HNSD performed “Gee”

SNSD’s popularity continues to spread in Japan and recently (September 26th), a video showing a group of 11 Japanese girls who were dubbed as “Japanese Girls’ Generation” appeared on YouTube.

In the video, the 11 Japanese girls put on an impressive dance performance of SNSD’s hit “Gee” which earned them the title “Japanese Girls’ Generation” from netizens in Korea Republic and Japan.

The girls who called themselves “Ho Nyeo Shi Dae (法女時代)” made parodies of SNSD and have garnered a lot of attentions from netizens and media.

Netizens who saw the videos commented:

-”SNSD want more than just conquering the Oricon chart”
-”It looks like SNSD are really popular in Japan”
-”I’m proud that they are enjoying more popularity in Japan”

Here’s the video clip of “Ho Nyeo Shi Dae”.

What do you think of their performance?


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2 Responses to HNSD performed “Gee”

  • sasa says:

    what does “Ho” mean in “Ho Nyeo Shi Dae (法女時代)”

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