Sunny exposes Shinyoung’s passing gas incident

On SBS E!TV’s “Thudding House”, Kim Shinyoung described how she woke up SNSD members, who were trying to have a rest after a tiring and exhausting day with her flatulence (passing gas). She then gave Sunny a call. Here’s the video and the translations (Sunny’s part only):

Sunny: Hi, I’m Sunny from SNSD
Shinyoung: Sunny-ah, what is Unnie’s weakness?
Sunny: Unnie, your weakness? About you passing gas as you like?
Lady in black: What is the sound level like when Shinyoung passes gas?
Sunny: The loudest one was like “bbak!” (loudly)

Sunny ends the conversation with “Oh!” using the name of the program as the lyric and said hwaiting!!!

*For this article, we decided to use the word “passing gas” rather than the more usual, more vulgar word, “f*rt” as some readers may find the term rather disturbing.

Credit: haylabit@YouTube

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