Seohyun is jealous of Yonghwa and Ueno?

On MBC’s “We Got Married” aired on September 26th, Seohyun put on a smiling face during the meet-up with Juri Ueno but she might be feeling otherwise inside. After Ueno left, the ‘mildang (a push-pull/’playing games’ situation for two persons interested in each other)’ started.

Yonghwa committed a serious mistake when she taught Ueno the word “Oppa”. Although Yonghwa did it jokingly, Seohyun gave him a cold stare. However, she still put on a smiling face. The couple and Juri Ueno then had a nice conversation while enjoying the meals prepared by Seohyun. Yonghwa taught Ueno some Korean greetings and words such as “daebak”, “massisseoyo”, etc.

The ‘cold’ atmosphere subsided. Yonghwa then suggested that Ueno and him should take a photo for remembrance and he asked Seohyun to take the photos of them together. There was awkwardness in Seohyun’s expressions but still, she did not show any sign of anger. The photos taken by Seohyun were blurry. The MCs thought that Seohyun must have done it on purpose because of her jealousy towards Yonghwa and Ueno.

After Ueno left, Seohyun said, “She’s your ideal woman. It was great, right?” Yonghwa replied calmly, “Yes, she’s my ideal type. It was just perfect. Are you jealous?”  Seohyun replied, “No. I’m not. I’m not like SOMEONE.” So, the ‘mildang’ between the couple started.

Yonghwa launched a counter-attack by saying, “I’m sorry,  Seohyun. You must be missing Tamaki Hiroshi (her ideal man).” Seohyun replied, “So….” and then requested to meet up with him. Yonghwa then added, “Meet Johnny Depp (another ideal man of hers) and cook some steaks together.”

On the show, the couple also talked about their birthdays which are only 6 days apart (Seohyun’s is on June 28th while Yonghwa’s is on June 22nd). To commemorate their birthdays, Yonghwa suggested that they should go for an outing.

Is Seohyun starting to feel something for Yonghwa? Make sure you catch the upcoming episodes of “We Got Married”


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