[UPDATED] JYJ New Album Showcase Tour 2010 LIVE In Malaysia Tickets Give-away Contest

There’s nothing wrong with the title. Nothing wrong with your vision as well. It’s true and it’s happening very soon! Are you guys dying to see Jejung, Yuchun and Junsu in Malaysia? fanwonder.com is offering you a chance to watch JYJ LIVE in Malaysia on Sunday, October 17th. So, what do you need to do? Simple! Here’s how:

1. Go to fanwonder.com’s Facebook Page —->HERE
2. Like it and click on the ‘Contests’ tab.
3. Click on the “JYJ New Album Showcase Tour 2010 LIVE In Malaysia Tickets Give-away Contest” picture and it will take you to the contest page.
4. Read the instructions and post your answer to the question as a comment.
5. Get your friends to LIKE your comment. Participants are only allowed to post one entry each.  Participants who posted their entries more than once or do not answer the question accordingly will be disqualified. Top 3 participants with the most LIKEs win tickets to the showcase.
6. Contest ends on October 1st (12.00 am Malaysian time).

All tickets are courtesy of Redstar Presents.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop your entries NOW!

UPDATE: Details of Prizes

1st Place – 2 x RM300 tickets

2nd Place – 2 x RM200 tickets

3rd Place – 2 x RM100 tickets

Winners will be contacted!

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16 Responses to [UPDATED] JYJ New Album Showcase Tour 2010 LIVE In Malaysia Tickets Give-away Contest

  • [...] Please be wary of these! Currently, Redstar Presents is only in collaboration with FANWONDER for our Tickets Give-away Contest. [...]

  • Ricca Tai says:

    Why i deserve to win this ticket? Actually, every JYJ’s fan or TVQX’s fan or the cassiopean deserve to win this competition. But i deserve it because I am dieing to go for this showcase and watch their great music performance. As the faithfull fans, I will support their arrival to Malaysia no matter how many member will come because I just love them all. Meanwhile, i really love their music and talents, so i really hope to able to win a ticket to watch their live talent. I hope i will not miss this chance to meet what a great 3 powerful singer with a great voice ,so i really wanted to win this contest. They also the Light of my life because I endore their hardwork in producing good music just as what they Keeping Faith for all these year, therefore as a faithfull fan I will never give up on them and support them to the end of our life. Their great music should not end and I will love them always..I hope i will not lost this opportunity to win the contest to meet them.

  • LEE MEI SUNG says:

    couldn’t remember for how long i’ve been dreaming for DBSK oppas to come..and now DREAM COMES TRUE!! they are coming!!! thanks to red star~~ wish to tell them how much we, the cassie, not only from korea ,japan, china, thailand, singapore,etc but also MALAYSIA miss them and love them. We are going to always keep the faith in DBSK!! I wish that in this fan meeting, we can show the red ocean to oppa. I wish to keep on chanting “Miduhyo” to oppa. I wish to hear “1,2,3 hello we are cassiopeia!!” from cassie when oppa say”1,2,3 hello we are DBSK”. it’s a dream to me..and this dream is coming true..Dear cassie, it’s our chance now!!! let’s show oppa the dong bang-cassie love!!

  • Phua Li Koon says:

    I deserve to win this ticket bcos i like the very much.Although there have been many things happened to them, they still keep take care of each other. Not only for JYJ but also Homin..We always believe that they are five in one. Nor matter wat is happening, we always keep support to them.
    And this is a chance for me meet them because they rarely to come Malaysia since 2004..This year is their second times to come here..Need to appreciate it..I DONT want To MISS IT~~

  • kim says:

    why make the contest like that bcoz!i got funny story when i ask my frnds to vote their all looks lyke blind coz to many comment….n people confuse ..:) whaiting <3

  • fanwonder says:

    @kim That’s the challenge

  • Guest says:

    How many tickets given free once entering this contest? I mean to those who won..tq.

  • iena says:

    i deserve to win this ticket because i really love their music and talents.i like her voice,their voice so nice,it was my heart dug dap dug dap.i wish that this fan meeting,we can show the red ocean to oppa and i dont want to miss it . . .

  • Guest says:

    May I asked you, these showcase only for the teenages fans…correct me if wrong… how about older than that? Ages around 30th – 50th or 60th fans….acceptable? Tq.

  • is there other any contest that doesn’t use facebook ? coz i’m in the middle of spm trial exam though. i dont have my fb password. so, i can’t sign in. i want to participate so badly ! please help me ! :(

  • jimkunsu says:

    Only one reason that is i love tvxq also love JYJ. It all buz love.

  • Huey-Ern says:

    i deserve to win the tickets because i wish that my birthday is be with them…17/10 is my birthday,it’s real…i hope i can have a happy birthday….wa~although i’m just imagine…haha

  • kim jan di says:

    ……snsd is sooo fashionable….i like the of taeyon

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