was still writing it, so there’s three copies of it! Please delete the first two incomplete ones (and this one too, ofc) (:

  • KPOPLOVER says:

    I really had a fun time reading all your comments!! I am really glad to know that so many people agree with me that SNSD is more awesome than AKB48. I want to assure you that i am not a hater but i really dun understand why AKB48 is so popular. Despite their looks and figures, AKB48 can hardly sing and dance except for a few members. You might argue that they should be given better songs with better dance choreography!! But hey dun blame the producers, they are just not as talented as SNSD. They top the chart whatsoever. But in this world, we are not just talking about Looks and figures. You will never dominate just with these !! Watch X factor this is what we call talents. AKB48 may work their asses off and constantly improving themselves but oh come on i cant really see their improvements in any ways. I just cant learn to appreciate them and i might not do so? Busy preparing for singles, dramas, variety shows and performances, i dun think they really will have much time to focus on their own talents. I heard singles of their soloists. The only thing i can say is Average, the song doesnt really stand out as compared to other jpop and kpop. Better than friday though.

    I guess this issue is just something that we can never resolve. AKB48 fans firmly believe that their ‘idols’ are the most awesome, best dancers, best singers, on and on.. Please be more open-minded and look at other talented stars !! I just dun want to regret spending your life and time indulging in them rather than other talented stars!! They might be talented in your eyes!! But not in mine. i know this is really bad of me but i feel like they are depending more on their physical appearances than their talents. Blame their company? Maybe i should do that?

    • Kawaei says:

      I can say that Yuri is more attractive than my oshimen, Kitarie. In fact, most of AKB girls are not very pretty at all. Sasshihara Rino is chubby, Takahashi Minami is short, Oshima Yuko has jacked teeth. That’s what I love about them, I guess. They’re beautiful in an ordinary, girl-next-door kinda way, where they don’t have to cover their faces with hoodies and such when they’re not wearing make up.

      We don’t think they’re the best dancers and singers. Of course not. They’re full of flaws and imperfect and that’s part of the reason why we’re attracted to them. We’re not stupid. We support them because they still have room to improve, rather than the perfect, flawless idols that is SNSD. So a girl in AKB48 is slower in dancing than the other members? A fan would tell her in handshake events, or write fan letters, or comment on their blogs. Chances are the girls will read and listen, because they truly depend on fans to stand out from the rest.

  • thanh says:

    akb48 live well
    snsd alwasys lip sync

    • Puzzled says:

      Is there actual evidence behind your claim? Your judgment is making you look bad since your obvious bias is clearly not making you think.

    • taeyeonlove says:

      uhh think before you speak half of akb48 doesnt even sing ,only the main vocals do.while snsd all of them sing so yah ,and are you crazy enough to think all of them sing ,plzz thats not possible cause believe me ive heard them singing mr removed it isnt that great but they can sing i have no doubt about that well only the main vocals while i heard snsd mr removed they are a talented bunch btw i know cause i used to be a huge fan of akb48 but not anymore well i still like them but not as much ,im a huge snsd fan.

  • Kurisu says:

    I really hate those comments stating “A is better than B”.. I’m a fan of AKB48 and, to be honest, I used to hate SNSD and post comments about how badly I think of them.. But after seeing those comments of people saying AKB doesn’t have talent or AKB are a bunch of whores, I felt that I was too much.. I finally felt how the fans of SNSD will feel if they saw comments of people stating they don’t like SNSD and such.. AKB48 and SNSD are both really popular in their own countries.. And the more fans they have the more haters they will have too..

    But I’m still here to stand for AKB..

    Have you ever heard of this:


    AKB48 topped the United World Chart and ‘Top Achievement Charts’ with four singles.. Has SNSD ever been there.? Just please tell me if they have topped one world music chart..

    I’m not saying that I hate SNSD, they’re really cool too.. I really love their image.. Even some AKB members love them too (for example my fave member Nakagawa Haruka)..

    There’s always someone better than the best.. (Heard that from “Majisuka Gakuen 2″ – a TV series where AKB members star in) You’ll never know if some girl group will surpass both AKB and SNSD..

    I’m really wishing both groups good luck in their future activities.!!!! Hwaiting and Ganbatte.!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  • Kurisu says:

    BTW, J POP girl groups actually don’t feel threatened. But instead they want to rival with SNSD just like S/Mileage.. So please, don’t say that J-Pop girl groups are feeling threatened..

    • Puzzled says:

      I agree. There hasn’t been any solid evidence of their statement. Where did they suddenly pull this out of? This seems more opinion than actual fact, and this discussion is making fans from both sides look ridiculous.

  • music_biz says:

    SNSD like most Kpop acts is a third rate trying hard copycat of Western pop. If AKB’s producer is aiming for a group with excellent singing and dancing skills then he would have done so from the start. But just as he says in one interview, AKB is an incomplete group that improves as their fans cheer them on to succeed. The concept is like a school.

    For those saying that being popular in small fry Asian countries is great, how about pumping US$400,000,000 into your country’s economy. That’s how significant AKB48 is to Japan’s economy. Their producer is selling the concept of AKB outside of Japan. Not AKB48 itself. That’s why you have JKT48 (Jakarta) and TPE48 (Taiwan). He currently wants to keep AKB48 within Japan only.

    • taeyeonlove says:

      u need to get ur facts straight before you post them ,akb48 doesnt feel threatened by snsd sowhy are doing this ,respect other fandoms cause btw i dont have anything against you akb48 :D your awesome and always will be ill support you dont worry :)

  • blablabla says:

    i agree that both group are AWESOME!!!!
    SNSD is my favorite…..
    but AKB48 should receive 1st place….
    cuz they work hard more than u guys think….
    On their 1st theater show…about 1 year…..
    only 7 fans were there to watch their performance….

  • Puzzled says:

    I have to question why this post has even been created. There isn’t any real evidence that claims AKB48 has in anyway felt threatened by SNSDs music sales. Although this is an SNSD fanbased site, biased views are inevitable, but the fact that this post was created makes SONEs look inevitably bad and degrades the appearance we have as a fanbase.
    I find us as one of the most immature fanbases and it’s what makes me ashamed to be a SONE. Judging from the comments made on this site, it doesn’t look like we have a right to judge what other idols are like if our own personalities are distorted.
    As a whole, AKB48 and SNSD are two completely different groups and have different aims. There isn’t anything to compare, other than the fact that they’re both girl groups who want to make people happy through their music.
    As a word of advice, perhaps we should all grow up and instead of fighting over such trivial matters, make us an honourable fanbase.

  • AKBTHEBEST says:

    LOL!!! AKB48 is THREATENED???


    Someone has their imagination worked up TOO MUCH

  • Mimiko says:

    Korean group training in 3-6 years, but always make mistake in live perfomance and looks like unprofessional…. :D

  • aegyo says:

    Haha, just don’t mind them. :D
    Omygod. 6months or training? lack or practice. pfft. T^T I feel so sad about AKB48.
    Jpop fans are only proud or their idols for just selling a million copies.
    Mostly of Jap people buy that though. HAHA

  • aegyo says:

    I guess, Jpop fans are just on sales. Not on REAL talents LOL.
    Can’t they just accept the fact that SNSD is better than them? A lot! o_o Omg.
    SNSD can be cute, and at the same time, sexy.
    Sigh, haters will always be haters. I guess. 8D

    • taeyeonlove says:

      ikr cause i think its impossible to find that many members that can sing ,only some of them can sing :)
      while in snsd everyone can sing

  • aegyo says:

    We don’t care if they have plastic surgery. They’re not even afraid to show
    off their pre debut faces to us fans. Because, they believe in us.

  • aegyo says:

    SNSD even reached Top 10 Billboard of US.

  • open_your_eyes_please says:

    Actually i also get a little bored with korean lately. No offense but i think it’s better if they promote their talent in their own country. There’s so many Korean BB or GB that debuted in Japan even though they didn’t have good quality. Look at TVSQ or BoA, they have to through many things and wait for years to be accepted by Japan and have a big fanbase there. But now Korean just carelessly bring their BB and GB to Japan and debuted there without need to go through anything. It just ain’t fair. I just hope they could be more careful at how to select their talent to debut on Japan.

    and many people said that Japanese Talent is in fault that they never promote their self on other country. I think it’s clear already. Japanese Talent believe their country. they know that even though they didn’t promoting on other country, a big fanbase already there for them.

    so imagine it people. If AKB managed to sell 1 milion copy of their singles even without they have to promote it on other country. How much will they could sell if they promote it on other country? :)

  • Misa says:

    LOL funny article! AKB48 feel threatened? Though they not truly well-known yet in whole world but you just have to admit that AKB48 are gettin’ MORE fans from WORLD-WIDE just like SNSD! Beside,why would AKB48 have to feel threatened with SNSD when they could sell MILLIONS in a day! (that wasn’t include worldwide yet!) SONE could be really funny sometime~ I wasn’t tryin’ to bash on SONE but you guys just don’t have any fuckin’ ideas when it come to AKB48! Do more research on AKB48 before you start to insult em’ with your stupidity! Seriously!

  • QueChill says:

    lol…reading the troll…like JGroup vs Snsd…

    both group have they own fan..everyone have they own view…

    but it look pathetic if others don’t care..& I don’t care..

    we’re not looking for your group info…

    looking at the wallpaper seem this is SNSD web..so for other fan…

    GET OUT!!!!

  • kpopwilltakeover says:

    I think akb48 is probably the worst girl group in Japan. They’re ugly they can’t sing or dance. Only reason why they’re popular is because they Morley in playboy magazines and.now these otakus are obsessed with them. Now SNSD on the other hand, they can actually sing dance.and they are fucking gorgeous!!!! They trained hard and are way more famous than akb worldwide. They even performed on live with Kelly and late night with David Letterman. Akb will never have such a big performance like that. They’re only popular in Japan. Like dont get me wrong though i love jpop. My fave jpop group is perfume and they are wayyyy better than akb48. SNSD FOR THE WIN

    • Komaki says:


  • akb48_admirer says:

    akb is the best.they are very energetic in their perfomance and they will always be like that.learn about akb first and you will know their talents.most of snsd members undergo surgey while akb has their true beauties.so,for one who said snsd members are beautifuls,those are not their true beauties.

    it is true that they have pure talents but they dont have pure beauties!!!

    i agree with kome.akb will dominate the world!!!

  • akb48_admirer says:

    those who said snsd are better than akb,you are more stupid than A COW!!!!!!!


    akb feel threatened?????imposibble

    just compare their vocals.who is the better???yoona,hyoyeon,taeyoen,sohyeon,jessica,sunny and tiffany’s vocals cannot beat takahashi minami’s vocal!!!

    it is the most stupid things that i have ever heard.


    anyway,snsd is a cow group akb is the best!!!!

    • taeyeonlove says:

      um taeyeons vocal is better sorry shes older and way more experienced just saying although the others can sing

  • akb48_admirer says:

    akb or snsd feel threatened???

    i think snsd who are the ones feel threatened!!!

    akb feel threatened???what a very funny article!!!


    • Really? says:

      AKB should feel threatened, they are useless!

      They have no what-ever talent, they are just eye candy for the older generation.
      There used to be 64 people in the “AKB” those other members that aren’t there anymore, have taken their career into pornographic careers.

  • Aggro says:

    After watching the videos of both SNSD and AKB48, its obvious that the SNSD girl group is more talented. You can just tell by the way they dance… On the other hand, for AKB48 using mostly hand gestures to dance…? Really? I’m sorry to tell you but the only thing AKB will dominate is a market full of otakus because you know… their view of seeing what true talent is very narrow.

    Anyhow, its not even worth comparing AKB48 to SNSD.

  • Taeyeon says:

    Oh please, AKB48 may have all of its members, but SNSD has talent. They’ve been training for years, while AKB48 is just like, a few months. SNSD even got invited to David Letterman’s Show, as well as the Kelly show. They have the global dominance. (;

    • Cheese says:

      What.. do you mean by ‘AKB48 has been training for a few months’???

      My opinion:

      SNSD: Show off their legs (Yes, I know. I don’t like show-offs)
      Their music is somewhat catchy.
      Sorry, I don’t consider the SNSD girls as beautiful. (Yes, I know this can be offensive)

      AKB48: Bikinis just FIT the image of SUMMER. Wearing a flower dress in Everyday, Kachuusha would look WEIRD.
      Plus, the Heavy Rotation PV was only like ‘bikinis, lingerie, baths, beds’ because of Yuko’s personality.
      For those of you saying that AKB is not talented…*sigh*. AKB members did not train as singers or dancers at an really young age. Most of them got their first lessons when they were 12-15 when they joined AKB. Plus, if they aren’t talented WHY did they get past the audition in the first place? AKB is EXTREMELY hard working. IF you think they aren’t YOU don’t know them WELL ENOUGH!

      For those of you that say AKB will NEVER dominate the world… I suggest you take that back. The word ‘never’ is TOOOOOO HARSH.

      AKB48 has donated to victims of earthquakes and they have supported those victims by holding free concerts.
      THEIR SONGS ACTUALLY HAVE MEANING! Like hope, determination, suicide, turning over a new leaf etc. AKB songs are NOT just above being lovey-dovey.

      I just don’t get WHY PEOPLE HATE OR DISLIKE AKB! THEY HAVE NATURAL BEAUTY…without plastic surgery! AND they are HUMBLE… and that’s the MOST IMPORTANT characteristic of an idol group.

      You may be thinking, why do AKB fans defend AKB so much? THAT’S BECAUSE WE TRULY LOVE THEM AS AKB48. NOT THEIR LOOKS. NOT THEIR BODIES. AKB48 is UNIQUE and NO IDOL GROUP…I repeat, NO IDOL GROUP WILL EVER REPLACE AKB48′s presence.

      Therefore, I don’t think it is FAIR to compare AKB48 and SNSD as they don’t really have anything the same to compare! SNSD fans should CALM DOWN because being OVER-PROTECTIVE of SNSD makes people hate you more. AKB fans have the right to defend AKB because everything they say IS TRUE.

      I will NEVER (I swear) support SNSD (I know I’m mean >:D). I will ALWAYS (I swear) support AKB48 as they changed my life and they just have the ‘AURA’ that makes me want to support them even more! ;D

      ~ AKB48′s performing at TOKYO DOME :’D
      ~ Mayuyu is forever my oshi.


      • Mio says:

        don’t start with charity thingy as if no other artists than AKB48 donated for the earthquake…. FYI, many Japanese artists did that, many international artists did that, many south korean artists did that too… have you gone blind or deaf towards other things but AKB? *can i sigh for your ignorance?*

        you implicitly stated that SNSD fans are ignorant toward AKB, but hey.. you too, you didn’t know SNSD too, yet you judge them.. so you’re not different with SNSD fans :p

        and natural beauty…. i’m sorry, but a lot of non-asian believe that ALL ASIAN (that means japanaese, korean, chinese, taiwanese, etc) artists underwent plastic surgery (heck, even some AKB members who underwent plastic surgery got blown up on NEWS flash, not made by random youtube users! and yet, you didn’t know that? wow, some fans you are!)

        and everything back to what you said.. don’t be overprotective toward your idol, as it will only makes people hate your idol more ;D (in case you didn’t realize, this is SNSD fan site, why are you defending your precious idol at “enemy’s” territory again? ofc, because you’re overprotective-ness :p)

        and congrats for AKB48 performing at TD, since SNSD can only “reach” Madison Square Garden right now, i hope they’ll perform in Royal Albert Hall someday or maybe… Tokyo Dome, after their Japan arena tour last year..fufufu :p

        P.S: remove my comment if it sounds offending for AKB48, cause i don’t want to offend AKB (but don’t if it sounds offending for YOU, cheese.. cause this is sincerely made for that:p)

  • Komaki says:

    -sigh- SNSD fans I have one thing to say to you guys. Stop making harsh statements about AKB48,
    1. You guys obviously don’t know AKB48′s story, calling them inappropriate words such as “sl*ts” is very very offensive. You have no right to call them that. I find it very heart-aching. It’s not like you see AKB48 Fans calling any of the SNSD members that. Please take back those harsh comments. And to be exact, if the AKB48 agency saw those comments, they can actually file a lawsuit, so it’s best that you watch what you say.
    2. This is a relative comparison, everybody has their own favorites.

    • YUILover says:

      1. you just haven’t see them called names to every kpop girl groups like that, actually…(yes, kpop girl groups, as in not only SNSD) don’t get me wrong, i like jpop too, and SOME jpop fans are quite rude toward kpop artists… ofc, it’s not a thing to be proud of, but i’m just trying to tell you something you missed

      2. i agree, but then again, this site is clearly SNSD fansite, so it’s clearly will be SNSD sided, right?

      3. Yup, but people’s appreciation will be come out in different ways… sometimes, even the most polite expression can be read differently under some circumstances, what i’m trying to say is, people loves to compare even there’s no point in that..like comparing red car to blue car *true story*

      and lastly, i believe author have full right to delete all those rude comments. so, rather than start to compare back… why don’t you (fans) ask the author to remove those rubbish comment, nicely?

      • Duh says:

        I Ask you, If this page doesnt’t care about AKB48 then dont just making a page that has nonsense information which havent benn proven. i’ll ask you again, if the AKB48 fan will make such like this, do you think the K-poper will not React ( Of Course they would, You know Y? ) I bet you didnt know because posting such comment like that is YOUR SNSD id Above all.

        + If i’m going to sum up the comment of yours, your saying that your just lame

  • snsdForever! says:

    I dont think AKB can beat SNSD! I mean their popularity is mostly in japan! yes they do have other fans out there but consider this everyone knows SNSD not just asia but the whole world!I’ve just only heard AKB48 last year and i’ve watch their video with girls wearing lingerie! just look at snsd they maintain their maturity and innocence! the fact that AKB48 has sold many millions of copies in japan is a great thing but when it comes to fans and worldwide popularity its SNSD!They are being mobbed everywhere they go!i’m form another country far from korea and i know them, my friends know them and in our charts when they release a new song they are always no.1! just look at youtube and see how their teasers reached millions of views even before the mv release! so what if AKB48 has many members?so what if they sell millions of copies?when it comes to world music dominance its SNSD!when it comes to millions of fans who has much greater!?SNSD!BEAT THAT!

    • Duh says:

      Oh Really, Do you think AKB48 or Lets say “Japan” Can’t beat Korean Songs.. and your Preferring to million of fans? How come you sum up that there are millions of SNSD fans, Oh come on.. are you making me laugh .. FYI Koreans are Just Copycat ( Understood? ) ( No You Don’t? Of Course )

  • Ilikeboygroups says:

    I’m commenting from 2012, and all that talk about world domination… just stop. Neither group will succeed in that. You all were just looking for fight, and now some of you are butthurt. And sales aren’t always the best defense. Now, can some math nerd please scale the countries’ population to an equal level so their sales can be equally compared.

    Late late late. //head desk

  • fkjasfl;kjadf says:

    AKB48 can outsell the hell out of SoShi in Japan, but they have no international appeal at all.

    And actually, YES, they can sing and dance at the same time. Just cause you don’t like their music or their image doesn’t mean they’re not talented and can’t sing or dance… Stop making K-pop fans look so ignorant and stupid with those comments. -___-

  • handy says:

    I love both and i fans of both group, i start like SNSD because their beautiful dance and vocal , i love AKB48 because i like their “guts” to train and archive to be GOOD (this give courage to poor myself to become better). you can say i more bias to akb48 ( with “guts” reason)

    both group are very different
    for , Fans chance to talk or handshake their fav Member

    SNSD= very very super rare, event you go to their show you never can touch your fav member (thus no connection or less connection between fans and SNSD member) thus “less devoted fans” don’t feel guilty when download their music illegally

    AKB48= medium rare only for akb48 senbatsu member, after the show AKB48 made “high five event” or “handshake event” thus deepened connection between idol and fans . AKB48 fans should feel guilty if they download AKB48 music or show

    for skill: I agree SNSD is the best in dance and vocal (this the reason their quite popular in US and me) for many people artist should be perfect.
    for AKB48 their dance and vocal are GOOD but not “WOW”.

    generally SNSD charm is they are a “product” ready to consume at it BEST (good dance, vocal, music)
    for AKB48 they sell their “process” from bad “training”,”trying” to be good (event akb48 producer Akimoto said at first akb48 member are bad dancer and vocals)

    SNSD only sell their music in album without “bonus” (thus they generate money less) but AKB48 sell many kind of merchandise ex: photo,pinup, handshake ticket (thus they generate big money)

    that way both group never should be compared they are very “difference” (both have their own genre and type)

  • ksoda says:

    Who’s better between AKB48 or SNSD? the answers DB5K tee hee ^^

    in all seriousness SNSD is and already has surpassed AKB48 sorry japanese fans :(
    I do like SDN48 kkk

  • Mcvookam says:

    TJSTHYSYS…that’s because you’re in a back-ass-water country called the Philippines.

    K-pop singers are not worldwide stars…they are nothing more than modern version of migrant workers. They can’t make enough money in their homeland so they physically have to go to Japan and elsewhere in Asia to make a living (not that there is anything wrong with it).

    • Wood Yi says:

      you would be wrong. Groups like the Wonder Girls have worked with the Jonas Bros and Justin Bieber (not that that’s anything to brag about). But considering both of their international appeal I’d say that’s something worth noting. They’ve also appeared in a Nickelodeon movie that promoted themselves as a group to the US market. Kpop groups like the Wonder Girls have also held concerts in the US. SNSD was the only group that also performed on two major talk shows (Regis & Kelly) and David Letterman where they also performed live in the very same place (Ed Sullican Theater) where The Beatles first performed in America back in the 60s. SNSD has also held a live concert in NYC’s Madison Sq Garden which was followed up a few years later in California. But it would also extend beyond just concerts. SNSD has worked with American producer, Teddy Riley, the same guy who produced for R&B group, Boys II Men. Other Kpop groups are following that by seeking their own American producers and former singers including Snoop Dogg. Other Kpop groups would later follow including TVXQ, Big Bang, Suju, 2NE1 and SISTAR. You will note that most of these groups have a large fandom spanning most continents including the Middle East. Psy’s debut single pretty much solidified the term “KPop” in the midset of today’s culture.

      to say they migrate to Japan and other Asian nations to make a living is sort of jumping to conclusions and it makes you seem naive in what little you know about the root of the how and why KPop has evolved to what it is today. The Kpop genre existed since the 50s-60s. It would’ve died out had it not been for domestic interest. The whole migrating to Japan etc… did not fully exist til the mid 2000s. This was coincidentally when SNSD was first formed. Thanks to the internet and instant communication, their appeal was finally heard from nations like Japan, etc…Can you blame them for wanting to go to these places to expand their brand? Or is it because they’re not like American or European bands that, to people like you, they don’t look “right” doing such things and should just stay home. And the moment they seek to market themselves internationally they’re branded as, as you say, “migrant workers seeking to make a living elsewhere..” Talk about bigotry

    • koreasucks says:

      no matter what… akb48 is still the best in the world!!

  • Park Hana says:

    I Don’t care with what people said about SNSD’s song, debut, or bla bla bla. And I also don’t care about AKB48′s song and bla bla bla.
    actually, I did know AKB48 in 2012 and SNSD in 2011 (I know SNSD because of many Korean show in my country). but, I not really know AKB48, I just ever hear their song, morever that just once.
    If AKB48′s fans, song, and so on are more than SNSD, I don’t care. As long as SNSD still in this world, I will keep supporting them, until my last breath!
    for SONEs, stop badmouthing about AKB48! We just need to keep supporting and loving our Girls’ Generation!
    and for AKB48′s Fans, also stop badmouthing about SNSD!

    They both are awesome!

    BUT, SNSD is the best for me and SONEs in this world!
    Jigeumeun SoNyeoShiDae, Apeurodo SoNyeoShiDae, Yeongwonhi SoNyeoShiDae. SoNyeoShiDae Saranghae!

  • rev4 says:

    Hi, I’m both AKB48 and SNSD fans

    They both has their own style in music, dance, and look.

    SNSD sure more popular worldwide because their music fit in international pop lover, they have fusionate electro phrase. As Kpop wave SM push more internet promo. But in terms of sales SNSD cant even match AKB48.

    Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_girl_groups

    AKB48 21 million vs SNSD 4.9 million.

    I don’t care if you said SNSD do plastic surgery, they just look absolutely gorgeous. AKB48 member feels charm, sweet, cute. I like the way they talk, it just make me happy. LOL.. They act very pure even not as good looking as SNSD. Gravure and bikini shot not a taboo thing in Japan, it just sense of art. For me their bikini MV just feel cute not in vulgar way.

    SNSD dance was absolutely visualy great, they just seen veryveryvery… synchronize their music. I watch Gee MV alot LOL… AKB48 dance visualize music by hand wave, check out River MV.

    The one who said their dance just waving hand is COMPLETELY WRONG… DUDE… check out their amazing skill in Beginner and UZA.

    Some dude say AKB48 member has no talent (R U KIDDING ME!!!)
    - Matsui Sakiko have Classic Piano Abum of AKB48 song, studied in Tokyo Collage of Music. (My Oshi)
    - Akimoto Sayaka have black belt in Aikido.
    - Sato Natsuki good in art, her cover art choose as Sakiko album cover, she is in Waseda University.
    - Give Me Five played in full band live by memba. Member Lol.
    - They have soulfull voice like Masuda Yuka and anime voice like Watanabe Mayu.
    - Good dancer like Umeda Ayaka, Matsubara Natsumi, Minegishi Minami.
    - Have Culture, Art, Light Music, Drama, Driving, Cooking club.
    - There is more i couldnt talk, I have to go LOL..

    For me they different, as both fans let just support our idol, dont make bad mouth of them, it just make people hate your idol..
    Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

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